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Minneapolis ordinance would protect immigrant crime victims


Yet, minorities who are crime victims are protected! Weren’t they already? This ordinance isn’t really necessary, as the Minneapolis police force, like all police forces everywhere, was already dedicated to protecting all victims of crime. This ordinance is designed to protect “immigrants who are crime victims but may fear deportation by going to police.” So it is telling people who are here in the U.S. illegally that they have nothing to worry about in Minneapolis: authorities will not enforce the law regarding them, and will allow them to stay in the country despite being here illegally.

So the city of Minneapolis is flouting the law and encouraging people to break laws. This is the left in power.

“Minneapolis ordinance would protect immigrant crime victims,” Associated Press, December 16, 2017 (thanks to Nancy):

The City of Minneapolis has passed an ordinance protecting immigrants who are crime victims but may fear deportation by going to police.

The ordinance passed by the City Council on Wednesday would give immigrants protection from deportation if they help prosecute the crime.

Police Chief Medaria Arrandondo said it allows the crime to be documented but hits the pause button on any possible deportation.

Officials say it creates a formalized process and timeline to a U visa, which can take nine months to obtain. The U visa is set aside for crime victims who are willing to assist law enforcement.

Gloria Velazquez, from the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, told KSTP-TV the ordinance will allow crime victims to come out of the shadows and seek protection.

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  • RCCA

    So all they have to do is report a crime that never happened, or accuse someone they don’t like of committing a crime, and the illegal alien is on the path to citizenship or at least a permanent visa. Of course illegals never lie and would never ever think of doing that. What a recipe for disaster.

    • Richard

      Not quite as bad as you characterize…it requires more than the reporting of the crime – the victim must help prosecute the crime. This rather vague language comes from the article and it’s doubtful if it is the language in the ordinance verbatim. Hopefully the report of a crime which is a hoax will not lead to prosecution. Many people are not clear on how this works, like all the people who opined that the FBI decided not to prosecute Hilary. It is not the job of the police to prosecute but rather the district attorney’s office. And they will only bring forth an indictment if they feel there is adequate evidence to achieve a conviction – or if the suspect is a political enemy. But I have no doubt this benefit will be extended to illegals beyond the protection outlined in the law.

      • Bradley Lexvold

        As for the FBI, they are answerable to the Judicial Committee which was chaired by Conyers, but now worse, by Jerry Nadler, both flaming Communists as documented by Trevor Louden. If they’re directed not to investigate a presidential candidate, then they won’t. It’s corruption all over the place and no end in sight.

        • mztore

          the fib doesn’t think it is answerable to anyone it appears.

          • Bradley Lexvold

            You can’t stop a communist influence if you’re answerable to its leaders, who is also in charge of your funding. Then there is the corruption within the department. Once you realize how bad it is, it becomes obvious it can’t be fixed. There is no moral compass. They may think they have one, but if they all through their concepts on a table and looked at how much they had in common, they’d realize that all of them have different concepts of right and wrong.

          • mztore

            You are right that there is no moral compass. There is nor moral compass in anything any more. These days up is down and down is up, right is wrong and wrong is right. It has me very confused, so I just have to do my own thing and go by what my moral compass tells me. Guess most of them don’t have any upbringing with one.

      • Mark Steiner

        The language is vague – will have to see how this is practiced – since we can count on the media to rewrite truth to support the “cause” of their choice. In this case, protect Islam at all cost.

        The paymasters in the media are at work.

    • Suresh

      Its time for US/Israel and other sane countries to deport muslims out. show them the same treatment that they show towards non-muslims.

      For first time Israel makes a belated but Long overdue ban on islamonazis

      when will US/EU do it ?

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      No state nor city has any right to grant any immigrant any status, permanent or temporary

      The right to determine whether an immigrant could stay rests solely on the Federal Government

  • Mark Steiner

    Minneapolis has quite of history of liberal, left-wing mayors.

    Go back to 1948 for one of them: Hubert Horatio Humphrey.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Yes, they may have been liberal and left wing, but crazy seems to been redefined as without limits.

    • Achmed Mohammedan

      Well, wasn’t Hubert just “pleased as punch” to be that city’s mayor?

      • Mark Steiner

        He was. and he never stopped talking about it.

  • Poppey

    Anyone who deliberately ignores the law they’re sworn to uphold because by doing so it would conflict with their personal or political conscience is unfit to hold that office.

    Senior people need to sit up and see what’s going on because this way leads to political and social anarchy.


    The only ordinance that the sane people of Minneapolis need, is Ordnance to take out as many of the the third century throwback mudscum/mudslime as they can.

  • robert v g

    I’m so dumbfounded I can’t reply right now.

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Keep looking at articles here and that will happen a lot.

  • UncleSam13

    “…the Minneapolis police force, like all police forces everywhere, was already dedicated to protecting all victims of crime.” Um, no they don’t:

  • buck

    I wonder when Minneapolis will have a law for CITIZENS who are VICTIMS OF CRIME from being charged for laws they may have broken but fear the consequences of their crime by going to police. Never? Left only cares about illegals.

  • TomD

    It should be pointed out that anyone who commits a crime against an illegal could commit one against a citizen the next day. While ‘sanctuary cities’ and the like are odious, a law like this actually benefits citizens.

  • Dagonet

    “protect immigrant crime victims”… F that, just ELIMINATE “immigrants”.

  • santashandler

    Sure, pass the ordinance. Because nothing spells insane liberalism like protecting an illegal activity.

    Trump should immediately have the federal gov seize the city of Minneapolis before this disease gets out of hand and infects the rest of the country.

  • Alleged-Comment

    See how one law-breaking leads to another? You are correct. This is how the left (aka communist) behave. They are GODLESS and LAWLESS, yet you people keep voting them in as long as they call themselves DEMONCRAPS.

    What a world……

  • Patrick Leary

    Bass ackwards

  • Patrick Leary

    Messes up the whole equal protection thing too – but who cares about the Constitution?

  • Joseph111

    goodbye minnesota-stan – it was nice knowing you!

  • peakpower

    It all about a chilling effect so people are made frightened to point out certain minorities are disproportionally violent. We all know who they are.

  • freepetta

    Minnesota is a SICK state!

  • Dorrie

    But what about the “immigrants” who COMMIT the crimes?! Like that asshat cop who shot and killed a young woman in front of his partner this past year and is still on the police force with no investigation!!

  • dad1927

    Sounds like a path to citizenship. Fake U visas. So Minneapolis is setting federal law. Why do we need a president, then? The civil war using lawyers is underway. Sounds like the supreme court is going to be real busy

    • dad1927

      Does he need a visa for his knife?

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