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Student suspended for debating Islamic extremism in a debate club


Senior Alex Lonsdale, a member of Liberty High’s nationally ranked debate club, says he was just trying to have a friendly debate. He joined a spontaneous conversation among acquaintances about the nature of Islam. Now he’s suspended. Ironically, this was between debate club members.

Incredible. Our children are being forced, punished into submission to Islam in our public schools. More sharia and more submission to the demands of a violent and extreme ideology with hair-trigger sensitivities.

What’s interesting here is whenever moderate and reasonable Muslims are challenged with plain, clear statements, they immediately jump to absurd conclusions and accuse you of saying things you did not say. In this case, the Muslim “student claimed that I said all Muslims are terrorists; all kill…” the targeted student told The Fix, trailing off. “I don’t know how you could even get any of that from this.” Like the Dutch imam who added a cartoon of Muhammad as a pig when he was distributing the Danish cartoons to incite the ummah. He included the pig Mohammad cartoon in order to make those innocuous cartoons more offensive. Here too, is the same thing. I am sure targeted student, Alex Lonsdale, said nothing outrageous or offensive. But truth is offensive  and haram to the hair-trigger sensibilities of Muslims.  And we are not requiring these supremacists to acclimate and accept Western  values and very way of life. Putting up with being offended is essential in a pluralistic society in which people differ on basic truths. Instead, we are made to bow to their draconian and extreme Islamic speech restrictions.

We are establishing Muslims as a protected class and preventing  honest discussion of how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism. And our children are being forced to submit.

Student suspended for debating Islamic extremism with Muslim peer in debate club

By Kayla Schierbecker – University of Missouri, The College Fix, December 7, 2017 (thanks to Orange Martyrs)

Officials allegedly said it could be ‘harassing,’ told him to observe ‘social cues’A Missouri high school that suspended a student for making critical comments about Islamic extremism says he’s not allowed to appeal the finding of wrongdoing.Senior Alex Lonsdale, a member of Liberty High’s nationally ranked debate club, says he was just trying to have a friendly debate.

During his free period Oct. 17 at the public school near Kansas City, Lonsdale joined a spontaneous conversation among acquaintances about the nature of Islam.

He told The College Fix in a phone call Monday that he pointed to pro-terrorist sentiment among British Muslims, as indicated in polls by ICM Research for the 2016 Channel 4 documentary “What British Muslims Really Think.” The program was presented by the former chair of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips.

A Muslim sophomore also in the debate club, Faraz Pervaiz, allegedly challenged Lonsdale’s viewpoint on account of his own religious beliefs.

Both students had experience debating policy issues in the club, currently ranked second in the nation by the National Debate & Speech Association, where Liberty competes annually during its national competition.

Lonsdale and a debate partner shared a semifinal placement at the Grain Valley High School New Year Novice Kickoff this year, while Pervaiz and his partner tied for first in policy debate at a high school tournament in December 2016, according to The Kansas City Star.

But the impromptu debate on Islamic extremism, by Lonsdale’s retelling, turned into a raucous imbroglio.

“Why are you making my religion out to be like that?” Lonsdale said Pervaiz asked him. The Muslim student became reticent, apparently no longer wanting to continue debating, before he ended the conversation by leaving, according to Lonsdale.

“I wasn’t saying that ‘you’re a bad kid because you’re Islamic,’” he told The Fix. “I wasn’t being rude. I didn’t personally attack him at all.”

Lonsdale is not the only member of his family to court controversy in an educational setting.

As treasurer of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Missouri this spring, his brother Chris was escorted out of a student government meeting for claiming that a candidate ticket tried to rig a disputed election.

‘Emotionally unsafe zone’

Three days after the short-lived debate, Alex Lonsdale was called into a meeting with the principal, vice principal and Pervaiz, where he said he was asked to explain the statements that Pervaiz alleged he made.

Pervaiz “claimed that I said all Muslims are terrorists; all kill…” he told The Fix, trailing off. “I don’t know how you could even get any of that from this.”

School officials told him his behavior could be considered “harassing” or “hounding” and that Lonsdale should be conscious of “social cues,” according to Lonsdale.

He said they accused him of “‘creating an emotionally unsafe zone.’”

MORE: School replaces MLK Day with Islamophobia seminar

After school officials interviewed three other student witnesses, Lonsdale was assigned to serve an in-school suspension the rest of the day and the following day.

Although the school said Lonsdale was not entitled to an appeal, Assistant Principal Bridget Herrman promised Nov. 20 to give him a letter containing the “necessary information about the suspension,” according to emails provided to The Fix.

The letter the school sent his parents, dated the same day, simply said he was suspended “due to behavior” and had been prescribed “corrective disciplinary action.”

The in-school suspension actually improved Lonsdale’s productivity, he told The Fix: “I got a lot of work done. I got everything done that I needed to do.” Lonsdale was permitted to leave in-school suspension to participate in some of his four Advanced Placement classes.

Though Pervaiz called Lonsdale “retarded” in their disputed interaction, the Muslim student appears to have escaped discipline, according to Lonsdale, adding that he didn’t want to punish Pervaiz’s speech.

Liberty debate coach Tim Baldwin and speech coach Michael Turpin did not immediately respond Wednesday to emailed requests for comment and to help The Fix reach Pervaiz for comment.

Liberty Public Schools spokesperson Dallas Ackerman declined to comment on behalf of Herrman, the assistant principal. It “is not our practice to comment on student discipline matters,” he told The Fix in an email Tuesday.

‘You need to apologize for how you made Faraz feel’

“I don’t know why that kid [Pervaiz] didn’t just walk away if it made him uncomfortable,” Carrie Lonsdale, Alex’s mother, told The Fix in a phone call Tuesday.

A former Army field medic whose youngest son is also at Liberty High, Carrie was baffled when administrators phoned her to accuse her son of being a bigot.

“My kids tell me everything,” said Carrie, who saw no wrong in her son’s actions as he recounted them.

Lonsdale said he has been ostracized by some students at school: Several now believe he is a racist.

A student who witnessed the debate – and gave a statement supporting Pervaiz to school officials – also had cross words with Lonsdale.

Miles slipped Lonsdale a handwritten letter (below) admonishing him for his “1-sided bash” on Islam and claimed he had equated Islam with terrorism.

“You initiated a 35-minute conversation trying to prove that Faraz’s entire religion was about terrorism,” wrote Miles. “You need to apologize for what you did and how you made Faraz feel.”

MORE: Judge upholds suspensions of students who ‘liked’ racist posts

According to Carrie, Alex’s only previous scrape with administrators came in October when a student anonymously reported him for bullying. It turned out to be a false report, she said: His teammate on the swim team admitted to making the report in jest.

Lonsdale has been accepted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where he applied after his incident with Pervaiz. The conflict gave Lonsdale “no complications” regarding his college prospects, he said.

He plans to study engineering or physics after his Liberty graduation this spring, but until then he hopes to abstain from further spirited debates about religion.

Carrie told The Fix she sees a disconnect between the school’s mission to prepare students for life and the school’s disapproval of uncomfortable topics. School officials say students “need to be responsible, they are young adults,” she said. “And then they treat them like babies.”

Kids “only have one shot” when they go through school, Carrie said: “And if you are screwing with [their] one shot, this is going to screw up the rest of their life because they’ve been through that while they’re [still] young.”

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  • Fred

    If a final solution to the Islamic problem is not found, the USA will resemble Europe very soon.

    Any lawyers out here? Do the student / parents have a lawsuit against the sharia loving school regime?

    • Hidayat Rizvi

      Try to find a Saudi prince and sukk his a$$ today!! Contain your Muslim hatred now!!!

      • Fred

        Just finished my BLT sandwich.

        Hey BOY, too bad you weren’t whacked in Vegas. Come near me or my family my partners, Smith and Wesson, will send you straight to hell with your child molesting prophet.

        Then I’ll toss you in the pig pen.

        Your mug shot looks like it came from sing sing.

        Doesn’t his photo eerily resemble 1 of the 9/11 hijackers????


      • IzlamIsTyranny

        What are you a pimp for Saudi sheikhs? Why are you a poor muslum who can’t afford his own harem?

  • Laird MacTavish

    It seems IT’S NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION. … . We’re all to have islam stuffed down our throats. Like it or not.
    It’s going to drastically and irrevocably change our countries without right of appeal, without a vote…with NO INPUT FROM THE LIKES OF US…and if you don’t agree you’re breaking the law!

    • Laird MacTavish

      What’s worse it seems the standard of evidence…the threshold test….as to whether an “offence” has been committed is that someone says he FELT a certain way…and YOU made him feel it.
      A claim to have had a completely arbitrary subjective and unverifiable FEELING will now be enough to warrant a charge.
      You couldn’t make it up. Is this an improvement to our culture?

      • Victoria Howerton

        Only if Progressives and school administrators approve of your thoughts, do they value your feelings.

      • Hidayat Rizvi

        Likk a Saudi prince a$$ today and contain your Muslim hatred for free!!!

        • SNOWDIN

          This is not Spain you F**ng dumb a$$ POS. We in America and Trump won’t put up with 3rd century Goat F**kers like you. You and your buddies better start praying to allah because when the shite hits the fan you and other pedophile and beastiality practicing buddies be going up like a puff of smoke. Oh that is right you homosexual mudscum/mudslime like raping young boys under 8 and raping young 9 year old girls to death. You also kill homosexuals like yourselves.

          • Hidayat Rizvi

            The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Bbbbbutttt, islum is a religion of peace?

          • Saved1973

            Ha Ha Ha, yeah, right, you keep telling yourselves that. : ))

  • SuperCanuck


    Muslims want to be treated as they are of a higher caste and their evil religion cannot be criticized. Don’t ever listen to their taqiyya.

    We shouldn’t tolerate a single saracen invader living in our lands.

    • Hidayat Rizvi

      Muslims ruled Spain, Greece and Sicily for 800 years. They did so much of fukking that they changed the bloodline. That’s why they don’t have blond hair and blue eyes. That’s what is coming for you.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Nuke. Mecca. Now.

      • SuperCanuck

        Forget the Balkans? Yet the saracens still got kicked out. in all its history, there has never been a peaceful border with islam. Yet Islam is upfront regarding its intentions. It’s the fifth column here that are not honest.

        You’re saying Moslems are going to genocide us to the last man then you shouldn’t question why I go to such extremes as to say ‘We shouldn’t tolerate a single saracen invader living in our lands.’

        The favored control tool of cults is fear. …But what happens when fear doesn’t work anymore?

  • John William Thompson

    the boys parents should sue the school. SCREW “social cues” when do muslims get to f’ over the first amendment?

    • TD

      The parents should contact “ACT for AMERICA” (run by Bridgette Gabrielle)

      I believe they advocate for people falsely accused of Islamophobia and other bogus charges.

  • taxpayer22

    Why do Muslims not speak out against slavery?

    • … cause it’s in slaver’s (40/2) Qur’an, 24 (in general, 33:50 in war)

      • Hidayat Rizvi

        Deal of the day!! Likk a Saudi prince a$$ today and contain your Muslim hatred for free!

        • Saved1973

          You are one sick bastard, seriously.

    • Marianne

      Because they still practice slavery themselves.

    • peakpower

      Because sex slaves help make more muslims.

    • the same reason many southern christians didn’t 160 years ago. their book endorses it, and they used it to their advantage.

      • taxpayer22

        Muslims are selling and trading slaves today.

  • taxpayer22

    Why do Muslims not speak out against marriage to six year old girls?

    • great question :-)

      …. cause muh. did so:
      & allowed by allah

    • peakpower

      Because liberals are too busy criticizing republicans for doing lesser things.

    • Paul Pleau

      Because to do so requires that you criticize muhammud….and that by edict of the koran, provides you with a death sentence. “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.”

  • RCCA

    Life lesson for the suspended student: keep your mouth shut unless you are among people who share your opinions. IMO both students should have been suspended, or neither. Why didn’t the Muslim walk away if he felt uncomfortable? Why define him as a victim?

    The (unintended?) consequence of failing to honor honest debate is people becoming more factionalized. You learn to find your “group” of like minded people where any horrific thing can be said against the other side and will be excused. This model of behavior promotes a tribal mentality, the opposite of what education proports to promote.

    Another lost learning opportunity thanks to leftist indoctrination.

    • Patrick Leary

      Segregation – it’s all part of the safe spaces stoopidity

    • Michael Buley

      the problem of course is that free speech is slowly being crushed. though Muslims can, I’m sure, say pretty much whatever they want. They have a book that calls for killing Jews and Christians — all non-believers, of course. and they do not say ‘The Koran is wrong and misguided, and anyone who believes or practices that is wrong.’

      • RCCA

        True, although there are a few reformers it’s hard to believe or take them entirely seriously.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Let’s hear about your muslum “reformers” muslum apologist worm. Please tell me about any concrete steps or strategies they’ve proposed to reform the Jew hating, fascist, vile, violent, totalitarian death cult.

          • RCCA

            I think you are a worthless piece of crap, hateful and repulsive, but since you said “Please” here’s one link for you to explore. I’m sure there are more but why would I waste my time trying to educate you? Please explain to me why you are so lazy you couldn’t look this up yourself? Or are you simply too stupid?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            What have they accomplished hawse hole? Is the unbeliever in islum any better off in any of your muslum sh!ttystans? Is islamic slavery disappearing from Mauritania and the Sudan? Why are they based in a kuffar country? Why don’t they take their bullshit message of a peaceful, reformed islum to the muslum world? AFAIC it’s nothing but islamic al taqiyya.
            Just for the record, no action whatsoever has been taken by your muslum superheros.

          • RCCA

            I never said reformers had accomplished anything tangible or concrete, just that they exist and are at a seed level. Seeds have to nurtured to gain strength and take root, or they quickly die. I never suggested that being supportive of them would change the facts of what Islam is and the dangers Islam presents. Without reform, conflict is inevitable. Actually reform is inevitable, whether before or after the conflict is up to Muslims.

            I also believed that being supportive of reformers would have been a practical and tactical measure for the counter jihadists to avoid being labeled as Islamophobes, hate mongers and anti-Muslim bigots. But Geller emphatically rejected that approach and now must deal with constant accusations that she is closed minded and bigoted against all Muslims, rather than an honest critic of Islam.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            How do you reform something that’s fundamentally evil fool?
            Your idea of reforming islum is as ludicrous and fantastic as reforming nazism.
            I’m against f’ing muslums in the same way I’m against nazis and for practically the same reasons.
            Why don’t you FO to a muslum state and take your super hero muslum reformers along with you? There are FIFTY-SEVEN such states foolio, surely not all of them could be run by extwemists could they?

  • taxpayer22

    Why do Muslims not speak out against chopping off the heads of Kafirs and apostates.?

    • … cause it’s in head chopper’s (40/2) Qur’an +

      • Kalambong Kalambong

        The training manual, aka koran, tells them that chopping off the heads of unbelievers is not only halal, but also, very much appreciated by allah

        • Donna

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        • Stephanie

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    • Michael Buley

      Well, that must be because only extremists and radicals do that — like the country of Saudi Arabia, as one example. The ‘extremist’ Saudi Arabia, which has Sharia law.

      Muslims NEVER (that I’m aware of) speak out against the atrocities committed IN Islamic countries.

      • Suresh

        So why do they not speak out against FGM and jihadi attacks in Britain /Europe ?

        Are these now Islamic countries too ?

        I think they are . if you elect Left/liberals to run govt they turn it into Islamic hellhole like UK/EU has become.

        And they welcome their oppressors like the fools they are

        And then blame everyone else but muslims for it !

        • Michael Buley

          it is just astounding, Suresh. everything about Islam is terror and murder and poverty and brutality and ignorance. The facts are everywhere. Yet here we are. Like history, and current events, and present-day countries under Sharia law — it’s like it’s irrelevant. How can what is so obvious, be so completely missed by so many? I just do not get it. Maybe it’s this way with all things that matter with the left. Maybe they are the ones who just don’t think anymore, and it’s all about ‘feelings.’

          • Saved1973

            I think you nailed it right on the head Michael.

      • spfoam1
        • Michael Buley

          Will do, spfoam1. Thank you!

          • spfoam1

            The first 5:00 of the first video is about the books he has available, so you can skip that to start with, but you may want to go back and take a look at what he has.

        • Marvin2514

          Bill Warner is great. He is very informative and keeps the language clear and simple. His book The Simple Koran is a go to if you truly want to understand the koran.

          • David Glynn

            As is Tommy Robinson’s Mohamed’s Koran. He details it clearly and chronologicalaly.
            This book must be read and understood for the terror manual that it is.
            Know thy enemy. Knowledge is strength.

          • Marvin2514

            I will have to look at Tommy Robinson’s book. I didn’t know he wrote one. I have several of Dr. Warner’s books,and you are correct that everyone needs to understand exactly what Islam and the Koran are. Knowledge truly is strength.

          • David Glynn

            Tommy also wrote a book called ENEMY OF THE STATE about his fight against the jihadis that have infected Britain and how he came to form the EDL as a response.
            It’s quite a gripping and inspiring read and I’d recommend it to anyone.

          • Marvin2514

            You’re making my reading list longer. I am currently finishing up Wholly Different by Nonie Dwarish, a good book to pass on to those who believe islam is the same as Christianity. Knowledge is power and many of these books should be required reading in college.

        • ljm4

          And his great video about the 1,400 year old lie…how peaceful islam is. Yeah…

          • spfoam1

            All his videos are excellent.

        • zahbudda

          Thank you Michael!….God bless you Sir!

    • Rolland

      Because radical muslims want to cut your head off and moderate muslims want radical muslims to cut your head off while pretending to be your friend.

    • David Glynn

      From the bottom of my heart I Hate Islam! It is the destroyer of humanity.
      There can be no freedom where it exists.

    • Saved1973

      I’m pretty sure that for a Muslim to criticize Islam is considered blasphemy, punishable by death, the same way that they often declare that “anyone who insults Islam or ‘the Prophet’ will be decapitated”

  • Michael Buley

    “Miles slipped Lonsdale a handwritten letter (below) admonishing him for his “1-sided bash” on Islam and claimed he had equated Islam with terrorism.”

    The young and wise Lonsdale is of course correct: Islam is terrorism.

    Scary the extent to which Muslims have gotten into every aspect of life in this country.

    • Victoria Howerton

      Miles learned an important lesson: if you want to bully a truth-teller into silence, enlist the aide of your superiors

  • peakpower

    I googled this story to find out where it was which is Missouri. The author has a women’s name but bore the resemblance to a man. Things are getting weird out there.

    • wilypagan

      Looks like a transsexual ally of the campus muslims, letting non-Muslim kids know they had better mind their Ps and Qs around the muslims or face discipline. Sharia in action. Next thing you know it will become an imam and preside over a sharia court.

      • peakpower

        I like that. Digging deeper. Weird huh.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Does the kid or his parents have any legal recourse against Shari’a High (home of the boy buggerers)?

        • wilypagan

          It looks like a 1 A violation to me.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You could be making yourself a mint! I’d love to see you stick it to these MF’ers! I’d be your male cheerleader!

  • Achmed

    I was amused. The moslem (the vilest of ALL creatures) best retort was “retard”. That debate team must be on a quota system.

    • Victoria Howerton

      Although to be fair, even the devil’s advocate would be stymied trying to coherently defend Islam

  • Craig

    You peasants must not speak badly of your rapists and murderers.
    The elitists allow no alternate views to their corrupt, ignorant and cowardly one.

    • Michael Buley

      Peasants, yes … thank you for reminding us of our position in all of this, Craig! lol … racists, nationalists, and whatever all the other names are. All along, I consider myself a patriot, law-abiding patriot! THAT will get a guy or gal in trouble these days!

      • Craig

        Homeland Security, under rat obama, said gun owners and veterans were terrorists.
        The elitists have no concern for the average peasent taxpayer, except his tax money.
        If they had their way, they would kill off most humans and keep only a caretaker population.
        Yes, I am sure you are a patriot, but your right and duty to control an out of control government, by force if necessary, requires action. The cowardice of Americans and many lands is why we are in this situation.

        • Michael Buley

          I agree with the force if necessary, Craig. It seems, unless there are some serious arrests and prosecutions soon, that it will come to that. We clearly have treasonous politicians. All of this has been on my mind for quite awhile, as it has for many Americans. Where and when to take action, and what action to take. We have to include force if necessary, otherwise the government runs rampant as it has, and will create here, what has happened in Europe.

          Agreed that, if they had their way, the globalists / elite would take out 90% of the population.

          We are in uncharted waters, not seen quite like this since around 1776 … lol … I remind my wife that it was a relatively small group that instigated and led the revolution against the British. It was certainly not the majority.

  • TD

    So if you ever find yourself falsely accused by CAIR or a Muslim Nationalist, who do you call?
    Answer: ACT for AMERICA (run by Bridgette Gabrielle)

    I believe they advocate for people falsely accused of Islamophobia and other bogus charges.
    (disclaimer: do your own research too.)

    • Michael Buley

      Bridgette Gabriel does great work, a wonderful advocate for freedom and for informing us about the threat of Islam. She did, I believe, grow up under islam.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    F*$k muslums and their apologists/sympathizers/collaborators. Long live Burma!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    A muslum apologist/sympathizer objected to my boss when he overheard me saying negative things about muslums at my work to a third party. If I had been fired I thought seriously of taking the MF’er out.

    • Saved1973

      Be careful what you say on a public forum. There are politicians that would love to drag an “Islamaphobe” like you or me off to prison.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        But in this case I didn’t do anything. There’s no point in playing it safe anymore, if the corrupt hawse holes don’t get you for crimes against islum they’ll just invent something else.

  • taxpayer22

    Why do Muslims not speak out against Islamic Female Genital Mutilation ( can include removal).

    Where are the protests by the feminists ?

  • wilypagan

    The little Muslim turd needs to learn the expression “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
    On second thought, I am sure he is well aware of the bone breaking properties of sticks and stones, being a Muslim.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Every time islam gets pandered to by some collection of self-righteous smug arrogant sucks, more people see and develop a profound dislike that will only intensify with time, about islam. This will break out in civil disobedience once islam is enforced by the typical violence that accompanies it everywhere.

    • Craig

      Nope. Cowardice is a worldwide problem. Heck, I watched as a muslim stabbed folks in an airport and the cowards did not even run, they just laid on the floor and covered their eyes. Cowardice, the same reason your country and mine are in this situation.

  • Jordan Johnson

    We need to have a good attorney volunteer to file suit against this school. The dumbing down of America needs to stop. Islam is not religion rather a life style. It is time the truth gets out.

  • poetcomic1

    “Made her feel unsafe?” Muslims have been making me feel unsafe for 17 years.

  • Michelle

    It appears that the hope we all had that the USA would not follow Europe, Canada and Australia into the sewer of Islamic brown tonguing, is dying in front of us and that only action by the billion brainwashed couch potatoes who watch the MSM will save us. IMHO the west is doomed as while trump is trimming the leaves the lefto-islamofascists in the roots and the MSM in the branches have the law totally on their side. I talked to a 6YO today and the nonsense he spouted, thanks to his ~two years schooling shocked me. This is a programed & carefully orchestrated takeover of the west

    • Craig

      The anti-American democrats want their communist America. Listen to them talk, how they hate America and praise ISIS. How illegal aliens are the best and brightest among us and whites must be exterminated. How they believe if America was communist it would be Heaven as everyone would have everything…as we have all seen in every communist country (yeah, right). I take it, they did not read those parts about the murderous purges and that the only equality under communism is equal oppression and poverty.

  • Marvin2514

    Moslems lie to further their agenda. You can bet the farm the islamic terrorists in training lied through his teeth about the incident. Expext CAIR to visit and say the suspension wasn’t enough.

  • JUSTsss

    Wherever you work or go you must start complaining to the police or CEO’s that the moslums are making you “feel” uncomfortable. Use their own tactics on them.

  • LeslieFish

    Get this kid a good lawyer! He’s got a clear case for harassment himself. It’s high time the courts, the law, and the govt. realize that “feelings” have no rights, and nobody has a “right” not to feel “uncomfortable”.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Do they not teach the Constitution in his civics class? You know, freedom of expression is guaranteed in the First Amendment and that the Second Amendment protects all the others.

    Be safe, be trained, be alert.

    • Dorrie

      Actually, NO, they don’t! Schools don’t teach U.S. Constitution any longer! And by the way, not one LAW college teaches it either! NOT ONE!! America is sending out lawyers to uphold the law who don’t know the Constitution that they’re supposed to be upholding!

      • Drew the Infidel

        Thank God for the appellate courts.


    Time for the games to begin Cowboys and S and and Ni cars, Rag heads, Camel
    Jockeys and Progressive Liberal Demoncrap Commies. Take America Back.

  • Political_qrm

    ‘Liberty’ High School? Nope, not anymore…islam has taken over..

    • Saved1973

      Sounds like Fascism to me.

  • Carowal

    These administrators should be fired for harassing Lonsdale, and sacrificing his First Amendment rights to debate at a public school.

  • Ruger 1

    I hope this young man gets a really good lawyer and Sue’s the hell of of the school!!!! But just remember…. Not All mooslims are ISIS…….. Some are Al queada…. And the Rest are the Taliban!!!!!!!

  • This student is being punished for what he said during a private conversation? Is this or is it now the imposition of Sharia by dyed-in-the-wool dhimmis? And he was ratted on by another student, who felt offended by the truth?

  • Stephen Honig

    Obama unleashed the evil in the world and it has spread to our once great nation.

  • Joseph111

    “Lonsdale said he has been ostracized by some students at school: Several now believe he is a racist”
    an indictment of public education – you cannot be a racist against a political ideology …

  • CADeplorable1

    The school is, in its own odd way, preparing him for life because this is exactly what he will encounter in the real world too. We all know it and have experienced it.

    I hope Alex has the extremely successful future he is destined for and I wish him all the best. His accuser will continue a lifetime of victimhood and is to be pitied at best because he will amount to nothing.

  • Tim

    Liberals supposedly hate censorship, but my, they are the masters of it.

  • garry pollack

    because when U tell the truth about the quaran people who choose to be ignorant can’t believe it & decide U must! be a lying racist!!!

  • Cai

    Interesting how it is now the ultimate crime to cause a muslim to feel offended (i.e. the 15 years jail plus 15 years probation for placing bacon on or near a mosque) but muslims seem to be able to get away with murder, single and multiple, with the assertion that they have a ‘mental disorder’. So feelings now have a dramatically higher value than life itself.

    Feeling offended is subjective, what one person will feel offended at another will not. Worse still is the fact that feeling offended is now the most powerful weapon of implementing mass silence. We are indeed living “Alice Through the Looking Glass’ – everything is back to front.

  • Rob Porter

    The principle and vice-principal of this school are worse than pathetic and really very stupid. Essentially they sided with the Muslim, Pervaiz, before hearing Alex Londale’s side of the dispute. And that was mature adult behaviour?

    So here is the game when a Muslim; when in a debate or argument you feel offended by someone who has debated you about Islam, you go report the incident, portray yourself the offended, embellish your side of the story and portray yourself as a victim, and immediately dimwits like the school principal and vice-principal side with you before hearing other side of the dispute – which is what happened in this case.

    Supposedly after the debate/dispute took place, to protect himself from such an eventuality, Alex Londale should have rushed down to the principal’s office, lodged a complaint, portrayed himself deeply offended and the victim, all this to ensure that a Muslim did not get in the first word. The fact is, this principal and vice-principal fell over themselves to appease the Muslim and truth became of secondary interest. So all over the world Muslims are murdering people in the most hideous manner, but you must not say anything disparaging about Islam, not matter how truthful. The West has gone stupid and cowardly.

  • Bill

    He lost an argument so he ran to mommy.

  • Toy Pupanbai

    Radical Islam is the poisonous snake: Moderate Islam is the long grass!
    It is essential that all countries wishing to preserve their heritage and cultural identity, must first LEGALLY refuse recognition of the tyrannical, Theocratic Ideology, Islam/Mohammedanism, as a RELIGION!
    N.B. ISLAM is NOT a RACE!

  • teachersaide

    YOU mean ALL the history about the SPREAD of Islam, by the SWORD, isn’t “true”?

  • Merchantseamen

    Sounds like this kid got the “shaft” from the muzzy and the administration as well as his debate coaches. This is a 1st Amendment issue, during a pretty much private conversation. He just got punished for his speech. I say if he had the “mark” he would have walked away just fine. You can read about the mark in a 2000 year old book. I think you know what I am talking about.

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