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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Quebec Bars People With Face Coverings From Accessing Public Services

[ October 19, 2017 ]

Judge in Pamela Geller beheading trial told Shoe Bomber in 2003: “You are not a...

[ October 18, 2017 ]

Ohio: Muslim dad honor murdered his daughter because she was dating a non-Muslim, “If she...

[ October 18, 2017 ]

Muslim Cleric Arrested in Brutal Honor Murder of Model

[ October 18, 2017 ]

Media Coverage: “MAN” convicted of plotting to behead Pamela Geller for ISIS

[ October 18, 2017 ]

London police visit mosques to encourage ……. wait for it, ‘hate crime’ reporting

[ October 18, 2017 ]


[ October 18, 2017 ]

Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Defender of the Faith

[ October 18, 2017 ]

Verdict reached in Boston trial over plot to behead Pamela Geller

[ October 18, 2017 ]

UK Government: Ariana Grande jihad bombing in Manchester “not a hate crime,” “not religiously motivated”

Bull Schumer Bull Sh*tter

Great OpEd form the WSJ Political Opinion Diary Chuck Schumer ‘Evolves’ on the Question of Security Leaks As usual, New York Senator Chuck Schumer was in front of TV cameras last week in his role as "outrage generator" over Karl Rove’s role in helping to reveal the name of CIA employee Valerie Plame. Appearing at…

Eminently Appropriate

Hi Pamela,I’m sure you’ve probably heard about his, but I wanted to let you know just in case. I’ve copied the following from the Western Standard’s blog, The Shotgun ), which is an excellent blog to visit if you’re interested in the fight for individual freedoms and Western Civilization up here in Canada. [yes Charlotte,…

The Kurds! Free the Kurds………News you’ll Never Get from the MSM

Construction progress in the Kurdish region of Iraq Blog post from Iraq the Model about construction progress in the Kurdish region of Iraq.  Seems that Sulaymania is doing real well.  Funny how we never hear these things in the MSM. hat tip Tim McD  What is it with America? Why is there no discourse or…

Truly Frightening News

Will the United Nations run the Internet?ZDNet Australia Mon, 11 Jul 2005 4:57 PM PDTcommentary An international political spat is brewing over whether the United Nations will seize control of the heart of the Internet. U.N. bureaucrats and telecommunications ministers from many less-developed nations claim the U.S. government has undue influence over how things run…

Has someone told Bono that one Palestinian is worth 23 Africans?

According to the G-8 Summit players, that seems to be the message that no one wants to admit.  But look at the numbers from this article on FOX News.,2933,161892,00.html  With a last-minute pledge from Japan, Blair won a key victory — a promise to boost Africa aid to $50 billion annually by 2010, from…

“He invented his quotes”

Yes  the village idiots are attempting to run the asylum. The above quote ran in a Page Six item in the New York Post (see above)  about the new Irene Zutell book , "They’re not your friends". A thinly veiled roman a clef about the author’s stint at People magazine (called ‘Personality" in the book)….

Please NO intense media focus on the terrorists’ supposed grievances

Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers go to the people of London who have today experienced a wave of terrorist attacks.  Such barbarism is indefensible, and groups that use such inhumane tactics should be utterly shunned and repudiated by the world community with minimal attention given to their "frustrations" and allegations. In the past, terrorist attacks…

TheWorld Must Have One Unified Unambiguous Stand Against Terror- TOTAL WAR

MEDIA DISMANTLES PA COMMITMENTS From Honest Reporting As London reels from today’s attacks, and Israel continues with its painful Gaza withdrawal, observers are increasingly concerned about the day after ‘disengagement’ ― will Gaza become one big terrorist haven?     Abbas committing to the roadmap‘without any reservations’ inAqaba, Jordan, July 2003 Unfortunately, the Palestinian Authority…


Indefatigable Drudge reports this exclusive of the consummate putz Schumer SEN. SCHUMER CAUGHT ON CELLPHONE: ‘WE ARE GOING TO WAR’ OVER SUPREME COURT **Exclusive** Senate Judiciary Committee member Chuck Schumer got busy plotting away on the cellphone aboard a Washington, DC-New York Amtrak — plotting Democrat strategy for the upcoming Supreme Court battle. Schumer promised…


An interview with Oriana Fallaci Oriana Fallaci faces jail. In her mid-70s, stricken with a cancer that, for the moment, permits only the consumption of liquids–so yes, we drank champagne in the course of a three-hour interview–one of the most renowned journalists of the modern era has been indicted by a judge in her native…

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