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[ December 14, 2017 ]

Lawyer for Jewish restaurant attacked by Muslim migrant hit with prosecutorial charge for releasing terror...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

NYC jihad bomber only left apartment to attend terror-tied mosque

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Jihad’s Jewish soldiers The Forward calls Pamela Geller “Jewish hate-peddler,” lauds antisemite Linda Sarsour

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Prime Minister Theresa May receives Bible burnt by Islamic State

[ December 14, 2017 ]

‘We swear to break your necks’: ISIS targets President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu kneeling...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Did Florida man, who got 15 years for leaving bacon at a mosque, plea bargain...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

House Judiciary Lawmakers Mull Subpoenas on FBI, DOJ After Text Messages Reveal ‘Path’ to Stop...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

DHS: New York Subway Jihad Bomber Arrived by Chain Migration

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Egyptian lawyer sues to ban Jews from entering Great Synagogue of Alexandria and allow Muslims...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

The Power of Trump: India, China and Russia Refrain From Recognizing East Jerusalem as Capital...

I am tired of winning!


This is a quick thought, but I had to share it with you: I am tired of winning!

To tell you the truth, I remember when during the campaign Trump used to say “if I’m elected, we are going to win so much, you are going to be tired of winning!”

I was smiling.

So far, we have: his victory, the removal of the Clinton gang, Neil Gorsuch, the new Tax plan (a fiscal reduction), the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and the declaration of Jerusalem capital of the Jewish State.

I’m not smiling, I begin to be tired of winning!

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  • QueenEsther18

    Here’s President Trump’s full speech – a great speech: Mazal Tov!! Thank you President Trump! Thanks Pamela!!

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      Shalom !

      I am not a Jew

      Can I wish you and all the Jews (and you, Pam) a Mazel Tov for this special occasion?

      • mackykam

        why not?

      • QueenEsther18

        Surely! Thank you Kalambong!!

  • DemocracyRules

    Winning: Blast ’em, Babes…
    13 women finish combat training to become IDF’s newest and first ever female tank operators, who will begin a four-month trial deployment as a newly formed force set to secure Israel’s southern border.,7340,L-5052922,00.html

  • DemocracyRules

    Britain ‘disagrees’ with Trump move

    • Achmed

      Seriously, DemocracyRules, did you actually expect The United Khalifate to agree?

    • Hussars2016

      Britain is dead , that is UKanistan a sharia compliant Caliphate.

    • Generalpatern

      No not all of us

  • Hussars2016

    I’m not tired, it’s not over til the fat lady (Muslim Brotherhood) goes belly up , bloats and turns into field fertilizer.

    • Michael Copeland

      The much vaunted Prophet of Islam did not, in fact, prophesy much. He did, however, predict:

      “Muslims will be the scum and the rubbish even though their numbers may increase; the enemy will not fear Muslims anymore. This will be because the Muslims will love the world and dislike death…”
      (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 37.4284.)

      See Nonie Darwish, “Islam’s Self-Destructive Seed”, at Front Page Magazine:

  • Pastorius

    I’m not tired for a second.

  • freewoman

    I’m not tired, not til every last illegal and fake refugee is out of here.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Getting tired of winning is much better than listening to constant whining.

  • PurpleGiraffe

    Don’t,at least you can’t till all issues ( illustrated and elaborated superbly on this site)are resolved to your satisfaction.

  • lostlegends

    I have not yet begun to win.

  • Jack

    Trump promised to ‘make’ mexico pay for the wall – then when he saw REALITY staring him right square in the face by shortly after DJT election mexico said “no we are NOT going to pay for a wall neither will we share in the cost”!……now you don’t hear ANYTHING regarding a wall – and furthermore we won’t! Because truth (is) to build a wall would mean the assholes already over here would whine and tantrum the fact that they already have most of the their family members already over here and those family members still scrambling to get in over here working overtime at protest, rob, kill, destroy to get on over here that there’d be lawsuits, sanctuary cities in an uproar that ppl would be tearing the wall open to come on over,

    Pipe dream – nothing short of a pipe dream! isn’t EVER gonna happen!

    • anyonebutmarkeyforsenate

      Is your last name “Meoff” ??

      • Jack

        Woof! Woof….!

        …..nope, I guess not….



  • Drew the Infidel

    Agreed. You left out the historical record setting performance of the stock market, but that is excusable. I can make more money at the horse track in one day than I can in a year in the stock market.

    Besides tiring of winning, an examination of his personal attributes is helpful. The man has a long range vision, determination, and the same fatigue over the DC business as usual mentality as the rest of us.

    • MartinAlaskan

      “The man has a long range vision…”

      Trump flip-flops like a gymnast: Early in his presidency he was saying that, “It would be a great honour” to meet with the North Korean president then he turns around and threatens to destroy the country. He was stupid to say the first thing and he was stupid to say the second thing.

      Trump has no long range vision, he doesn’t even have a filter for his mouth like most functioning adults.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Those flip-flops like a gymnast are merely incidental moves on his way to the other side of the mat, to continue your analogy. You Hillary voters are having a tough time with reality, aren’t you?

  • MartinAlaskan

    These are not big wins, not even close:

    Deport for good the 20 or 30 million illegals, along with all the welfare “refugees” and welfare dependent immigrants, and only then will I start believing Trump’s words.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Trump is not a professional politician. He is a businessman first and an outsider. He saw outside of the box like the common folk, but first hand.

    It tells me how bamboozled we were by the “suits” and we don’t need no FRIGG ‘N professional politicians anymore. Bunch of ucking phonies and a real danger to the country. Most are narcissist looking out for themselves, not the country, nor you or I.

    Decades and decades of these phonies have led to aiding and abetting the enemy, and why we are in so much grave danger everyday, and the destruction of the Constitution and its original intent.

    50% of what we barter for (you don’t have income, you barter for wages) is now taken away and we don’t own property in reality. They do, by putting illegal taxes and fees as a lien on your property.

    They created an illegal police farce to enforce it. Took away your weapons so only POLICE are armed in public. Roaming the streets as a warning to PAY YOUR PHONY TAXES and FEES!!

  • A bigger “tired of winning” will happen when Trump fires Mueller, Islam-friendly McMaster, and every Deep State wonk in the State Department.

  • Getman

    Since it’s been cleared with one of our Jewish Friends already, I would like to wish them all Mazel Tov’ don’t even know the meaning but I figure it certainly is no insult. Like the ones I would like to throw our Islamic enemies.

    • QueenEsther18

      Mazal Tov is used to express congratulations for a happy and significant occasion or event. Literally – good fortune.

  • randal103

    We love you President Trump! But we must drain the swamp of all the unelected bureaucrats undermining you, and the will of the American people.

  • joe1429

    Go Trump… MAGA!!!!

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