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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

Hungarian Public Overwhelmingly Rejects ‘Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration to Europe

[ December 17, 2017 ]

New Jersey Imam who called for killing the Jews will NOT BE FIRED

[ December 17, 2017 ]

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Italy: Town With Seven Inhabitants To Receive 80 Migrants


A town in Italy with only seven inhabitants — seven — is being told to take in 80 migrants from mostly Muslim nations.

Talk about a culture shock.

The mayor, rightly so, has deemed the demand a total upheaval.

Police and migrants have already been involved in several clashes over the months.

Police and migrants have engaged in several notable clashes in the streets in Italy in recent times.

This new demand isn’t like to calm tensions between citizens and migrants.

Jihad Watch has more:

“Seven people and eighty migrants. The Mayor: “Upheaval of our territory,” translated from “Sette abitanti e ottanta migranti. Il sindaco: “Territorio stravolto,” La Stampa, November 10, 2017:

In Contrada Vaccarozzi (Verona), there is no barricade, but there is mistrust. The refugees are in a former NATO barracks. The co-op reassures: they will be monitored.

He is a farmer. “I’m afraid to go outd at night. What can we do, seven against eighty?

Welcome to “Profugoland.” Welcome to the Vaccarozzi district of Erbezzo above Verona, 1185 meters above sea level, seven people, two of whom are extremely elderly, with nearby caretakers, and 26 refugees, destined to become 80 soon. With a ratio of almost 11 to 1, this destroys the very optimistic claim of Minister of Interior Marco Minniti, that the refugees would be 3 every 1,000 inhabitants. The Mayor of Erbezzo, Lucio Campedelli…makes the statement: “The sending of 80 refugees to our territory is to completely overthrow it. We were only told just before the summer that they would arrive. We cannot do anything with it. As an administrator, I do not want to throw gas on the fire, but I hope that they will stop at least with these 26.”

The first 26 arrived just two days ago….They are Ghanaians, Nigerians, New Guinea, Sudanese, and Ivory Coast. All men. All still traumatized by the barge crossing and, it is also thought, by the fog from the rain and the cold that hammers these hills…

The refugees for now are housed in the former NATO barracks managed by the Prefecture of Verona…”To send them here is madness. The total upheaval of our territory. Even sending two here would be too many if we did not ask for them….”

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  • Nefarious420

    Italy needs a 2 state solution. Pope is so pro islam, let them have the Vatican City and Rome, all muslims are taught that the world is theirs in its entirety.

    • marlene

      Send the Pope to Verona. Let him put his life where he puts ours.

  • shirley versace

    well, either the Italians wake up now, or … slip quietly into the night.

    Unless they let go of all this ‘humanitarian’ muck, that or bow down to a thousand years of Islam. Bear in mind, your country is NOT yours to give away. Not for a pension fund, not for cheap labour and not for cheap ‘feels’.

    You don’t ‘own’ your country – nor do you have the right to dispose of it on a whim. You inherit your country and during your life you are custodian of this birth right which is your duty to preserve so that in turn it can be handed on to the next generation.

    It is not ‘yours’ to squander or wreck. It belongs to bygone generations, and generations to come just as much as to you.

    • peakpower

      It doesn’t matter. Politicians will hide behind the hordes of ignorant masses to advance their creeping death agenda.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Then let them try to implement “democracy” in that place without proper checks and balances! Plus Those 80 Mohammedans will still claim status of protected “minority” to extort additional advantages of “victim status,” because, let me assure you, those “seven” natives have ZERO chances to be ever considered as minority even if by rules of math they are.

    • marlene

      And since only 7 inhabitants cannot support 80 migrants, there’s a bigger, more sinister, picture here.

  • Poppey

    As this issue illustrates what is happening IN Italy and the reason for mass immigration, I’ll quote a paragraph or two from one of my leaflets entitled

    For the first time in 90 years, Italy is showing fewer native Italians. Since 2008 births have been declining.
    In 2015 there were fewer than 500,000 births – 17,000 fewer than in 2014. Of these 500,000, 72,000 were to foreign mothers – 14.8% of the total. Deaths exceeded 647,000, 50,000 more than in 2014.
    The net result is 227,000 Italians have vanished in one year {2015}.

    A recent survey disclosed that for every 1% increase in immigration to Italy, crime rises by 0.4%.
    Among Italians there are 4.3 convicted criminals for every 1000 citizens. Among legal immigrants the figures are 8.5 per 1000. Among illegal immigrants the rate is 148 to every 247. The cost to the Italian economy in 2016 has been estimated to be 26.5 billion Euros.

    This issue of depopulation is gathering pace in Spain, Greece and Portugal to name just three countries – the arithmetic is all the justification the UN under the snake Guterrez needs to wave through millions of Africans and Berber Arabs into Europe. With “Open borders” {between member states} the result is assured, the EXTERNAL borders were supposed to be secure.

    Obama and Clinton were both wedded to this policy of race replacement, remember how the Sherrif in Arizona was persecuted for upholding the laws around immigration, remember the Somali’s being pushed into small town white New England ?

    Different countries – exact same policy.

    • Tm.

      Excellent summary, very informative. So it is indeed true that for every 1%increase in immigration, crime rises .5%?
      Oh God, what HAVE they done!
      The results are assured. Conflict, violence, increased crime, misery, poverty, disease, dwindling resources.
      People should read about the UN, who they are. I personally would prefer the UN was done. It is too expensive, their ideology is unwanted by sensible people, and the costs are dumped on America as always. I don’t know enough about this organization, but I know some, and I hope to read more about them.

      • dad1927

        only white countries take these evil swine…

        The BBC are advertising paid jobs for new staff but banning white Britons from applying!

        This is blatant racism and discrimination against the majority population.

      • Poppey

        Not 5% {yet} but 0.4% Tm.

    • dad1927
      • marlene

        WOW! Thanks for this video. In the comment section of this warning, several people said it’s time to do something about it. Unfortunately, they are the children of those who did nothing about it when they learned of it, and they are still doing nothing about it. Kill the messenger, kill the message.

      • mezcukor

        I love that speech

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Until europeans start to fight back, they will be floor mats for muslims to wipe their feet on. If you don’t want to join them, you will have to fight them. Or roll over and die, your choice.

  • Hussars2016

    They are so lucky, 7 to 80 means each one can get raped at least 12 times a day.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    There are billions more waiting to come in.

    In Libya the Muslims are selling black Africans as slaves, on the Muslim slave markets. There are so many that they can’t sell them all, so they are harvesting the organs of the excess, and roasting the remaining body parts like Shish Kebab, according to news articles (not sure if that is fake news or not).

  • Duchess of Pork

    Might be advisable to remove valuable statues and artefacts from the local church before they are trashed.

    • dad1927

      How about load them up with explosives?

  • peakpower

    Get prepared to be raped Italian small town.

  • Dorrie

    That should work out well . . .


    Bring in the old mafia and see if they can protect the few elderly citizens…otherwise the Muslim savages will show those citizens “no mercy.”

  • Robert Batchelor

    So basically Italy has willingly become an Islamic state.

  • catman7

    So we helped the thousands poor muslim children from starving 15 years or so ago and they have multiplied to millions and there are still the thousands starving asking for our help. We must become hard hearted to those who wish to conquer the world by exploding the womb bombs. Those 80 must be stopped. It is a total foreign invasion, war and war like actions will be necessary!

  • Stephen Honig

    They’re on their way to the Vatican. Pope putz will be washing their feet and kissing their asses when they kill him.

  • Tm.

    This is insanity beyond belief. Shockingly incredible. Imho, this is what happens when you trust the left. The citizens had no say, they have lived in their little town, paid taxes, and they have no say. This is the European Union, this is Europe without one ounce of sense in their head. This is an example of countries without a valid immigration policy, taking in numbers they cannot possibly support. What have they done, you may wring your hands now, if you wish. The people of Italy should have voted right, voted wisely. The days of relaxing before the television are over. You must vote, you must become involved. My family has houses in that country that cannot be sold, have not been sold for years. There is no money, there are no jobs, the banks will not give loans. When countries need help, the global community should meet and discuss how to truthfully and effectively help people in their own countries, and there should be committees to assure that the money is actually going to help the people and not in the politicians’ pockets. Every country must know who is coming in, immigrants must come in legally, they must be vetted, there must be a number assigned yearly to how many a country can accept, if any at all, because all countries fall on hard times.
    The European Union was an example of the insanity that permeates the thread of most things left, most things liberal.
    So, what are these seven elderly to do? They have fear to venture out in the evening. Who are these newcomer men? Have they been vetted? Are there any with criminal histories? These countries of Europe cannot even conceive on their best day what it is they have done. The ramifications are, shall one say, Herculean. How tragic. How insufferable to think a government could force this upon you. Vote right, and exit, or you are doomed, imho.

  • dad1927
  • Tom Tully

    Insanity rules!

  • Bill

    Here’s an idea, Italy. Send them back. And confiscate their boats they arrived in. Screw the EU. They are not your friends.

  • marlene

    Italy has declared war on its own people. 7 inhabitants, by their own government, have clearly been made victims of 80 violent migrants.

  • old goat

    ”To send them here is madness. The total upheaval of our territory. Even
    sending two here would be too many if we did not ask for them….”

    The question is… did you vote for your present government?

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