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[ October 16, 2017 ]

More London TERROR: One Dead, 2 Wounded in Stabbing ANOTHER Attack at Parsons Green Station

[ October 16, 2017 ]

WATCH The Milo Show: Pamela Geller Under Fatwa

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Traitor Hailed As American Hero By Obama Administration Pleads Guilty To Desertion

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Shut Up or Die

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Erdogan and Kurdish Independence

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Exclusive: Man who knew Garland jihadi Nadir Soofi says “he took his religion very seriously”

[ October 16, 2017 ]

New Jersey Muslim GUILTY ON ALL 8 COUNTS in New York City Jihad Bombing

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Las Vegas: The profile of older converts to Islam, “Salafism is most attractive to new...

[ October 16, 2017 ]

‘Un-Islamic’: Pakistan Senate body rejects bill seeking ban on child marriage

[ October 16, 2017 ]

Muslim Accused of Rape Said ‘Allah’s Going to Get You’


Allen West Tells Obama, Reid, Pelosi “Get the Hell Out of the USA”

West gets it. West knows what's at stake. This is war and the American people and our very way of life are under attack. This is very clear. Most folks have been disarmed by an enemedia that dissembles, obfuscates and deceives. The media has abandoned its role of public service in the dissemination of news…


Allen West Calls Wisconsin Fleebaggers “Cowards,” Akin to Army Deserters

Now you know why I supported and advanced Allen West for the past five years. He is us. Allen West Calls Wisconsin Fleebaggers “Cowards,” Akin to Army Deserters  (over at Weasel Zippers) Your daily dose of Allen West awesomeness. (Sun Sentinel) — South Florida Congressman Allen West branded the runaway state senators of Wisconsin a…


Allen West takes on CAIR: “Don’t try and blow sunshine up my butt”

This is so delicious — elect men who will save this nation, this civilization. Work to get them in in '12. Men like West and Ilario Pantano. Volunteer here. Video description: At a townhall meeting hosted by Congressman Allen West on Monday evening in Pompano Beach, the Q&A segment of the meeting featured a Koran…


America Goes West!

It's a good day for America. Atlas is kvelling :) We go back a long way. swearing in. Wonderful. West is fully informed on national security issues and jihad. If you missed Allen West's remarks on my panel last year see here: The Freedom Defense Initiative conference "Jihad: The Political Third Rail — What They…

Blacklisting Lt Colonel Allen West And His Wife

This disgusting. Blacklisting patriotically correct heroes for the politically correct. Thanks to Dagny for sending this to us in the comment section: Lt. Col. Allen West and his wife Angela ~ Today at 2:13pm Bill, Danielle, and Chip, at about 1210 pm today I received a call from Ms Chris Landshut, (954)739-5007 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (954)739-5007      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Executive Director…

Real Leadership is Color Blind: Lt Colonel Allen West on NAACP Race Baiting

Statement Condemning the NAACP Resolution by LTC Allen West (USA, Ret.) "The NAACP has missed the target. Their target should not be the Tea Party, but instead the larger issues facing the Black community: astronomical unemployment rates (15.5%) and the breakdown of the Black family, which result in higher drop-out rates, disproportionate incarceration rates and…

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West: “Kiss the Ring”

Salvation and succor in abundance for a deeply trouble nation starving for honorable, honest and courageous leadership. Lt Colonel Allen West sent me his latest……………..just in time. “Washingtoons” 19 April 2010 Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired) “Kiss the Ring” Greetings Wheels on the Road (WOTR) readers, fellow South Floridians, and all Americans,…

Sarah Palin Endorses Lt Colonel Allen West, Major Vaughn Ward, Captain Adam Kinzinge

Sarah Palin is endorsing Lt Colonel Allen West. Regular Atlas readers know, love, adore and support West. Putting Palin power behind great candidates — honorable, brave patriots like West. If you missed Lt Colonel Allen West's columns when he was stationed in Kandahar in 2007, go here. Sarah Palin is da woMAN! American Heroes Ready…

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