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[ October 22, 2017 ]

‘Underwear bomber’ files lawsuit over prison treatment, says Muslims harassed

[ October 22, 2017 ]

WATCH: Gavin McInnes Interviews Pamela Geller

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Wherever There Are More Muslims There Is More Terror: The Connection Between Demographics and Terrorism

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Europe’s Next World War Begins in France

[ October 22, 2017 ]

In Minnesota, They’re “Kind of” Committed to the Freedom of Speech

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi called for killing of gays and blasphemers, to speak in London

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Italy: Muslim migrant slits non-Muslim’s throat, victim’s family warns against “racism”

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim preacher OK’s wife-beating, says “Beat her in a way that doesn’t turn her...

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Videos and Photos: Protest Hiring Anti-Israel CEO David Myers At Center For Jewish History

Jerusalem Jihad Eyewitness accounts: “A gun, a knife and meat cleaver” “Two people came out with their faces half missing … attacked with knives” “The silence of prayer, shattered in a synagogue bloodbath”

There will be no peace until Islamic Jew-hatred is expunged from Islamic texts and teachings. It’s a simple as that. The international community and the Obama administration have blood on their hands. Islamic savagery is made possible by the sanction they give it. They must withdraw their sanction. Four victims of Jerusalem terror attack laid…

Second Jewish Victim Dies in Series of Jihad Knife Attacks in Israel

I say “Jewish” victim because they were targeted because they were Jews. Obama pledged $212 million to these savages, but still they cling to the swords and their qurans. It’s guns and Bibles the President despises, not swords and qurans. “Soldier hurt Tel Aviv stabbing attack succumbs to wounds” / Israel News, November 10, 2014…

Authorities Monitoring Hundreds Of Muslims Discussing “Knife And Gun” Attacks Inside Canada and the US

Here’s more detail on the story I reported on two days ago, “Canada suspects 80 jihadist returnees of planning ‘terrorist activity.’”  American targets were part of the attack plan. Again, let’s ask ourselves the forbidden question. What is the common thread in all of these attacks and acts of war? America and Europe face this…

Jihad in China: Muslim Terrorists Bomb Xinjiang Railway Station in deadly explosives and knife attack

Muslim terrorists strike China, again. At a busy railway station, again. Chinese Muslims (Uighurs) attacked a railway station a couple of months ago, stabbing and slashing hundreds. This time they bombed the station, and as the people fled the station, the jihadists stabbed them as they emerged. Explosives and machetes. “Deadly China blast at Xinjiang…

Muslim convert recites verses from the Koran while threatening to kill non-Muslims before going on a knife rampage attacking police, firemen and ‘kuffars’

A Muslim convert was heard chanting that he wanted to kill non-Muslims hours before going on a knife rampage and trying to kill a police officer and firefighters.

The man was tasered multiple times and arrested on suspicion of trying to kill a police officer after launching his attack in broad daylight on a busy London street.


Muslim Teen Gets 17 Years for Jihad Knife Attack

Another teen, another jihad. It is monstrous what this ideology has  done to their children … jihad youth much like Hitler youth. 17 years for fundamentalist cop-stabber Flanders News, June 25, 2013 A Muslim extremist who travelled from Paris to carry out an attack on police in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans Molenbeek has been…

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