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Facebook shuts down “Warriors for Christ” page


I received this email from an admin for the Warriors for Christ Facebook page. As a proud Jew, I am not directly affected by this, but remember Pastor Niemoller’s famous poem:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

They’re coming on Facebook for the Jews, for the Christians, for all the defenders of freedom. They’re coming for the warriors for Christ. They’re not coming for the warriors for Allah. For months, Facebook has been censoring, scrubbing and banning posts deemed to be hate speech. And despite the claim in this article that “anti-Muslim rhetoric” was left up, in reality, it is quickly and efficiently scrubbed. I’m not talking about comments such as the ones quoted below, calling for mass murder and genocide — those are never acceptable under any circumstances, directed at any group, and should be removed.

No, Facebook acts swiftly to shadowban or block or flag as “hate speech” essentially all comments and users who dare violate the sharia. And it’s getting worse. Posts, links, comments critical of jihad and sharia violate Facebook’s sharia terms of service.

My feed has been blocked and banned. Facebook daily referrals were 90K plus back in February; today they are under 2k. My feed is blocked from my millions of followers on Facebook, and I have seen my circulation drop precipitously in the past few months. For news publishers, Facebook is the motherboard of link traffic. No news site can survive without them. None of us are immune, which is why my traffic is down upwards of 95% since the block. My Facebook page has well over a million followers; add my organizations to that, and it is roughly two million people.

This has all been arranged at the highest levels. A chief officer from a major American communications company went to the terror state of Pakistan to assure the Pakistani government that Facebook would adhere to the sharia. The commitment was given by Vice President of Facebook Joel Kaplan, who called on Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. “Facebook has reiterated its commitment to keep the platform safe and promote values that are in congruence with its community standards.”

Dear Pamela,

RE: Warriors For Christ page shut down by Facebook

My name is Nellchy Kentley and I am an admin for the Warriors For Christ page that had over 225,000 followers and counting.

On 29th December 2017, Facebook shut down our page because of our biblical stance on marriage. Facebook has been after our page for many years and often censored our posts simply because they contained truth articles on statistics, Bible verses and memes that exposed the hypocrisy of the left.

We have a 24 hour prayer sms hotline to pray for anyone seeking prayer and also a crisis outreach hotline to assist people in need of emergency crisis support and financial assistance, food or clothing.

We received several messages a day, many of which were from people in serious distress and even some with suicidal tendencies and we were able to chat with them to help talk them out of it and pray with them.

This ministry has been such a blessing for countless people, and Facebook has heartlessly shut us down.

They calculated this move and chose to remove the page at 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday December 29, 2017 right before a long holiday weekend, in the hope that we would be discouraged in contacting any media about this because most businesses are closed for several days.

We will not be silenced and will be pursuing legal action with Facebook.

I have been made aware that you too are taking legal action against Facebook and am reaching out to you to let you know what’s happened to us and offer our contact details if you would like to chat with the founder of our page Pastor Rich Penkoski.

Pastor Rich Penkoski, who is also the founder of is a Christian social media site, that our ministry created after we were bombarded with over 1 million trolls from the LGBT community in June of this year 2017.

We received death threats, hate mail, and were flooded with pride emojis all over our page with porn and derogatory pictures and links to porn sites. Pastor Rich even received faeces in the mail and it got to the point he and his family (his wife and six kids) were forced to move house as a result of all the threats.

After going through this storm and having absolutely no support from Facebook after we reported several serious death threats to them, this prompted us to create outer own social media platform.

The amount of censoring, banning and removal of posts from Facebook over the years on our site has been endless. Rich has been banned for month after month for posting Bible scriptures and many times for absolutely no reason at all. A number of us admins have also been banned regularly by Facebook as well.

Also, here is a link to a petition that we have set up to put the pressure on Facebook to republish our page;

If you would like to contact Rich Penkoski to discuss this further with him and exchange ideas and suggestions with each other, his cell phone is 973 941 2871.

Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards and God bless you
Nellchy Kentley

Our backup page is at

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Riccardo Teodori

    Is anyone surprised face book did this. Time for the government to look into the harassment of christians on face book

    • Kathy Shell

      Yes it is Riccardo. The same type thing has been happening to David Rosler, 35 year east coast motion picture & TV Producer, Director, special effects, 3D expert on Facebook and Twitter. He is nearing completion funding on his 3D Christian motion picture project and has been totally shut down on both and much more (worse) We know. David has been on radio shows the past couple of weeks talking about his new 3D Christian motion picture and future ones plus encouraging listeners to contact their GOP House Reps to co-sponsor Rep Blackburns bill H.R. 4682 that will stop social media swamp creature giants from silencing us all. You will find this info very interesting and there’s much more. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a list of 50 of the GOP House Reps to contact, ask them to sign Marshas bill. HUGE STORY,& much more to come, website is updated frequently. This coming weeks radio show interviews will be posted also, you will want to hear those. Pam Geller…..See what radio talk show host have to say at:

    • Michael Dillon

      They wont do anything if ya aint muslim or singing their tune you’re an enemy and considered a threat and theyre gonna shut you down to keep us from “poisoning the community” with the truth

  • Rob

    It’s time for some conservative, tech savvy billionaire to invest in an alternative site to Facebook! It’s time to end the monopoly that “Heir” Zuckerberg has on communications!

    • arnoldspriggs

      Try GAB.

    • Geraldine Dearie

      InfinitySN social media is launching very soon. No censoring!

      • Lilly Cooper

        They need to hurry up and get it launched. I’ve been ready for that social site for a while now.

        • Judy

          Thought it was launching in August or September

    • Suresh

      Tweet this article to Trump and other republican Reps and demand action. unite , fund and go ahead sue them…or this will continue.

      Left/Liberal/feminazis will impose sharia everywhere if there is no resistance to such stupidity.

      Just like they banning a white Model on Instagram for being too hot and sexy

      CAN IT get more Ridiculous ?

      • aebe

        It will .

    • Amanda Nicole Penkoski

      It’s called
      Go sign up!

      • Rob Porter

        Thanks, Amanda.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      I was one of the first to open a facebook account. I was one of the first facebook investor

      I went to facebook exactly 2 times, and have sold off my facebook investment when the price gone through the roof

      My facebook account is still there, it is an empty place which I have not visited for more than a decade

      I am a techie, I have been in the tech fields for decades. To get something like a facebook clone running is easy, but I do not think that is the right thing to do

      Facebook is a place where HUMAN BEINGS WASTED THEIR GOD-GIVEN LIVES AWAY, a gravely sinful act

      Setting up and running a facebook clone will produce the same sinful result

      I believe God has given us our lives, and our skillsets, not to use it to commit sins, and I believe we should use our skillsets to set up something much more meaningful, much more productive than a facebook clone

      • Rob Porter

        Well said and good for you for taking a stand on principle.

      • Pete Doel

        I don’t believe a word of your article. I see these types of articles and stories all the time, and they are all proven to be hoaxes.

        It amazes me how many of these stories come out, claiming liberals and homosexuals are targeting them. Yet all the stories turn out to be lies, concocted by conservatives, to push their agenda of hate against those groups.

        • tryingtopickaname

          Well, dear, we see your type of dismissal of facts as tantamount to a hoax. Quite the hyperbole you employ, unconcernedly pushing a comically subjective, unsubstantiated, ideologically driven bushel of baseless blather. Why would anyone believe a word of your commentary?

          • Pete Doel

            Where are the facts? You making claims on a website, do not make them true. As I’ve stated, I debate conservatives on a daily basis on Facebook. Their posts never get deleted, no matter how ignorant or even threatening.

            You people keep mentioning the alerts you received from Facebook that your posts were deleted and your accounts. Let’s see these notices.

          • Mr Rollo

            Some links, please.

        • Achmed Mohammedan

          Examples, please. Many are interested.

    • AnnaGraceS


    • That’s a great idea. I hope all the religious can get off of Facebook soon and find safe haven for their hatred somewhere else.

      • mztore

        What did people do before fake book anyhow? They were more connected with the real world I’d say.

        • The hatred, racism and bigotry has always been here, it is just getting well documented now. That is what makes them uneasy, they can’t get away with their evil deeds, no matter where they are from and whatever religion/ideology they belong to.

      • Achmed Mohammedan

        Yes. Especially the religion of mohammedanism and atheism. They both seem to make up the overwhelming preponderance of hate speech.

    • mztore

      He is a mudslime lover….he hires them to keep his costs down….and makes buckets of money by doing it.

    • Mary


  • Aliquantillus

    Time to end the Zuckerberg imperium.

    • Jimmy Gablin

      ABSOLUTELY !!!!

  • JohnSmith

    Not a Christian, and Facebook’s repression and censorship of Warriors for Jesus is WRONG AS HELL. What will Zuckerberg do when the Moslems scale the wall around his Hawaiian house to cut his throat?

    • silverdart

      Isn’t Zuckerberg a Jew? Muslims hate Jewish people, from what I’ve read and heard.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Muslums are willing to use anyone who will advance their ends. Maimonides, the famous Jewish philosopher and doctor, worked for the muslums in Al Andalus until they gave him the unique trinary choice of convert to islum, die, or go into exile. It was unique because most people were only given two of those three choices.

      • Sams_1

        Soros is also a jew… small j

        • silverdart

          Soros is satan’s spawn. He hates everybody.

      • tryingtopickaname

        He is a secular Jew, suicidally driven to the *religion* of leftism that arrogantly believes that *inclusion* means embracing those who would kill you. Again.

      • Achmed Mohammedan

        He’s a JHJ (Jew hating Jew).

    • Michael Dillon

      He’ll definitely be singing a different tune once that happens

    • emma

      What an irony that will be. Serves the bastard right.

  • george haston

    Sweet baby Jesus. The mooslems are coming for us. Don’t the Zionists that run Facebook know that if they give in, we won’t have any where to tell others that were being oppressed. It starts with the war on Christmas. Than where. Were does it stop. I just hope that if we all prey together, than well be fine

    • John William Thompson

      Prey or Pray?
      well or we’ll (we will)
      than or then
      your grammar nazi salutes

      • Janet

        I knew what he meant. Are you a grammar teacher? Just saying…

    • Llewellyn Andrew

      Zuckerberg is no Zionist and why the anti-Semitism?

    • Paul Pleau

      He is not a Zionist. He is an anti Semite. He truly is. Most people find it so hard to understand and believe that there are millions of people out there who have “Jewish” family names and are just like “everybody else”. It is no different than, for instance having the common last name of “Smith” which is an ancient British name whose ancestors were and some still are of the C of E, Church of England. I have many Jewish friends who love bacon, work on Saturdays, and have never been in a synagogue in their lives. Some actually are very shocked when told that their family name is of Jewish heritage.

      • starali

        “Jewish in name only” is what you are referring to. Please be mindful that Zuck has elite family ties.

      • Bro. Nick

        Mr. Zucherberg – and many others are Biblically described in 1 Timothy 6:9-10 [AV] :
        “But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare,
        and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
        which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith,
        and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

  • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

    Facebook has become a public utility and needs to be regulated as such

    • wilypagan

      The GOP doesn’t believe in regulation.

  • Liberal Male = Sissy Beta Male

    Bet Facebook would be totally okay with a ‘Kill a Jew for Mohammed’ page…

  • Mahou Shoujo

    When people stop using face book, it will change, until then, it has the finances and support of islam to continue its campaign against decency.

    • Bro. Nick

      The only problem is that the vast majority of people are narcissistic self-addicted users of ‘facebook’
      – And it is my understanding that they will quit using ‘Facebook’ sometime around the Twelfth of Never !

      ‘Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming’ [23:56] @


      • JUSTsss

        Great video, to bad most won’t watch it.
        Please go to and read why the KJV is the preserved word of GOD.
        Do not be deceived by mans words. If your book that you use is copyrighted it is a false representation of GODS WORD.
        Hopefully more people will wake to how close we are to the tribulation time.

        • Bro. Nick

          AMEN ! ~ As “it is written” in Proverbs 30:5-6 [AV] :
          “Every word of God is pure:
          he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.
          Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.”

          • JUSTsss

            Revelation 22:18-19
            Westcott & hort did more to destroy GODS WORD than just about anyone used of satan.

      • starali

        Sharing and I am and have long ago made the choice to prepare and ready myself for this event both spiritually and physically. Praying that the Spirit of God will draw many to watch it, regardless of their leanings or what they are doing at the moment. God Speed and God Bless.

      • mztore

        I’m sorry, I don’t know you so will not view your site. Do you really expect people to leave themselves open to all the bad things that might infest the computer by going to an unknown site?

        • Bro. Nick

          There is absolutely no need to apologize for your caution – and no offense is taken
          – If you are interested in the message – it is on the top row of the videos at the YouTube website of – ‘Only1trueGOD’ = 2,457 subscribers @

        • emma

          That’s why you have a firewall/programme to protect you, numbskull.

      • Mr Rollo

        Guess what I just did ! ! I hate Facebook. I just posted a message as follows: DIE ALL HOMOSEXUALS AND GIVE ME THE UTMOST PLEASURE ! ! ! Well, if they do not cancel me, I will be amazed. It will certainly beat all the rigmarole of the steps one has to go through to delete the Rat’s (Zuckman) website…. YES ! ! ! ! !

    • mztore

      It is how many connect with other mudslimes.

  • Kathy Shell

    Nellchy and Rich, Will contact you. We have tons of info about Facebook & Twitter, years worth.
    The same type thing has been happening to David Rosler, 35 year east
    coast motion picture & TV Producer, Director, special effects, 3D
    expert on Facebook and Twitter. David is nearing completion funding on his
    3D Christian motion picture project and has been totally shut down on
    both and much more (worse) We know. David has been on radio shows the
    past couple of weeks talking about his new 3D Christian motion picture
    and future ones plus encouraging listeners to contact their GOP House
    Reps to co-sponsor Rep Blackburns bill H.R. 4682 that will stop social
    media swamp creature giants from silencing us all. You will find this
    info very interesting and there’s much more. Be sure to scroll to the
    bottom for a list of 50 of the GOP House Reps to contact, ask them to
    sign Marsha Blackburns bill.

    HUGE STORY,& much more to come, website is updated frequently. Listen to David Roslers talk radio interviews this week , he will discuss his movie project and what is happening with FB & Twitter . Previous on the website, will explain much.

    coming weeks radio show interviews will be posted also, you will want
    to hear those. Pam Geller…..See what radio talk show host have to say

  • Carole

    Facebook came after me today..a 75 year old old lady for a post when I told another poster her comment made no sense and she was a problem…I won’t be posting much at all any more…SAD as we Conservatives are attacked. all the time…

    • Janet

      Keep on posting Carole! We’ll be reading them.

    • starali

      Stay your course, and add another platform to your social media that is currently NOT censored called GAB. God Bless you, Carole.

    • Pete Doel

      Can you provide proof that this happened? I hear these stories all the time, yet I constantly see people speak out against gays and same sex marriage on Facebook all the time. I’ve even had people threaten to beat me up or even worse, for my views in support of same sex marriage. And even the posts with actual threats don’t get deleted. Every story I’ve heard, such as yours, all have been proven wrong.

      • tryingtopickaname

        If they’ve all been proven wrong, then YOU have that proof? I mean, since you demand that others satisfy your apparently serial belief that everyone but you is lying…?

        • Pete Doel

          You are the ones claiming to have received notices that accounts were closed and posts deleted. You all started this with this article. So I’d like to see the proof to what’s stated in the article. The proof is in the one making these allegations in the article.

      • Achmed Mohammedan

        Examples, please. Many are interested.

      • emma

        Dole, I was banned recently for a week, have been banned for a month for my views on islam. It happens a lot on facebook, too many people have been banned for supporting Jews, anti-islam posts, anything shittenberg deems against islam. So do shut your piehole and sod off.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Wait ’til the LGBT Christian haters are living under the boot heel of islum — they’ll be crying for the days they thought Christians were the problem.

  • Bill

    Another example why these tech giants need to be broken up under RICO

  • mommaroodles
  • maam2u

    you realize that facebook does not take the initiative nor does it flag anyone. USERS FLAG POSTS THEY DO NOT LIKE. then after a number of people flag it, facebook possibly in an automated fashion, takes an action to deliver a warning , to suspend, or end a user account or page etc.
    Some groups will send out a call to others of their kind, to flag a page or a post en masse, to get it removed.

    • Paul Pleau

      I do not know if that is a fact or not. I do know that they very carefully scrutinize Russian and Eastern Bloc posts. I have a G Mail account. My account is blocked from any and all communiques from any one affiliated with the Russian Government. No matter how innocuous.

  • maam2u

    Well, when FB hires numbers of Muslim mods and admins to receive complaints or monitor the site, then naturally they will have a bias towards sharia. for instance, a Morocco company got a big contract or so i was told.

  • Buck

    I was banded from info wars for my support of Israel . The Nazi who frequent that site attacked me several times a day they did not like me saying I was a friend to Israel and me giving a bad opinion of Islam. . Buck a Christian 100% disabled Vietnam veteran ⚔??⚔ right wing republican lifetime member NRA . Friend to Israel

    • Joy Daniels Brower

      I’m sorry – but not surprised – to hear what you said about Info Wars, but, IMHO, that’s just a handful of idiots. Alex Jones is very PRO-Israel and views those who would rule & control us very much as do visitors to this website!

      • Buck

        I have been going there for years and have been attacked many times.
        I have never been banned before. From any site. So I was surprised as often as info wars talks about getting shut down them selves. I would hope they start checking out who they have for mods. My blessing on the nation of Israel and its people ?? . . Buck a Christian 100% disabled Vietnam veteran ⚔??⚔ right wing republican lifetime member NRA . Friend to Israel

        • notme123

          Maybe you are being targeted by an outsider. I have had problems with WND and I don’t think it is the site but something else.

          • Buck

            I am still banned and they have not contacted me so I have no idea. I unsubscribed to them. . Buck a Christian 100% disabled Vietnam veteran ⚔??⚔ right wing republican lifetime member NRA . Friend to Israel

    • JUSTsss

      Buck, info wars is a govt. collection website. Ask jones about Lee Wanta and you’ll get crickets.
      Ask him about the jesuit pope and you get more crickets.
      We’ve all fallen into their trap.
      Jones fires his people who don’t goosestep with him.


    F**kerberg is a filthy dirty liberal commie pseudso jew and needs his empire to come tumbling down

  • Paul Pleau

    You tube has started doing similar things. Any accounts now from Russia and Eastern Bloc countries that even remotely hint at a political comment or opinion are being deleted. The thought police: “It Looks Like You Might Have Had Little Too Much To Think.” Pull over while we provide you with that much needed (We Think) lobotomy.

  • Dagonet

    Gee, what are the real interests and priorities of THIS Jew? He should have had it taken away and his A beat the moment he stole it from the Winklevoss twins. Street justice, where did we go wrong, and Z definitely deserves it.

  • Thomas Mann

    Brilliant! Posting the Pastor’s phone number. What could possibly go wrong?

  • freepetta

    Zuckerberg is like the Soros of the Internet. Closing up his own people and allies and leaving the filthy disgusting Muslim groups who want to destroy America and behead him.

    Sounds a lot like Soros and his actions during the Nazi occupation. Suckerberg another America hating liberal and self hating Jew who thinks if the US ever falls the Muslims will protect him is sadly mistaken.

    WHAT AN ARROGANT, IGNORANT JERK!!! Screwing his own people who made him a billionaire!!

    • Sams_1

      Has anyone ever asked him about this?

      • freepetta

        Yep, he’s lied his way out of it. He’s a sneaky slimy dirtbag.

  • starali

    Sad to see. Maybe it is time for those who treasure both religious freedom and freedom of speech, need to transfer over to alternate platforms as GAB. It will be a matter of time (and complaints by dissenters of the left) that any Christ centered venue or outreach is censored and shut down.

  • AQ

    why would you publish the cell phone number of that pastor after reading about the trouble he was been going through from his opponents?

  • Maranatha

    The engine that powers History is the hatred to the People of God,….and is taking momentum this century.

  • AnnaGraceS

    This is so wrong on every dang level you could ever imagine!!!

  • Liberals are tolerant just like islam is the religion of peace.

    • Pete Doel

      Can you provide proof of your claim? I hear this all the time, but every story has been proven wrong. I debate conservatives all the time, same ones for years now. I’ve been threatened by them, had them say some pretty horrific things to a lot of people, none of the accounts have been shut down, nor have the posts been removed.

      So most likely, it’s not liberals being intolerant. It’s you, making it a story, to try and spread your agenda of hate towards liberals.

      • I have had conservative and anti muslim posts removed from my page and at least 3 profiles shut down because of conservative posts. There is now 2 Warriors for Christ groups. There used to be at least 3. I have reported hate groups for promoting violence and they are still there too.

        • Pete Doel

          There are actually 9 Warriors for Christ pages right now, currrentky active on Facebook. This is why I don’t believe a thing you say. And there a couple dozen more with names very similar.

          • Then why does the Facebook search engine only show 2 when I do a search?

  • Lilly Cooper

    Facebook is non stop censoring all who believe in Christianity. I was banned yesterday for a post I put up over a year ago about Obama letting the Muslim brotherhood Cair into the white house. I also said they have infiltrated parts of our government.. They have blocked me many time and once over saying I’m a Christian and I love our American flag.. What facebook is doing and other social sites SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Someone needs to go after these social giants for suppressing our freedom of speech.

    • Mary

      Psalm 2

      • Bro. Nick

        AND Psalm 12:8 [AV] :
        “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.”

  • Joseph O Morrow

    I’m not a Christian, but I have never heard of any Christian suicide bombers. Why are the peaceable ones being censored while those who have proved themselves violent remain?

    • Mary

      Ephesians 6:12
      Pay attention to the second half of that verse.
      You say you aren’t Christian, but believe me the world is in the middle of a massive spiritual battle… remember that as you watch people choosing between good and evil all around you.
      If you want some compelling reasons to choose to follow Christ, before you consider taking the (ever-growing) risks of identifying as a Christian… here you go
      Fulfilled prophecy is the most clear evidence that God is exactly who he says he is. These days, I often see prophecy in the headlines. Interestingly, Biblical prophecy (past, present and future) can be shown as true through geology, astronomy, math, science, medicine, history, news-sites, archaeology… take your pick.
      -When the Israelites left Egypt through the sea, the Egyptian army chased them and was swallowed up by the waves. Proof… go over to youtube and type in “Exodus revealed, hard evidence in red sea of Israel’s escape from Egypt”.
      -and even though this spectacular rescue was talked about for ages, no one really does that anymore…now we talk about the amazing phenomenon of Aaliyah. This was was foretold in Jeremiah 16:14-15. (If you haven’t heard of this before, just look up some of Israel’s news sites. They talk about “record aaliyah from France this year”, for example.)
      -If you look at Psalm 22 it appears God is calling himself a worm. Confusing initially, till you realize this is no ordinary worm. Look up the life cycle of the crimson grub, and then compare it to the Christian doctrine of faith in God, baptism/marked as belonging to God.
      -When things are calm, we tend to ignore our creator. We’ve all heard of foxhole faith… well, sometimes when God wants our attention, he shakes up our world. (Whole world, personal space… he is God, he’ll do as he sees fit. I do not pretend to understand why God does everything he does. Anyway, he doesn’t answer to me.) As you can easily see, (if God is who he says he is, all-knowing, perfect, loving…. love includes justice, and hates evil, and even says “woe to them that call evil good, and good evil”) then it follows that most of us are obviously not living with God’s approval in mind.
      All that said… turn to Matthew 24. In particular verse 7. If you look up earthquake watching sites, you’ll find they’ve gotten more frequent, and more powerful. If you look up race riots, (some translations say nations) and race based murders/genocides, etc… you will find South Africa, and Zimbabwe are having serious issues. Next time you feel an earthquake, think of that verse. God does try to get our attention.
      If you are feeling discouraged, let me just assure you that things do get fixed in the end.
      -Zechariah 14 refers to the return of Jesus, and to the splitting of a mountain. That mountain has a faultline under it…
      two more things (and I’ll quit preaching :-)
      -look up “dead sea coming back to life”. The story will most likely provide the Bible verse in it. This is real, a prophecy in progress.
      -if you ever decide to trust in Jesus as your Saviour, see Acts 8:26 and onward.
      All the best.

      • Joseph O Morrow

        Sorry that you misunderstood my comment. I was NOT inviting anyone to attempt to make a religious monkey out of me, Christian, Atheist, or otherwise.

        My question was primarily directed at those who may have influence concerning FB’s [censorship] policies. Do you always use everything as an excuse to feel superior to others? Such prejudice has the earmarks of bigotry.

        No, I’m not interested in becoming religious. I’m interested in helping others appreciate the actual wordings and meanings in ALL of our Founding Documents, including the Most Important Text: The Holy Bible itself, free from any religious or theological filtering, interpretation, or misrepresentation.

        The Word, who audibly spoke The Ten Commandments to the Nation of Israel from Mount Sinai, who became flesh to dwell a little while among us, who is still building His own Church, who is soon returning to set up His Kingdom here on Planet Earth (Thy Kingdom come!), who destroys the works of the devil (the most prominent today being idolatry and Sabbath-breaking), will not hold him guiltless who carries His name and authority contrary to His Commandments (who “takes His name in vain”).

        The most recent man to put into writing a portion of the Bible, the Apostle John, never used the words “religion” or “Christian”. Not even once! The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch, but not by one another. By those on the outside. King Agrippa mistook Paul to be a preacher of Christianity, but Paul never said he was. Instead, he desired for all to become as he was, except for the chains that were then physically restraining him.

        Neither do I preach Christianity or any other religion, all of which are idolatry. The Word’s occasion for speaking the Ten Commandments from the Mount was not the founding of a religion, but the establishment of a Marriage Covenant between Him and His own Nation. Jesus Christ is not returning to establish a religion over the entire earth. At His coming, the kingdoms of the world shall become His own (Revelation 11:15).

        There is no glory in becoming as long-winded as you have been towards someone you are interacting with for the first time. Should I appreciate your intentions? Shouldn’t we all cooperate with God Himself who desires all human persons, living and dead, to come to the practical living knowledge of The Truth?

  • Meg

    Time for everyone with any sense to tell Facebook goodby.

  • Gerry Bourque

    fk facebook and its founder

  • Mary W

    Gab is open for business. It claims to be for freedom

  • emma

    I am a Christian, but I have no problem with gay people. You are born gay, it’s not a lifestyle choice. However, I do not approve of their activities in this particular case. Christians can hold the view they are immoral or whatever, as long as they do not do anything about that view. There should be room for both groups.

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