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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Australia: Muslim who removed his wife’s right eye before slaughtering her in front of their children tells police it’s “normal” behavior in Middle East


A devout Muslim who wanted to fight for the Islamic State has confessed to butchering his wife and mutilating her body. The Australia court is not naming the honor killer. Such respect is given these savages in Western courts. He wrapped her body in plastic, a quilt and electrical tape. Her body bore injuries including a gouged-out right eye and two amputated fingers.

The devout Muslim killer, who told relatives he wanted to fight for ISIS, slaughtered the mother of three, who was butchered after enduring a married life of violence in which she was a virtual prisoner, in front of their children. Her husband forced her to wear a full head-to-toe burqa, even while in her own backyard, and she was not allowed out of the house alone.

After all this, he told police that what he had done was “normal” behaviour in the Middle East.

Think about that. Normal behavior. This savage doesn’t realize what he is saying. How many women have been brutalized and killed in gruesome ways, like this woman, in countries where such behavior is taken as “normal,” so we will never know their names or be able to stand for them? Linda Sarsour, where are you speaking out about this? Feminists?

The hypocrisy and double standards of Western feminists, as they continue to remain silent about sharia brutalization of women, are nothing short of criminal.

“Wannabe jihadist in Supreme Court over brutal killing of wife in front of children,” by Rebekah Cavanagh, Herald Sun, December 1, 2017:

A RADICALISED Muslim who removed his wife’s right eye before slaughtering her in front of their children told police it was “normal” behaviour in the Middle East.

The brutal killer, who cannot be named to protect the identities of his three children, is facing life behind bars after he pleaded guilty to the horrific killing in June last year.

The Supreme Court heard on Friday how the Broadmeadows man had set out on a “prolonged and vicious” knife attack on his wife at their family home.

He removed her right eye in what is believed to be inspired by the Islamist one-eyed antichrist Dajjal, and cut off two of her fingers while she was still alive.

She bled to death after suffering deep lacerations across her face, neck, arms, legs, back, hips and genitalia.

Her butchered body, wrapped in a doona with cling wrap and electrical tape, was found dumped in grassland in Dallas a month later.

In his police interview, when an officer said it was one of the worst cases he had come across, the man replied: “Grow a gut for it as in the Middle East it’s normal.”

Told that his family did not condone this behaviour, he said: “F— them, f— everyone. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

When it was suggested he had put his children through hell, he said: “If they’ve gone through hell, they’ll grow up to be stronger.”

His children — two boys, aged 6 and 4, and a girl, 2 — described to police the bloody scenes and how they watched as their father “slaughtered” their mother with a big knife.

“All of her body was blood, nothing but blood,” one of the boys said.

They also detailed how he cut out her right eye and flushed it down the toilet.

“Mummy is like the antichrist,” one of the children remarked.

Prosecutor Sharn Coombes said the removal of his wife’s eye was indicative of the man’s religious beliefs and his “extreme interpretation of his own religion”.

The court heard the man, who was acquitted several years ago in a major terror trial where he was among several men accused of planning terror attacks, wanted to move to Syria to fight with jihad.

He once sliced his wife’s hand when she refused to read the book of sharia law.

He also isolated her from her family and friends, did not allow her to leave the house without him, and forced her to wear a burqa, only showing her eyes.

When she started working from home as a seamstress, he wouldn’t allow her to repair men’s clothing. He also would not allow his children to go to school, watch TV, or speak English.

“He wanted to teach them about guns, jihad and the war,” Ms Coombes said.

Their home had just bare mattresses in the bedrooms, a milk crate in the loungeroom, scribble on the walls and smashed windows.

Defence lawyer Scott Johns argued that the man was in a drug-induced psychosis and had a documented history of psychotic disturbance….

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  • Sharon ODonnell

    Remove the children back to where that’s Normal .
    Hes right .
    They will just watch this behavior cont’with his relatives .

  • Fake News Analyst

    Can’t think of a better advert for keeping these savages contained within their own homelands.

    • bourchn

      OK, good idea.
      How about 40-50 million abortions since Roe vs Wade?
      Over 40 days, when brains waves start in a fetus, abortion, according
      to ‘The 7 Noahide Laws’ is considered murderous.
      So Americans are worse to Americans then terrorists are.
      Jail is a cruel system for the non-violent. Jail separates families, so
      The Americans Government, and others, are kidnappers.
      Who’s the savage?
      Truth hurts?

  • Suresh

    And professor in Australia wants ban on fitness ads as it affects “male gaze” (he meant muslim male gaze)

    Deport these scums or expect more of this “cultural diversity” !

    • dad1927

      code word for get brown welfare cases in your country

  • Julian B Duron

    Once again for the BRAIN DEAD of America! (Democrats) Muslim Insurgents will never obey laws of FREE NATIONS nor will they ever PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to a FREE NATION. Muslims will hold KORAN, SHARIA LAWS above all else U.S. Constitution and U.S. LAWS do not mean SH&T to them!
    Also, the difference between a RADICAL MUSLIM and a Moderate Muslim is the RADICAL TAKES your head the MODERATE supplies the SWORD!

    • Craig

      Bingo. 100% correct.

      • moose

        BRAVO !! WELL SAID !

  • Tumbleweed

    You are not in the Middle East! In the West we would just shoot you because you can not be civilized! The Liberal Politicians would congratulate you by giving you welfare!

  • Zavrzlama

    I feel sorry for the children but fact is that it is too late already. These children will never grow up to be normal civilized adults. Bring them to a place where this is the norm. Such stories prove that Islam is worse than the worst psychotic disturbances.

  • DemocracyRules

    He’s right
    – it is normal behavior in the ME

    • caliroxanne

      Yes, at least he’s honest. Probably the only honest words to come from his nasty Muslim mouth. Anyway, at least he did us a favor by taking one Muslim baby factory out of commission.

    • harbidoll

      no its not. But when it does happen the people look away–its a family matter, not their responsibility. Only her family had the right to judge &/or avenge. Theres no charge of the state or people of the state v Mo Smith.

      • Craig

        Wow, you are an idiot. You agree, like and uneducated coward, with islam.

        • harbidoll

          so U excelled at “speech & debate” in College ??? I was stating a fact, not agreeing with it. One should do a little research of a person before attacking. (ur on My Craigs list of “dont waste my time)

  • DemocracyRules

    Are honor killings of Muslim men acceptable?

  • David Bradshaw

    it’s interesting that he could hold his wife hostage like this without any intervention ,that and walking away from previous terror charges made him feel invulnerable

  • Poppey

    This appalling case illustrates why there can be no quarter offered to our political opponents who cover and excuse away these issues on grounds of “sensitivity”, what about the lack of sensitivity shown by the husband to his wife and family ?

    Generally I believe the death penalty being imposed on a person when the evidence or conduct of a trial is later questioned and found to be at fault is wrong because a person may be proved innocent {but he’s dead anyway}, but in cases like this where the children didn’t do it and the husband is the only one who could have done it is caught, then the black cap upon the head of the judge is appropriate.

  • Hussars2016

    It’s normal in UKanistan and Canadistan as well, Especially it is now normalized in Canada as Turdeau took protections against Islamic barbarism out of the immigration procedure and gave his full support to ISIS in the Canadian Parliament declaring that opposing ISIS is Islamophobic!

    • paul morris

      wonder if he’d change his mind if his wife and kids were murdered by a devout adherent to the true Islamic creed

      • Hussars2016

        No he would blame the right wing and have Christians arrested.

    • dad1927
      • normie

        this is what we Canadians have to suffer as the Prime Minister. We have to get rid of him in the next election in order for our country to survive

      • Hussars2016

        Because he is a feminist and feminists love to kill kill kill!

  • Ziggy46

    Murdering or beating one’s Muslim wife, daughter or infidel, needless to say, is common practice in the ME. Liberals, those deeming themselves the apex of humanity, perceive this a cultural exception or special case. It does not faze the leftist dolts that Islam is a misogynistic cult. Sarsour is lauded among the leftist sickos, especially the fetid feminists.

  • Craig

    Who cares? The Australians, like the cowardly Brits and canucks, have all capitulated to islam.
    So, screw them.

    • moose

      It’s all rather sad, that those in power who hold the reigns of their societies, live in ivory towers surrounded by 24/7 security ….and having lived that way, they don’t know what the common man endures…..All these SOB’s should be treated to a dose of reality to see what the common folk endure. The children that were exposed to this house of horrors; going forward will never be the same.

      • dad1927

        The liberals will destroy every freedom we had, earned by the blood of our ancestors like it was garbage

        • Craig

          Yet, not ONE American will stand against the oppressive government.
          Not one, not even my veteran brothers and sisters.

      • Craig

        In the United States, the citizens are the power. We have the Right and Duty to control our government by force if necessary. So, how many American will turn off football, put down the beer and go, armed, to D.C. to reign in the anti-American politicians?
        I can tell you…none.
        The United States is lost because Americans, like the Brits, like the Fwench, are gutless cowards.
        You might as well start teaching your family Islam and read your red book of Mao. Cowardice has brought us to the brink and apathy has let America slide over the cliff.

    • Jan Price

      Wow that’s a very brash statement, where’s your support for your ridiculous statement?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, muslims are clinically proven to be criminally insane, repeatedly. This is really what multiculturalism is? Why would any human being want it?

    • dad1927

      multiculturalism is done to white countries only. Welfare till the country dies, and then take it

  • Ravaa

    Linda Sarsour only pretends she’s a “feminist” in order to co-opt large numbers of feminists into marching for sharia. It’s all about the numbers for Sarsour.

    In reality she is not for women, not for anything but sharia, exactly THIS.

    Linda Sarsour is silent on this because Linda Sarsour approves of it, approves of sharia, and wants it to apply not just to Muslims, but throughout the USA, throughout the world.

    • pipo

      However, I would not mind having a leg over with Linda.

  • tn_tea _ partyer_420

    Who knows, maybe all of the reporting happening with Western men acting like dogs and pigs might resonate in the Middle East and women there will start standing up. Sadly many will be slaughtered but maybe then the hypocrite liberal feminist will open their eyes and see the true Danger facing Western Civilization. okay okay I’ll put down the bong LOL

    • moose

      On the contrary, its the continuing “bong” or outcry and appropriate punishment applied to this scum that calls itself a “religion” that must be fettered out….the answer is simple enough; keep these savages OUT of civilized society IN TOTAL!!

      What the world needs is ANOTHER CRUSADE !!

  • robert v g

    I can’t even think of proper punishment for that guy.If he’s not legal citizen ,treat him accordingly.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    He’s probably right about it being normal behavior in the Arab Middle East.

    But he’s in Australia and the Australians should be doing everything they can to ensure it doesn’t become normal behavior in Australia. Lock him up for life; he doesn’t belong in a civilized society.

  • InfidelCrusader

    He’s not wrong. This sort of barbaric cruelty is normal in the Middle East. This is what we are importing into our countries with every Muslim we allow in.

  • Jane Dowe

    Real easy solution:
    1) put the children in white homes to be raised -teach them about Christianity, Judaism,, anything but islam
    2) put a bullet in this animal’s skull, and
    3) deport all muslims and do not allow entry to any of them

    • marlene

      Great solution. The leaders who create this problem don’t want solutions, other than more of the same. But if they did, I sure hope it would be yours.

    • bourchn

      Teach the world about: ‘The 7 Noahide Laws.’
      This is not ‘Judaism,’ but ‘Torah.’

  • theAKA mark

    How about putting that “HONOR” in quotes buddy?

  • Benton Marder

    He would not have done or said this to Napier during the Raj. Napier would have said and done This: “In our culture, we hang people that blind and slaughter their wives.”

    • dad1927

      drop him in with the old sow… See how long he can run

  • dad1927

    you mean their belief system is incompatible with the west? You islamophobe!

  • dad1927

    send the feminists in.. That will fix it

  • marlene

    It becomes “normal behavior” when their children watch it and grow up believing it’s “normal.” Their father was in a “drug-induced psychosis” from birth because the koran was his drug. It’s insane for any country to allow people with such evil, brutal beliefs to come into their country, only to let them get away with torture and murder when they claim it’s part of their “religion.”

  • msdlmoore

    What f’g animal if this is normal then they are rabid and need put down

  • Pieter

    There are no “extreme interpretation” of Islam, that is slam.

  • joanofark06
  • jerrys

    And this is what they will do to their own families what do you think will happen to yours when they form up and attack?

    Worldwide, many times a day millions of muslims attend their mosques to be harangued with commands to behead, murder,rape, poison and burn out the Kuffar (You and Me). Likely the rash of fires in California are the result of this!

  • santashandler

    “They also detailed how he cut out her right eye and flushed it down the toilet.” The exact same thing should be done to him, only with acid. This is far beyond evil.

  • Stephen Honig

    How do you differentiate between evil and psychotic?

    • Craig

      Muslims are evil and psychotic.

      • Stephen Honig

        Good thinking!

  • Leia Inniss

    Once they’re practicing, they’re already extreme. By our standards, not theirs..

  • wpjokari
  • Rocinante44

    the muslim pos is probably telling the truth. the real story is which australian pos let him in the country

  • Kris

    Where are the feminists??

  • John Forbes

    MORE moderate & tolerant MUSLIM horrors! How on EARTH can WESTERN Politicians keep up the lies about this ideology?
    This is a seventh century at best barbaric IDEOLOGY Masquerading as a RELIGION!
    Between Bombings. Running people over with trucks, Stabbings, Gang Raping Children by the thousands & Calling for an end to DEMOCRACY & the Introduction of SHARIA – how is it the FREE CHOICES WEST has been stupid enough to both tolerate &promote e this??? ISLAM is the NEW FASCISM & is a FIFTH COLUMN led by the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD & the WEST is still in DENIAL ????

  • Mojo

    An eye for an eye is absolutely appropriate in this case.

  • bourchn

    All the world’s governments must observe ‘The 7 Noahide Laws.’ These
    laws are the oldest known civilized laws in the world.

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