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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Why are those concerned with slavery anti-Trump but pro-Islam?

[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO/Photos: Smiling axe-wielding jihadi stabs 8 people in supermarket in Russia

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Raw Story throws a fit after PayPal reinstates Pamela Geller’s AFDI

[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO and PHOTOS: “Trump is Killing Us: Mourning Heather Heyer” Protest in NYC – Part...

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Hizballah condemns Barcelona attack, saying it “harms the image of jihad”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Virginia Muslim pleads guilty: helped buy rocket-propelled grenade for ISIS

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Trump’s Afghanistan speech: mentioned “terrorists” 16 times but for 1st time left out word “Islamic”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Alliance Between the Left and Islam Cemented by Lenin and Hitler

[ August 22, 2017 ]

BBC Asks Twitter Followers If Criticism of Muslim Child Sex Gangs Is ‘Racist’

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Anti-Israel Leaders Hosted at State Department Seek to Drive Wedge in U.S.-Israel Alliance


Canada’s Muslim Mounties allowed to wear hijabs on duty

More capitulation to sharia. It won’t end here. There will be much, much more, until all of sharia is applied — unless free people wake up in time. “Canada’s Muslim Mounties allowed to wear hijabs on duty,” RT, August 24, 2016: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have given official permission to female officers to wear…


Canada: Imam justifies jihad homicide attacks against non-Muslims

Has Mazin AbdulAdhim been deported? Arrested? Investigated? Why not? What is wrong with our authorities? Why has every one of them lost any sense of responsibility to defend our countries and our freedom? “London, ON Imam calls on Muslims not to apologize for foiled suicide attack”, by Jonathan Halevi, CiJ News, August 14, 2016: Mazin…


Canada Day bomb plot couple freed after judge rules police ENTRAPPED them

Nuttall and Korody “planted inert pressure cooker bombs on the steps of British Columbia’s provincial legislature in 2013, ahead of Canada Day celebrations that drew thousands of revellers to the area.” They were entrapped? They planted bombs. They wanted to murder thousands of Canadians. Could you be goaded and entrapped into committing mass murder? Neither…


Canada: “Police say the attackers are men, mostly with dark hair…Most spoke with an accent and many had moustaches”

It’s happening all over Europe, and it’s coming now to Canada and the U.S., courtesy of Obama’s traitorous immigration policies. “Sexual assault allegations in Halifax taxis spark warnings,” CBC News, July 25, 2016: A spate of taxi drivers accused of sexually assaulting women in Halifax has police investigating the perpetrators and offering safety tips to…


Toronto: Muslim teacher calls jihad terrorist who killed a 4-year-old Israeli girl a ‘hero’

Nadia Shoufani is a former employee of UNRWA — the pro-Hamas, pro-jihad Jew-hating UN body that allows jihad and genocide to be preached in its schools. That speaks volumes. She is also a teacher for Special Education, ESL, Literacy and Science at Dufferin-Peel District School Board. Why hasn’t she been dismissed? She should be fired…


Canadian Muslim Leading Islamic State in Bangladesh

Why didn’t the Islamic community and this Canadian’s mosque in Windsor, Ontario (you know, the moderates the West is counting on to defeat jihad) intervene and stop Tamim Chowdhury from becoming the leader of ISIS in Bangladesh — hacking bloggers and university professors to death? The Muslims in Bangladesh are hacking poets, free thinkers and…


Toronto Muslims: some ‘women may even enjoy being beaten as a sign of love’

Our leaders seem to be hell-bent on importing more of this savagery. I have seen the future, brother, it is murder. “Toronto: some ‘women may even enjoy being beaten as a sign of love,’” by Jonathan D. Halevi, CIJ News, May 28, 2016: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau espouses a principled policy for the elimination of…


Canada: Muslim eighth-graders viciously bully Jewish student, school REFUSES to do anything about it

Recently here at Atlas I reported on incidents at Chebucto Heights Elementary School in Halifax, where Muslim migrant students have been choking non-Muslim students with chains and boasting that “Muslims rule the world” — and the school and local media are trying to cover it all up. That story led one Atlas reader to send…

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