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[ January 17, 2018 ]

Germany: Bloody horror as teenager stabbed by Muslim migrant in train stop attack

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Wait for it ……“Muslims fear backlash” over hijab hate crime hoax

[ January 17, 2018 ]

When PC culture becomes really scary

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Historic Visit to India: ‘Israel, India Both Face Threat From Radical Islam’

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Chelsea Bomber Tried to ‘Radicalize’ Inmates, But Has ‘No Remorse’ For Crimes, Prosecutors Say

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Maine: Muslim police officer put on leave, charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Geller Ban Challenge: Washington Buses Won’t Run Religious Ads. Now The Justice Department Is Stepping...

[ January 17, 2018 ]

‘Out!’ Trump Orders CNN Star Jim Acosta to Leave Oval Office After Reporter’s Newest Outburst

[ January 17, 2018 ]

Mahmoud Abbas Reacts to U.S. Cut in ‘Palesetinian’ Aid by Slamming Trump: ‘Damn Your Money!’

[ January 17, 2018 ]

UK Muslim behind plot to behead Pamela Geller taught two Muslims to build bombs in...


SAR ACADEMY Board Member Eric Dobkin, The Lopatin Family Foundation & Arnold Hiatt Helping Boycotts Of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said that those who fund boycotts against Israel must be exposed. As Netanyahu explained, “We must not cave into the pressure, expose the lies and attack the attackers.” The New Israel Fund, which sends $30 million annually to Israel – and openly supports a boycott of Israel — was a…

Hagee: Meant to call Obama anti-Israel, not anti-Semitic

It is a distinction without a difference. Anti-Israel is antisemitic. Anti-Jewish state is anti-Jewish. Pastor Hagee had little choice. Craven Jewish leadership — cowed dinosaurs  like Robert Sugarman and Malcolm Hoenlein, who should have stepped down long ago in the face of the new war against the Jews but instead cling to power with their…


Now if only America’s liberal Jews would do the same ……@JFedLA

American's Jewish lay leadership and Jewish diaspora have a lot to answer for. Number one being ….. Obama. "Netanyahu thanks Christians for supporting Israel", July 17, 2012 WASHINGTON (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked thousands of Christians meeting in Washington for supporting the Jewish state. In a live satellite broadcast to…


Statement By Ashraf Ramelah, President, Voice of the Copts, in Support of Israel

I am pleased to run this pronouncement concerning the distressing developments during a Copt rally last week (as reported at Atlas: Italy: Copts of Milano Rally Turns Against Israel Supporters …) Regarding Public demonstration of Copts on January 9, 2011 in Milan, Italy Statement By Ashraf Ramelah President, Voice of the CoptsWe are appalled at…

Unindicted Co-Conspirator, Hamas Linked CAIR Warns Pentagon, Demands Franklin Graham Ban

BREAKING NEWS! The spineless and gutless military caved to Hamas-tied CAIR. GRAHAM IS DISINVITED: WASHINGTON – Christian evangelist Franklin Graham says the Army has withdrawn an invitation for him to appear at a special Pentagon prayer service. In a statement Thursday, Graham said he regrets the Army's decision and will continue to pray for the…

Bless you, father

Andrew Bostom sent me this Righteous Pastor’s Letter. Mark Durie is a an excellent scholar of Islam, a brilliant linguist (who studied among the Acehnese Muslims of Indonesia), and a uniquely courageous man. To: Herald Sun Subject: ‘Peace now a Distant Hope’ Letter to the editor , The Herald Sun From The Reverend Dr Mark…


As bloggers continue to slog through increasing regulation, scrutiny and in some cases deletion (here) I received this from google  (big brother, busy suspending anti-Obama blogs). Youtube removed my Hagee video(s)( three 9 minute videos of  of the his AIPAC speech – that great inspiring speech from AIPAC 2007. They cited copyright infringement. Whose? There…

Evangelist Hagee Gives $6 million to Israel

Rally held by group founded by controversial American Christian leader backs Israeli sovereignty over entire unified capital while donating millions to public causes. ‘Turning part or all of Jerusalem over to the Palestinians would be tantamount to turning it over to the Taliban,’ Hagee says (more here) Remember this? Yeah that’s me in background cheering….

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