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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Puerto Rico Pays Gov’t Employees $100 Million in Bonuses After Asking for $94 billion in Federal Disaster Relief


Puerto Rico’s leftist leaning politicos have been on a rant against President Donald Trump over what they say was his failure to give them the money they need for Hurricane Maria cleanup — but then they turn around and give out $100 million in government employee bonuses.

The governor’s office said the bonuses had been part of an approved budget.

OK — but so what?

Devastations from Maria should take precedence, yes?

Breitbart has more:

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares asked federal taxpayers to pay $94 billion towards the island’s recovery from Hurricane Maria, then reportedly spent $100 million on Christmas bonuses for the territory’s government employees.

The governor’s aides argue that the bonuses had been part of the budget approved last summer and that they are a longstanding tradition allowed under the law, the Washington Times reports.

Rossello requested the $94 billion federal aid package in November, estimating that $31 billion of the funds would go toward rebuilding homes and $18 billion would go toward repairing electric utilities.

The budget, however, had been approved before Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico, leaving the U.S. territory begging for federal aid.
Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board, established by Congress in 2016 to bail the territory out of defaulting on its debt, called the bonuses “imprudent” and said the governor should rethink his allocation of government funds in light of the recent hurricanes.

“Puerto Rico has demonstrated time and time again that its government is incapable of responsibly handling its finances. This is yet another such instance,” Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), a member of the House committee with oversight over Puerto Rico, told the Washington Times in a statement after the bonuses had been revealed.

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  • peakpower

    There is a reason why Puerto Rico’s #1 export is welfare hordes.

    • durabo

      This is an island populated with Entitlementarians, who robotically vote for Commiecrats. It produces NOTHING — except for boxers, baseball players and musicians. The USA would suffer if it were to grant statehood to its indolent, welfare-dependent bastard child. Giving the island back to Spain would not work: Spain would not want it.

      • Dorrie

        I agree, but you can be sure, the next Democrat POTUS will make sure it’s admitted into the union … they want those Democrat votes!

    • Merchantseamen

      Welfare Ho’s…….. fixed it.

      • peakpower


  • Mahou Shoujo

    Some people, often characterized by being democrats, are incapable of handling money or adjusting to changing circumstances. This is not how a responsible movement acts. Reduce any federal money to Puerto Rico by the money wasted on these bonuses.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    It looks like Puerto Rico is only SLIGHTLY less corrupted than their neighbors in Haiti.

  • chuckabunch

    Hey, if they can afford to give out bonuses then obviously they don’t need our help.Stop ALL aid money until the bonuses are returned.

  • Dorrie

    Their government is more corrupt than the U.S. government and they want to become a state – if Americans get to vote on that, it MUST be “NO!”

    • marlene

      And “NO WAY!”


    Let Puerto Rico ROT!

  • Pieter

    This is the norm in Africa, so what !

  • marlene

    The entire country is on the hook for the money given to Puerto Rico. But it’s a windfall for Puerto Rico. This picture stinks! Of course Trump was right about them.

  • Merchantseamen

    The PR Goobermint has been ripping off the PR people for decades. It is a shame. With this revelation can’t the DOJ send in the U.S. Marshals and start arresting these people for fraud or RICO? Freeze the money. Send someone in there that knows what they are doing. Hell I could do it. I know I could.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    The Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization in it’s final hours.

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