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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Leftist U.S. Jews Slam Trump Over Jerusalem Move, Warn of ‘Destructive Consequences’


This is just as I predicted. Yesterday I tweeted: “Will self-loathing Jews, Jewicidal Democrats, alt-left Jews and JINOS attack the tzadilk ? This is about to get interesting.”

The question was rhetorical, as the answer was obvious: the rage of these leftist Jews against Trump acting in recognition of Israel’s obvious rights was inevitable. They never miss a chance to come down on the side of Israel’s enemies. And look at the contortions they have to resort to in order to do so. Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, affirms that “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel,” he just doesn’t want Trump saying so: “the White House should not undermine these efforts by making unilateral decisions that are all but certain to exacerbate the conflict.” What he is saying is that the Muslims are going to get angry, and we must not do anything to anger them: the classic dhimmi mentality.

Trump is not subjugated and refuses to be intimidated, and that enrages and frightens these tools. These are not really Jewish groups at all, but anti-Jewish groups which, when they are not attacking Jews, are calling for a kristallnacht against the tiny Jewish state. They promote and sponsor the vicious boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) movement designed to alienate and cut Israel off from the rest of the world. On this issue, they are reliably lining up alongside their Muslim masters.

Proud Jews who love Israel have long been the bane of these groups’ existence. These Jewish leaders, quislings, mount vicious attacks on proud Jews, Zionists and Israel. It is these Jewish leaders that we bear like a wretched malady. And all Jews and lovers of Israel should repudiate them and reject them definitively. I do not give these Jewidicals the benefit of the doubt that they’re just thoughtlessly following the leftist line. No, because of their vicious attacks on Jews who stand for something good and true, stand for Israel and against Islamic Jew-hatred. Stand — we always stand, no matter how blistering the attacks, as opposed to the Jewicidals always on their knees, or more like their bellies.

“Progressive U.S. Jews Slam Trump Over Jerusalem Move, Warn of ‘Destructive Consequences,'” Haaretz, December 6, 2017:

Jewish groups in the U.S. expressed deep concern and dismay following Tuesday evening’s announcement from U.S. President Donald Trump that he intends to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Jewish Reform movement in the U.S. expressed its concern over Trump’s expected change in U.S. policy on Jerusalem’s Old City. Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, said on Wednesday that “President Trump’s ill-timed, but expected, announcement affirms what the Reform Jewish Movement has long held: that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”

Jacobs contested that Reform Jews “cannot support his decision to begin preparing that move now, absent a comprehensive plan for a peace process.”

“While the president took the right step in announcing that he would sign the waiver, as have his Republican and Democratic predecessors, the White House should not undermine these efforts by making unilateral decisions that are all but certain to exacerbate the conflict,” he noted.

J Street, the U.S.-based, liberal advocacy group also opposed the move. President Jeremy Ben-Ami stated that “the effect of moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem prior to a negotiated agreement will be to anger key Arab allies, foment regional instability and undermine nascent U.S. diplomatic efforts to resolve the larger conflict.”

“The administration should also note that only a small minority of Jewish Americans – just 20 percent – support unilaterally moving the embassy,” he added. “Moving the embassy or recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital could have destructive consequences for American allies in the region- in particular the kingdoms of Jordan and Saudi Arabia,” he warned.

Left-wing activist organization Jewish Voice for Peace blasted Trump’s reported decision as “an endorsement of Israel’s annexation.”

Rebecca Vilkomerson, the executive director of JVP, stated that “for 70 years, the US has given Israel tacit approval to steal Palestinian land, build illegal Jewish settlements, and deny Palestinians in East Jerusalem and elsewhere their rights.”

“Trump’s decision,” she charged, “takes these ongoing policies to the next level and is reckless, irresponsible and endangers the lives of Palestinians and Israelis.”

The American-based New Israel Fund also raised qualms over the potential dangers such moves could pose to Israelis and Jews in the Diaspora. CEO Daniel Sokatch stated that “President Trump many not understand what’s at stake here, but we do. Moving the embassy risks igniting the tinderbox of anger, frustration and hopelessness that already exists in Jerusalem.”…

“Reform Movement Backs Palestinians against Israel on Jerusalem,” by Evelyn Gordon, Commentary, December 6, 2017:

That Arab and European leaders are protesting President Trump’s intent to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is no surprise. Nor is it any surprise that groups like J Street and Jewish Voice for Peace joined them. I was, however, genuinely shocked that the leader of America’s largest Jewish denomination also joined the denunciations. Until recently, any mainstream American Jewish leader would have been embarrassed to oppose U.S. recognition of Jerusalem publicly.

And yet, it’s of a piece with recent decisions by non-Orthodox Hillel directors to bar mainstream Israelis from speaking on campus, and with the fact that Birthright Israel recently dropped the Union for Reform Judaism as a trip organizer because it was recruiting too few students. Taken together, all these facts paint a worrying picture.

I’ve always objected when I hear people on the right term the Reform Movement anti-Israel because of its stance on the peace process. After all, its views aren’t far from those of Israel’s mainstream center-left, and any mainstream view ought to be legitimate within the pro-Israel camp.

But in its opposition to recognizing Jerusalem, the URJ has zero support from Israel’s Zionist center-left. The chairman of the Labor Party, currently Israel’s largest opposition party, praised Trump’s expected decision. Yair Lapid, head of the other main opposition party (which is currently outpolling Labor), demanded that the rest of the world follow suit.

Indeed, only two Israeli parties shared the Reform Movement’s reservations: the Arab community’s Joint List and the far-left Meretz, which used to be a Zionist party but no longer is. Its platform doesn’t define it as Zionist, its official spokeswoman defines it as “a non-Zionist Israeli party,” and key backers of its current chairwoman are busy floating the idea of an official merger with the anti-Zionist Joint List. Thus, in opposing U.S. recognition of Jerusalem, the Reform Movement has aligned itself with the country’s anti-Zionists against the entire spectrum of Israeli Zionist opinion.

In his statement, URJ President Rick Jacobs insisted that the Reform Movement does consider Jerusalem to be Israel’s “eternal capital,” to which the U.S. Embassy should move someday. But the URJ “cannot support” Trump’s “decision to begin preparing that move now, absent a comprehensive plan for a peace process,” Jacobs said, as it objects to any “unilateral steps.” Other Reform Jewish organizations, including the Association of Reform Zionists of America, the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Women’s Rabbinic Network, endorsed this statement….

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  • peakpower

    Who cares what Jin’s think? The don’t represent anything but a reprobate mass of derangement. They understand one thing. How to promote rot of the soul to implode civilizations by eventually being over run by hordes of barbarians. Muslims are just modern day barbarians.

  • Ebayer

    Yup, plus remember how some were even saying Trump was anti-Semitic. Turns out he is the only US president to keep his word on this. The “Palestinians” have had chance after chance of making peace with Israel under the most generous terms, but time and again they don’t do it. The only thing that will really satisfy them is the destruction of Israel. So Trump said screw it, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Period.

    • Pray Hard

      Nothing satisfies moslems, ever. Thus, there is simply no sense in trying. Death to Islam.

      • Craig

        Knight Templars, killing muslims since 1119. I was knighted in 1991.

  • wraith67

    Peace process? Funny how that seems to be difficult to pull off when the other guy is a terrorist. It would seem after trying and failing for 70 years, somebody would quit bothering with a ‘peace process’.

    • Pray Hard

      It is very tiresome.

  • Pray Hard

    Don’t want to be themselves, huh?

    Yes, there will be destructive consequences, as always, on any big decision. So what? Such will be destructive on moslems.

    Trump’s was a statement, not just of epic proportions, but of mythic proportions. The line has been drawn. The definition has been made. The foot has been put down. The table has been cleared. The warrior has raised his head. Hope has been awakened. Parsifal has found the spear. Excalibur has been drawn from the stone. Somebody had to do it or Western Civilization was going to die.

  • Millionmileman
  • Voytek Gagalka

    “Destructive consequences” were in THEIR OWN cowardly dhimmitude and appeasement to their sworn enemies.

  • Dennis

    Excellent article, but a sad commentary on the conduct of those people reported on in the articles cited. The conduct of those writers who see the President’s decision to finally overtly accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move our embassy there where it belongs, was and is a brilliant attempt to tell the Arab world, especially the Palestinians and Hamas and Iran that Israel is there to stay and that they must end the terror and anti-Semitism and agree to negotiate defensible borders, and accept the reality that both sides can prosper from one another to the benefit of all of their people. That is what all this means. Those Jews who constantly see the end result as bloodlust and terror are acting in a cowardly manner and are opening themselves to what happened in Europe in the years prior to WWII and the fact that they fell victim to the Nazi’s and the genocide that followed. These people who think like that must be rejected and recognized as not seeing the possible “light’ at the end of the tunnel. we need more people like Pamela and those who see the truth, speak the truth and hear the truth.

    • mztore

      We do need more people like Pamela. IMO the “American Jews” that have the name only, Hate America, Hate Trump, Hate what America stands for, and should all be sent to Germany or Sweden to live.

  • garry pollack

    these JINOs shud watch the muzzie smashing the glatt kosher restaurant’s windows. Like in the 30’s…no one will lift a finger to help us & blame the victim…zionism is really irrelavent to these people…a Jew is a Jew is a Jew…no Israel means we R just that much more easy to kill for them…& that is “the bottom line!”

  • Merchantseamen

    Genesis 12-3 I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you, And in YOU all the families of the earth shall be blessed. I pity the Kapo’s who sell themselves into hell to live a few moments longer.

  • harbidoll

    Oh ye of NO faith

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