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[ January 18, 2018 ]

VIDEO Representative Scott Perry: “Credible Evidence” of “Terrorist Infiltration Through the Southern Border” Related to...

[ January 18, 2018 ]

VIDEO: “Palestinian” Muslims Beat, Torture and Threaten Greek Monks in Jerusalem

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Raleigh, NC Imam Warns: ‘If We Keep Sleeping,’ The Zionists Will Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque And...

[ January 18, 2018 ]

L’Oreal Chooses Hijab-Wearing Muslima in New Hair Campaign …. no seriously

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Muslima former student sets 8 fires at St. Catherine University in Minneapolis

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Muslim beauty blogger refuses to accept a Revlon award from Jewish film star Gal Gadot

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Judge dismisses 1 charge in Michigan female genital mutilation (FGM) case

[ January 18, 2018 ]

India’s Modi Abandons Legacy of Muslim Appeasement

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Netherlands: 13-year-old Muslim tries to honor-kill his mother because “women are not allowed to divorce”

[ January 18, 2018 ]

Toronto: Muslim-only youth fellowship program begins in city government offices

Sweden: Girl gang raped, vagina set on fire


The city of Malmö is in shock after three brutal gang rapes took place in the Sweden’s third largest city (about 300,000 inhabitants) within several weeks.

In mid-December 2017, a 17-year-old girl was sexually abused around 3AM in a playground in the district of Sofielund, according to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Sofielund is a neighborhood in Malmö with large numbers of non-Western immigrants and high crime rates. The still unknown perpetrators are said to have raped the 17-year-old in extremely brutal manner. They then poured a flammable liquid in her lap and set it on fire, causing severe injuries in her private parts. The girl was later taken to a hospital.

Shortly before, in November, there were gang rapes in Södervärn and Segevång, Malmö. Police initially withheld specific information, but spoke of “torture-like abuse” and “very serious violence.” The situation in Malmö is tense. A police officer told Swedish SVT News that he has not experienced such a cruel case in his 35 years as a civil servant.

Also read: Swedish Police Chief: Stockholm suburb like a WAR ZONE

One of the alleged perpetrators is now arrested. He could be convicted by means of a surveillance camera. The police investigate in all directions and also use special search dogs. The dogs are not “ordinary” detection dogs – they are specially trained on the smell of blood and semen and should help to investigate the perpetrators. So far, the police know that the three rapes have been perpetrated by different perpetrators. Allegedly, the crimes are not related, according to German news

The incidents have led to several public protests. Hundreds of people have demonstrated after the rapes in the streets of Malmö against the alleged inactivity of the police. In small groups, people in Malmö even go on patrol to protect their fellow citizens from attacks. The deputy police chief of Malmö advised women before Christmas not to be outside alone after dark, according to Swedish SVT News.

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  • Fred

    Anyone involved in this heinous act should be executed on the spot.

    Muslim savages are the 21st century Nazis.

    If the civilized world does not come up with a Final Solution to the Islamic problem, all non muslims will cease to exist.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      We know the solution, now we have to act on it.

      • Craig

        Hard to expect decades of cowardice, metrosexuals and video gamers to do much of anything. They are taxed just warming up ‘pizza bites’.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Eventually they will get pissed off when they have camel pis with their goat and pineapple pizza.

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        • chris VN

          Soi boys.

        • Malsikcuf

          Just make AI weponized drones that turns only muslims into zombies on the screen and let the gamers go hunt them down and take them out.

      • Dave

        I agree, and who is “we”? where do I sign up? Years ago I learned what “drawn and quartered” (sp?) meant. I felt it was too savage,,,,,now I feel it is appropriate-just too much work. Fred’s option is undeniably the most suitable.

    • Achmed Mohammedan

      I’m more in favor of castration and just letting moslems bleed out .. squealing in agony.

      • famouswolf

        For crimes like this, the cruelest form of execution ever invented…crucifixion. And to start with, leaving them for a while as a warning.
        A bullet or castration is too merciful.

        • Dagonet

          I think slowly being skinned alive (til death) is more painful, but scaphism (“the boats”) definitely lasts much longer an always mentally breaks down the perp.

          • famouswolf

            You have a point. Also the Mongols had a little ordeal called the ‘Death of a Thousand Cuts’…and Vlad Dracul loved to impale moslems he captured. Any of those would do fine.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The Chinese themselves carried out that form of execution and documented instances of it were being carried out in the early 20th century.

        • Achmed Mohammedan

          I’m with you on that. However, what’s wrong with castration, prior to nailing them?

          • Kol

            Typical anti-Muslim bigot promoting VIOLENCE and HATE !! !

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            Typical muslima with the chopped out clitoris .. that knows nothing but VIOLENCE AND HATE! I truly pity you .. the trauma .. the excruciating pain .. the feelings of betrayal as your brood sow held you down … You poor little creature.

          • Kol

            Addled old fool of an anti-Muslim bigot. That’s the best you can do?? Really sick and disgusting!

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            Does the truth hurt, almost as bad as what your parents did to you? Yes, I can understand that does bring those memories to the surface. You poor little creature, I truly do pity you.

          • Kol

            This thread is one of the sickest we’ve seen in a very long time with all the anti-Muslim bigots here spewing their HATE and vicious deliberate ignorance. Really says so much about Pamela Geller Disgus that they even promote and support (allow) it!! Sick! Disgusting!

          • glnman

            Who’s “we”?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            So when did you convert to the religion of pi$$? Was your clitorectomy part of your conversion ceremony?
            It’s interesting how you bleat and whine about anti-muslim bigotry — while having absolutely nothing to say about the various atrocities being committed in the name of your allahtarded death cult all over the world on a daily basis.

          • Kol

            Achmed Mohammedamnable — My White American parents are both deceased many years. Your vicious lack of respect is uncalled for, bigot! You are an extremely vile, disgusting, nasty, addled elderly pile of pig fecal matter and dirt!

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            Why do you continue to tell lie, upon lie? I have respect for all of humankind, of every color and stripe.
            I hate rats, cockroaches and moslems.

            I truly do pity you. You poor little thing. I can understand why you are so vile, as moslems are the vilest of ALL creatures. That, of course makes you disgusting and “nasty”. You poor little creature.

          • Commieobamie

            You are the epitome of pile of pig fecal matter and dirt!

          • Kol

            This thread is one of the sickest we’ve seen in a very long time with all the anti-Muslim bigots here spewing their HATE and vicious deliberate ignorance. Really says so much about Pamela Geller Disgus that they even promote and support (allow) it!! Sick! Disgusting!

          • Commieobamie

            Go hump a hog maggot.

          • Kol

            трахать тебя

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            TOO funny, poor little Kol the clitless muslima. You really need to get some better translation software. Other than the vile profanity (to be expected from moslems) you’re calling people “God”. You are SO much fun to laugh AT. Although, you’re “Six rotten eggs” .. that one was a classic. I truly DO pity you, you poor little thing.

          • glnman

            It’s not bigotry at all. I’d say the bigots are those who know this evil is going on and are afraid to do anything about these savages. You can’t live peaceably with animals who’s one goal in life is to kill all non Muslims.

          • Stibbs11

            read the article dumbass

          • famouswolf

            Might bleed out too fast.

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            Not if done properly. It need not be “delicate” surgery.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The infamous Chinese death of a thousand cuts was pretty damn brutal too. It was photographically documented being carried out in China, in the early 20th century on a woman.

          • famouswolf

            Ouch. I thought that was used like, back in the 12 and 13 hundreds when the Mongols were over running central Asia. Had no idea it was used that late.

      • KaD

        Then wrap them in a pig carcass and hang em high!

    • TD

      Ms. Geller and Ms. Ayaan Hirsi need to press FOX NEWS to cover the rape culture and COVER-UP culture in the EU – REGULARLY! since liberals are pressing the issue of sexual harassment and cover-ups in Hollywood and Washington.

      What the EU media and politicians are doing is covering up a culture of rape and sexism by people of a certain background; especially a migrant background from countries where the misogyny is taught. Just like liberals covered up for Bill Clinton and Harvey W. for political reasons!

      • TD

        These EU cases make Matt Lauer look like a feminist.

    • Dagonet

      How quickly do you allow yourselves to forget? Not too long ago there was a pisslamic group called ISIS. They held onto their captives long enough to set up the camcorders and then they made examples out of them. If tbey weren’t laying face down with their heads pulled back by their hair and having their head cut off with a knife at the neck with a back and forth sawing motion, they were shot, at times in masses. You haven’t ever seen or heard of this? Can you tell me that ISIS did NOT want to have this kind of power wherever they went in the world? Can you tell me they wouldn’t enjoy torturing white women the most knowing white women were repulsed by them and would otherwise reject them?

    • Highland Warrior

      I agree 100% they should be executed on the spot for raping the girl then setting her on fire, I also agree there needs to be a final solution to the Islamic problem, but the insult to Nazis wasn’t called for.

    • az

      But but human rights,
      but but poor refugees
      but but religion of peace
      but but multiculturalism
      but but integration
      but but no death penalty
      but but save the world
      but but no borders

      How about no more buts?

    • Zaphod Braden

      Go after the PEDOpriests & politicians that let them in ………………
      Hang Merkel, Juncker, Schulz, and any other pedopriest or E.U.politician that betrays the Citizens …….. as an example for the next leaders to do their duty.
      It is government’s main duty to kill raping, pillaging, murdering, invaders at the border.
      It is the responsibility of every government to ensure the safety and security of its people
      Then to hang any traitor who opens the City Gates to them ……..
      Sink the Invader’s Landing Craft and shoot any that make it to the shore line.
      Immigration without Assimilation is Invasion.
      LEADERS protect their Citizens ….. TRAITORS allow enemies in to attack the Citizens.
      Who PROFITS? Who benefits by clearing enemy populations away from their borders so it can steal land for “greater israel” while genocidally flooding CHRISTianity at the same time.
      Who BRAGS that they are behind this Invasion. NOTE how they call the muslums their ALLIES & BROTHERS What the Jews think of YOU.
      How the JEWS greet “refugees” The Jewish ACLU, ADL, SPLC use our laws to FORCE Invaders in onus but at HOME —

  • Steve Kalmbach

    If they would try this kind of garbage here they would face the 3S justice system, shoot, shovel and shutup! i would like them to try here where the girl that is attacked has a father, brothers and uncles that are gun owners. Come to think of it there are a lot of women here that could handle this chore all by themselves!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    sweden is not shocked, it is merely going through public relations motions of feigning disapproval. The fact is the government with a complicit media, every lame stream religion, legal industry and most of the voters approve of this cultural diversification, if it gets out of hand occasionally, a small price to pay.


    About time the locals started to deal out their own justice

    • #boycottpaperchase

      “mete” out their own justice.

      Its probably related to the French verb “Meter” which you will have no doubt learnt at school.

      • famouswolf

        ‘Deal’ works fine in that context. A bit awkward, but grammatically correct. Are you here to castigate moslems, or the posters? I need to know whether or not to block you.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The population of malmo is 318,100 and a few hundred turned out to pretend they were protesting. This is not indicative of the public even noticing the event. sweden is lost to civilization, let it destroy itself with minimum, interruption to the civilized world.

    • #boycottpaperchase

      What ignites your nether regions, Mahou?

      • Achmed Mohammedan

        Isn’t it just like a clitless muslima, such as you, #boycottpaperchase, to be interested in something like that? You poor, poor thing. I truly pity you. You have been living in the agony of that trauma, ever since your brood sow held you down, while your boar sire chopped out you clitoris. The memory of that incredible pain … the trauma …. you poor, poor little thing.

        • #boycottpaperchase

          Mahou, call the dogs off. It’s me boycotthalal.

          (especially call this crazypants off me)

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            What’s it like to be a clitless little creature? The sheer agony that you must have experienced. I truly pity you. You poor little creature.

          • #boycottpaperchase

            C’mon Mahou. Call this loon off me.

            Achmed. Your mother swims out to meet troopships.

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            At least my mother was not a brood sow, such as yours. You poor, poor little creature. I truly pity you.

          • #boycottpaperchase

            I’ve just invented a thing called a prime number.

            Now, a “prime number” can only divided by itself and the number one.

            For example, 1,2,3 5,7

            What is the next one?

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            The concept of a prime number has been around FAR longer than the creation of clitless muslimas. That’s not very clever, even for a moslem (the vilest of ALL creatures). You poor little creature, I truly pity you.

          • #boycottpaperchase
          • Achmed Mohammedan

            “This what you ….” What? Is anyone capable of translating this, from the language of monkeys and pigs, into some language spoken by human beings?

          • Vlad

            Don’t change the subject! I am enjoying this :-)

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Along with 50 cents predicting the next one will be good for your next cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

          • Dorrie

            When you change your avatar name, and ask a woman what “ignites her nether regions,” you get what you deserve. That kind of question is inappropriate in ANY medium or setting.

          • #boycottpaperchase

            Eh? What’s it got to do with women?

            A jalfrezi curry with too many green chillies ignites my nether regions.

            What ignites your nether regions Dorrie?

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            It’s so obvious, when a clitless muslima envies human beings. It must have been SO traumatic when your brood sow held you down and your boar sire swung that rusty knife. Seriously, although it’s only natural for you to envy, and be jealous of, human beings … take a rest. Some introspection .. contemplation. You cannot change the past .. but .. your life is what your life is. Attempt to make the best of it, you poor, poor little thing.

          • #boycottpaperchase

            Get off me! You’re a bully.

          • famouswolf

            LOL After that shot at Mahou, you pretty much deserve it.

          • #boycottpaperchase

            Wot? Has Mahou now become Ma Baker?

            Well I’m her faverit boy anyhow.

          • famouswolf

            LOL Since she didn’t rip your guts out…

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            I simply speak (type) the truth. You poor, poor little thing.

          • #boycottpaperchase

            No. You leave me alone. I give big bad bullies like you short shrift.

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            Then please, leave sites that are frequented by human beings. I do pity you, although you, constantly humiliating yourself, does prove amusing. You poor, poor little thing.

          • Dorrie


      • Mahou Shoujo

        Not much these days.

        • Craig

          That…is a shame. I am 65 and still going strong.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Oh to be a whipper snapper again.

          • Dorrie

            I find it amusing, and only slightly interesting, that 2 men would comment on such a thing … and I’m guessing they’re both Americans who are single and frustrated. ;-)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Boys will be boys.

          • Dorrie

            Meh … I’d rather have a man than a boy :)

  • James Mcdonough

    its been going on in the u.s.a by african americans for over 60 years now.why is everyone so surprise you should of all listened to charles manson.

  • Midnattsol

    Sofielund should be on fire.

  • Turbo

    Swedish men- when have you had enough of this sh*t?? Never, or?

    • TD

      These crimes make Matt Lauer look like a feminist.
      Good god.

    • Craig

      Swedish ‘men’ walk around in assless pants, feather boas and high heels. There are no MEN in Sweden.

  • santashandler

    “The dogs are not “ordinary” detection dogs – they are specially trained
    on the smell of blood and semen and should help to investigate the
    perpetrators.” Gee, if they are on the trail of semen, they’ll be on that case for quite a while. I’m sure the Swedish police are on top of this and will find and severely prosecute all rapists in no time. Why, because they’ve shown they’re a no-nonsense country when it comes to that.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL. I think I have sarcasm dripping off my computer monitor.

  • Adam

    Its an embarrassment that Swedes aren’t burning Mosques and tar and feathering these dirtbags, and the politicians protecting them

  • Tilt

    Poor poor girl betrayed by the insane, self loathing, Swedish society…

    As far as female voters in Sweden that voted for “progressive” parties (all of them except the Swedish Democrats) that imported these Muslim sex deviants into Sweden wholesale, its hard to feel sorry for them when they end up brutally raped by sex crazed Muslims on account of their sheer stupidity, you reap what you sow baby…!!!

    As for the Swedish males, most of which are emasculated / terrorized (by the tyrannical PC regime that is brutally enforced in Sweden) beta males, well they are probably beyond hope…

    • OverIt

      Unfortunately it never seems to be the ones who vote for the progressive parties that suffer. Like this poor, poor minor girl.

  • Craig

    Sorry, I have NO sympathy. The Swedes invited the muslim savages in. The Swedes gave the muslim savages a totally free ride in luxury condos and mansions. The Swedish women threw themselves at the muslim savages.

    The Swedes are a cowardly, degenerate cloistered society. They invited in the wolves.
    Goodbye, Sweden. Hello, Swedenistan.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Burma has the only viable solution to the muslum problem and I hope they extend it to include:
    muslum collaborators/sympathizers/apologists, such people do not deserve to live in the free world.

  • Alleged-Comment

    THIS should be a warning to you Swedish women. But you’ll still go for the dark skin.

    What more do you need to make you happy in the West? The land of the whites?

    Or do you want to turn everything brown there? With acid in your face, burnt vaginas, burning you alive, setting fires to your cars?

    And were the uck are your MEN??

  • Buck

    Calling the animals is an insult to animals . This needs to be punnished. Harshly . Buck a Christian 100% disabled Vietnam veteran ⚔??⚔ right wing republican lifetime member NRA . Friend to Israel

  • Richard Harris

    I have little sympathy for the Swedes. They decided to play the stupid game of multiculturalizing their nation with dangerous Third World Multicultural thugs to “prove” how “high minded” and Politically Correct they are……which has only resulted in Sweden looking like a STUPID IDIOT nation for destroying itself. When you play STUPID GAMES….you win STUPID PRIZES. Western European countries like Sweden, Germany, France, etc are winning Stupid Prizes of having their people raped, beaten up, killed, etc almost daily now for their Stupid game of Multiculturalizing their nations.

    Sweden and other West European nations deserve all the Stupid prizes coming to them for their stupidity.

    • Dave

      Swedish policies are partly to blame: ignorance inviting illiteracy. But the larger blame goes to the EU and the Schengen policy. For these two reasons, the muslim cancer just might conquer Europe…..unless they realize Le Pen, Orban and like others have a possible solution. Begin with Czech president’s solution: arm yourselves and dowhatyougottado. Then follow China’s approach: it aint gonna fly here: Quran is quashed. Finish with ISIS icing: decapitate. For Britain: skip to last step. The EU has to go!!!!!!

  • chris VN

    This might be the latest sick muslim sex crime fad, trying to hide the evidence. The perpetrator might get slapped on both wrists this time?

  • Dave

    I invite the Malmo police dep’t to see: The Purge. ASAP

  • Dagonet

    How many of these women are “girlfriends” as the main stream media portrays them to be? They’re victims along with everybody else when you let them in your borders.

  • Malsikcuf

    Burn muslims at the stake with some pigs in the public squares.

  • jkarna

    Coming to your local neighborhood.

  • moose

    I’m almost 80 years of age. When I was a youngster, the local cop on the beat had the authority to knock heads together when things in his jurisdiction STARTED to look badly…..Neighborhoods didnt go bad back then cause the law of the land meant law and order ALWAYS. Its BEYOND sad how liberals have mucked things up over in the last 60+ years…

  • turkeychoker

    We used to set traps for predators, then disposed of them by relocation………

    • Achmed Mohammedan

      That’s only making your problems the problems of someone else. If I use a Hav-a-Hart, I dispatch them on my own property. Typically, I use leg traps or hard spring kill traps. Laws in this state don’t allow them to be transported, in any event. Treat moslems as the predator vermin that they are.

  • James Stamulis

    Your government in Sweden will do nothing so it is time for vigilantism and give them back what they did in spades! Drench them in gas after you castrate them and watch the pretty flames! Maybe it is time for your politicians to suffer the same fate!

  • freepetta

    Oh but everyone laughed at President Trump when he mentioned Sweden’s terror problem?

    With the horrendous upsweep in crime in Sweden since they “joyfully” took in thousands and thousands of “migrants” they have been forced to publicize their misery.

    The European Union has ruined almost every country on the European Continent.

    The only thing standing between the U.S. and ruination is OUR GREAT PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. If we were UNFORTUNATE enough to have elected CROOKED Hillary Clinton we would be on the same path to total destruction as Germany, France, England and most of Europe.

    You listened to your half-baked political leaders and now look at the crime and violence you’re suffering. It started with that imbecile Merkel and trickled down, and now you are suffering the consequences of horrible political decisions.

    You believed these “YOUNG MEN” were being “PERSECUTED” when in fact it’s you who are being “PERSECUTED” and it’s PATHETIC!!

    Your bad choices have cost you, your peace and tranquillity. You will NEVER be the same.

  • Shirley Pino

    I suppose all the men there are too busy putting their hair up in a bun to have time or inclination to protect their women. Time for the Women there to stand up, learn self defense, and take their safety into their own hands. It can be done, its been done before. We can no longer depend on men or law inforcement, time to Cowboy up ladies and protect each other.

  • Ahriman

    When the Libtards start eating their own, a smile comes to my face. Eventually the women of Sweden will act like men and start slaughtering these sub-humans! While they are at it, be sure to use pig blood when removing them from the planet.

    • Achmed Mohammedan

      Isn’t it amazing, that in today’s West, when one states an irrefutable truth … they’re reported for “hate speech”?

  • Countryboy

    In the middle ages these Muslim Animals were run out of Europe for a good reason…Looks like nothing has changed.

  • JWM

    There can’t be any men left in Sweden, otherwise there would be a lot of de ad rapists there.

  • Badger

    The country has been destroyed by cultural Marxists. It will never recover. Let it be a warning.

  • Stephen Honig

    How much more evil can evil get?

    • Kol

      Unbridled, out-of-control anti-Muslim bigotry and HATE!

  • Political_qrm

    Where are the Swedish ‘men’? Or is that now an oxymoron? Sweden, with their high-minded attitudes on social norms and lectures on how their open society was always better has gone too far.. They will probably never fully recover from this invasion.
    Muslims ascribe to a 7th Century attitude. They have never evolved, never will.. And they will never assimilate..
    Obviously the Swedes never looked at history.. They probably considered that their society would win over these savages… Not happening… And they’ll suffer for their arrogance.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    I hold a very unpopular opinion on this issue and it is this; Once you are in the midst of a war you do not second guess you actions based upon your religious beliefs. Once you have determined who the enemy is, you take them out. In other words Sweden if you cannot take out those muslime gangs, then let your people take care of the business you are to incapable of doing effectively.

    I suggest that you close one eye and let your citizens take the law into their own hands and they will certainly put a stop to this assault on your women. Do not put them in jail and wast your citizen’s money on incarcerating the criminals for years. Take those young men out behind the barn and teach them a lesson about rape by cutting off all three of those babies that make up their manhood. Once the word gets out, the Muslime WILL give you all the provocation you need to take them out.

    While this may seem like an ethnic purge it isn’t because you’ll only be taking out the young unmarried men and any other Muslime who thinks they can do whatever they want in your country, and do so with impunity. So my friends it boils down to this; If you don’t soon learn to fight fire with fire you may soon find yourselves kneeling to Meca five times a day, while they will still continue to rape your women !!!

  • melo gardener

    These Islamist Swine are vile and it is well past the time that you all realize they need to be neutered like an animal since they behave like pigs. It is time to take a stand against these Islamist Terrorist Murderers and rapist! Wake up world for the Leftist braindead Dumbs have brought these Islamist armies upon us all to destroy us for they hate us all as do the Islamist killers of mankind. The whore enjoys it’s filthy Islamist Beast!

  • Kol

    This thread is one of the sickest we’ve seen in a very long time with all the anti-Muslim bigots here spewing their HATE and vicious deliberate ignorance. Really says so much about Pamela Geller Disgus that they even promote and support (allow) it!! Sick! Disgusting! — —

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Dear dumb allahtard, all you muslum chimps minimally deserve from the kafir al najjis is contempt, considering your karma balance much worse is indicated.

  • CADeplorable1

    The Swedes better wake up from their “shock” at this horror and actually get rid of these animals they have welcomed into their country.

  • Nailbanger

    Second crusades are needed to eradicate these barbaric turds,
    There needs to be a 100 heads policy as well as a guilt by assistance policy as well, ie, if you aid these barbarians in entering our communities you will be slaughtered just as they will,
    I stand for the Lord Jesus, I stand for our republic as founded,
    Do you?

  • ray jones

    just like i have told the brits the french and the germans the men of sweeden have ropes and lamp posts set a few dozen muzloids swinging from the street lights and i gaurantee they will calm down and stop raping women and children what ever town the rape in in hang a few dozen of them in the street they are not terribly smart and they are cowards get a half dozen men to gether in a group and grab em and hang emm where ever you find them ….hint thats from there book the fithy koran…………..

  • dad1927

    Let him go…. Its what your country wants.. White genocide. Simple well meaning fools! The saudis said they were too dangerous to take. Does a liberal feel pain? Not if its YOUR daughter..

    Here is a camel getting a BJ

  • KaD

    So how long are Swedes going to put up with this savagery against their women and children?

  • jp

    WTF is wrong with these people?? and the ones who support this immigration has to take some of the criminal blame too. I mean hell is not enough for these monsters.

  • general

    They wanted this now they have it.
    Try this here and it will be the last thing you do on earth. We are locked and loaded and you do this the center of town will be where you visit allllah.
    Those idiots in Europe deserve all they get by allowing these animals in by the millions.
    Trump is trying to keep these animals out of here, congress, courts and the left are fighting to bring them here. what kind of stupid are they. Remember what goes around will show up at your doorstep…

  • Mike Kevins

    That must be the muslime version of the morning after pill. Sorry, I know it is not a laughing matter. The powers that be (PTB) are doing this purposely and we need to stop them!

  • Carol

    Religion of peace???? Amazing their pols haven’t run the migrants out of Sweden. Oh yah they’re being politically correct. How’s that working for ya. Sounds horrific to me. Get off your @$$eS. You need to protect your people from this plague.

  • Stibbs11

    Sadly this is not the first time, in 2016 a girl was beaten, stabbed and set on fire by one of these swine, she died and he got no jail time which proves its ok by the politicians, those politicians need to be put with the perpetrators and let them sort it out.


    Seems Rothersham Islamic rape case is not an isolated incident:

    Muslim Rape Scandal Destroys ‘White Privilege” Myth
    Pakistani rape gangs targeted white children, authorities covered up scandal over ‘racism’ fears
    Being white is a key factor in why nothing is done against the attackers.
    Rape gangs get away with soul murder because they are not white.

    In March 2014, illegal aliens were charged with more than 250 separate counts of sex crimes against children, throughout the state of North Carolina. Of course, this figure is not an anomaly, as those here illegally were charged with more than 150 acts of child molestation during the previous month in the Tarheel state.

    A Muslim leader from Chicago known as the Islamic “Billy Graham” has been arrested and charged with sexual assault. He is also facing a civil suit that alleges years of sexual abuse with an increasing number of victims.
    The young woman says that she isn’t the only victim of the imam’s and has filed a civil suit charging the Imam with decades of abuse of the women and children he was supposed to be protecting and educating.

    ENGLAND: Following the release of the Casey Report, which shows that the local Rotherham council purposefully allowed children to be drugged, gang-raped and trafficked for prostitution by vibrant Pakis, the people have decided to protest the one public figure vocally opposed to gang-rape by Pakis. Nigel Farage.

    The girls were specifically selected by the Muslim rape gangs because they were white. They were seen as “easy meat”. Their so-called “white privilege” didn’t help them at all – in fact it was an integral reason why they were targeted by the criminals and then abandoned by the authorities, who feared being labeled “racist”.

    SWEEDEN: This happens 24/7 in Sweden as well. The traitors, i.e. politicians, media, judicial system, and other enemies of the native Swedes, are also covering up gang rapes scandals. They loath and hates native Swedes. Recently 8 Afghan Muslims gang raped a Swedish mother of two children. They got caught and in the end released and actually one of the accused rapist got money back ($20,000) because he was wrongly accused. He never penetrated her just
    forced his dick into her mouth while the other 7 switched turn raping her.

    DENMARK: The Assyrian International News Agency reports that a “growing urban Muslim population [in Denmark] was obvious” by the 1990s and that those Muslims displayed an “unwillingness to integrate into Danish society.” Rather, they moved into “Muslim-exclusive enclaves” and criticized Denmark’s way of life from there.

    From Daniel Pipes: Engaging in crime: Muslims are only 4 percent of Denmark’s 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country’s convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim. Similar, if lesser, disproportions are found in other crimes.

    Importing unacceptable customs: Forced marriages – promising a newborn daughter in Denmark to a male cousin in the home country, then compelling her to marry him, sometimes on pain of death – are one problem. Another is threats to kill Muslims who convert out of Islam. One Kurdish convert to Christianity, who went public to explain why she had changed religion, felt the need to hide her face and conceal her identity, fearing for her life.

    Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013)

    SAUD: In exchange for Saudi Arabia being kept free from jihadist ideologically internally, the regime would support the export and dissemination of Jihadism outside of Saudi Arabia, to non-Muslim lands. For chapter and verse see the excellent book The Siege of Mecca. As a result, for several decades, the Saudi government facilitated the growth internationally of jihadist ideology.
    “The Siege of Mecca”
    “The Looming Tower”
    Follow this video on Youtube and see the total governmental BS being perpetrated against you, the thinking public.

    All ask why PEGIDA under attack?

    This is why. THIS IS AN !!! OUTRAGE !!!
    May be as many as 1M

    The Glazov Gang-Gavin Boby’s Fight Against Muslim Rape Gangs

    ‘Easy Meat’ — 25 years, Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs, Part II.
    Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013)

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