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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 18, 2018 ]

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[ January 18, 2018 ]

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[ January 18, 2018 ]

Raleigh, NC Imam Warns: ‘If We Keep Sleeping,’ The Zionists Will Destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque And...

Texas Imam: Judgment Day Won’t Start ‘Until Muslims Fight the Jews in Palestine’


More and more imams in the U.S. are being caught calling for the killing of Jews, and no one in the enemedia cares.

But just imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Not that a priest, rabbi or pastor would ever call for the wholesale slaughter of Muslims or anyone, but imagine if it did happen. Just picture the earthquake in media, academia, culture and politics.

But imams are doing it regularly now in the U.S., and it is met with nary a shrug as it always is by a sharia-compliant press.

Look at the madness in the enemedia surrounding non-existent Islamophobia, a manufactured narrative to impose the speech restrictions on the sharia.

Where did the imam receive his training and certification? Shouldn’t that institute of hate be under investigation and every imam who graduated from the same place and is preaching in the USA be under investigation?

We are living under Islamic law and we must throw off the shackles before we are completely subsumed by barbaric rule.

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California Imam, Omar Shaheen called for the slaughter of the Jews, “O Allah, destroy the Jews, one by one.”

Imam Toronto said same thing, more than once.

Toronto imam says Muslims will eventually kill all Jews

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Canada: No charges against imams who called for the deaths of Jews

Canada: ANOTHER imam calls for the elimination of Israelis and Jews

Montreal mosque where imam prayed for Jews to be KILLED caught preaching MORE Jew-hatred

“Texas Imam: Judgment Day Won’t Start ‘Until Muslims Fight the Jews in Palestine,’” by Shiri Moshe, Algemeiner, December 20, 2017:

The founder of an Islamic institute in Houston, Texas claimed that Judgment Day “will not start until Muslims fight the Jews … in Palestine,” during a sermon condemning the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital earlier this month.

Sheikh Raed Saleh Al-Rousan of the Tajweed Institute suggested on Dec. 8th that Jews “killed the prophets and the messengers of Allah,” according to a video recording translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Al-Rousan cast doubt on claims that Jews “lived in Palestine for thousands of years,” alleging instead that Britain “brought Jewish [people] from different countries to live in Palestine. So do not tell me Palestine is the country of Jewish [people].”

These allegations contradict genetic and archaeological evidence linking Jewish populations to what is now modern-day Israel, where Jews have maintained a presence for centuries. Under British rule, Jewish immigration to the territory was at times limited, while Arab immigration faced no similar restrictions.

Al-Rousan — who studied in the Islamic University of Al-Madina in Saudia Arabia, and later received a master’s degree in Islamic Studies from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana — also cited a saying attributed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, which claims that “Judgment day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews.”

“The Muslims will kill the Jews,” the imam preached in Arabic, “and the Jews will hide behind the stones and the trees, and the stones and the trees will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him, except for the Gharqad tree, which is one of their trees.”

Al-Rousan reiterated this message in English, saying, “The hour [i.e. Judgment Day] will not start until Muslims fight the Jews there, in Palestine. And they know that fact. And the Muslims will have the victory.”

Al-Rousan declined to clarify whether his views were reflective of the Tajweed Institute when speaking with The Algemeiner on Wednesday, explaining that he preferred to consult with his attorney first.

A native of Jordan, Al-Rousan arrived in the United States in 2007 and established the institute’s first branch in Florida in 2013, in order “to spread the skills of Tajweed [proper recitation of the Qur’an] to all Muslims, young and old.”…

Also on Dec. 8th, Imam Aymen Elkasaby of the Islamic Center of Jersey City called Jews “apes and pigs” and urged his followers to “count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one.”

Elkasaby has since been suspended for one month, and will be required to train with Muslim leaders “with more interreligious experience,” Ahmed Shedeed, the president of the Islamic Center, told The Algemeiner on Monday….

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  • Ron Rodermund

    Muslims need to go home! Get themeselves ready for the fight over there. Just get out of the USA!

  • idahobob

    Burn the satan worshiper at the stake!


  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    How do they get away with this nonsense?! If we said the same thing of them, they’d be demanding a pound of flesh or two!

  • spfoam1

    It figures this scumbag is in Houston. Can you imagine the outrage in the media, and the riots, if some white guy was calling for the extermination of blacks in Africa? Muslims need a big serving of their own medicine.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The only judgement that will befall islam on the day they start to fight the Jews, is their total defeat, humiliation and destruction. islam is based on lies, the lie about Jews being destroyed is only one of many.

    • Sword of Solomon

      These ungodly muslims are a threat to civilization and humanity and must be destroyed at all costs. The only organization that I know of that can stop them is the Jewish Defense League, and I urge everyone to support them!

  • Charles Martel

    Wish our President would show these kinds of video tweets: Imams spewing Islamic hatred & jihad. He could do a lot of worthwhile educating with them.

    • Dorrie

      If he did, they would no doubt scream religious persecution.

      • Charles Martel

        Sure they’ll scream, but it would just be religious education about Islam using current Islamic authorities. Their complaints would surely be ironic since Islam itself is historically a major instigator of religious persecution over much of the planet – as its Koran commands.

        • Dorrie

          All logic thinking Americans know that, but governments STILL protect Islam. That’s the crisis the world is in right now.

  • mackykam

    there’s one overriding problem: allah is afraid of the Jews. He’s had his moon asz whipped again and again by those wimpy Israeli Jews.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    “Interreligious experience” code word for a better liar until the muslums can assume political control over the Islamic Puppet States of N. America.

  • Buck

    He preaches what he thinks the Koran says he and the Muslims should be thrown out of the United States forever. Buck a Christian 100% disabled Vietnam veteran ⚔??⚔ right wing republican lifetime member of the NRA and friend to Israel

    • Dorrie

      Hi Buck. You need to put a comma after your name when you sign a post. In your post, it appears you’re telling people to “buck a Christian.” Punctuation is your friend! :)

  • Dagonet

    So, you pig eating son of a *****, you want people to fight the Jews, why don’t YOU go and fight the Jews? I promise, Allah will be true to you, and if you die while killing infadels, Allah will send you to paradise and give you 72 virgins. Go get a plane ticket.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This jackwad obviously never read the Book of Revelation, specifically Chapter 9 about one-third of he Earth’s surface being in flames and the oceans red with blood.

  • BigMG

    These cowards scream a lot, but hiding behind women and children tells the story.
    Refusing to wear a uniform or be identified as such, they just scream like the IQ 80 challenged murderers that they are.
    On the other hand, the IDF is brave beyond words, compassionate, and very intelligent.

  • Janet

    I wouldn’t want to be a Muslim on Judgement Day. Killing innocent people and worshiping a false God among a bunch of other atrocities isn’t going to sit well with our Lord and Savior!

  • VTS

    Is he drunk? I thought the muslims have been fighting Jews in Palestine for almost a century now. They getting their butts kicked again and again.

    • Dorrie

      No such thing as Palestine …

      • VTS

        You got it. It is kind of obvious whose butts are being constantly kicked, but that stupid Taxes imam is obviously under the influence of hashish.

        • Dorrie

          All Imams would have to be, otherwise, they would know better than to follow and teach about a false god.

  • satcatchet

    To these imams; your wishes will never come to fruition. Your running out of time and about to get cream pied.

    • Dorrie

      The word is “You’re” not “your.” And I truly hope you’re right!

      • satcatchet

        LOL, you are correct but I had my cat, Tickle, type for me. He doesn’t understand the english language very well but does know how to spell, “Friskies” and he talks to the cat on the package alot ?!

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