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[ January 21, 2018 ]

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[ January 21, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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Report: Swedish Synagogue Attackers are Syrian and Palestinian


Police in Sweden just arrested two of the suspects believed to have committed a weekend firebomb attack on a synagogue in Gothenburg. And guess what?

One’s a Syria who came to the country in 2015.

The other’s a Palestinian Arab who came to Sweden in 2014.

Here’s a brief video of some earlier arrests tied to the attack:

Israel National News has the story:

The police say at least ten people took part in the attack, but it is not clear at this stage whether there will be further arrests.

The suspects whose arrests were extended are a 21-year-old Palestinian Arab who arrived in Sweden in 2014 and an 18-year-old Syrian who has been in the country since 2015, according to Channel 10 News.

Both suspects have temporary visas and work permits and both deny the charges against them.

The firebomb attack took place as Jewish students were holding a party inside the synagogue. A fire had broken out between parked vehicles outside the synagogue but there were no injuries.

The Swedish prosecution alleges that the motive for the attack is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Our theory is that there is a connection to the conflict, given the target and what we know about the suspects,” said a source in the prosecution quoted by Channel 10 News.

On Monday, two burning objects were thrown at a chapel located at a Jewish cemetery in the Swedish city of Malmo. Police in the city said they discovered traces of a flammable fluid near the cemetery that they suspect had been targeted by arsonists.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven condemned the attack in Gothenburg and denounced anti-Semitism.

“I am outraged by the attack on the synagogue in Gothenburg yesterday and that violence against Jews was incited at a demonstration in Malmö. There is no place for anti-Semitism in Swedish society. The perpetrators must be held to account. All democratic forces must now work together to build a tolerant and open society in which everyone feels safe,” he said.

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  • Davey Dunn

    Quran pig book followers of Mohammed Muslims Islam Isis Obama

  • Achmed

    So, they arrested a couple of ayrahbs … Two out of ten .. of course, they will be released, for lack of evidence. I’ve heard that, in Sweden, confessions made while the prisoner is being castrated are not admissible in court.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Nothing like putting your hand on a hot stove, to learn that fire is hot.

    • spfoam1

      More like a bunch of sadists putting someone else’s hand on a hot stove after telling them it was cold.

  • Tilt

    Sorry, but I cant really sympathize with Jews that are unable to apply simple common sense and muster the will needed to finally abandon the Antisemitic inferno (most EU muslims, most EU “progressives” and the EU far right, harbor deeply rooted Antisemitic feelings) that is raging again in Islamizing Europe

    Any Jew with a pulse and a modicum of a survival instinct (i.e NOT ‘lambs to the slaughter’!), must LEAVE the cursed soil of Europe that is soaked with the blood of 6 million innocent Jews and come to the Jewish promised home land of Israel, or at least the US

    I cant wait to witness (with apprehensive hope and a boat load of unadulterated glee) from afar, the collapse (with in the next 5 years, at most) of the EU and the fall of Europe to a full blown, bloody civil war (between muzlims, patriots, Nazis, governments and the hordes of “progressive”, useful idiots of the EU) as it is now clearly apparent that the only chance for western Europe to free itself from the clutches of muzlim Nazis and their treasonous “progressive” collaborators / enablers, will emerge out of a perfect storm of bloody chaos that will ravage Europe, once again…

    Got my Champagne & Cheetos and eagerly waiting for Europe to burn!!

    • dad1927

      once the welfare stops they will burn it to the ground, and they double every 3 years..


    Muzzie scum responsible for a terrorist attack??? Let me show you my shocked face…

  • Poppey

    I imagine PM Lofven will read the police report on what happened, pause a moment then come out with this pearl of wisdom “I’m very glad those two fine young men have denied their involvement with this high spirited action, I always thought it must have been the tooth fairy, release the prisoners”.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What a surprise, I would have thought the firebombers were from the terrorist hotbeds of Liechtenstein and San Marino.

  • spfoam1

    “All democratic forces must now work together to build a tolerant and open society in which everyone feels safe,” he said.

    LOL! Hey, Einstein, you better forget about inviting Muslims to that party.

  • jaz

    This from the daily mail A young man linked to the notorious Melbourne Apex gang has been spared jail and allowed to travel overseas on a lavish holiday” to Sudan! the country it was running away from. Incredible!! just incredible!

  • Moshe

    What kind of vegetable is that “palestinian”? Or what is it? I hope it’s not an illegal muslim Arab squatter on Israeli land…

  • dad1927

    they are back on the street now..

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