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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Red Cross Demands Branches Remove Crucifixes


Hmmm, whom would the cross offend? Are they going to remove cross from their name, “Red Cross”?

The Islamization of the West continues apace. The removal of Christian crosses is now becoming commonplace.

Red Cross Demands Branches Remove Crucifixes to Be More Secular

Breitbart, December 4, 2017:

Volunteers have criticised the Red Cross charity after receiving a communication telling them to remove crucifixes from the walls of their branches as the organisation looks to become more secular.

The Belgian branches of the international aid organisation received an email from the Provincial Committee of the Red Cross in Liège to remove all crucifixes. André Rouffart, president of the Red Cross in Verviers, said: “We were asked to respect the principles of the Red Cross”, and not to distinguish between race or religious belief 7sur7 reports.

Mr. Rouffart said there had been pushback from volunteers and other members on the issue but downplayed the issue, saying: “I think it’s a storm in a teacup.”

Several volunteers spoke to Belgian broadcaster RTL and expressed hostility to the move, with one saying: “Let things remain as they are. We used to say ‘Christmas holidays’, now it’s ‘winter holidays’. The Christmas market in Brussels has become the ‘Winter Pleasures’.”

“For a certain part of the population — because of the Muslims — the crosses were removed in the Red Cross houses and, more particularly, in that of Verviers,” the volunteer added.

The order follows the proposed removal of a cross in France which was located above a statue of Saint John Paul II in Ploërmel, Brittany. The move sparked outrage among many and led to the Polish and Hungarian government offering to take the cross.

“Such measures must be regarded as attempts to do away with the continent’s civilisation and culture,” commented Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó.

In Ireland, Catholic priest Father Desmond O’Donnell has called on Christians to abandon the word ‘Christmas’ entirely, saying that the commercialisation of the holiday had replaced the original Christian meaning.

While old Christmas traditions being replaced, others have emerged — including anti-terror barriers wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper and bright red bows in the city of Bochum, Germany, to prevent radical Islamic terror attacks like the Berlin Christmas market massacre of December 2016.


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  • Laird MacTavish

    So are they just called “The RED” now?

    • Michael D Weeks

      Or possibly the “Red Mooners” ? And Why is that Red Crescent Banner ‘Larger Than’ the One with the Cross ?

    • Hussars2016

      More like “Reds” as in atheist commies.

      • Communists may be atheists but all atheists and certainly those in the west are not communists.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          No, they are fools.

          • Mark Steiner

            Psalm 14:1, 53:1.

          • Mahou Shoujo


          • Why is that? Are you saying they are fools because they aren’t communists or more likely you think that anyone that doesn’t dogmatically follow your religion or your political ideology is a bad person?

            So you lump them all together and pigeon hole them as “fools”. That is by definition a prejudiced bigot and narrow minded person.

            Have a nice day and God less.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Atheists are cowards, at best, when it comes to denouncing Christianity, they are there loudly demanding their rights and privilege. Any muslim can and does intimidate them into tucking their tail between their legs and running away as fast as possible, leaving a fecal trail behind them.
            “So you lump them all together and pigeon hole them as “fools”. That is by definition a prejudiced bigot and narrow minded person”. You say that like it is a bad thing? What do atheists say about any religion or faith?
            Have whatever day you would like, it is up to you.

          • Indeed it is a bad thing. Shame on you for not realising that you shouldn’t pre judge a person on what you perceive they do or don’t believe. You judge a person on the merit of their actions and the quality of their character.

            I know many atheists that speak loudly about the injustices and human rights violations in Islamic countries. Just because you may not hear about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

            The other reason is that the USA is predominantly Christian, so currently the threat to secularism is from Christianity, not Islam.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are a lot of people in the world, I do not have the time or inclination to get to know each one in depth before deciding how to deal with them. The stupidly open minded that tolerate intolerance, mostly because they are so open minded their brain fell out. Atheists have indicated they are afraid of muslims, while using various freedoms to oppress Christians and others. If you want to be an atheist, do not be surprised to get some criticism. When was the last time an atheist got murdered by terrorists? When has an atheist meeting place been desecrated by muslims? Somehow I find it very hard to accept that atheists do anything but cower and run from islam.

          • Atheists are actually persecuted way more than any other group in Islamic countries.

            For instance, this was the response when a secular group merely got together to meet like minded people, took a photo and posted it on Instagram.


          • scudrunner

            “READ MORE
            Malaysia bans ‘Despacito’ over raunchy lyrics
            A photo of a meeting of the Kuala Lumpur chapter of Atheist Republic sparked uproar among some Muslims and lead to death threats against the group on social media.” A quote from your article refers to ‘muslims’. That is not a religion and scientific facts show there is a God. Christianity is not out to ‘get’ other relligions like atheism but rather to save them.

          • Don’t make me laugh.
            Christianity’s idea of “saving” is exactly the same as Islam’s. You expect everyone to adopt your religious dogma.

          • scudrunner

            perfect answer from one who is ignorant and does not know Christianity.

          • Soteriology in Christianity depends on your particular denomination and doctrine, but it usually goes: “You need to accept Jesus as your lord and saviour”.

            Am I right? 😉

          • scudrunner

            Good morning John: I do not disagree with you that atheists are persecuted. In fact, I do agree on this very much. That does not mean that Christians and Christianity itself promote persecution with humanity or in particular, atheists. It is a wrong assumption to paint Christianity as a group of people looking to persecute others who disagree. Christianity is, in fact, based on free will to choose or not to choose to accept Jesus as our savior. We are also admonished not to judge others. Those two facts alone set us apart from Islam which does promote beheading others who disagree with Mohammad and his teachings. It is human nature to judge and persecute as you say, but that is emphatically not Christianity. The list is long of those who have been persecuted in the name of Christianity but those are for self-serving purposes and not what is taught in the Christian bible.

          • ben t

            “leges sine moribus vanae”. I am a Western Civilization secularist. I recognize that it was Western Religion that evolved the principles that make our Country great. Mere atheism is no different from marxism’

          • Being non religious or not believing in any God is what “mere atheism” is. It tells you nothing about a person’s political leanings or their moral framework.

            Secular humanism, which most atheists in the USA and Europe adhere to, is what modern western civilisation is based upon.

            The enlightenment happened in spite of religion and religious dogmas, not because of it.

            Religions are always a step behind secular society and have had to come kicking and screaming into the modern era of women’s equality and equal human rights for all people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

          • ben t

            How can you separate a person’s “moral framework” from a religious belief? That you do not recognize 16th,17th and 18th centuries theological evolution (both Protestant and Roman Catholic) as giving birth to deism, pluralism and the Enlightenment shows a lack of depth, of understanding of the West at that time.

          • Only religious people cannot understand how you can have a moral framework ie. system without a God. Theism isn’t a moral system at all, it is just a set of moral pronouncements, rules. It doesn’t provide any method or means for solving moral dilemmas. Unlike secular humanism based on human flourishing and the reduction of harm.

            The progress of civilisation (“theological evolution”) has been to move away from the strict monotheism of Christianity to deism and finally atheism and you just proved my point.

          • scudrunner

            Dear John: I must disagree again with your statement, “Secular humanism, which most atheists in the USA and Europe adhere to, is what modern western civilization is based upon.” and not to be pejorative, but consider what Ravi Zacharias, a christian apologist, states about humanists and secularist can and do have a moral standard and can very much live successfully and happily in our society. When we look at our world view and how we frame our standards of moral living we must answer four questions based on the test of truth:
            1) Origin 2) meaning 3) morality 4) destiny. Testing each of these with truth is asking: 1) Logical consistency 2) Empirical adequacy 3) Experiential relevance. I consider you a wise and open minded person so I challenge you to go to this web site and get another perspective:

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Then move to N. Korea dirtbag atheitard and NJOI your atheist workers’s paradise.

          • North Korea rather than being an atheists paradise is more like a theocracy, but the populace worships their “dear leader” much the same way you worship Jesus. Except they know that their “dear leader” is real and does actually exist.

            Most atheists in the US are secular humanists, critical thinkers and proponents of free speech and human rights. North Korea is the exact opposite of those ideals.

            So when the religious make those kind of stupid remarks, it shows they really don’t know what they are talking about. They just want to believe what they want to believe. They can’t accept the fact that secular humanists are way more moral than they are.

          • Es werde Licht

            When you dont believe in GOD then you must believe that this creation is a product from nature or matter.
            But a product from matter is determined. It have never the possibility or free will to choose. Nature dont waste energy and free choice is “wasted” energy.
            Let´s avoid now the question why the “big bang” have started and let´s go to the result of it.
            Chaos ! The possibility that a life like we know can come out of chaos is zero. Scientist can nearly say now wihich steps was nessecary to get from atom to molecule; witch sourness and base are needed etc..But sientist also agree that the chance life can make one step to the next ( form combinations ) just by “lucky coincidence” is possible but will be destroyed in the next second ( Chaos rules ). There must be a stronger force who protect this creation and force it to grow against all circumstances.
            Also the question of morality. If a human is just a product of nature then morality is “wasted energy”. What sense does it make to feel consience when a old person who will die need your help ? This old person is a “burden”, helping him is “wasted” energy. Again, there must be a power who let us help him, who let us “waste” energy and feel better when we follow our consience.
            The only “enlightenment” atheism give us is the “satanic” rule “do what you want”. It´s not a coincidence that the worst mass murder dont follow GOD´s law.

          • joanofark06

            And satan speaks….

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Stupid statement, even for you.

          • jbaviera

            The difference being, that Christianity want’s you to convert through Faith and Knowledge, islam expects you to convert through fear of early death at their hands!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Atheists are being sent to be instructed in islam. That is considerably different from the genocide that muslims practice where entire cities are slaughtered, Yazidis, Jews, Christians, Buddhists to name a few.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            In a Christian society, if you decide to be a atheist, it is allowed. In an islamic society, you will be murdered, as that’s the penalty for leaving islam.

          • marlene

            They are judged by their fruit! Duh.

          • That is how it should be.

            You can still be a non believer and also a conservative. The president of American Atheists, David Silverman is a conservative.

          • Richard Canary

            There are many threats to Christianity. I have no clue as to what you mean by “the threat to secularism is from Christianity”.

            According to my computer dictionary, secularlism is “1 denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis: secular buildings | secular moral theory. Contrasted with sacred.”

            I never heard of any significant group that advoctes the murder, enslavment, beating, and raping of adherents to other religions… except for Islam. If you do not know what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing in America, then I suggest you go to:


          • Mahou Shoujo

            How is Christianity a threat to secularism? When did a Christian group invade a secular anything, demanding that it accept Christianity or die? When did a muslim group invade a place, demanding that all person there accept islam or die? As an apologist for islam, you are not well informed.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “…currently the threat to secularism is from Christianity, not Islam.” typical atheitard bullshit. F’ers like you deserve the muslum boot heel on your neck.

          • mztore

            Atheists have their own religion – – – it is call Atheism !!

          • Jane Dowe

            Wow, such tolerance! Hypocritical much???

          • How exactly am I being hypocritical? Atheists are persecuted and treated unfavorably by Christians and especially by Muslims, I have never claimed otherwise.

            I am a secular humanist and not a communist or extreme leftist. Ok.

          • Richard Canary

            Immoral and amoral people can never be trusted, period. It is true that they do not always lie, steal or cheat in relationships or businesses, but they are certainly more prone to evil than even the weakest Christian. As for Muslims and morality, just forget about it!

        • Richard Canary

          Maybe true, but they are mostly socialists, and socialists do not make good Americans.

          If we substitute the word “morality” for the word “religion”, then we can get closer to the truth as to the difference between atheists and Christians.
          I have a hard time trusting anyone who tells me that they do not like morality. If you like them, stay with them, but keep away from my kids and family. And no, I don’t want you for a customer, either.

    • Suresh

      Red crescent is more secular to the Left/liberals.

      Left/Liberals are bowing down so much they are well on their way to creating more humgoats

      And call it cultural diversity !

    • harbidoll

      the Red Cow?

  • Michael Buley

    To remove God from our lives, is always and ever the goal of communists. They must remove God in order to become the god that rules every aspect of our lives.

    • Mark Steiner

      The Supreme Court removed God from the government of the United States with its verdict against prayer in public school. The Court has been at war with God ever since. They are about to move against Jack Phillips, Lakewood CO baker, for his stand on faith-based free speech.

      Hell is here, and we can thank SCOTUS for its ill-advised moves against God which will bring this nation down. God wins, SCOTUS loses.

      • VoiceInDesert

        Also, SCOTUS overruled G-d’s institution of marriage between one man and one woman. Any human who overrides what G-d says is in danger of falling, as Lucifer did, into the depths of the earth.

      • Clara

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    • Indeed, without a strong “core” to guide this once-great nation, America will inevitably fall away from its founding ideals and morals — at a very heavy cost to both its people and its future.

      • harbidoll

        when salt looses its saltyness, it is good only for trampling

      • joc22

        Exactly what Rockefeller and Soros want, they’re using islam to do it, This may backfire on them as the muzzies won’t lie down when the New World Order has taken the Western Nations. When what WW3?

        • Richard Canary

          All the more reason to take out Islam now. We will never have a better opportunity to rid the world of this horrible cancer.

          • Cheryl

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    • Stephen Honig

      I say remove bolsheviks first.

    • Ziggy46

      Yes, Michael, the removal of God has been put into action for decades and obviously, is accelerating. Our liberal-progressives, socialists, let’s cut to the chase, as said, Communists have chosen the way to a godless society. The creation of a New World Order in which the godless Marxists have replaced God, Judaeo/Christian principles with a political edict, manifesto, Marxism.

      The social and moral stability of this nation and others of Western ethics has eroded over the decades the eradication of Christianity from our schools and other institutions. Ironically, those of a Marxist, godless diktat have allied themselves with a Theocratic religion/cult, Islam; this, in itself, boggles one’s mind.

      • Michael Buley

        Ziggy, I think we can safely say that Islam is godless — instead, Satanic. And Islam allows zero freedom of thought or speech, and in those ways, it matches communism perfectly.

        • Ziggy46

          Michael, you are right. Satanic is more befitting than godless. If God forbid, the leftist/ communist scourge were to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and seek to form a ‘government’ with the Satanic Cult, Islam, the alliance would rupture. A theocratic state is not what the leftists have in mind. One has to wonder why the Democrats and others of this godless mindset hold such an affinity with Satanic Islam.

      • BettyO

        I remember when “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in reaction to godless Communism. Don’t think that could happen today.
        But, I don’t think it could be removed today, so the reaction is, hey, let’s just remove the whole Pledge.

        • Ziggy46

          Unfortunately, BettyO, you are right. The godless scourge is salivating over their anticipation of the deletion of God in the Pledge and the entirety of this Republic’s government statutes and civil laws. There will be one exception, Islam. Liberal-Progressives, aspirant Commies are ill-informed, when it comes to Islam, deeming it the Religion of Peace. This godless lot would be gobsmacked if Islam and its leftist allies were to overthrow the Republic. God would be replaced by Allah to the chagrin of the godless ones. The latter, also, would be subjugated to the unholy edicts of the Cult of Barbarity or slayed by the sword of Islam.

    • LeslieFish

      No, it’s a little more complicated than that. The First Amendment insists that *all* religions must be treated equally. That means, whatever the law allows or forbids to any one religion, it must *equally* allow or forbid to *all* of them — every last one. Therefore, if the govt. bends over backwards to appease the Islamics, it must *equally* appease Christians (or Jews, or Hindus, or Pagans, or Buddhists, or even Atheists). Let’s see some sensible lawyer take *that* into local, state, or federal court.

      • Michael Buley

        We get into the issue of ‘is Islam a religion?’ Is a religion that dictates every aspect of your lives, a religion? is a religion that has a legal code that IS the law of the land, a religion? Or a system of law? Sharia law is a legal code that supersedes any and all other laws. It is an ideology.

        A recently retired military leader called Islam ‘an ideology masquerading as a religion.’ So long as it’s accepted as a religion, yes, it gets First Amendment protection. It’s how Islam gets into democratic countries, using those countries’ own laws against them.

    • I agree. Communism replaced the worship of an imaginary supernatural God with worship of the state or worship of the leader as in Stalinism, Mao’s China and North Korea.

      This however is not what atheism in the west is and it certainly isn’t secular humanism.

  • Bradley Lexvold

    Red Cross gets reimbursed for all its expenses by FEMA, which begs the question,” Why donate?” Where are the donations going? Learned this from a clip during the last hurricane in Texas. Mayor of a small town was discussing its recovery. FEMA had the Mayor keep track of all volunteer work so FEMA knew who to pay and Red Cross was one that got its expenses recovered. They got something between $12.00-$15.00 a piece for meal served. This is a self sustaining business, for there expenses weren’t near that for it was costing them $2.50-$3.50 per meal and then the labor and overhead beyond that. Anyone with a concession stand doesn’t charge that much and would be happy to move into that market. They’ve become an embarrassment.

  • … cause crucifixes kills: ‘… kill the POLYtheist (disbelievers in the ONEness of Allah) wherever you find them’, ‘Fight those (Qatel: “fight to kill”) who believe NOT in Allah …’ … for promised ‘Paradise’

    ‘… Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war (i.e. jihad ), …’ ups!

  • ‘… including anti-terror barriers’
    (Chancellor) merkel- … better mer’kill’ – pollards, which has (nearly) NO effect against 30t lorrys at 50 km/h
    (pollard picture in Dortmund,
    with the first official FAILED test, youtube only in German)

  • Entry Reqrd

    As far as I am concerned, the Red Cross without the Cross can expect donations and support from me on the same level that I give the United Nations and the Red Crescent.

    • moose

      MY way of thinking exactly !!

    • mztore

      If you should ever get “help” from the ‘red cross’, expect to get a bill asking for you to
      ‘repay’ not long after the so called help is delivered. That is how it worked when blood transfusions were needed by a family member. Couldn’t even wait until that person had been told to go back to work.

  • Liberal Male=Sissy Pumpkin Boy

    Well then let the leftists and Muslims the Red Cross is catering to fund the Red Cross.

  • Rocinante44

    just one more institution that I will no longer give money to. really, we need to split into two countries… where the name of christ is praised, and one that wants to descend into darkness

    • Aren’t they the same country?
      You do realise why the middle ages are colloquially known as the “dark ages”. No? It is because that is when Christianity ruled governments.

      When religion rules, as in any theocracy, the first thing to suffer is human rights.

      Christian fundamentalists as well as Islamic fundamentalists are the ones wanting to take us back into the dark ages.

      All religions need to stay out of government.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Tell that to the muslims.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Dimwit atheitard, it was the Catholics who threw the koranimals out of Europe and paved the way for the Renaissance, not atheists.

        • Firstly I’m not claiming that atheists were responsible for anything throughout history, since atheism was illegal and were persecuted, arrested and killed by the religious authorities for crimes such as heresy etc…

          Secondly other than Greece and parts of the Balkans and the Moors in Spain’s, Europe in general was not invaded by Muslims, so were never needed to be kicked out.

          So, before calling me a “dimwit” get your facts straight.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • santashandler

    “In Ireland, Catholic priest Father Desmond O’Donnell has called on Christians to abandon the word ‘Christmas’ entirely, saying that the commercialisation of the holiday had replaced the original Christian meaning.” Gee, what’s next, the Catholic priest ‘calling on Christians’ to remove the cross in the Catholic church?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It it any wonder that Catholics are abandoning the false profits of rome?

      • moose

        As a grandfather and a Catholic, almost 80 years of age with 6 grandkids, I remember the days when a Catholic would walk past a church and Bless themselves……I did that recently and passersby looked at me as daffy…what a sad and horrible world is left to our youngest…..

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The church has changed, as have the remaining parishioners. Your actions would be seen as commitment and honesty, something that is rare these days.

          • mztore

            actions mostly unheard of any more.

      • Entry Reqrd

        Remember when “Is the Pope Catholic?” was rhetoric and not an actual question?

        • jbaviera

          Unfortunately(or fortunately, not really sure), THAT’s only been a recent change. As a practicing Catholic, I find myself questioning this Pope.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          True, now it is more “is the pope muslim”?

    • Michael Buley

      It wouldn’t be surprising, S.H. Heartbreaking, disappointing, disgusting, revolting … not surprising. I’m Catholic. The day the church abandons Christmas, is the day I leave the church forever. There may come a time before that, but that certainly would be one of those times.

      • michaelofsydney

        Subscribe to Church Militant

        • Michael Buley

          Thanks for the suggestion, Michael — just did that!

      • Richard Canary

        The Catholic Church needs brave leaders, not manipulative politicians. As long as this Pope is in charge, the Church will continue falling.

      • santashandler

        Yes, if I were a Catholic, I would do the same

      • Jim

        Have more faith in The Church. The Church is more than Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and priests. The Gospels tells us that it will prevail against “the gates of hell,” and that the Holy Spirit guards it despite attempts to destroy it.

        • Michael Buley

          I agree with you, Jim. Thanks for the encouraging reminder!

    • Jim

      santashandler, well, hasn’t the meaning of Christmas been hidden, what with all the reindeer, snowmen, and Santa himself? Heck, merchants began hawking their wares starting in October. “Let’s all cash in on stupid Christians.” The priest is correct about that. He’s not saying we shouldn’t celebrate the birth of Jesus. Quite the contrary. I wish he had said, let’s instead call it “Christ’s Mass” again. That is the origin of the word “Christmas.”

      • santashandler

        What does the removal of the crucifix have to do with Christmas? I’m not even Catholic and can see it has nothing to do with the commercialization of Christmas.

        Do you think it would be right for a rabbi to ask that the yarmulke be removed during Hanukkah.

      • mztore

        They no longer wait until October any more. Notices the stuff in September this year… grubbers are anxious for more money earlier this year.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Will the red crescent be told to remove the crescent moon which is a symbol of islam?

    • Plowjogger1776

      That would be “hateful.”

      • … Islamophobic!

      • Richard Canary

        and well-earned and deserved.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Well then, we certainly can’t have any hate associated with islam, now can we?

    • SRN99

      The crecent moon is the stupidest logo which can only be adopted by a loser such as Mohammad.

      • durabo

        No wonder it’s carved mover the outdoor privy’s door!

        • LeslieFish

          Originally, the crescent was carved on a privy for women, and a complete circle on a privy for men; they stood for the moon (female) and sun (male). How interesting that the symbol for Islam means a women’s outhouse! Perhaps this symbolizes Islam’s main appeal — for men: the right to treat women like sh!t.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        True, why would the shape of the vent on an out door toilet door be representative of a cult? Unless it is an appropriate symbol of the cult’s beliefs.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Fine, I will no longer be donating to any organized charity. The red cross and lame stream religion can look to secular sources for their funding.

    • marlene

      Me too. I found a very poor old woman in my neighborhood to whom I give charity. At Christmas, I pick a poor family or two with children and buy them gifts. I give to my Church, but not much. It’s good to know where my money is going and that i’ve helped some people directly – no overhead, no salaries, no greed.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is the best possible way to be charitable.

  • Dan Knight

    Has the Red Cross read their Bible? …

    “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” Matt 10:32-33 KJV

    • Michael Buley

      Amen, Dan. Amen.

  • robert v g

    If I volunteered at that office, I’d stomp out of there and find a charity with integrity(& no more donations 4 Red Cross).Ya know, I have volunteered at a non-profit 4 a number of I know what I’m talkin’ about.

  • God, this has to be a joke. What is next, demanding the U.S. and European militaries remove “crosses” from their soldier insignias because they are offensive to Muslims?

  • Michelle

    They just lost my family as donors. This is beyond the limit. I wonder if they will now call themselves the White Flag? It gives a clue about the absolutely GUTLESS west.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Well said.

  • harbidoll

    Karma is a beach. They insisted Israel remove their Star of David from their ambulances at 1 time LOL

  • Jane Dowe

    Muzz Zies truly are a vile, disgusting, violent lot.

  • livingengine
    • Jim

      This is more true than you probably know. In the late 60’s, early 70’s the left attacked and mocked Norman Rockwell paintings because they were wholesome.

  • Vincent Lombardo

    Red Cross (-) minus Cross = Red.

    • notme123

      And Red = communism

  • VoiceInDesert

    So, will the Red Cross rename itself the “Red Moon”? The once respectable outreach is no longer receiving my support.

  • Alleged-Comment

    More secular?? More like more pagan. A clash and confusion is coming. All the better for the beast leader soon to come upon this world.

    Sodomites are taking over, yet, so are Moslems who condemn sodomites, but pedophilia OK, so is loving donkeys. What a MESS!!

  • John Forbes

    WEall need to find out the NAMES of the people who insist that Crosses Be removed! Visit them get their names & pictures in print!
    Are these Leftist Marxists or Muslims or ?

  • Juan



    Eugenio Pacelli. Nació en Roma. Elegido el 2-III-1939, día de su cumpleaños (63 años) Murió el 9-X-1958. Luchó contra la persecución del marxismo. En la cripta debajo de la B. de San Pedro descubrió la tumba del Santo. Celebró el 24 Año santo (1950) y proclamó el Dogma de la Asunción de María.

    Dejo las siguientes apreciaciones futuras
    Las sociedades humanas evolucionan según un ritmo cíclico de tres tiempos: un tiempo fuerte, un tiempo débil, y después un tiempo intermedio, de duración variable, preparando el paso a una nueva etapa. Y así de nuevo.

    El “rellano” 1986-1990 será uno de los períodos intermedios. Será de una excepcional importancia puesto que determinará los riesgos de conflictos planetarios hasta el año 2020.

    Los dirigentes de este período, por sus actos o iniciativas, evitarán o harán posible un Apocalipsis durante los tres decenios que seguirán ya que, durante estos cuatro años, se presentarán a ellos las oportunidades de cambiar el curso de los acontecimientos futuros y de la historia. Y esto, es necesario que los príncipes que nos gobiernan lo sepan.

    En el año 2007, los frutos, si se puede decir así, del escalón 1986-1990 estarán maduros, y la humanidad abordará un período agitado, peligroso, muy peligroso, dominado por la amenaza cataclísmica mundial.

    Los terroristas intelectuales, de donde quiera que vengan, son tan mortales como los terroristas físicos; ellos no sirven, tanto unos como otros, más que a sórdidos intereses particulares, nunca al interés general.

    Vendrá el tiempo de los crímenes legítimos, de los crímenes sin asesino, de los efectos sin causa.

    No pudiendo elevarse, más que raramente, por encima de las pasiones, sensible como es a las presiones de la opinión y de los poderosos del momento, la justicia humana no puede ser más que imperfecta, incluso injusta multitud de veces.

    Jesús ha venido a enseñarnos el perdón. No podríamos nosotros predicar otra ley.

    Algunos, lúcidos pero parciales, seguidos de muchos más, borreguiles o mercenarios, olvidarán que la venganza atrae a la venganza, y prepararán sin remedio los males futuros.

    La licencia en las costumbres llegará a su apogeo en los años 1980. Nuevas enfermedades venéreas, terribles, aparecerán.

    El primer Apocalipsis será el fuego nuclear si la humanidad no toma cuidado.

    El ordenador es una maravillosa máquina, con tal de que el hombre no se haga esclavo de él.

    En materia de demografía, la historia se repite. Primero, por necesidad, los pueblos trabajan, crecen, prosperan; después, a partir de un cierto grado de comodidad, se dejan ir, regresan, disfrutan de las delicias de Capone.
    El interés particular siendo entonces más importante que el interés general, mueren , fagocitados por pueblos menos avanzados, frustrados y afamados. La rapidez de su desaparición es proporcional a su densidad demográfica residual, a su riqueza, los pueblos se ablandan en función de su grado de fortuna.

    La suerte de las razas blancas de Occidente se jugará a finales de este siglo, y esto se hará demográficamente. Estas razas no son sin duda superiores a las otras genéticamente, pero en razón del papel preeminente que ellas han tenido, desde hace casi cuatro milenios, en la evolución de las civilizaciones, su declive pesará mucho sobre el porvenir de la humanidad, y nuestros hombres políticos serán los responsables de ello si no han hecho nada a tiempo para corregir la caída de los nacimientos.

    El libre albedrío es un don de Dios hecho al hombre para responsabilizarle y como precio de su inteligencia. De todas maneras, reconocemos que ese libre albedrío individual es limitado, canalizado y orientado por las dificultades inherentes a toda sociedad humana.

    Una propaganda insidiosa, minando los valores más seguros y más sagrados de la humanidad, deshará las naciones.

    Los procedimientos políticos son tales que las verdades y los valores más fundamentales cambian con los regímenes.

    Con el átomo, el hombre juega al aprendiz de brujo. Arriesga su propio porvenir, ya que nunca tendrá el dominio perfecto de esta energía fundamental.

    En revancha, él dominará la energía solar, por vía espacial, en el siglo XXI.

    El hombre es una criatura social, ciertamente, pero disciplina y objetividad no son sus cualidades primeras

    El hombre tiene derechos y deberes. El justo equilibrio entre unos y otros define y da la verdadera libertad.

    Sobre el plano material, el alma se expresa por intermediación del cuerpo físico. De ahí la necesidad de un organismo en buena salud. El más dotado de los virtuosos no podrá nada si no dispone más que de un violín desafinado.

    Un alma sana reclama un cuerpo sano, esto se sabe desde hace mucho. El respeto de la vida condiciona el porvenir de la humanidad, es evidente, y no podría haber una vida digna de este nombre sin ese cuidado. La tesis del “andrajo corporal” es una herejía pura y simple.

    Una fracción de la juventud será corrompida por las facilidades mismas que se le dan con tanta amplitud en la educación llamada moderna.

    El trabajo no es quizás lo propio del hombre, pero constituye, en todo caso, tras la oración, el elemento regenerador.

    Nuestra vida terrestre es breve; no la derrochemos en acciones negativas o fútiles, ya que somos los contables de ella.

    La iglesia vivirá tiempos difíciles, sufriendo los efectos nefastos del ambiente decadente de este fin de época, del aggiornamento que se anuncia, necesario, pero será mal comprendido.
    El clero se empobrecerá en todos los planos y será confuso. Aprovechando el clima malsano y de estas incertidumbres, las sectas prosperarán. Pero esta grave involución morirá con el siglo.
    El siglo XXI, a pesar de la presencia del primer Anticristo a pesar del debilitamiento de Occidente, tanto materialmente como moralmente, verá producirse una verdadera resurrección de la fe y de la Iglesia renovada. El materialismo cederá paso a lo espiritual. Los valores morales, tan denigrados, reencontrarán su lugar primero. La humanidad retomará entonces su marcha bien larga y dificultosa hacia la luz.

    Es lícito y deseable incluso que la ciencia intente perforar los secretos de la Vida con vistas de mejorar la salud humana, pero que el biólogo se guarde de pretender sustituir al Creador para modificar ciegamente las leyes de la genética, las consecuencias serían espantosas.

    Francia: Tras un período de diez años de prosperidad y de prestigio reencontrado, Francia, a la que amamos paternalmente, volverá a sus juegos políticos favoritos, a sus obsesiones destructivas. Una sucesión de gobiernos débiles, laxistas, demagogos, dejaran disgregarse el sentimiento nacional y los valores elementales. Una reacción brutal de las fuerzas vivas y populares de país pondrá fin a este debilitamiento querido por algunos, tolerada por otros. Para no decaer, Francia cambiará de régimen sin suavidad.

    Estados Unidos: Este gran pueblo, fundamentalmente religioso a pesar de los excesos y desviaciones que conocemos, no tiene siempre los dirigentes que merece. Los lobbies o grupos de presión gobiernan de hecho el país, teniendo al Presidente y las Asambleas bajo su mano, lo que explica además los errores demasiado frecuentes de la política extranjera de esta democracia primera, uno de los pilares del equilibrio mundial. Este papel primordial exigirá, para afirmarse, una doctrina distinta de la del dólar. El mercantilismo solo, y a largo plazo, no podrá regentar el mundo. Pero la nación americana reaccionará a tiempo, corregirá parcialmente sus conceptos político-económicos limitados, y los Estados Unidos abordarán finalmente el tercer milenio en condiciones favorables, confortados por sus avances espaciales -aunque seguidos de cerca por los Soviéticos en este ámbito, y a pesar de graves problemas raciales y financieros.

    RUSIA: Nada notable se producirá en la U.R.S.S., antes del fin de la gerontocracia, es decir antes del comienzo del año 1985. Los relativamente jóvenes dirigentes de la nueva ola nutrirán verdaderamente de intenciones liberales; ellos pensarán incluso a dar una relativa libertad, un parcial derecho a disponer de ellos mismos (mediando una neutralidad estrictamente controlada y relaciones privilegiadas) a sus satélites, cuya órbita está forzosamente perturbada por la servidumbre al señor ruso.
    Pero eso no serán, en un primer tiempo, más que veleidades, ya que el sistema soviético es tan frágil que corre el riesgo de derrumbe al menor signo de debilidad. Sin embargo, esta liberalización estará en marcha, la levadura de la libertad fermentará, y un alba nueva se elevará al Este. De nuevo al Este puesto que, a final de este siglo, la reunificación de las dos Alemanias estará en buen camino, siempre a condición de neutralidad, lo cual no quedará sin consecuencias para toda Europa.
    El primer decenio del siglo XXI verá su comienzo, en la URSS con profundos cambios de estructura, encontrándose el imperio amenazado de fracturas por las presiones conjugadas de sus múltiples componentes. El comunismo doctrinal cederá desde ese momento, poco a poco, a un reformismo pragmático.

    China: El pueblo chino no será nunca verdaderamente marxista. Tras veinte años de vacilaciones, de locura, China volverá progresivamente a su sabiduría milenaria. Su alianza con Japón, al final del siglo, cambiará verdaderamente la faz del mundo, cuyo polo económico y político basculará del Atlántico hacia el Pacífico, y marcará la preeminencia de las razas amarillas sobre las otras.

    Africa: Lo mismo que América del Sur, Africa buscará durante mucho tiempo su equilibrio.
    En un primer tiempo, la descolonización en marcha no le aportará ni la libertad, ni la prosperidad esperadas, sino por el contrario una regresión debida a regímenes inexpertos, a veces sanguinarios, teniendo como corolario una extensión de la hambruna y de la enfermedad. Los países desarrollados estarán bien inspirados al aportarles técnicas y saber hacer más que simples donativos o auxilios, salvadores en lo inmediato pero paralizadores finalmente. El mayor peligro que amenaza a este continente, es la explosión demográfica sin compensación alimentaria.

    El Medio Oriente: Por el enfrentamiento arabe-israelí, el Medio Oriente conocerá el infierno. Masacres, destrucciones, sufrimientos sin nombre, tribulaciones de todo un pueblo. Este estado de guerra permanente incrementará por añadidura el despertar exacerbado de un islamismo contrario a los valores occidentales. Y la fuerza, a pesar de los sacrificios consentidos y las sumas colosales empleadas, no resolverá el problema.
    Para salir del impasse, la única oportunidad, la única esperanza, antes de que ser demasiado tarde, serán las reales posibilidades de negociaciones que se presentarán durante los años 1986-1990 a los responsables de las dos partes en lucha, tan motivadas la una como la otra. Los combates cesaran a falta de combatientes por ambas partes…

    El Islam: Despertado, fanatizado por el conflicto arabe-israelí, disponiendo de medios materiales considerables, de la potencia del Corán, de una demografía galopante, el islamismo retomará su expansión. Occidente, para preservar lo esencial de sus valores, así como su identidad, estará sometido a una dura prueba.

    Italia: La penetración marxista, en Italia, no será más que superficial. Las bases muy sanas del pueblo italiano se mantendrán a pesar de la ola de criminalidad subversiva que culminará a lo largo de los años ochenta, y a pesar de la licencia de las costumbres. La política de este país permanecerá débil, estancada, pero vemos un buen fin de siglo para nuestros compatriotas.

    España: España, país de fe profunda, cambiará de régimen pacíficamente por primera vez en su historia, pero deberá desconfiar de sus demonios extremistas. Su situación política será crítica, pero no desesperada, al comienzo del tercer milenio. De todas maneras, la monarquía perdurará.

    Portugal: Tras un largo período de estabilidad, este país pobre, pero valiente y fiel a nuestras creencias, atravesará graves problemas políticos y días sombríos. La calma económica que tardará en producirse, no será obtenida más que al precio de nuevos cambios políticos, los cuales no intervendrán antes del fin de este siglo.

    América del Sur: Un mosaico de pueblos queridos a nuestro corazón de cultura esencialmente latina. Pero también una caldera siempre bajo presión y lista a explotar. Buscará apasionadamente, a menudo desesperadamente y violentamente su equilibrio espiritual y económico. Este equilibrio, muy lento en manifestarse, no se encontrará antes del primer decenio del siglo XXI; será además caramente pagado en sufrimientos de todo tipo. Los EEUU tienen y tendrán una gran responsabilidad en asumir en esta evolución benéfica, ya que su propio porvenir depende de ello: los Estados Unidos cuidarán de ello.

    Canada: La fe sólida de los Quebequeses, que los sostiene desde hace trescientos cincuenta años, no será agotada por la depresión religiosa de este fin de siglo; sino que encontrará todo su vigor con el siglo XXI y reflorecerá sobre las orillas del Saint-Laurent.

    Alemania: La Alemania (del Oeste) prosperará sobre el plano económico mientras duren los cuadros antiguos que forman su osamenta. Declinará a continuación rápidamente, a pesar de su reunificación, es decir a partir de los años 1995, para retomarse quince años más tarde. Este declive de final de siglo será la consecuencia de profundos desordenes y de las despoblación.

  • Aquilan

    I have volunteered and contributed for and to the Red Cross for over 45 years. That ends today. I will look up alternative organizations like St John Ambulance. Unlike the Red Cross / Red Crescent of the recent past, the alternatives quietly do humanitarian work in times of need without regard to race, religion or gender. They don’t spout PC or politics but hand over and withdraw when the need and work is done. Good riddance to bad rubbish like the Red Cross.

    • JWM

      Try the Salvation Army.

  • dhd123

    I guess they could change to the Red Plus, although, plus what I have no idea. Used to be that when you had a defined enemy, the Red Cross could help but ISIS ain’t into distributing care packages….

  • christianbosnia

    We are talking about Belgium here,one of the most secularized countries in the World,not to mention they have allowed euthansia for children abd even the church is secular as well

    • iprazhm

      If the Red Cross still exists, the one we’ve always known, it would have left Belgium before removing the symbol that defines it. That would be like muslims demanding McDonald’s remove it’s golden arches. Do you think Micky D would comply? If it did, it would no longer be Micky D’s.

  • SRN99

    Muslims must drink pig oil first

  • msdlmoore

    Everyone should remove their money from them, never give them a penny or blood…

  • Davidsmountain

    After over 14 centuries of consistent Islamic tactics to invade, threaten, torture, kill, conquer & effectively render targeted cultures extinct, one truth is clear, Islam is not a so-called, “peaceful religion” & never has been. Muslim’s get along with nobody, including themselves. Rather than catering to their incessant demands, ban Islam in cultures of tolerance & freedom & deport ALL Muslims without exception! There is no such thing as a “tolerant” Muslim, there is only the enduring umma, bent on the destruction of humanity.

  • iprazhm

    Leftists have taken over the Red Cross organization. It’s no longer a Charity that can be trusted. It no longer aspires to the same ideologies or adheres to the same platform. It’s now proven it’s anti-Christ, hating the very Cross that has defined it since it’s inception. The Red Cross as we know it, is gone.

  • Richard Canary

    Life is simple… unless you’re stupid.

    If Muslims don’t like what Christians do, then they should stay out of Christian lands.

    If Christian nations don’t like the influences of Muslims in their lands, then they should kick them out.

    Any national leader on earth who looks closely at the horrible conditions of Muslim nations should learn the lesson that Muslim rule is the worst on earth… worse even than communism.

    Muslims are hardly any good for Muslim nations, but they are the stink of death and evil for normal human beings.

    • Sunshine Kid

      The difference between Christians and muslims is like comparing domesticated dogs to hyenas.

  • Need for Speed

    The Swiss flag has a white cross so is it fair to say they are the next to cave, no. The Red Cross is in the self destruct mode, RIP

    • Sunshine Kid

      So does many other countries, as in Norway, for one. And it looks like Norway is already being made into a muslim country.

  • Maranatha

    The Red Crescent will do the same??…..I think not.

    The engine that moves History is the hatred for the People of God.

    • Sunshine Kid

      The Red Cross was at one time a healing organization. The Red Crescent will be a cutting organization. Just ad a handle to the crescent, and what have you got? A scythe, naturally.

  • JWM

    The red “cross” needs a wake up call. they live on donations, they cannot live without them.

    • notme123

      I will find another charity, no more money/blood to Red “CROSS” hypocrites, pc idiots. It’s beyond time to stand up to this pc bs and be morally correct. Yes to MC and down with PC!

    • Sunshine Kid

      The removal of the cross means an insertion of atheism, something the liberals want, because it removes all moral obligations.

  • normie

    And Islam wins again. When will the people wake up

  • Jack

    Well surely DOES appear the Mussies are winning @ their game. They promised to convert (change) the world to Islam w/its Mohammedan Sharia agenda – buckle up champs!

  • Carol

    The Red Cross doesn’t need our donations. Donate to other organizations. They use a lot of their donations for the
    upper staff, so most goes to fund that.They’ve been this way for a loong time.

  • Poppey

    By removing a cross from that honorable organisation, those foolish people are removing another facet of the culture and society those people need to assimilate into.

    In my home town recently, I had a chat with the Rotarians raising money for their good causes standing under a very large Christmas tree playing “Christmas” songs sung by American crooners.

    I pointed out the point I made above and suggested they play English carols recorded in Kings College Chapel at Cambridge England, the most beautiful singing you ever heard, they took the hint, it’s being arranged.

    This is one way to fight back the police cannot interfere with without starting another row and appearing prejudiced.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There is much good to be said for Anglican plain song, and the choirs of British colleges.

  • Jim

    Never trusted the Red Cross. Don’t know why I did, but now I do.

  • Meg

    Maybe when donations stop coming in they will change their tune or close up shop. I don’t think the socialist/communists will donate that much and they will not be able to pay their CEO that big salary.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Attach a handle to the crescent moon to make it a sickle, add a hammer and you get the picture of what Islam really is.

  • JeromefromLayton

    When do some of the European nations change their flags? First, the Red Cross is patterned on the Swiss flag. Then, there is Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the UK [actually, a double cross], Malta, Scotland, and another dozen smaller entities in the area. When will the madness end?

    • Michael Buley

      The madness won’t end until Islam is kicked out and defeated, or Islam is the law of the land. There is no other way that this ends. Either civilized countries defeat Islam, or Islam will conquer them.

  • LeslieFish

    Is the Red Crescent being asked to remove all its religious symbols too? Fair is fair.

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