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[ October 16, 2017 ]

More London TERROR: One Dead, 2 Wounded in Stabbing ANOTHER Attack at Parsons Green Station

[ October 16, 2017 ]

WATCH The Milo Show: Pamela Geller Under Fatwa

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Traitor Hailed As American Hero By Obama Administration Pleads Guilty To Desertion

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Shut Up or Die

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Erdogan and Kurdish Independence

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Exclusive: Man who knew Garland jihadi Nadir Soofi says “he took his religion very seriously”

[ October 16, 2017 ]

New Jersey Muslim GUILTY ON ALL 8 COUNTS in New York City Jihad Bombing

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Las Vegas: The profile of older converts to Islam, “Salafism is most attractive to new...

[ October 16, 2017 ]

‘Un-Islamic’: Pakistan Senate body rejects bill seeking ban on child marriage

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Muslim Accused of Rape Said ‘Allah’s Going to Get You’

#Ramadan: Muslims Attack IDF Ambulance Transporting Bodies of Murdered Jewish Schoolboys #EID

Savages. If they didn’t give out sweets and candy upon hearing the news of the jihad slaughter, it is because it is Ramadan and they are very devout. Israeli media and American media are using the word “Arab” as a euphemism for Muslim. That is racist. There are many non-Muslim Arabs (i.e. Christians) who are…

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: “not an historic agreement; it is an historic mistake”

“What was achieved last night in Geneva is not an historic agreement; it is an historic mistake. Today the world has become a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world has taken a significant step toward attaining the most dangerous weapon in the world. For the first time, the world’s leading powers have agreed to uranium enrichment in Iran while ignoring the UN Security Council decisions that they themselves led. Sanctions that required many years to put in place contain the best chance for a peaceful solution.


Israel Releases Map Showing Lebanon Booby Trapped with 1000 underground military sites operated by Hizb’allah (Party of Allah)

When Hezb'Allah declared war on Israel in the Summer of 2006 and Israel kicked their sorry jihad asses, the UN brokered a ceasefire — resolution 1701. John Bolton in January 2007 said here: I think that the enhanced UNIFIL which was agreed to with a lot of fanfare as part of  resolution 1701 has not…


I could not participate in a One Jerusalem bloggers interview with Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick, this afternoon. But Glick was good enough to grant bloggers an opportunity to discuss her new book “Shackled Warrior”.  “Shackled Warriors” is an edited compilation of her brilliant Jerusalem Post columns. From One Listen now to the latest…


Hey Condappeaser, perhaps if you destabilize a a unstable region …… you’ll stabilize it. :) Jan sent this piece and added, "She is so screwed up that she thinks a nuclear Syria is not destabilizing but stopping them is.  Anyone want to guess why America hasn’t taken on Iran’s nuclear plans?" Condoleezza Rice opposed Israel’s…

No Jobs for Would be Murderers

There are sane voices in Israel. Frankly Israeli Arabs must be expelled ……. they are the enemy within. It’s one thing to live by example (no Jews can live in most Arab countries) it’s another thing to die for it. Annihilation vs PC? FATAH HAS REFUSED TO DENOUNCE THE MASSACRE OF JEWISH CHILDREN Top Hareidi…

Tick bloody Tock

How long until they can hit Tel Aviv? Will that finally wake up Israel? More than 25 Qassam rockets fired at western Negev Israel News Fragile truce takes another beating as al-Quds Brigades fire rockets at western Negev; student suffers from shock. Simultaneously, seven mortar shells fired towards border fence Shmulik Hadad    Over 25…

In lieu of Self Defense .. Rally for Israel

HAS ISRAEL LOST ITS WILL TO LIVE? Read it. Wriiten by a shrink (shrinkwrapped), it is the most discouraging, but logical explanation to Israel’s tepid response to the overwhelming genocidal, barbaric siege on the tiny Jewish nation. UPDATE: Israel’s Choice: Die or Confront the Aggressfugees LOG ON TO THE BIGGEST EVER SOLIDARITY RALLY FOR ISRAEL!…

Who indeed?

Who will stand against the jihad? It won’t be America who has shrugged her freedom loving shoulders and abdicated her glorious throne of freedom lover, fighter and bastion of the global hopes of billions. And Israel, her willing pawn, slinks away …… Who Will Stand Against Terrorism? STEVE EMERSON Eight young men, unarmed and in…

300 million Arabs in 20 nations against 5 million Israeli Jews

Baehr is right. Nothing has changed. The seige rages on. Israel’s Siege Continues Richard Baehr American Thinkerhat tip Van Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah, ("The Hope"), was written in 1886 by Naphtali Herz Imber, an English poet, originally from Bohemia.  In 1897, at the first Zionist Congress, Hatikvah was adopted as the anthem of Zionism. And…

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