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Pulse Nightclub Shooter’s Wife ‘Apologized for Lying to FBI’


The wife of the Pulse nightclub shooter — Noor Salman, age 31 — told the FBI she was sorry for lying to them about her knowledge of her husband’s planned attack.

Specifically, Salman admitted she “knew an attack was close,” and that her husband, Omar Mateen, was going to be part and parcel of it.

She appeared in court in January:

Mateen was killed by SWAT members responding to the June 12, 2016, massacre that left 49 nightclub-goers dead,

The Daily Mail has more:

The wife of the Pulse nightclub gunman apologized to FBI investigators for lying to them, said she ‘knew an attack was close’ in the days before the massacre and wished she could ‘go back to tell them’ about it before it was too late, it has been alleged.

Noor Salman, 31, the wife of Omar Mateen who was killed by a SWAT team on June 12, 2016, after slaughtering 49 people in the Orlando nightclub, allegedly made the remarks hours after the massacre.

She was being questioned by FBI agents and local police and is said to have given a written statement which authorities believe proves she knew what Mateen was planning.

Despite the alleged remarks, she was allowed to leave the interviews a free woman.

She moved to California with their young son, gave a media interview protesting her innocence and lived quietly until January this year when she was arrested for alleged involvement.

The statements are now being revealed for the first time as Salman prepares to stand trial in Florida.

They were revealed in court on Thursday at a suppression hearing. Her lawyers are trying to block them from going into evidence at her March trial.

The hearing continued on Friday but Salman did not take the stand as expected.

They say that they should not be considered by a jury because she was not in custody at the time, had not been arrested.

There is also a suggestion that she was not read her Miranda Rights by one of the agents she allegedly made them to.

The statements included a written one which she allegedly made to FBI investigators and comments she allegedly made to the Fort Pierce Police Department officer who was the first law enforcement agent to speak to her immediately after the attack.

Fort Pierce Police Department watch commander William Hall was the first officer who spoke to Salman visited her home at 4am on June 12.

He claimed in court on Thursday, according to Click Orlando which attended the hearing, that before he could even tell her what her husband had done, she seemed to know.

He described her behavior in the immediate aftermath of the shooting as ‘odd’ and said she told him unsolicited that her husband was ‘careful with guns and would never hurt anybody’.

Mateen had texted his wife at 2.30am, around 30 minutes into his killing spree and 1 hour and 30 minutes before police arrived at her home, to say ‘I love you babe’.

Those text messages purport that she did not know where he was.

The conversation was prompted by a 2am phone call from Mateen’s mother to Salman.

She allegedly asked her daughter-in-law if she knew where Mateen was and was worried. It is not known if the mother was ever questioned over why she was suspicious.

When police arrived at Salman’s house at 4am to say they wanted to speak to her, she allegedly asked if they wanted to take her to Disney World.

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  • Midnattsol

    The wife of the Pulse nightclub gunman apologized to FBI investigators
    for lying to them, said she ‘knew an attack was close’ in the days
    before the massacre and wished she could ‘go back to tell them’ about it
    before it was too late, it has been alleged.

    It is easy to apologize when you got what you wanted out of it.

    She needs to be deported. Forget about landing the airplane: she wants to be a martyr.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      We don’t need no fake apology from evil beings

      All we need is justice


    • BlackEagle

      Lying to the FBI gets you or I arrested and imprisoned for “obstruction of justice”, even if no crime being obstructed was ever proven. In this case, mass-murder, her failure could/should bring serious charges of assisting her hubby to commit the crime. Deportation? How about life in Leavenworth?

      • Midnattsol

        She would be fed and cared for in an American prison (and pampered in a European one). She should be deported to a Muslim country where being a woman is a crime.

      • Tilt

        Leavenworth? Waste of tax payer money…

        muzlim vermin like her should have their bio-metric data taken (Never to be allowed to set foot in America again!) and be deported to Somalia or any other muzlim s#it hole that will take her…

      • wilypagan

        How about execution?

    • carpe diem 36

      NO!!! She deserves the death penalty!!! and soon!!!

    • No, she needs to be executed.

      • Midnattsol

        CAIR would find a way to get her penalty reduced. Deporting her to a place where she would have to live her own laws (Sharia: it is a crime to be a woman) would be more fitting because she enjoys the USA’s privileges while seeking to destroy them for others.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Suresh

    Deport the jihadis and their Left/liberals supporters like this country is doing

    ..only this can save non-muslim lands from future destruction and jihadis attacks.

  • Poppey

    IF Western nations are going to content themselves with counting the numbers in the heaps of the slain in order to mollify their consciences and liberal values, we’re going to run out of suitable victims of Jihad pretty quickly.

    I would suggest that constantly being “wise” after a tragic event involving mass murder by Muslims is pretty silly given what we know after the last 20 years experience.

    I do wish this “wanting to be liked by everyone” mind set would just go because it seems to be preventing our elected “leaders” from taking the remedial steps the FACTS around Islamification show are required.

    We are at war and being attacked on our own streets on a regular basis, it’s only our minds that are “at peace”.

    • Underzog

      The lib/commmies do benefit from these terrorist attacks. 9/11 got Obama elected and the climate of fear these Muslims attacks generate make it easier for the lib/commies to brainwash the general populace to their many stupid ideas (per Dave Kupelan).

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Deport her to somalia and forget about her. The f b i should not be so naive when interviewing muslims, they know that muslims are commanded to lie especially about islam.

    • Jennifer Katz

      They, (the muslims) lie every time they breathe

      • Midnattsol

        Exactly the same as politicians. No wonder they love each other.

    • John Nosser

      Let her serve time in Guantánamo (at least 10 years), then deport her to Somalia with only what she can wear. Drop her off in the middle of the desert or the jungle.

  • Ranger Rick

    “she was not in custody at the time, had not been arrested.

    There is also a suggestion that she was not read her Miranda Rights by one of the agents she allegedly made them to.”

    Noor’s attorneys have a dilemma by these two sentences. If she was not “in custidy” (arrested) and free to leave as she did then a “Miranda Rights” advisement is unnecessary. Her oral and written statements may be used against her.

    • Achmed Mohammedan

      Merry Christmas, Ranger Rick. If you actually look into the time of Flynn’s supposed lying. He knew that he was speaking with the FBI, although had he known that it was a formal interview, he would have had legal counsel present. That makes it quite clear that he had not been Mirandized.

  • az

    Muslims: when murder doesn’t solve their problems, a crappy excuse/apology, complete with the muslim card, always does.

  • santashandler

    “When police arrived at Salman’s house at 4am to say they wanted to speak
    to her, she allegedly asked if they wanted to take her to Disney World.” Um, what??? Was she in the middle of an ‘Aladdin’ dream? Was she under some spell that if she just got to Disney world, she could escape the whole thing. Was that her “activation” code? WTF?

    This woman is not sorry for anything. It’s only now because she is facing some charges that this sh*t comes out. If she knew, she’s got blood on her hands. Period. This pig should rot.

    • wonderwoman16

      Disney world was probably her husband’s 1st choice of place to attack & he more than likely mentioned it to her.He ended up shooting the nightclub,maybe cuz it was full of gay men,so who knows?When police arrived,she thought she would be needed at the scene and probably was not told he switched plans to shoot up the Pulse instead.

      • santashandler

        Or, maybe she wanted to find Snow White so she could ask her for her advice…

  • MAGA

    This makes me FURIOUS. I honestly am starting to believe that EVERYONE working at the FBI should be FIRED!!!

  • BlackEagle

    Guilty as sin, using every deceit and legal trick in the book to get off scott-free. And probably will.

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    Please make them all go away…

  • Jackie Puppet

    Only liberals can lie to the Full of Bungling Idiots and get away with it.

  • PurpleGiraffe

    Fake apologies is the shortest route to escape culpability or to at least get a lighter sentence.

  • carpe diem 36

    She apologized??? when you are talking about so many dead young people who did nothing wrong she should get the death penalty.

  • Drew the Infidel

    We know she’s sorry, now apologize.

  • MTC

    Too little too late, honey.

  • Stephen Honig

    Apologize my ass; put her in prison as a co-conspirator. She could have prevented the attack.

  • iprazhm

    Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to the FBI. Why is our government placing muslims above the law? Why are we allowing our government to place muslims above the law?

    • Drew the Infidel

      Martha Stewart spent time in a federal lockup for lying about a crime that was never committed, the same shell game they are attempting with General Flynn.

  • HairofDog

    All Muslims LIE.

  • Lauren Janell

    “Sorry” won’t work here. It’s not like forgetting someone’s birthday or burning dinner. Put the bitch under the jail.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Execute forthwith.

  • Rastus

    A Muslim LYING? Whatever next!!!!

  • Jack Wisdom

    Wow. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • CentralCaliGal

    She MUST be convicted & imprisoned FOR LIFE – THAT IS LAW!! I’ve put an example here:

    HERE is the law:

  • CentralCaliGal

    For those who say to deport her instead of imprisonment, what about her son? He should be taken away & GIVEN TO CHRISTIANS TO RAISE HIM RIGHT, let her NEVER see him again!!!!

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