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Muslim Family Of Port Authority Jihad Terrorist ‘Outraged’ Over …….. Police Behavior


This is the Muslim way. The family is not outraged that their devout son wanted to murder as many innocent human beings as possible in the cause of Allah in the country that welcomed him and his whole family. The devout family is outraged at the NYPD for trying to save lives.

The jihad family is being represented by the terror group CAIR, of course.  Just like the complicit San Bernardino mass murdering family. And the enemedia works hard to spit and shine their shoes.

Let the litigation jihad begin.

When is the Department of Justice going to finally move forward with prosecutions of terror-tied groups, CAIR, ISNA, etc?

Family Of Alleged Port Authority Terrorist ‘Outraged’ Over Police Behavior

Joe Simonson, The Daily Caller, December 11, 2017:

The family of Akayed Ullah, the suspect behind Monday morning’s failed suicide bombing at the New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal, expressed “outrage” by the actions of law enforcement.

“We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today, and by the allegations being made against a member of our family,” Albert Fox Cahn, the legal director for CAIR New York, stated on behalf of the Ullah family, WABC reported Monday.

 “But we are also outraged by the behavior of law enforcement officials who have held children as small as four years old out in the cold and who held a teenager out of high school classes to interrogate him without a lawyer, without his parents,” the family said. “These are not the sorts of actions that we expect from our justice system, and we have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind this attack and that we will, in the end, be able to learn what occurred today.”

Ullah, 27, was severely injured after he allegedly detonated a bomb attached to himself in the underground corridor between Times Square and the Port Authority. There are no reports that law enforcement acted improperly in the aftermath of the terrorist attack and thanks to medical personnel, he is expected to survive.

Four other bystanders received minor injuries from the explosion.

Ullah reportedly told investigators that he chose the location because of the Christmas-themed posters that hang on the walls near the Times Square subway station.

An immigrant from Bangladesh, Ullah entered the United States in 2011 through extended family chain migration. Once in the country, Ullah worked as an electrician and reportedly became radicalized through Islamic State propaganda.

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  • Joe Blow

    We need to throw the entire traitorous sharia family out of the USA

    • Fred

      And the rest of the third world savages!

  • Mrs. Ramsay

    This family’s statement is proof that they would not pass any kind of vetting like President Trump proposes…which is only opening up our immigration to people who want to live in America for the right reasons, like…they like it and want to become American. These people are simply invading to take and destroy. Their comments cannot be spread far or wide enough.

  • Tony Holmquist
  • John Timpe

    there are thousands of these people like this in this country due to the chain immigration. and they need to be found and sent back to were they come from. but thanks to sanctuary cities they will not all be found. and Chicago being one just said it’s not their job to inforce immigration it’s the feds job yet they don’t inform the feds when they find an illegal immigrant in Chicago.

  • Suresh

    That is why America needs Trump now more than ever and he is not afraid to call out the son of bitches

    If Left/Liberal pro-jihadi holdovers are purged from govt , judiciary, things will improve and Trump can do better job to improve security.

    • Michael Buley

      It’s a big, big purge that is needed, Suresh. However volatile the times have been in the past year, it’s going to get much more so in the coming year. Needed, too. The corruption in our government needs to be forcefully attacked and removed.

    • Tm.

      That is why, that is the very reason why people should make the supreme sacrifice, and get up and vote.
      The MSM seems to be running the show in many instances, I am surprised that there are no conservatives, or common sense embracing types, who have not bought up a news company or a newspaper or two?
      I had even read that Saudi Arabia was buying news venues, I don’t know if that is true, but they appear to be proactive.

      • Bill Kay

        Most of the news is garbage and the reason is look to who owns the Media the American public is not getting the correct information to be able to see what is going on , fake news / left wing propaganda must be eliminated .

    • Bill Kay

      No question about it traitors and complicit in the system must be cleaned out before real progress is made to clean up this mess in the country and we are running behind as is , what is needed is some one that can think straight in charge to help POTUS , bring back some real law enforcement how about something like IKE did on deportation of illegals . Get these zombies out of the USA !

  • Poppey

    This demonstration by a legal representative for a muslim terror bomber caught in the act is nothing more than routine outrage that one of the “best of people” has had his person damaged by his bomb and his dignity offended by the police and other people drawing the correct conclusions.

    Like everywhere else, the left and the willfully malicious will flock to his side, defending his ethnicity and beliefs up to and past the occasion of the next attack. You have two fights, one is the enemy within and the other is their aids and facilitators.

    Go hard at both.

  • christian vidal


  • Halal Bacon

    Islamic State is the symptom, islam is the disease

    • caliroxanne

      I think that Islam is both the symptom and the disease and must be eradicated! IMMEDIATELY!!!

    • Hussars2016

      “Allegations” against our wonderful son, the terrorist.
      I too am outraged..that the entire family has not been arrested and the children given to foster care.
      .. but then again it is Marxist Jihadi NYC Jihad Central on the East Coast.

  • Michael Buley

    I see the photo of the murderer lying there on a stretcher.

    I think how right and just it would be if someone put a gun to his head and killed him. One less Muslim in the fight.

    These ‘enemy combatants’ are only repelled and defeated by force, if they are to be defeated. And I believe we will defeat Islam.

    In war, what do you do? How much mercy do you show to the enemy? To THIS enemy? This enemy shows mercy to no one. Not only shows no mercy, but knows no bounds on the brutality and violence they inflict.

    I like to think of myself as a compassionate man. But I feel zero compassion for this man who is consumed by and with evil.

    How many active Nazis did we allow in this country during WWII? How many active Muslims have we allowed into this country now? Their ideologies are no different; only their methods are. They are just as virulently and violently set on defeating America and all free nations.

  • Fred

    Who gives a darn what the family thinks! Go back to your third world cesspool if you have any complaints!

  • Voytek Gagalka

    “…in the end, be able to learn what occurred today.”

    If the CAIR terrorist organization helped by enemedia will have its full way, I am afraid we’ll never “learn what occurred today.” That is WE know full well: jihadi terrorist attack occurred and that man should be treated as ENEMY COMBATANT, not as “allegedly accused,” with lawyers, Miranda, first class medical treatment et al. (preferably summarily shot after short check of his identity.)

  • Kat

    Kill the evil SOB and deport the whole family!

    • Dean Adler

      Chain immigration = Chain Deportation.
      Kill the SOB Terrorist, and deport the entire family/clan that reached our shores due to Chain Immigration policy.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Put them adrift on a raft in the Atlantic and point it in the direction of Cuba. Maybe they’ll make it and maybe they won’t.

  • Dortmund, my hometown/better village to New York :-)

    “Germany: Muslim migrant (invader to allah 40/2 ->, 41/28) spits on customers’ food in restaurant, makes Hitler salute” (forbidden in Germany -> ‘… forms of greeting.’ Section 86a Criminal Code)

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    We can’t sustain this blatants Islamic abuse of our legal system, and successfully seeking financial compensation to the point of getting wealthy from their violent attacks on innocent public civilians. It’s a war crime to import even one of these kinds of people. It must be stopped, and these people returned to the lands of their origin.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Why is cair not charged with making frivolous lawsuits every time they attempt to sue someone for reacting to the criminal insanity of islam? This is getting outright stupid, to bother the courts and legal system with butt hurt muslim issues that realistically should be laughed out of court.

    • pipo

      That is right, any courtroom or judge dealing with this should also being laughed out of court and send on the banana boat to the desert.

  • caliroxanne

    I think I smell some litigation jihad. As usual, the Muslim is ultimately always the real victim, no matter what.

  • Bill

    Deport the whole damn brood of them

    • caliroxanne

      I wish!!!

  • itchy

    Hey dip s#it I hope it hurt

    • Smitch

      I heard it blew off it’s balls!

      • itchy

        Lets hope so. One less dipshit breeder

  • caliroxanne

    I’m outraged over police behavior also! Why didn’t they just blow this f*cker’s ugly head off?!

    • moose

      NYC like NYS is ULTRA liberal…..I would guess they’re on an equal footing with San Francisco as far as liberal policies go….All rather sad and troubling….

  • OverIt

    Outrage away. Situation normal.

  • Rocinante44

    the voters of NYC deserve this, they’ve been voting for it for decades

  • His family is outraged about what? This is more the reason to send these people back home and carefully vet whoever we allow in

  • If Ullah’s family is outraged by him being mercifully treated after trying to murder people, this family needs to be 1) jailed, 2) deported, 3) have their house burned down with them in it.

  • Davey Dunn

    Quran pig book followers

  • Davey Dunn

    Pamela are you ok with this…Obama’s sick quran follower s

  • Halal Bacon
  • db

    “….allegations being made against a member of our family,”…….Don’t they know that the whole thing is ON VIDEO?

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Peyton

    We need chain deportation, when one commits an act of terror, deport all family members. Perhaps then they would turn the terrorist in before he acts…

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Two words: Chain Deportation.

  • charlie

    how long do we have to put up with ‘benefit of the doubt’ about these scum bags? he tried to blow up american citizens.

  • Lysy

    This pieces of excrement should have been rounded up and fed to the wild hogs!

  • Dan Knight

    Sessions must have senile dementia … he doesn’t act b/c he doesn’t see a problem with Islam.

    Here in Realityville where normal people live: If it walks like a Nastie, talks like a Nastie, and kills like a Nastie, it’s a Nastie.

    But in Pod People land only Whites can be monsters, and non-whites only go off the rails when the Totally Evil Whitey Monsters drive them over the edge.

    So the solution is to either give Islamists more money and special privileges or penalize Whitey, or both.

    Actually going after Islamists for promoting their Islamonazism would just be Islamophobia. It would be like attacking innocent Nasties instead of focusing on those awful Germans and their beer and apfel strudels that were the real cause.

    For us – this is sarcasm – but in Pod People Land I have literally heard people say this stuff – while totally oblivious to the utter stupid, ignorant, racist bigotry of their position – and these are not just anybody, but lawyers and government bureaucrats with multiple college sheepskins.

    These Useful Idiots will kill us all if we let them.

  • Dan Knight

    Before this is over the Demokkkrats will likely use the bombing as an excuse to give public funds to Islamist terror sponsors …

    It’s not a sure thing, but you know it’s a good bet.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This is typical muzzie schtick. Blame the authorities or any other obvious target while claiming victimhood in order to divert public outrage and hostility. The cops did not interrogate child relatives in a criminal sense but merely attempted to gather Intel in order to properly gauge a violent situation.

  • Tm.

    This is so sickening. THEY are outraged? THEY complain, THEY lawyered up?
    How about their son saying on social media something like, O America die in your rage? How about the pipe filled with metal pieces so it would do the most harm? They should be denouncing their son, so why aren’t they?
    The police interrogated a teen without his parents? What about it? Do you pick up on the cultural differences here?

    • satcatchet

      The family of this terrest made the bomb. It failed now the family is scared their bomber son will give them all up. Chain hang’m all.

  • az

    So..what else is news? Muslims are outraged with everything, because they hate everything.
    This is just a desperate opportunity to hit the spotlights for some Islamic attention whoring.

  • notme123

    Send them back where they came from NOW. every one of them.

  • John D. Horton

    I have used the Port Authority Bus Terminal many times.

    I can’t believe that the federal government brings in these terrorists to kill White Americans and then the federal government pretends that it does not know what it is doing to kill White Americans.

    Prison in Africa (to save money) and then deport to his home country.

    Close all Federal and State Prisons in the US and reopen them in Africa Convicted felons = US citizenship is revoked


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    • moose

      GOOD Post……unfortunately the libs have their own mindset and agenda…

  • Moham Muslime

    I would like to know how the parents of this vermin were able to purchase a house in Brooklyn??? They arrived only 7 years ago. Welfare cash? Food stamps? Cash from ISIS? FOLLOw THE MONEY.

    • moose

      Did they buy it or are they renting? I understood that they’re on food stamps.

      • Moham Muslime

        News reports say they own!

  • Moham Muslime

    This vermin will need a lifetime supply of KY JELLY when he bends over to pray:) Jail is good for muslimes.

  • Moham Muslime

    Deport the entire family. Seize their assets to pay for damage and for care of victims.

  • Moham Muslime

    I have great hope that Trump will get rid of muslimes in America. Brooklyn is crawling with them.

  • Moham Muslime

    How do you explain that the family noticed nothing??? They seem to have no problem noticing their daughters and slaughtering them in honor killings.

  • Moham Muslime

    Brooklyn is loaded with mosques and muslime vermin. They are everywhere!!!!

    • Bill Kay

      This disease has spread across the country , and who do ya think is responsible / what is responsible for allowing this insanity to occur , answer that question , and part of the solution becomes apparent .

      • Moham Muslime

        Hussein Obamafuck

  • Moham Muslime

    Simple fix: choke off the welfare. No food stamps. No free health. No free schools. That will send the vermin scampering back to their hellholes in muslime countries.

  • Rob Porter

    The usual story, ‘Muslims were ‘outraged”. What’s new? It matters not to them that daily Muslims are murdering non-Muslims, this does not ‘outrage’ them. Their ‘outrage’ is so contrived and now boring. Who – other than a liberal – believes it? Evident in so many respects, Muslims are ‘mental’, a consequence of believing this vile, hateful trash.

  • iprazhm

    Of course they are! Muslims have almost no fear of openly siding with their Jihadists. These cultists know they’ve been given unprecedented access, means and full protection of law to setup strongholds, plan and carry out the destruction of their enemy, the United States, it’s citizens, Christians and Jews, by a corrupt United States government itself!
    Little has changed because the majority party is filled with anti-American, anti-constitutional, self absorbed miscreants known as RINOS.
    The minority party is openly and completely on the side of a world without our Constitutional Republic.

  • usn

    OK now start the chain deportation for the whole family. show them that there a price to pay for stupidity.

  • ninetyninepct

    “we have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind this attack” – and that Muslims and Islam will be removed from the vace of the earth. Where there is Islam there is violence. The “religion of peace” is fkn bullshit.

  • BigBroKnows

    “We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today,
    and by the allegations being made against a member of our family…” But the violence was brought to the city by a member of your family so shouldn’t you be taking to him?

  • satcatchet

    Why is this terroristic family still in the USA?

  • Christian Gains

    This kid’s folks NEED to get a grip on reality…They’re in a “TIER 1” CULTURE, in a HIGHLY DEVELOPED cultural, ethical & law abiding, dynamic Nation…Not a mud hut sand box, killer Nation! “We the People…”; OWE these people NOTHING, THEY owe US for receiving them into our country…Otherwise, send’em BACK to “BANG!”ladesh, with a PERMANENT BAN of NEVER RETURNING!!!

    C.A.I.R. is a CO-CONSPIRATOR for, financing TERROR & TERRORISTS!

    SOOOOOoooooooo….WHY are we allowing them to carry on Legal cases here????

  • David

    Please help me to understand this. Muslims consider man made laws beneath them, and don’t accept that they should be held responsible for any infringement of those laws, because allah’s laws take precedence? Am I right so far? But they have no problem using the law when they get their arses kicked and want to sue someone?
    Can I suggest a very slow boat to the middle of the deepest ocean, and a very short plank tied to the side

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