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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Dutch JIHAD TERROR: Rock concert evacuated as bus loaded with GAS BOTTLES found near venue

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Child Slavery and the Practice of Camel Jockeying in Muslim Countries

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Boko Haram Child Bombings in Nigeria Quadruple Between 2016 and 2017

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Pope Francis Faces Backlash for Migrant Demands: ‘Italy Cannot Support Everyone’

[ August 23, 2017 ]

1 Million Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

[ August 23, 2017 ]

France: Charlie Hebdo accused of “Islamophobia” for Barcelona cartoon

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Crooks and Liars Stokes Leftist Outrage Over Pamela Geller Protesting Ban From PayPal

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

UK lawyer: ‘Zionists should all be shot, Jewish refugees bombed — NOT disbarred

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

Poor Bastard….Stuck on Stupid

BBC Ne France to extend anti-riot powersMetro Toronto – 6 hours agoFrench Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin leaves a special cabinet meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris, November 14, 2005. The French government will ask parliament to grant a three-month extension to ..Chirac’s new pledge to end unrestChannel 4 News French president says riots…

” Sarkozy, dirty jew!”

The anti semitism in France has always been obvious, the complicity depicted below is depraved. Interesting tidbit : " Sarkozy, dirty jew!" Just a link to a Canal+ video of the riots; a subtitle strategically placed sez "Sarkozy, fasciste!" ("Sarkozy, fascist!"), but according to many french forums listeners (including me), the "youths" actually shout "Sarkozy,…

Kristallnacht 2005

Today is Kristallnacht Remembrance Day The burned-out synagogue of Aachen, Germany,one of nearly 200 synagogues destroyed during A fireman wipes his eyes as he walks through the rubble of a movie studio in Asnieres-sur-Seine after an overnight fire on the 11th night of violence in suburbs surrounding Paris, November 7, 2005. Dutch news footage caught…

We are at War with the Left

More proof we are at war with the Left in this country. The left empowers our enemies. The following is the transcript from this morning’s international press conference for world consumption; President Bush Meets with President Torrijos of Panama Read it and weep for you, your kids and the good ole USA Deb. Q Back…

Eurabia: Paris is Burning And you May ask Yourself “How did I get here?”

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab AxisThe historian Bat Ye’or (from a 1991 French interview, published in English translation in 1994) echoed intuitive concerns about Europe’s re-Islamization, and warned more broadly, "I do not see serious signs of a Europeanization of Islam anywhere, a move that would be expressed in a relativization of religion, a self-critical view of…

Day 8: Paris rioting spreads, Muslims Shoot at Police, “May God bless France because the war has begun”

UPDATE November 4: Intifada in France Eurabia: Paris  is burning, surprised? Nah, it’s exactly a year since they slashed Theo Van Gogh’s throat. If that wasn’t the wake up call ……………Shots were fired at police and fire crews trying to quell rioting that spread across Parisian suburbs, with youths setting fire to a car dealership…

“A Beacon in the Twilight of Civilization”, a Letter from Sweden, Eurabia burns

As Paris burns – Muslims Riot for Fifth Straight Night , Jihad comes to France (see pics).hat tip LGF Nothing happens for decades, decades happen in a day. I am in receipt of an email from a man who fled Sweden. YOU MUST READ IT. I deleted his last name, everthing else is unedited. Please…

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