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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Yaaass! @YouTube REINSTATES Pamela Geller’s Account, thanks to YOU

[ September 25, 2017 ]

My Story

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Islamic State Threatens Prince Henry, Promises to Send Him to “Hellfire”

[ September 25, 2017 ]

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Compares Donald Trump to Islamic State

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: Why Is the 9/11 Museum Bringing in Dishonest Islamic Apologist Haroon Moghul to...

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Pope welcomes leader of Muslim group tied to financing of jihad terror to Vatican

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Muslim IT worker at center of House scandal accused of abusing three Muslim women

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Minnesota: Authorities claim motive of Muslim who stabbed people while screaming “Allahu akbar” is unclear

[ September 25, 2017 ]

Islamic Contract Marriages: When Sheikhs Marry, Rape and Divorce Child Brides, All in One Week

Islamic Supremacist Hate Crimes Surge in London, Media Blames the Jews

Photo: Paul Thrower, hacked to death by a Muslim gang. Hate crimes surged in London, and will continue to surge, because Islamic bigotry, Islamic Jew-hatred, and Islamic homophobia are sanctioned and “respected.” Hate crimes surge in London ‘fuelled in part by Israel’s invasion of Gaza’ Instead of blaming the Jews and Syria why won’t the…

Columnist On Muslim Brotherhood Website: Most Of The World’s Muslims Want An Islamic Caliphate

Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and deeply damaged our 30-year alliance with Egypt by continuing to strong-arm the Sisi government and the people of Egypt into a political settlement with the terror group. 33 million Egyptians took to the streets to remove the Muslim Brotherhood, and Obama responded by punishing the Egyptian people by withdrawing…

Israel nabs Hamas terror network ‘commanded from Turkish soil

Obama’s “most trusted” and “favorite” ally on the world stage is a safe haven for terror genocidal groups. Hamas says Israeli leaders are ‘legitimate targets’ Israel nabs West Bank terror network ‘commanded from Turkish soil’ By Avi Issacharoff, Times Of Israel, November 21, 2014 Palestinian officials say Hamas is operating major center in the Muslim…

A Proclamation of Thanksgiving

I want to wish my readers, supporters, fellow activists and freedom lovers a wonderful and bountiful Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for — but mostly for each other. We are blessed and I thank G-d every day for all we have and I am honored to fight shoulder to shoulder with you. For…

British brothers jailed for attending jihad terrorism training camp

Photo: Jihadist training camps expand across Syria and Iraq Thousands of British Muslims are going devout. And dhimmi British officials talk about “de-radicalization” programs. Either they are clueless or complicit. How can they de-radicalize against an ideology they dare not name? That they demand we “respect.”  That they arrest those who are critical of it?…

Esquire’s Van Loon: The “regularly scheduled Stupid” Charles Pierce @ESQPolitics

One can only guess at what Esquire’s Van Loon Charles P. Pierce is getting at in his latest post, but isn’t it astonishing how these leftist ghouls can look right past the thousands of girls gang-raped and sold in sex markets, millions of Christians ethnically cleansed from Nigeria, Syria, the CAR, Congo, Iraq, etc., beheaded…

Ferguson Verdict NO INDICTMENT: Muslim groups seek to co-opt Ferguson violence

Kudos to a Grand Jury that weighed all the evidence, heard all the testimony, followed their conscience, and bravely did the right thing. No indictment. ================================================================ Scenes in Ferguson: Police cars set ablaze in Ferguson Firing multiple shots in Ferguson, Police not responding.@FoxNews reporter running for cover. Police cars set ablaze Violence in NY Times…

“UK faces biggest terrorism threat in its history”: minister, 40 major Islamic terror plots foiled

Is the Home Secretary displaying signs of that dreaded disease “islamophobia”? She banned Robert Spencer and me for these same kinds of comments. “UK faces biggest terrorism threat in its history: minister,” Reuters, November 23, 2014 LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is facing the biggest terrorism threat in its history and has foiled around 40 major…


**GRAPHIC** Islamic State (ISIS) Beheading Children; Training Jihad Children to Fight

ISIS on Christians: “There is nothing to give them but the sword.” “Millions of terrified children have lost their parents, brothers, sisters, friends, homes and normality through no fault of their own. Many don’t have any memories left of what a normal childhood, free from war should look like.” But no worries, the UN and…

Turkish President Erdogan: “Women are not equal to men” – Obama seeks his advice on how to raise his daughters

It is very telling that Obama has called Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan his “most trusted” and “favorite” foreign ally. Obama has asked Erdogan for advice on how to raise his daughters. Obama has commented: “And I also appreciate the advice he gives me, because he has two daughters that are a little older than…

Fort Sam Houston: Saudi national with explosive materials in car detained after driving through gate without stopping

America under siege in the age of Obama. Queue the news outlets, Obama will begin proselytize for Islam in 3…2…1 Obama say, “Islam is peace.” Obama say, “The Islamic State “is not Islamic.” The Obama doctrine is simple. When jihad attacks, dawah! “UPDATE: Saudi National Detained at Fort Sam Houston,”, November 23, 2014 (thanks…

Wellesley College Students Fear Rise in Anti-Semitism After Jewish Staffers’ Firings

Islamic jihad groups Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Association are terrorizing Jewish students across university campuses nationwide. And no one is doing anything about it. Every Jewish donor should pull their pledges, endowments and such. This is all so reminiscent of the rise of the Third Reich, it’s horrifying. These are terrorist…

Netanyahu of Upcoming French Vote on “Palestinian” Terror State: ‘This is What They Have to Do Now when the World is Exploding?’

The continent responsible for the extermination of six million Jews is now legislating the next genocide. Their fate is sealed, because they unwilling to emerge from their primordial ooze of hate. Who is going to save Europe this time around? Obama? Europe is reverting. Europe has returned to its old stomping grounds — comfortable again…

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