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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Dutch JIHAD TERROR: Rock concert evacuated as bus loaded with GAS BOTTLES found near venue

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Child Slavery and the Practice of Camel Jockeying in Muslim Countries

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Boko Haram Child Bombings in Nigeria Quadruple Between 2016 and 2017

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Pope Francis Faces Backlash for Migrant Demands: ‘Italy Cannot Support Everyone’

[ August 23, 2017 ]

1 Million Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

[ August 23, 2017 ]

France: Charlie Hebdo accused of “Islamophobia” for Barcelona cartoon

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Crooks and Liars Stokes Leftist Outrage Over Pamela Geller Protesting Ban From PayPal

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

UK lawyer: ‘Zionists should all be shot, Jewish refugees bombed — NOT disbarred

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle


Hava Na-gold!

Jewish gold! did her routine to the Jewish folk classic Hava Nagila and the crowd went wild — cheering, stomping, and clapping to that crazy Jewish beat. Righteous! All the pandering to savages and ugliness directed at the Jews and Israel at these embarrassing Olympic games was washed away by a young Jewish girl in…


Islamic supremacism at the Olympics: When is a blue belt a black belt? When the Competitor is Muslim

Controversy: Saudi Arabia has threatened to withdraw from London 2012 over the refusal of the organisers to allow judo team member Wujdan Shahrkhani to wear a hijab in competition Photo: Getty Images Here again we see special rights for a very, speshul class. Outrageous. The Mecca-born Muslima was insisting she wear her head scarf during Olympic…


Olympic protest staged by topless against the sharia
they are right ….. boobs and all

And while going topless is clearly a bit extreme, these women are right, and desperate to get their message out there. And the venue is dead on balls. The IOC has been pro-Islamic, supporting Jew-hatred and misogyny in their official capacities.   "Femen stage topless anti-Islamist Olympic protest in London" Telegraph, August 2, 2012 (thanks to…


Italian Olympic Team Commemorates Munich Massacre

There are good and decent people. Gd bless the Italians. Shame on the IOC — they are a disgrace. This Olympics will be remembered as a sacrifice to jihad. Italian Olympic Team Commemorates Munich Massacre About 30 Italians, including Minister of Sport, stand in silence at the entrance to Israeli team's quarters. By Gil Ronen,…


Muslim Olympic guard faces the sack for spitting at an Army hero drafted in to boost security — and yelling: “Baby killer”

Will their contributions to the XXX Olympics never end? "G4S guard faces sack after he spits at Afghanistan hero and brands him…BABY KILLER" The Sun, July 30, 2012 (hat tip David) AN Olympic guard faces the sack for spitting at an Army hero drafted in to boost security — and yelling: “Baby killer.” The Asian…


UK: Police ban devout Muslim Olympic Protest Action

These Muslims are not "radical"; they are authentic. They are pure and devout. The real "radicals" are the reformers and the moderates; they do not have a theological leg to stand on. I blogged on this group targeting the London Olympics yesterday here: "Evil Olympics" Police respond with a massive show of force to a…


“Palestinian” Authority thanks International Olympic Committee for refusing to honor Munich victims (& Abbas’ role in the massacre)

"Enacting and holding a moment of silence for the victims of this atrocity is not some wild request: it is a moral requirement. Shame on them." Seb in the Atlas comments The IOC's naked antisemitism is depraved, inhuman and barbaric. PA thanks IOC for refusing to honor Munich victims (& Abbas’ role in the massacre)…


“Evil Olympics”

Londonistan is in lockdown? This is how Anjem Choudary and his minions perceive the World's greatest International sporting event. Tonight, while millions watch the opening ceremony, he and "Team Allah" are protesting against the light…(thanks to David)


IOC did hold a moment of silence for Bosnian Muslims, but won’t do it for Jews murdered by Muslim terrorists

The extraordinary dhimmitude of the IOC (and by extension the EU) continues to surprise even the most cynical. So they held a memorial for the Bosnian Muslims and not the Israeli athletes slaughtered in cold blood at the Munich '72 Olympics. Bosnian Muslims? What about the Serbian Christians who were slaughtered by the Bosnian Muslims?…


IOC’s fresh sanction of the ’72 Munich Massacre increases threat
MI5 and Scotland Yard raise threat assessment against the Israeli delegation

Clearly the IOC's depraved capitulation to Muslim countries in refusing a moment of silence for victims of the Islamic slaughter of the Jewish athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympic games invites more terror, more savagery. Silence is sanction. Israel steps up security around its Olympic team over fears of Iranian terror attack during the Games…


Taking an Olympic Stand for a Moment of Silence

I will join Mr. Costas, a righteous and moral man, and strongly urge all Atlas readers to do the same and tell your friends. Muslim countries have forbidden a moment of silence, as their sanction for the Munich massacre of the Israeli Olympic team. It is utterly depraved and immoral. Evil is made possible by…


“Teenager shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he tries to grab Olympic flame from torch bearer’s hands as police bundle runner to safety”

A bit surprising that the British police didn't arrest Ms. Skora for  islamophobia when she failed to turn the torch over to the Islamic supremacist. She was terrified….. guilty of islamophobia. All kidding aside, the serious breach in security is deeply disturbing. "Teenager shouts 'Allahu Akbar' as he tries to grab Olympic flame from torch…

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