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Woman whose head was smashed by three Muslims in an unprovoked attack is stunned by the wall of silence


She’s stunned? Welcome to my world, or should I say, welcome to the left’s world.

Woman whose head was smashed by three Muslim youth in an unprovoked attack is stunned by the wall of silence

December 12, 2017:, Wilson Chowdhry


A Yorkshire woman who had her head smashed against a wall so hard that it left her bleeding and unconscious, by three Muslim youths, is concerned about the wall of silence that seems to have shrouded the culprits of the brutal crime. During the attack she suffered a large gash to her forehead and serious facial injuries.

Nikki Hurst [real name protected] was brutally attacked at 6.45 on 31st October 2017 in Batley a town in West Yorkshire, while walking to work. You can find her story in most of the main stream media one article can be found (here)
NIkki is concerned that local Kirklees police investigation into her case who she says are stalling in their attempts to investigate the brutal crime. She brought our attention to important details that have been misrepresented in police crime appeals. Most notably Nikki believes Kirklees police have been wrong with pertinent information In their press release that incorrectly listed the location of the attack as Lady Ann Road. She along with Chairman of the BPCA Wilson Chowdhry, visited the place where she was assaulted which was actually in an alleyway close to Mill Outlet Shopping Complex, nearby and parallel to Lady Ann Road.

Nikki bravely returned to the scene of her attack with Wilson Chowdhry, she trembled in fear as the image was taken.

Nikki believes that witnesses who may have seen the perpetrators fleeing the scene may be put off sharing evidence due to the incorrect location named by Kirklees police. The confusion lies in the fact that the alleyway could either have led to Lady Ann Road or alternatively to the Car Park of the shopping complex. If the three miscreants had run towards the Car Park to get away eyewitness may have accidentally discounted their movement as a consequence of the incorrect road being named.

The location is further confused by images promoted by local police detailing the wrong wall. The images sent through media groups seem to be of two large walls on Lady Ann Road rather then the wall of the alleyway where Nikki was attacked. We know this as the walls of the alleyway are much closer together with a gap of 4ft between them rather then the width of a Road.

Nikki is also concerned about the police account of the attack, her only memory of the attack is her head being slammed into a wall before she fell unconscious. The youths may have run away soon after this, rather then having spent a few minutes laying into her with their feet and fists. This may effect the time perceptions of the crime.

Despite the brutal head injuries she suffered Nikki recalls that two of the perpetrators were school children wore uniforms that identified their school as Batley High School. A third taller individual without any uniform, may have attended the same sixth form. All; three youths verbally abused her before the attack despite their being no provocation calling her derogatory words related to her colour.

Nikki is frustrated that local Police have not been communicating with her over the attack in a manner that satisfies her need for information. She has no idea if a description of the three youths has been given to Batley High School or if any inquiries at all have taken place at the school.

The incident has left Nikki shattered and she rarely leaves her home now, even less when unaccompanied. Nikki is exhibiting clear signs of post-traumatic stress disorder yet thus far neither police nor Kirklees council have offered any counselling services, despite her requests. BPCA are offering her free counselling through our new telephone service via a professionally qualified volunteer based in Blackburn. However, we would appreciate offers from churches in the area who would meet with her and provide some comfort and support, please email if you can help.

Moreover, due to her taking time off work to recover she has lost her employment as a packer with Foxes Biscuits. Nikki had only started her new employment three weeks earlier and was not entitled to statutory sick pay. Losing her employment meant Nikki had to apply for Unemployment benefit/Job Seekers Allowance, however due to a rather jobsworth officer deeming her absence from work as her fault, she has been offered a government Hardship Fund for 6 weeks at £35 per week, this is because her injuries did not fall within the tariff of injuries within the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Nikki is appealing her benefits situation and your help would be appreciated in signing a petition calling for her claim to be expedited with a favourable conclusion, in consideration of her mitigating injury. Please sign our petion by clicking (here)

Nikki said:

“I can’t understand why the culprits have not been found yet. I have informed the police of the school from which two of the youths wore uniform and would have thought that investigations would have started from there.

Somebody must know who the three boys are; they would have to be travelling from a certain direction to get to their school from the location of my attack, this silence is sickening, it only allows these vicious youths to attack other innocent people.”

British Pakistani Christian Association are calling for local police to consider reviewing this crime as a religiously motivated crime rather then racially motivated. We conclude that the attack is religiously motivated as growing evidence is emerging that radicalized Muslim youths in the UK are finding themselves at odds with British culture and values – a growing social malaise is being ignored by statutory agencies. This radicalisation is most evident in the North of England – illustrated by incidents like Nikki’s and other assaults on non-Muslims.

In a recent report by Quilliam a Muslim NGO ‘Group Based Child Sexual Exploitation: Dissecting Grooming Gangs’, they describe how many UK based grooming gangs operate from Northern English towns and cities. They wrote:

“When David Cameron spoke of the failings of multiculturalism in 2011 he was attacked from all sides,” Ms Adil continued. “What these critics failed to see was the numerous self-segregated northern towns, the plethora of organisations that preached problematic attitudes towards women and other faiths, and the hundreds of young men and women being radicalised right here on British soil.”

The common denominator in Nikki’s attack and that of Pakistani Christian Tajamal Amar (click here), is that both victims were innocently attacked without any intended provocation. The only provocation we can determine from both the accounts provided is that the two victims were non-Muslim.

Nikki will have permanent scarring because of the attack.

In the Koran people of faiths outside of Islam are often named Kaffir a very derogatory term that can serve to breed animosity – though not always. The fact that Nikki’s attack occurred on the morning of Halloween a date when ‘Kaffir’ involve themselves in ‘pagan festivities’ may have been a trigger for the violence. Halloween is a day many Muslims detest and they abhor the cultural practices in Britain around this date. One Muslim website provides Islamic families with guidance on how to teach their children the negativity of Halloween (click here). In one part it states:

4) Explain your position: Present your research about Halloween. Allow your spouse to support you. Explain what your position will mean for your children. Emphasize that this is you and your spouse’s position and remind them that you love them. Do not over emphasize fatwas or what people in the community might think. You do not want your children to think that Islam is limiting their lives or that you care more about what people think than about your kids and what they want. Be sure to help them understand the following facts:

  1. Halloween has pagan roots
  2. It is associated with celebrating superstition, black magic, and devil worship
  3. Costumes are often inappropriate and immodest
  4. Trick or treating can be seen as either blackmail or begging and Muslims are not supposed to beg or extort people.

The phrase about not over emphasizing Fatwas causes BPCA great concern…

A vulnerable Kaffir woman on her own may well have been the perfect target to vent the frustrations that many Muslim youth feel around the festive period of Halloween, in certain communities. This is not to say that all Muslims will hold such frustrations but BPCA is noticing a rise in intolerance towards people of other faiths in Northern regions of the UK. One such example is the attack on Nissar Hussain a man who had to flee his home twice because of the outrage his public renouncing of Islam caused. His final exit from Bradford was accelerated by local police who stated he had two weeks to leave Bradford due to the imminent threat on his life. Worse still he had to be escorted by 4 police cars, each filled with 4 police officers all of whom brandished semi-automatic weapons, in what must have been the largest armed security presence this country has ever seen for the purposes of a civilian retrieving a box from his house (click here).

Tajamal Amar who I referred to earlier, is a Pakistani Christian from Derby who innocently donned two large poppies on his car and dangled a cross from his rear view mirror. He is believed to have been brutally beaten till unconscious for displaying both offensive items only a week before Remembrance Sunday – a date when many Muslims take to the streets in poppy burning protests named ‘Hate for Hero’s’ that are part of an annual campaign by Islamists.

BPCA are calling for Councils, Police Authorities and the Government to start referring to such hate crimes under a new category of ‘Kaffirophobia’. We believe the classification should be adopted within an amendment to the Racial and Religious Hate Crime Act 2006. BPCA has for some time condemned the political correctness and fear of being labelled Islamophobic that has stifled our statutory authorities.

In the Quillam report we mentioned earlier the NGO also urged police and politicians to dismiss political correctness, they wrote:

“The notion that certain cultures are out of bounds when it comes to criticism is not just misguided and misinformed, but often allows the most vulnerable individuals from society to continue to be victimised and abused.”

In each of the examples BPCA have shared above i.e. Nissar Hussain, Tajamal Amar and Nikki Hurst, their local police constabularies failed to report the crimes against them as hate crimes until media intervention was enacted. The current system is simply not fit for purpose which has led to BPCA submitting a report to the UK Hate Crime Inquiry (click here).

Nikki Hurst has asked BPCA to help with the financial ruin she and her partner have had to go through as a consequence of her attack. She has got herself into debt with her father-in-law, Step-dad and brother and owes them all a combined total of £410. When Wilson Chowdhry met with them he found them without money to pay for necessary electricity and helped with a small donation of £40. Mr Chowdhry also took the endearing couple out for a meal at a local restaurant and has spoken of how charming and friendly both of them were. We would like to settle the family’s debt for Christmas and would like to offer to cover the £410 with your help, if you would like to donate please (click here).

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said:

“Kaffirophobia is an existential problem and one that has worsened in recent years, unless it is properly addressed we cannot expect this pattern to decline.”

“Ignorning crimes of this nature do not make them disappear, quite conversely impunity usually results in an exacerbation of the original situation.

“Our Government has a responsibility to protect all Britain’s ciizens and people of good conscience everywhere, irrespective of their faith have a responsibilty to ona another and to the agencies helping them to make change a reality.

“It is on that basis, I hope that this appeal pierces someones heart resulting in the culprits who almost killed Nikki being caught, for no other purposes then for their rehabilitation and for Nikki to get some justice. ”

Wilson Chowdhry with Nikki and her partner

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • RonaldKDTRump

    The Independent says it was “Asian” men

    • Achmed

      Were the from China, Korea, or was it Japan?

      • RonaldKDTRump

        Duh…they were from another planet dude, called Dindu!

        • Achmed

          Hi, RonaldKDTRump. You don’t suppose that they were Nuffins, from Dindu. better known as Dindu Nuffins?

  • christianbosnia

    Western Europe is unsafe for everyone except for Muslims

  • minbari73

    Article null and voided itself by quoting Quilliam’s jihadi support nonsense, thanks PAM.

  • Wayne Rennie

    if it was a muslim that was attacked bbc would be all over that crime and all of England would never hear the end of it buta woman and a white woman attacked is a bloody shame that bbc would not make front page news bbc is a flunky tv run by muslimi guess

    • Dan Knight

      They would be busting down doors to tell the drones all about it …

  • Wayne Rennie

    the west better smarten up we must find new leaders cause the way it works now if you complain you are a racist muslims have the world in a mess china japon and a few other eurpean countries have stood up and said no we do not want you here simple ,now we must get together and find enoc powell or a double or the west is dead

  • Jack Jackson

    I would go hunting. Guess what I would be hunting for.

    • Suresh

      Ask them who they voted ? If they voted for Left/liberal parties . They deserve what they get for being stupid.

      Britain is just another Islamic hellhole that pretends to be “western” “civilised”. Its not.

      Left/Liberals are bowing down so much they are well on their way to creating more humgoats

      And call it cultural diversity !

      • Kalambong Kalambong

        In Britainistan, no matter WHO you voted for, you end up getting libturds who are so glad to serve their moslem masters

        • durabo


    • Hussars2016

      Snips and snails and puppy dog tails? The real culprits here are the British Political and economic elite.

      • John Rustic

        You saying the perps shouldn’t be blamed?

        • Hussars2016

          You make up your own illogical conclusions about what I said and you expect me to go out of my way for you?
          You are dishonest about whatever you really want to say.
          Learn to be honest instead of trying to troll.
          I don’t truck with trolls, Go disappear.

    • durabo

      Sheet-heads, what else?

    • Michael Copeland

      The local Chief of Police is a muslim, as Tommy Robinson revealed in his report on this case.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        But that wouldn’t have anything to do with the lack of a credible investigation! Islamophobia!

    • Craig

      Not in cowardly Britainistan. Also, they gave up their guns. Sheep.

    • dad1927

      sometimes you have to take care of your problems in your own way.. Everyone knows who did it, cops included.
      She better become a refugee and leave that cesspool

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        At least she finally learned what islum is allah about.

  • Fred Nik

    Just sickening.

  • peakpower

    I’m surprised they didn’t rape her.

    • robert v g

      Prob. because this time it wasn’t the point ;this was more hit and run.I can’t fathom doing anything such.

    • Jennifer Katz

      they hate women and they surely prefer goats or to be shtupped.

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    What a sweet man, watching over non Pakistanis in his neck of the woods. A true Christian.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re right kudos to his one, lone Christian man, but I curse his country with all my heart.

      • Tamara Hussey Jewer

        Quite understandable.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Bill

    Fucck these worthless subhumans and their Pedo prophet

    • Jennifer Katz

      no, they hate women and therefore they must surely enjoy being shtuppeed in the tokhes (@$$) and that is tantamount to giving them their pleasure.
      What do you have to do with rabid dogs? EXACTLY!
      They have to be destroyed.

  • Bill

    If only the Vatican had a modern day Charles Martel or Richard the Lionheart as Pope

    • Deplorable Kulak

      Instead of the communist girly man who currently resides in the Vatican?

      • Tm.

        The one who wants to change the wording of The Lord’s Prayer?

        • dad1927


      • Achmed

        Hello, Deplorable Kulak. I couldn’t care less if the leader of the church of rome is a communist. What is my problem is that he, and most of that organization’s clergy, are moslem loving, moslem worshipping, islamophiliacs.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    NEVER give up your firearms. Muslim punks need to know they will be shot if needed.

    • Pray Hard

      They don’t need to know anything. They simply need to be shot.

      • VictorMC

        Yep. 9 times out of ten in Israel they are dead meat. NOWHERE else.

      • Bill Kay

        This hoard of zombies need hard lessons which only the sound of mind can administer the solution is obvious Libtards neither have the brains or the guts to defend themselves only the strong will survive this insanity !

    • satcatchet

      That’s all well and good to say in America but you can not own a firearm without proper authority in Britainastain.

      • Dorrie

        And THAT will be the downfall of the UK!

  • maree

    it’s like mossizes came off the boat and think they can do what the hell they like rape women child man animal child groom etc. why aren’t mooslimes stopped? what is speciali about these scum of the earth. they up themselves for reasons i do not honestly know.

  • Michelle

    To even the most stupid person, a brief look at the history of islam and its accompanying violence gives a clue about what to expect within range of muslims and their ghettoes and yet the “leaders”(sic!) in the west choose to ignore this while the leftofascists revel in denying any link between islam and violence. We do not have to become inbreeding muslims to drop our intelligence and increase our ignorance as the leftist education/legal/censor system has already done it.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The britishstinian government tightly controls the police, or, to be correct, the mutaween, in britanistan. There will never be an investigation as this would adversely affect the image that the government is projecting. That of an authoritarian state that selects which citizens are to be protected the which are to be left to the tender series of the subhumans that now control britainstan.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    It’s OK everyone! Don’t worry! The “good”, “moderate” muslums will be along any day now to save us from “radical” islum!

    • Jennifer Katz

      …and in the time “don’t worry, sleep well”)
      (That was the reassuring message Dutch Prime Minister Collijn gave on the radio to the Dutch people in the 1930s concerning Hitler, the head of state of a “befriended nation.” (Dutch citizens who “insulted” Hitler were fined and sent to prison before the nazi invasion…

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Are people being imprisoned in the Netherlands for criticising islum yet?

        • Jennifer Katz

          as far as I know, there are G’d knows how many “politically coreect” organizations in the Netherlands that have brought Mr. Geert Wilders before the tribunals for what they interpret as Mr. Wilders’ “incitement to hatred and discrimination” as criticizing the islam and muslim criminals is a “crime” in their eyes. At a party meeting, having quoted crime statistics and the fact that a huge percentage of prisoners are Moroccans Mr. Wilders asked those who were there if they wanted more Moroccans or less Moroccans, to which almost everyone yelled “LESS, LESS!” That was Mr. Wilders’ “crime.”
          Facebook users who post “offensive texts” can expect a visit from the police forces, a cartoonist was arrested by a heavily armed SWAT team at three o’clock in the morning (those things happened during the nazi era in Germany, under Stalin in the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe before 1989 and that no doubt still are common pracrtice in North Korea) for cartoons “offensive to the islam,” his “nom de plume” is NEKSCHOT. The judge however didn’t convict him and was released, but I don’t know how long he stayed in prison.
          On the other hand, the “Palestinian” scumbag who smashed the windows of a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam was reluctantly arrested by the police and released two days later. He has to appear before magistrates next week, he’ll be cjarged with “disorderly conduc” and I bet the VERY HARD punishment will be to be sent to bed without deating his dessert in the asylum seeker’s home (IF he’s still there and not hiding and living as an illegal alien…)
          I hope I didn’t bore you to death with this megillah, (long story) but my blood boils because of the ways the Dutch Department of Justice pushes for leniency towards muslims and harshness towards those who dare to express their “politically incorrect” views.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.

            Proverbs 29:2

    • Woody Johnson

      A radical muzzie wants to kill you. A moderate muzzie wants a radical muzzie to kill you.
      Moderate islam is the tall grass that radical islam hides in.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I agree 100%.

      • Shovel Ready

        @Woody Johnson: Clearly, concisely and accurately stated. Thank you.

  • Dan Knight

    She is very lucky they didn’t kill her. …

    As I have posted before: It is happening everywhere in the West – though the thugs and the excuses vary.

    Even here in Texas – I’ve seen dozens of cases as bad as this one, and several worse – a few much, much worse. The perps here are illegals – but their motives are just hate and evil – but as long as they can get away with the crime – they have no reason to check their behavior. They’re not animals – they’re much worse.

    Islam of course steps this up a notch with political and religious motivations, but the cause of the non-response is exactly the same:



      Wait a minute—-aren’t you Texans armed???? When the illegals come with a knife, you show up with a gun…. If they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue
      ( according to the Untouchables- Capone….)

  • Dan Knight

    God bless her btw.

  • Pray Hard

    The “police” are a sick joke.

    • Bill Kay

      As is their government and not to forget they are making inroads right here in the good old USA , which is unbelievable !

  • Hussars2016

    “local Kirklees police investigation into her case who she says are stalling in their attempts to investigate the brutal crime”
    What a surprise! I know the reason for this in case anyone else doesn’t know – I learned this in Geography Class.
    The reason is she is living in UKanistan. She would be safer if she moved to Canada !!!
    Ha Ha just kidding…in Canada, Caliph Trudeau would probably personally bean her on the head as he is a feminist..

    She would be safer if she moved to Poland. UK is not safe to Jews and other Kuffar.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Ain’t diversity grand?

  • Alleged-Comment

    In these cases I always like to know if she was one of them that held signs or believed in WELCOME MOSLEM! WELCOME NEGRO!

    They never tell you. Because if you were one of them that believed in that I hardly have any sympathy for you.

  • Pantalones

    Muslims are meanies ?

    • Do you really think that’s helpful?

      I don’t think so.

  • It just may be both.

    British Pakistani Christian Association are calling for local police to consider reviewing this crime as a religiously motivated crime rather then racially motivated. We conclude that the attack is religiously motivated as growing evidence is emerging that radicalized Muslim youths in the UK are finding themselves at odds with British culture and values – a growing social malaise is being ignored by statutory agencies.

    • imwithstoopid

      Quit saying, radicalized. This is the face of Islam and all who follow it and the teachings of the Imans, the words of the three books, and all else pertaining to Islam.
      Do not trust any of them as they are taught to lie about all.
      They are NOT your friend no matter what they say or do. Their book tells them to be friendly to the Kifur / infidel but not friends.

  • Drew the Infidel

    How is that gun control working out for you? It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

    Be safe, be trained, be alert.

  • At first glance I thought perhaps this woman was a Canadian? Canada is going the way of Britain, Sweden and the rest of the sewer that was once Europe.

    • Shovel Ready

      So is America. Look at Dearborn Michigan. And Georgia. And in Virginia and Florida, to name just two areas where Jihadi training camps and Islamic communes are thriving. They ignore local, state and federal law, don’t even notify authorities when someone dies. Instead they just do a private burial on their land. Do any of you know any non-Muslim who has done that and NOT gotten arrested? Probably not. Would be interesting to know if THEIR kids are being force vaccinated like many American children are. BTW, from what I hear taxpayers are covering the living expenses for these people who apparently spend most of their money on guns and ammo with which to kill us.

  • Truthteller

    Not a surprise that you manage to cover this story without mentioning the one guy who has been talking about it, and who has interviewed the poor girl at length:

    Tommy Robinson.

    • Truthteller

      Remember him?

      Cause we all sure remember the way you treated him.

      (And Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff, btw.)

      • Truthteller

        Either one of those individuals is worth ten of you btw.

        Just so you know.

  • JWM

    Why is she surprised????

  • John Forbes

    Not at all Suprised really even as horrific as this is ! More Muslim Cowards but COWARDS everywhere in the UK these days!
    After all the POLICE & COUNCILS & the BBC denied lied about & covered up & still are massive Muslim Group Child Raping epidemic & the UK is virtually SILENT!!

  • Tm.

    Absolutely sickening, and the lack of police response, and government intervention signals big problems to come. This lady was terrorized and scarred for life physically and psychologically. I am speechless and shaking my head.
    The people of UK had best vote in people who are tough on crime and on immigration, lest they suffer the fate of other countries, and some states in other countries.
    Get involved, vote properly, and remember that there are consequences to inactivity.

  • Liberal Male=Sissy Pumpkin Boy

    Three thugs jump me at the same time and I get to blaze away…

  • guymacher

    “We know this as the walls of the alleyway are much closer together with a gap of 4ft between them rather then the width of a Road.” Wilson Chowdhry fix the grammar mistake in your sentence, please.

    • Achmed

      OK, let’s add a comma (,) between “this, as” and one following “together”, another following “them, and change the “then” to “than”. FAR superior to the pakky moslem that’s the mayor of London. Now, on the subject of correction(s), please change your “mistake” to “mistakes” as, we are dealing with plural.

  • John D. Horton

    White people: You have a natural law right to protect yourself. Don’t rely on the government to save you. You must purchase a machine gun like an Uzi and carry it with you at all times. If someone starts messing with you, you shoot them and don’t ask any questions or notify the police because the police are on the enemy’s side.

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    — On the immorality of illegal immigration

    — Political Islam, world politics and Europe : from jihadist to institutional Islamism

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    — Refugee resettlement and the Hijra to America

    — Refugee resettlement in the United States : language, policy, pedagogy

    — Refugees, security and the European Union

    — Religion, ethnicity and transnational migration between West Africa and Europe

    — Religious ideology and the roots of the global Jihad : Salafi Jihadism and international order

    — The return of the Moor : Spanish responses to contemporary Moroccan immigration

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    — The strange death of Europe : immigration, identity, Islam

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    — Unholy alliance : radical Islam and the American left

    — United States of Jihad : who are America’s homegrown terrorists, and how do we stop them?

    — ‘We love death as you love life’ : Britain’s suburban terrorists

    — The white man’s burden : why the West’s efforts to aid the rest have done so much ill and so little good

    — Without roots : the West, relativism, Christianity, Islam

    — Why Muslim integration fails in Christian-heritage societies

  • JUSTsss

    Need to acid bath moslum men and see how they like it!

  • iprazhm

    This happened in Yorkshire county in northern England, but it’s happening, to a smaller extent here in the Unites States. Islamic cult crimes are being meet with: hostility towards victims, media and local officials lying to public about details, or the most often occurrence of complete and total blackout of information.

  • Stephen Honig

    Nikki says: “I can’t understand why the culprits have not been found yet. I have
    informed the police of the school from which two of the youths wore
    uniform and would have thought that investigations would have started
    from there.” It’s because they’re Muslim and that’s why Europe is in demise. In twenty years the name Europe will be changed to “Islamope.”

  • Dorrie

    That dear woman should be suing her country’s leaders for allowing the FILTH of Islam to invade! It’s THEIR fault!

    • Craig

      They are subjects. They have no rights.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I get the distinct feeling this poor woman will never be seeing any justice for the crime done to her.

  • Craig

    Cowardly Britainistan. You gave up your guns, so die like the sheep you are.
    Self-preservation instinct is dead in cowardly Brits.

  • Poppey

    Nikki Hurst has not had justice because the senior people she’s had to deal with are Pakistani muslims.

    In my view the crime against her was both religiously AND racially aggravated, she was a non muslim and a white British female. She is one of those the politicians in London and the BBC / MSM care very little about.

  • Malcolm Jackson

    No justice when Common Purpose controls the Police and Town Council.

  • Metatrona

    The British police are useless. They are fools held hostage by the Muslims living in Great Britain.

  • satcatchet

    When are those British women going to start carrying a knife for self defence?
    Those 3 muslim hood rats beat up on girls & women because they know the girls & women are weak. I haven’t read anything about boys or men beating up their own gender in dark alley ways.

  • A real shame that so many good Brit soldiers died for England’s freedom, only to have their sacrifices made a mockery of by the spineless politicians giving Britain away to Islam.
    Too many Chamberlain’s still around.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Poor woman, her life will never be the same again and it looks like she’s lucky to be alive.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    An English Resistance might not be a bad idea right about now. It would be easier if some region of the United Kaliphate were to secede and become an independent country to form a territory from which resistance strikes can be launched against the collaborators in the government of the United Kaliphate.

  • Marco Marin

    soon open season for muslims will be on, they deserve a bit of their own medicine before we send them packing.

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