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[ October 22, 2017 ]

‘Underwear bomber’ files lawsuit over prison treatment, says Muslims harassed

[ October 22, 2017 ]

WATCH: Gavin McInnes Interviews Pamela Geller

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Wherever There Are More Muslims There Is More Terror: The Connection Between Demographics and Terrorism

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Europe’s Next World War Begins in France

[ October 22, 2017 ]

In Minnesota, They’re “Kind of” Committed to the Freedom of Speech

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi called for killing of gays and blasphemers, to speak in London

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Italy: Muslim migrant slits non-Muslim’s throat, victim’s family warns against “racism”

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim preacher OK’s wife-beating, says “Beat her in a way that doesn’t turn her...

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Videos and Photos: Protest Hiring Anti-Israel CEO David Myers At Center For Jewish History


Ibn Warraq: The Judeo-Christian Origins of Islam

One of the leading (if not the leading) scholars on Islam, Ibn Warraq, has published part 9 of his ground breaking historical analysis of the religious origins of Islam over at Jihadwatch. Of course, Islam is much more than a religion, it is a complete system: military, legal, political, social, cultural, dietary, etc. But it's…


Panel discussion …….. On death threats and fatwas: …… more often than threats, Warraq has received letters from Muslim women thanking him for fighting for their rights. Steve Emerson on Wafa Sultan: It’s the first time an American has been forced to go into hiding in several years MARK STEYN REMARKS: PHOBIAPHOBIC – FREEDOM OF…


I am so pleased that the most excellent Fjordman has written a brilliant review for Atlas readers of Ibn Warraq's groundbreaking tome, Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's Orientalism. The poisonous fruit of  Said's mendacious ideas yielded a pervasive reevaluation of the West's perceptions of Eastern cultures. Fjordman's well researched, seminal essay on…


Here is Ibn Warraq’s remarks on FITNA. BTW, if you missed my radio show with Ibn Warraq, the pre-eminent academic authority on Islam, please listen here. FITNA – The Movie; A Just Cause For Celebration / By Ibn Warraq (hat tip Dr History)               Fitna [Arabic for discord, civil strife] a…

Ibn Warraq, Extraordinary Apostate

I had the good fortune to join Ibn Warraq at his book signing at the Columbia book store this evening. The crowd was too small for such a great mind.  Warraq is meticulous and studied. The basis for his arguments and its logical conclusions are rooted in historical fact. Warraq’s exhaustive body of work should…

Ibn Warraq in NY! Defending the West:
A Reading and Book Signing

Ibn Warraq, Defending the West: A Reading and Book SigningCelebrated Muslim apostate and Koranic scholar Ibn Warraq will discuss his new book Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism     Starts: Monday, February 11th at 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Location: Columbia University Bookstore, Alfred J. Lerner Hall – Lower Level, 2922…

Lunch:Knights of the Roundtable

When it rains it pours blue heaven today Pamela, Bat Yeor and Andrew Bostom Ibn Warraq and    David Littman Pamela, Leading scholar Ibn Warraq, UN specialist David Littman Bat Yeor (AUTHOR OF Eurabia), David Littman, Ibn Warraq Ibn Warraq and me. I will be attending his book signing at Columbia on Monday. Will vlog…

Ibn Warraq on Edward Said

As of last April, the late Edward Said‘s "Orientalism," originally published in 1978, was no. 2 on the best-seller list in Cairo. No. 1was a book arguing that Saddam Hussein hadn’t really been executed — all cell phone video evidence to the contrary, the writer argued, was a fabrication of the CIA Michael Weiss has…

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