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[ December 14, 2017 ]

Lawyer for Jewish restaurant attacked by Muslim migrant hit with prosecutorial charge for releasing terror...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

NYC jihad bomber only left apartment to attend terror-tied mosque

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Jihad’s Jewish soldiers The Forward calls Pamela Geller “Jewish hate-peddler,” lauds antisemite Linda Sarsour

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Prime Minister Theresa May receives Bible burnt by Islamic State

[ December 14, 2017 ]

‘We swear to break your necks’: ISIS targets President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu kneeling...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Did Florida man, who got 15 years for leaving bacon at a mosque, plea bargain...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

House Judiciary Lawmakers Mull Subpoenas on FBI, DOJ After Text Messages Reveal ‘Path’ to Stop...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

DHS: New York Subway Jihad Bomber Arrived by Chain Migration

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Egyptian lawyer sues to ban Jews from entering Great Synagogue of Alexandria and allow Muslims...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

The Power of Trump: India, China and Russia Refrain From Recognizing East Jerusalem as Capital...


Muslim Who Hacked Up Women in Supermarket Parking Lot was Screaming “LEE RIGBY” [BEHEADED BY MUSLIMS]

This horrific story is ignored because the knifeman was Muslim. Worse, every single media outlet (including the one at the Weekly Standard that posted this video of eyewitness accounts) scrubbed the lede — that the jihadi was screaming Lee Rigby’s name. May 22nd was day Lee Rigby , a young British soldier, was beheaded by…


British Muslims “plotted Lee Rigby-style beheading” of US soldier at British air base

Clearly this goes beyond just Junead Ahmed Khan and his uncle. This tweet I posted earlier today so much as says so. How is it that so many Muslims understand Islam in this way? Who are the true “misunderstanders”? The leftist elites, the media and our elected officials. Even “ISIS-inspired” is a misnomer. It’s Islam-inspired….


UK Muslim Teen Found Guilty Of Plotting To Behead Soldier: ‘we should do a 9/11, 7/7 and a Woolwich all in one day’

Tell us, President Obama, if it wasn’t Islam that motivated this Muslim convert to behead, then what was it? “Teen Found Guilty Of Plotting To Behead Soldier,” SKY News, February 20, 2015 In letters found at his London home, Brusthom Ziamani had written “we should do a 9/11, 7/7 and a Woolwich all in one…


UK Muslim Warns There Will Be More Beheadings on the Streets of Britain

I suspect there will be more beheadings everywhere….. even here. But it’s a good thing that the British Home Secretary banned Robert Spencer and me from speaking against such savagery. Now the country is free to hear from devout Muslims like Mizanur Rahman. Islamic extremist warns there will be more Lee Rigby-style killings on the…

Brother of Jihadist who Beheaded and Butchered Lee Rigby on a London Street blames life sentence on judge’s ‘hatred of Islam’

I am not surprised by Mujaahid Abu Hamza’s brother’s staunch support for Islam and jihad, no matter how brutal and bloody. That is pure Islam. That is authentic Islam. Instead, look at what the BBC will air and promote. The BBC advances the most savage and brutal of ideologies — the most extreme on the face of the earth. But the BBC will call my opposition to ethnic cleansing, Jew-hatred, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, and FGM, racism, “bigotry” and “islamophobia.”


Muslim Beheaders of Lee Rigby argue with judge: “We did not betray Islam. You don’t know what Islam is. You will never be safe.”

This ‘argument’ is very illustrative of the fallacious debate on jihad and the West’s misunderstanding of Islam and the jihadists themselves. We are told by media, cultural and political elites about “misunderstanders” or “hijackers” of Islam — the kuffar explaining Islam would be laughable if the human cost wasn’t so high.

What’s it going to take for the clueless kufar to get it? They” don’t know Islam is.” How many heads have to roll in the UK or Nigeria or israel or Egypt or Nigeria or China or Burma or Bosnia or Thailand or Banfgladesh or Manhattan or Fort Hood or …

British soldiers warned not to wear uniforms in public: alert over copycat Lee Rigby-style jihad murders

Counter-terror officers have warned soldiers at the military base in Beavers Lane, Hounslow… British soldiers were told to avoid drawing attention to their army status by wearing their uniform in nearby pubs or Hounslow High Street. And don’t wear any Pamela Geller or Atlas Shrugs or AFDI or SIOA or US Constitution or Union Jack on a tee shirt, either! Thank goodness the British government banned Robert and me from speaking on the jihad threat in Britain.

UK: Islamic Cleric warns on national television “there will be other Lee Rigbys”

Devout Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary warned on national British television that there would be more Muslims beheading infidels in the streets of London. “Many are questioning why he should be allowed on the programme.” Since when? Preacher Anjem Choudary, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, Reza Aslan, Tariq Ramadan, and Rashid Khalidi are all given extraordinary platforms from which to preach their Islamic rhetoric. Muslims are given a national and international platform, while counter jihadists are blacklisted and silenced.

London: Lee Rigby’s Jihad Butcher tried to gouge doctor’s eye out with a pen

WOOLWICH killer Michael Adebowale tried to gouge out a doctor’s eye with his own pen.

The 22-year-old, who butchered Fusilier Lee Rigby, flipped during a hospital visit.

He lunged at a consultant at the Royal London Hospital after being asked to sign a patient consent form.

The doctor handed him his own silver pen despite being warned Adebowale could use it as a weapon.

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