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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Netanyahu signs multi-billion-dollar Power Africa agreement with US


This could be a turning point. The non-Muslim world may not forever support the “Palestinians'” endless bloodlust and quest for genocide. This agreement could be a catalyst for Israel as it expands its alliances and dealings with African nations. This agreement and others like it could lead to the “Palestinians” losing support at the UN from many, or even most, of the 54 African countries, because of the technology they will obtain from Israel. Could this, plus President Trump leading the way to other nations’ recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, be the first nails in the coffin for the “Palestinians”? Could the world now begin to awaken to this massive deception and lie?

“Netanyahu signs multi-billion-dollar Power Africa agreement with US,” by Max Schindler, Jerusalem Post, December 4, 2017 (thanks to Mark):

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu oversaw a signed agreement on Monday with the US Agency for International Development (USAID), opening the way for Israeli companies to access lucrative contracts in its Power Africa program.

Meeting at the posh King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Netanyahu sat down with Power Africa Coordinator, Andrew Herscowitz, along with the US Ambassador David Friedman and multiple African ambassadors, to join the multi-billion-dollar electrification aid project.

“I believe in Africa,” Netanyahu said at the press conference. “I believe in the partnership with Africa. And what better partnership we have, than having USAID, the US government, Israel, and African countries working together to secure a better future.”

The agreement opens the door to dozens of Israeli clean-energy firms and seeking contracts facilitated by Power Africa. The aid program seeks to provide electricity – via private companies – to some 60 million Africans by 2030.

For Netanyahu, the project portends a chance to boost his reputation – as he is currently under police investigation – as the humanitarian project electrifies broad swaths of the continent along with providing major returns to Israeli companies.

The Power Africa project could revitalize ties between sub-Saharan countries and the Jewish state, recalling the heyday of strong ties during the mid-20th century.

“It was a wonderful partnership in the ‘60s, derailed, now back on track. This locomotive is going very fast,” Netanyahu said, remarking on how in the past 18 months, he has gone to Africa three times.

According to opinion polls conducted online, public perception of Israel among everyday Africans is quite strong.

“We asked 54 countries, all over the continent; what do you think of Israel,” Netanyahu asked. “Do you think it has value, it’s an asset? Do you think your countries will benefit from contacts with Israel?”

The premier answered: “So we get startling developments that reflect changes in Israel’s international position. Because of our technological prowess in betting the lives of people in so many areas; energy is one of them. Water, agriculture, IT [information technology], security, all the elements that are important for the maintenance and development of a good, safe life.”

Ambassadors from a number of African countries attended the signing ceremony, including from Zambia, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Cote d’Ivoire.

According to a businessman who has been involved for years with Power Africa, not only Israeli power utilities will benefit. A number of African policy makers are looking at acquiring the latest agricultural and water-management technologies from Israel.

According to a businessman who has been involved for years with Power Africa, not only Israeli power utilities will benefit. A number of African policy makers are looking at acquiring the latest agricultural and water-management technologies from Israel.

One Israeli-American firm, Energiya Global, is poised to invest $2 billion into wind, hydro and solar projects in 10 African countries over the next five years. Its CEO, Yosef Abramowitz was a founding partner of Power Africa and helped liaison between the Israeli and American governments.

Power Africa was set up in 2013 and it is one of the largest public-private partnerships in the world. The aid program manages some 84 projects, according to Herscowitz, with commitments totaling more than $54 billion.

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  • Mark Steiner

    When a nation deals in good faith with Israel, good tidings and blessings follow. May the African nations and Israel grow together as partners in a worthy cause!

  • ahem

    If only America and Israel could bring prosperity to people of Africa—that would be a blessing to all humanity.

    Only economic pressure can wrest some of the millions of dollars that go into those corrupt, tribal governments and put it into the hands of those for whom it is intended.

    • Suresh

      African countries know they can only get jihadi attacks and humgoats from Muslims.

      On other hand Israel can solve their economic problems and help them grow.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    “Beginning of an end”? Or “end of the beginning”? That is what TRUE diplomacy can achieve if done my MASTERS of diplomacy. Signore Cavour would be very proud of them!

  • dennis

    This is the kind of conduct that should be the rule and never the exception. Assuming the accuracy of this reporting, it represents a major step for both Africa and Israel, and as indicated in the article, a recognition that the suppressing and ending of anti-Semitism anywhere can have major beneficial effects on those countries that embrace the opportunity to work with little Israel, a country having available to it the wonders of modern technology. If the Arab countries of the middle east come to the same realization, they likewise can benefit by reforming their anti-Semitic attitudes towards the Israeli’s and benefit accordingly. I can only hope that there are those in the Arab world who will see that same “light” and take reasonable and appropriate advantage of the fact that having a good relationship with the Israeli’s will only be to their benefit.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is how progress is made, through cooperation and acceptance. Africa is poised to make great strides forward with the help of peaceful nations who are interested in bettering humanity. The muslim nations of africa are left behind, they are fixated, unchangeably, in the hatred and ignorance of seventy century islam. There is no value in paying attention to muslim demands, deal with them to negate their presence and influence, as there is nothing of any value in islam for the world.

  • JGray1

    Israel has been in Africa for a long time. they are respected and they are liked. Israel has brought life saving agricultural technology to africa and advanced medicine. because that’s what Jews do.

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