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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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Everyday life in Swedish schools: “Threats, violence and even rapes”

Everyday life for students and teachers in Sweden’s Muslim dominated schools is tough.

A Swedish school teacher discloses some of the harsh conditions that characterize many of the country’s schools. The teacher works in one of Gothenburg’s Muslim dominated suburbs. He loves his job, but sees a school system on the brink of collapse:

“I think that our school system will reach a complete collapse within five years. Everyday in multicultural schools: Threats, violence and even rapes,” he tells to the magazine Samtiden. The teacher, “Mikael” only spoke on condition of anonymity.

“I’ve been cut with a knife, threatened, beaten and my car got vandalized. I’ve had students who have been abducted, maltreated and sold to sex for a cigarette. Even young pupils get robbed, and I have been to schools where there were bullet holes in the walls,” says the school teacher. “The collapse is already here,” he continues, revealing that the troubled schools have a high percentage of “newly arrived” – a political correct Swedish expression for the hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants and refugees that has come to the country in recent years.

“At least ten schools alone in Gothenburg should be closed due to threats and violence,” he believes.

The decline of safety and public order in Sweden has been subject to public debate since candidate Donald Trump mentioned the situation in the formly safe and peaceful Scandinavian country in an speech. Trump used Sweden as an example for how Muslim migration changes countries.

Via 10News.

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