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[ September 21, 2017 ]

Exposed: The relationship between al-Qaeda and Iran

[ September 21, 2017 ]

New Hampshire: Muslim “refugee” sexually attacks several little girls as young as 7

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Oklahoma trial of Muslim who BEHEADED co-worker: “Slave to Allah” said he did it because...

[ September 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslim “refugees” go on sex assault spree at church festival

[ September 21, 2017 ]

4 Muslim youth gang-raped Hindu teenage girl for 10 days, forced to convert

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Muslim cleric says fathers can marry off their newborn daughters

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Defense attorney: Muslim who plotted to behead Pamela Geller an “idiot,” not guilty

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Mayor of Lampedusa says his island is ‘collapsing’ because of Muslim migrant violence and crime

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Buy-Bye: Convicted Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Officially Off U.S. Soil

[ September 21, 2017 ]

90 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Austria End Up On Welfare


Bush to Ganji: ‘America Stands With You’ Whle FOX can’t shut up about the launch that didn’t launch, GI-NORMOUS WORLD NEWS  goes virtually ignored. But not by America’s Brightest, Smartest, and Oft Ignored Newspaper, The New York Sun. One of my favorite writers Eli Lake writes of the the bloody cry for freedom in Iran…

The Kurds! Free the Kurds………News you’ll Never Get from the MSM

Construction progress in the Kurdish region of Iraq Blog post from Iraq the Model about construction progress in the Kurdish region of Iraq.  Seems that Sulaymania is doing real well.  Funny how we never hear these things in the MSM. hat tip Tim McD  What is it with America? Why is there no discourse or…

MSM’s Naked Agenda…Check out My Post at Jackson’s Junction

Check out these two covers from the nations two largest weeklies: No No you are not seeing double. These are the nation’s two biggest weeklies and who are they glorifying. Sudan, yes Evil China Secretly FUNDS Massive Slaughter and Slavery in SudanChina lover to Iran, North Korea, Pakistan………oh where to begin? Go over to Jackson’s…

The Back Story should be the FRONT story: Palestinians Attempt to Exploit Those in Need of Medical Treatment

Aryeh sends me this link (excellent blog  btw, on why Abu Mazzan should be arrested).and then Aryeh assumes correctly: I assume that you’ve  heard, but in case you haven’t, a 21 year old young Palestinian woman who was being admitted to Israel so that Israeli doctors could treat her for serious burns all over her…

Hard Work Hard Work Hard Word Hard Work Hard Work………..Work Hard

McCain joins the choir of voices on Meet the Press about Bush: What the American people should have been told, and should be told, and I believe the president is going to tell them, I think he’s focusing back on Iraq, I think it’s long, it’s hard, it’s tough. It’s very tough. Am I crazy…


Wolfman sends me this link…………ugh Air America Radio | Morning Sedition | And Nat comments This is the typical statement of left-wing Democratic crap that has driven me, and many old-line liberals, into supporting Pres. Bush. I hated Saddam Hussein, he instigated or collaborated in wars on Iran, Kuwait and Israel, and behaved like Hitler…

It was only a matter of time…blame the Jooos

It had to happen right?from my peops over at Honest reporting: In the wake of Newsweek’s now-retracted Guantanamo Bay Koran toilet abuse story, Palestinian prisoners have floated their own version to the western press. On June 7, The Scotsman headlined: ‘Israeli Soldiers ‘Desecrated Koran During Riot”. Reports on this unfounded claim from Israel’s Megiddo prison…

Only a lefty paper like the Washington Post would call it “Risky”

Bush Meets Dissidents in Campaign for RightsPresident Bush lately has begun meeting personally with prominent dissidents to highlight human rights abuses in select countries, a powerfully symbolic yet potentially risky approach modeled on Ronald Reagan’s sessions with Soviet dissidents during the Cold War. "Risky"???…isn’t despotism, totalitarianism, concentration camps, oppressed peoples "riskier" The Washington Post is…

Did you know? Of course you don’t! The MSM STRIKES AGAIN!

THIS IS WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN IRAQ Did you know that the Iraqi government employs 1.2 million Iraqi people? Did you know that 3100 schools have been renovated, 364 schools are under rehabilitation, 263 schools are now under construction and 38 new schools have been built in Iraq? Did you know that Iraq’s higher…

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