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Minneapolis: Muslim migrant stabs woman 14 times, local media ignores incident


This attack has not been covered at all by the Minneapolis newspapers, and other coverage of it doesn’t mention the identity of the attacker. This report doesn’t either in the print version. Only in the video do we learn that the attacker was a “Somali man.” Clearly the enemedia in Minneapolis don’t want to talk about this incident and others like it, for fear that some people in Minneapolis might start to get the idea that inundating the area with Muslim migrants wasn’t such a good idea.

These media outlets need to be thoroughly repudiated and shut off. This slanted coverage of the most important story of our time is unacceptable, and it leads to attacks like this from Muslim migrants who are emboldened, knowing that no serious effort will be made to stop them, and victims who are careless because they don’t realize there is a threat. This has to stop.

“Woman Stabbed 14 Times Speaks About Ordeal,” KSTP, December 20, 2017:

A Minneapolis woman who was stabbed 14 times while walking to her Uptown home said she is doing better and is focused on helping police catch her attacker.

Twenty-six-year-old Morgan Evenson said she was attacked Dec. 13 while walking home from her job at the Apple store on Hennepin Avenue.

Evenson told KSTP she struggled with her attacker at the corner of 32nd Street and Fremont Avenue and she considers herself lucky to be alive.

“It was horrifying, because I could feel something that felt like it was stinging me, but it was him stabbing me,” she said. “Doctor’s told me I had 14 wounds that needed stitches, including a lacerated kidney.”…

“I cannot imagine anyone attacking someone like that and as a woman it is especially frightening, but I knew I had to fight back and I want him to know I am OK and that he will be caught,” Evenson said.

Evenson said she is extremely grateful to neighbors and passersby who heard her screaming and came to her aid which, she said, ultimately led to her attacker running away….

A GoFundMe page has been established in Evenson’s name.

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  • Achmed

    I am certain that the negro moslem perpetrator will be caught and placed in the same cell as Mohamed Noor. Oh, I forgot, he’s not in jail .. or even charged. Never mind!

    • Lacy

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    • So …you find this funny Achmed?!?
      Mohamed Noor will ROAST in HELL just like the NEGRO MOSLEM PERPETRATOR!!!!!

      • David Glynn

        I think Achmed would have some very interesting ways of dealing with both Noor and the perpetrator of this cowardly crime.

        • Achmed

          Hi, David. Y’know .. growing up on a livestock oriented farm, and hiring out to countless famers … I castrated, literally, thousands of boars .. turning out nice little barrows … and I turned hundreds of bull calves into steers. Even though around half a century has passed, I do believe that I still retain that ability. So, the first thing that I would do … is …

          • David Glynn

            my Eyes are watering as I read.

        • Ludlow Porch

          Achmed, i’m available for backup!

          • Achmed Mohammedan

            Your offer of assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ludlow Porch.

      • Robert Taylor

        No one thinks it is funny they just know the truth.
        muslims are allowed to do any crime and not punished or deported.
        YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sandra

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        • Ludlow Porch

          The solution to that issue is, take NO Prisoners and lots of body bags!

        • Agnes

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      • Ludlow Porch

        I want to be a witness. And since I am a Christian, I will miss that.

  • Suresh

    MSM are easier to buy out to control what gets out. This will continue s long as funding to politicians/media from OIC does not stop.

    They are so vicious they do not even spare christian Aid worker who was helping the “refugees ” settle in

    And the case was sealed from public airing under obama and his minions when it occurred to prevent Americans from waking up to the jihadi brutality.

    • mztore

      Let’s face it, Minnesota is no longer full of swedish people they are mudslime, just like the country. It has been taken over by the mudslimes, and is no longer part of the U.S. Let them declare canada or sweden as their country instead of the U.S.

  • This level of “political correctness” is killing Western civilization and democracy. Truth has become a negligible value to so many in this country.

    • Rena

      I wouldn’t call is political correctness per se as this is a direct attempt to keep people in the dark about what is going on because the left need them as much as they need the illegals in this country. It’s about votes and money for them and nothing more. Keeping it quiet gives people a sense that they aren’t doing anything wrong and they are being wrongfully attacked by the right.

      • Dan Knight

        Yes – they want the drones to think any complaints about the outrageous quantity and quality of violence coming from the Left’s special thugs are due to hate, racism, or bigotry.

      • The former “closet muslum” President of the USA.
        Had a lot to do with this attitude.
        Now it has taken on a life of its own.

        • Jim

          Intent all along..

      • tatka150

        It’s a crime

    • marlene

      PC is really “political control”

    • Ludlow Porch

      Political correctness is the New Third Reich!

  • Dan Knight

    Incredible … she is alive.

    More violence sponsored by the Left, promoted by the Left, incited by the Left …
    with the intention of denouncing the actual resistance to the Leftonazis.

    Without violence arising from a hate-ideology or identity politics, the Leftnazis know they would have no ‘backlash’ to denounce as racism and bigotry. They then use the anti-violence protests to convince third party identity groups to vote for them. The Left says, “Look at those haters, racists, and bigots blaming people’s skin color or religion for a very, rare crime that would never occur if we could just destroy the West and end White Privilege.” …

    And of course drones who live in lily white communities of liberal atheists who maintain the civil order established by WASPs believe this nonsense – and Big Lies.

  • santashandler

    Well, the good folks of Minneapolis needn’t worry. The ‘good’ cops on the force will get right on this and get the bad guy in no time. Just like they did with the shooting case of the Australian woman by a police officer earlier this year…….

  • Dave

    Our gov’t starting from the AG on down is complicit in allowing this crap to continue. If they can’t/won’t prosecute because of their race or religion, then why do WE THE PEOPLE tolerate their political ideology. You can’t exempt Allah from any of these categories. There are some who now want to start their own jihad against the jihadists. This is going to end badly-but it has to end. Our leaders in many countries fail/refuse to acknowledge the reality of Islam and the cancer is spreading and growing exponentially. Thank God for courageous people like Rob Spencer, Wilders and Geller.

    • tatka150

      God Bless Them

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Even if her attacker is found, the same useless bag of scat that is incapable of prosecuting the cop who murdered a woman, will decline to press charges for “lack of evidence” might as well have the trial moved to the twin falls stand up comedy festival as that is where complaints against muslims are heard. The pustulating scabs of the lame stream media once again display how useless and stupid they have become. Disgusting to see how the municipal government, police, media and police have united to cover up muslim crime.

    • marlene

      Just as disgusting, and even more dangerous, is how many muslims are now IN the municipal government, police, media and police.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is why a lot of those institutions are losing credibility and are totally ineffective. This will result in them being disbanded.

        • The POLICE AND THE MEDIA will be disbanded?!?
          I don’t think that will happen. First, there’s not too many Muslims in the media and Second, the POLICE will NEVER be disbanded, however, I AM concerned when I see Muslims being promoted to high ranking positions in municipalities and the govt.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            They will end up being contracted out.

  • conan_drum

    Go for the groin and the eyes especially, Aggressors do not want to be blinded and they fight less well if their eyes are damaged.

    • Saved1973

      I realize it’s a lot less than someone like that deserves, but everyone should at least carry pepper spray, & learn how to use it. I’m pretty sure It’s legal for adults to carry in all states. It works well on 2 legged beasts & 4 legged beasts.
      Don’t walk close to buildings, as you round a corner, or pass a corner, someone could reach out & grab you, or hit you, before you see them or have time to react.
      Stay alert at all times. Keep your electronics in your pocket or purse until you get where you’re going. If you’re in a bad area or see someone following you, keep the pepper spray in your hand.
      If you see someone coming at you, use your footwork to keep out of arms reach & use the pepper spray.
      If you get the spray that comes out in a stream, many have a 10-12 ft range. Try out your pepper spray to see what range it has. Many people shake it before use if possible.
      If they’re already close enough to grab you, keep them at arms length with your stiff straight arm & use the other hand & arm to spray, so they can’t grab it out of your hand.
      Once sprayed in the eyes, it’s much more difficult for them to do whatever evil deed they’re trying to do & makes it much easier for you to follow up with a strike.
      If they’re close enough for them to hold onto you & stab you, then it’s too close for you to kick the groin effectively but too FAR to KNEE the groin. If you don’t believe me, try the kick & knee (carefully) at home with a friend & see for yourself.
      It IS however, a good range for kicks to the shin.
      I know that kicks to the shin don’t sound like much, but are very easy to do, are very painful to the person on the receiving end, & don’t affect your balance too much.
      Notice I said ‘kicks’ (plural) to the ‘shin (singular), If possible, try to kick the SAME shin, at the same SPOT. They ALL hurt, but doing it this way makes it much more effective.
      The pepper spray, combined with the shin kicks, should cause them to let go & you can make your escape.
      I won a fight with a much larger, aggressive black guy one time, by repeatedly kicking him in the shin with my army boots. He soon changed his mind & didn’t want to fight anymore.
      If someone attacks you, take that fear that you feel, & turn it into rage & aggression. Make them fear for THEIR safety.
      This reply was not intended necessarily for conan_drum.

    • David Glynn

      The eyes Yes! But not the groin.
      Pain can be ignored but blindness can’t. Anywhere between the tip of the chin to just below the ear is a good easy target too that is always affective.
      Carry a strong stout writing pen in your pocket, it’s legal and excellent for stabbing eyes and face in general.
      Be ready and Keep safe.

  • Annie

    Young American woman has survived repeated stabbings and attempted murder
    by a “Somali man” – while walking down the street in the USA in Minneapolis –
    the same city where another “Somali man”, police officer Mohammed Noor,
    shot and killed in cold blood another unarmed White woman only five months
    ago. And he still has his job and his salary – and his freedom.

    I only hope that as the “Somali man” was running away from trying to kill
    the American girl – he attempted to sprint across a highway and was crushed
    by a Mack truck.

    • David Glynn

      Muslims as many sane people know are the scum of the earth but even they have a pecking order and Somalis are bottom of it. They’re distrusted and despised throughout Islam.
      The scum of scum.

  • Cisco

    CCW permit ! Go armed, ready & willing to defend your life. Never leave home without it.

  • Ghost Rider

    I live in Minneapolis/Little Mogadishu )…These Mohammad lovers run the politicians and police carpet treatment …The Somali cop (Noor) who shot the white woman from Australia will not be prosecuted … From a reliable source in the MPD …he rode around on his duty shift with his pistol in his lap…also had many complaints about him treating white women he encountered while working like dirt …
    I say green lite him with a .308 BTHP to the forehead and be done with him….
    Muslims almost run this state….screw with one and get tased and beaten with a rubber hose …
    This will end badly in the long run..People in Mn are already fed up with the welfare riding Muslim horde that lives here…

    • David Glynn

      Form a defence league and if there are many minesotans that are genuinely fed up with this shite they will flock to your banner.
      Read about how the EDL was formed by Tommy Robinson in England. It became very effective in voicing the will of the un-represented.
      Learn by his mistakes and the best of luck to you.

  • joe schmoe

    And the criminal complicit FBI and courts infiltrated with Obama clones are trying to intimidate and scare US citizens into giving this country over to the muzzies. Dark days ahead for all those involved and their families. we the people will not go quietly.

  • Jim

    Simple solution. Find this scumbag. Kill this scumbag.
    Repeat as often as necessary.

    • Saved1973

      Then YOU will be charged with murder & go to prison for a very long time.

      • Jim

        Only if there are witnesses. “Kill zones” can be made.

  • David Glynn

    Another story of Islamic barbarity in Americanistan! Where are the men with guns? I thought they was legal over there.
    Kill the scum.

    • Saved1973

      Just because it’s legal to own guns in most places in the U.S.A. (not by drug addicts, alcoholics, felons, or domestic abusers) it’s still NOT legal to carry them on your person in many places, only to have them in your home.
      A better question is , why didn’t the woman have a gun to defend herself? Women shoot just as well as men do, sometimes better.
      Probably a Democrat run town/city where gun laws are very restrictive, or maybe she was an anti-gun person herself.
      Either way, if she’d had a gun & knew how to use it, she would probably be alive today.
      Very often, just showing a criminal that you have a gun, is enough to cause them to change their mind & leave the area.
      Of course the lying anti-gun media never let those incidents be published.

      • Achmed Mohammedan

        Actually, and I was surprised when I discovered this, a CHL is readily obtainable in Minnesota. I know of several that, although they do not commonly carry a concealed handgun, simply have one to avoid the sometimes long and arduous wait of the NICS when making a purchase.

  • Realist

    Would not hesitate one second emptying a full mag of 9mm into this sub-human if I caught him doing this.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The muslum man was just practicing for his acupuncturist’s license.

  • Ludlow Porch

    I think Minneapolis needs a lot “Death Wish, Paul Kersey’s” roaming the streets, protecting law abiding citizens from these domestic Muslim terrorist!

    • Jim

      I think OUR country needs a LOT of PK (and friends) IF we are to STILL have OUR country.

  • media is forbidden to cover these incidents- be sure to tell your family and friends that this happens on the daily in every city- and urge them to always be armed, trained and ready to take the life of a raping head chopping Obama import

    search ebay for a “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa”

    with this the federal government does not have your name in the “has guns” list and if you have to use it you can defend yourself–run–and toss it in a river or down a drain piper. not traceable – we do

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