Armed forces will patrol streets in armoured vehicles

This is war, but unlike any other war in history. The genocidal ideology and doctrine is never spoken of, and if it is, it must be spoke of with respect and deference. Enemies of the genocidal ideology are targeted for smear and defamation. Adherents to the ideology are given special class status and protections from phantoms and bogeymen that have been created out of whole cloth.


PAYPAL Suspends Jihad Watch After ProPublica Hit Piece Against Anti-Jihad News Sites #BoycottPaypal

Yesterday I published an exchange I had with a Lauren Kirchner, young Hitler-youth type of journalist from ProPublica, an uber left non-profit, threatening advertisers and payment services that were found on my site. I was not the only target, other counter jihad sites received this vicious ‘interview request” as well. Jihad Watch, Former Muslim Ali Sina, Bare Naked Islam were also targeted.

Today, Paypal suspended Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch account.


Bosnian Muslim General Warns: “Bosnian War On Christians Isn’t Over – Get Ready!”

The retired general of the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Atif Dudakovic, who recently called to arms those Bosniaks older than 17 years, now says that the 1992-1995 war is not over, but that it merely stands at a “cessation of shooting”, writes Euroblic.