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[ October 23, 2017 ]

London police: Charging shoplifters, vandals “not practical,” arrests for “offensive comments” up 53%

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Sweden’s postal service launches stamp featuring a mosque

[ October 23, 2017 ]

British Minister Says Only Way to Deal With Jihadists is to ‘Kill Them’

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Mexico Butts into Fight Against Texas’ Sanctuary City Ban

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Belgium Fathers Banned From School Activities to Attract Muslim Women

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Miami Muslim Arrested in ISIS Plot to Blow Up Dolphin Mall

[ October 22, 2017 ]

‘Underwear bomber’ files lawsuit over prison treatment, says Muslims harassed

[ October 22, 2017 ]

WATCH: Gavin McInnes Interviews Pamela Geller

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Wherever There Are More Muslims There Is More Terror: The Connection Between Demographics and Terrorism

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Europe’s Next World War Begins in France

Glick: Media Incitement to Murder

Caroline Glick, one of the finest analytical minds our time, dissects the Al Dura affair and exposes the French jihad loving media dogs for what they are – and the quiet acquiescence of the Israeli government. The silence of the lambs. PRIME TIME BLOOD LIBEL J Post Last Thursday a French court found Philippe Karsenty…

Frenchman on the Violent Street

Michel in Paris sent me the latest word on the rising civil unrest among the belligerent Muslims in France. H ealso sent me this video off France Ethos of Muslim  youths firing rockets in the French suburbs. The translation from French to Englsih is a bit awkward but I left most intact. One year after…

France: Let the Them Eat Cake!

Finally, heads are beginning to roll in the largest scandal in human history – oil fpr fool. Stealing off the backs of the Iraqi poor. So yeah I am skeptical of sanctions, me of little faith.  So many criminals so little prosecution. Over at the American Thinker ……. Tetes begin to Roll In Oil For…

France: Civil War?

The attacks against the French police are ratcheting up. They have to send in the military … it is out of control; Over at No Pasaran; The French Intifada continues apace as suburban racaille step up the pressure on law enforcement to see how far they can go [Ed. – the response is "very far"]….

Islamic Violence in French Hospitals

The institutions if France are under Islamic attack. The  police are under constant fire , now the hospitals. Yeah, the hospitals. Nidra Poller wrote the explosive exclusive for us last month: Beware of Saudi Doctors with French Degrees. France is going to hell in a fwench handbasket, eh?This from  Michel is France; Islamic violence in…

SHOCKER! Judgement against Al Dura Journalist

This is impossible. This is Dreyfus redux. France is finished for sure. Judgment against Philippe Karsenty: What Can Explain Such a Reversal? RE: Pallywood   I have heard from Paris that Philippe Karsenty was found liable for insulting Charles Enderlin and France2 to the sum of 3000 Euros to Enderlin and 5 symbolic Euros to…

(and Israel)

IBA reports here that that means French police police are suffering a higher number of casualties than are American armed forces in Iraq. The total number of casualties in Iraq per year is approximately 6,800, which represents about 4.5% of total American forces. […] Police said the recent troubles had nothing to do with social…

France: Was AZF an act of terror?

ATLAS EXCLUSIVE! Michel Debellemaniere, one of my readers in France,  has written an expose on the AZF chemical plant explosion that took 30 lives and injured 5,000 back in September 2001 in Toulouse, France. The Chirac government and state run media immediately announced it an accident. But  Michel’s meticulous research, makes a compelling case for…

Paris Police Attacked by Punk Jihad

The police can’t police anymore in parts of Paris. Punk jihad. This ambush fresh on the heels of attacks on police here not  two weeks ago and back in September,  a band of up to 30 yound Muslims armed with makeshift weapons attacked two riot police patrolling a housing project south of Paris. One of…

USA vs France
Americans OK to Sue French for Terror

You can fool all of the French all of the time but not in America………this is a great story. A victory on the war on the jihad. C’est parfait! U.S. judge refuses to dismiss terror finance suit vs French bank For the second time in a week, a U.S. judge has refused to throw out…

France: The Jiyza Goes Through the Roof

IMMIGRATION SQUATTERS BEGIN RELOCATION IN FRANCE Nearly 400 Muslim immigrant squatters Saturday began leaving a Paris-area gymnasium they have occupied since August, heading for nine housing locations around the French capital. Michel in France gives us the back story, the real story. This is what Michel writes in a Franco English which I’ve cleaned up…

France: “I do not fear Islamists” BOOM!

Hells-a-poppin’ ………  No Pasaran is reporting the following; A bomb went off in front of the meeting hall where French Presidential candidate Philippe de Villiers was presiding over a campaign event. Just after speaking on the case of Robert Redeker, de Villiers stated, "I do not fear the Islamists". At that moment, a loud explosion…

French Girl Stoned by Muslims

Michel in France writes me of a young school girl who was beaten during recess. Apparently  she was eating during Ramadan so her Muslim schoolmates stoned her. The story is developing ………….. Over at Resilience; Une collégienne du collège jean mermoz dans le 8° arrdt de Lyon a été agressée à coup de pierre mercredi…


The escalation of the consequences of this barbaric evil. Nearly 2,500 officers had been wounded this year. A police union declared that its members were "in a state of civil war" with Muslims. France is a prisoner of war and yet their elite continue to pursue the Euro-Arab axis – Eurabia to advance their agenda…

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