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Professor Offers Extra Credit to ‘Rally Against the GOP Tax Bill’


A professor at Kutztown University has offered students a chance to earn extra credit by protesting and rallying against the Republican-sponsored tax bill on Capitol Hill.

In an email to students, the professor writes: “Please join your faculty as we rally against the GOP Tax Bill.”

The email comes as protesters of the Republican bill were just arrested in the House, seen in this video:

But giving out extra credit in school for students who politick?

Talk about a leftist campus slant.

Campus Reform has the story:

At least one Kutztown University professor offered students extra credit Tuesday to participate in a rally against the GOP tax plan.

“Please join your faculty as we rally against the GOP Tax Bill that has serious implications to you and on Higher Education. This is an opportunity to gain additional extra credit,” the email states, with a bolded subject line of “Additional Extra Credit Opportunity!”

While the email was initially drafted by Dr. Mauricia John, a professor in the publicly funded school’s Anthropology and Sociology Department, it is unclear whether other professors are offering their students the same opportunity, as the email indicates that the rally is a collaborative effort by the faculty.

An advertisement for the rally, sponsored by the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, was attached to the email, with a banner declaring “rally with us against the tax bill!”

“This bill threatens tax increases on our students. Tell congress to make education affordable to all. Defend not defund higher education. Tuition waivers should not be taxed,” the flyer goes on to state.

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  • Rocinante44

    another angry affirmative action black woman who is paid with our taxes to teach the young skulls full of mush to hate america. she has a phd in something related to how awful america is. note to employers, do not hire people from this no-name so-called college

  • Mark Steiner

    Let’s have some academic freedom. Demand that this “off the rails” university lose its accreditation as an institution of higher learning.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Universities proselytizing useless brain dead programs in the implied arts, social issues, woymen’s liberation theory and all the other hog wash that passes itself off as university programs, should not be funded. All those fluff courses are is filler that university’s charge students for. Gullible students fall for it because they don’t have the life experience to recognize a scam when it bites them.

    • Craig

      No life experiences yet they claim to be the all-knowing sages of 19 years old. No wonder they fall for communism.
      Also, those programs do not require math, algebra or any technical theory, so they are fake and not worth the sheep skin they are printed on. Just how many ‘women’s studies’ graduates does the world need…two…tops?

  • Craig

    So, Putztown University thinks they have a clue? Like all communists, they believe EVERYTHING, including the people, belong to the government.

  • ladywarrior

    I demand that my tax dollars no longer go to universities or colleges where anti-America teachings are standard……I’m done with supporting the snowflakes and the anti-America teachings going on in these places. They are no longer institutions of higher learning….they are now nothing more than political indoctrination camps……I’m not going to pay for them anymore.

  • Joseph111

    sounds like discrimination … students who disagree politically are not able to get the same advantage as those who agree with the “teacher”??

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