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France sets up special tax dept to investigate Jews


My various sources in Paris tell me it is life for Jews in France is intolerable. The large spike in Muslim immigration has made the terrible – the horrible. Daily humiliations and the constant threat of violence are their constant companions. And it is widely known that going to the police is pointless. The police have long turned a blind eye to the war on country’s Jews.

They must get out And the French government, who won’t protect them, is now going after them. It evokes the Vichy government.

Perhaps the Trump administration would consider emergency asylum to these victims of jihad terror and sharia.

Exclusive: France sets up tax dept to investigate Jews

French Finance Ministry Photo: AFP Bernard Guay

28 Dec, 2017 19:12, Ela Levi-Weinrib, (thanks to Mark):

The secret department has 20 Hebrew-speaking employees, and is hiring five more to investigate tax evasion.

In Paris’s 12th arrondissement, on Bercy Street by the banks of the River Seine, on the 13th floor of the Ministry of Finance is France’s tax authority headquarters. Something has been afoot there recently that is liable to upset French Jews and spook their relations with the country in which they live. Under the radar, a secret department has been created with the sole purpose of handling tax evasion by French Jews. “Globes” can reveal for the first time the details of the secret department that is targeting Jews in France and new immigrants from France in Israel.

Sources inform “Globes” that over the past year, the tax authority in the Fifth Republic founded a special department for dealing with French Jews. The department currently has 20 Hebrew-speaking employees, and is in the process of hiring five more. This extraordinary department is one of a kind. Tax authorities do not usually establish departments targeting a specific nationality or religion. The action is astonishing, especially when the country involved is France, which is constitutionally defined as a secular republic that refrains from “marking” people according to their religion. Tax authorities around the world do establish teams to deal with sectors whose tax reporting is questionable. They target a specific market when there is concern that it contains a large amount of unreported capital, such as the real estate market or the diamond market. Setting up a specific department dealing with a designated nationality or religion, however, is not an accepted practice.

The only “department” ostensibly close in character to this secret French department is a new department established in the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for dealing with cases of Israelis, American-Israelis, and Americans with assets and money in Israel. This US department, however, resulted from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) signed by Israel and the US, in which huge amounts of information are transferred by the countries about their taxpayers, and someone has to handle that information. This was not the purpose for which the department was set up in the French tax authority.

The French department was established to handle French Jewish tax evaders, and hired employees with professional experience and a profound understanding of Israeli law in order to examine whether Jews were using these laws to evade tax in France. The aim of the department is to catch French tax evaders using Israel as a tax shelter.

Examining real estate deals

An international lawyer specializing in taxation who is familiar with the secret department says, “It is very, very irregular to hire 20 Hebrew-speaking employees, or any other language, in a foreign tax authority. Most tax authorities have one or two Hebrew-speakers, and there are English or French-speaking employees in Israel for the purpose of signing conventions and conducting relations with the tax authorities of other countries. Every tax authority has employees that speak a foreign language, but hiring 20 or more Hebrew-speaking investigators is very irregular.”

The lawyer adds that he learned from his acquaintance with the department and its employees that some of the employees hired previously lived in Israel. “They hired Hebrew-speaking French people, some of whom previously lived in Israel and moved back to France,” he told “Globes.”

According to information obtained by “Globes,” as part of the department’s activity, its employees take out Land Registry extracts in Israel for the purpose of examining deals contracted in Israel and reaching French residents who have acquired properties here. The investigators have mapped the main streets in various cities in Israel, including Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ra’anana, Netanya, and Jerusalem, in which many purchases by Jewish residents of France take place. They have obtained Land Registry extracts and examined the particulars of a deal in order to detect foreign passport numbers. The investigators cross-referenced the information with information in their databases and the reports by those French Jews about their assets and income. In cases in which it was found that the person did not report the properties he bought in Israel, he was also summoned for questioning.

Sources inform “Globes” that a French Jew recently went to the secret department for an “audit” without knowing exactly what was to be discussed. For safety’s sake, he took his lawyer with him – a fact that proved extremely important for him. During the discussion about his declarations of his assets and funds, the questioners very quickly presented a Land Registry extract including all of the French Jewish client’s housing units in Israel. The discussion took place, and at the end, the lawyer wondered in what framework the new investigation was taking place. A seemingly innocent casual conversation in the corridor with one of the investigators revealed the amazing fact that a special department for dealing with French Jews and their tax evasion was involved.

Through the special division, in addition to mapping the properties of French people in Israel, the tax authority in France has begun direct interrogations of Jewish residents of France who are in the midst of immigrating to Israel, and examining whether they possess money or assets that they did not previously declare, and whether this is the reason why they decided to immigrate to Israel.

According to figures from the Israel Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, immigration from France has increased dramatically in recent years. 1,211 new immigrants arrived in Israel from France in the first half of 2017. A study conducted at Bar-Ilan University showed that the economic benefit for the Israeli economy from the absorption of Jews from France would reach $65 billion. The study assumes that 100,000 immigrants will arrive from France by 2026.

These figures are surprising to no one. Massive purchases of properties in Israel by French people have been spoken of for years, some by immigrants and some not, and a number of international investigations were opened against French people on suspicion of tax offenses and evasion on an enormous scale in France and laundering money in Israel through real estate purchases. These developments apparently attracted the attention of the French tax authority, which decided to target French Jews.

The sources also told “Globes” that the French tax authority is one of the main tax authorities that contacts the Israel Tax Authority in order to obtain information about French residents with exceptionally large assets in Israel, compared with other countries, but many of the requests are rejected. “They call the Israel Tax Authority almost every day with requests for information about some person or other, but many of the requests are rejected, because they do not meet the conditions of the conventions on exchanges of information. They are just fishing,” says a source involved in information exchanges between the two countries.

The French embassy in Israel said in response, “In the framework of the campaign against tax evasion, the authorities in France conduct investigations concerning individual cases, in accordance with the international agreements. The authorities in France deny the existence of a special department. It is extremely important to state that the things that were written are false.

“Taxes in France are calculated according to risk considerations. There is therefore no connection whatsoever to the national affiliation or ethnic origin of taxpayers. Next year, automatic exchanges of information are scheduled between OECD member countries.”

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  • Suresh

    Typical Left/liberal “socialist” govt . They can’t be bothered to protect them but want the tax !

    France if it continues like this it will end up like this socialist utopian state that has collapsed

    stupidity on steroids !

  • brock marks

    if they come here, please leave the leftist/socialist votes behind

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The craven scum in the US government and Fwance want to make sure they can fleece their Jews before they escape the leftist atheist enabled muslum invasions of their corrupted muslum puppet states for Israel.

  • poetcomic1

    Just a thank you to Pamela. Where else, I ask you, will you read this shocking story? The New York Times? See it on CNN?

  • Janey Carter

    Not surprised. It is terrible.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    france is beaten flatter than pisss on a plate. In its dying desperation it tries to come up with more money as the country is broke, and more slander against Jews. When it is officially recognized as an islamic republic with sharia destroying what is left of it, france’s nuclear arsenal will put it out of its final misery.

    • Rob Porter

      For a long time I’ve known why my mother raised me with a very low regard for the French. Totally unprincipled, more and more they resemble the Nazi’s robbing Jews of their wealth. I wonder if they yet have the vile ex-IRS employee, Lois Learner, working for them?

      • Dorrie

        And if it wasn’t for the U.S., the frogs would be speaking German now, instead of French.

        • Rob Porter

          Dorrie, a lot of foreigners have died for France’s liberty, but the French are ungrateful fools with short memory and totally misplace pride. What kind of people, and this includes the U.S. and Canada, allows into their country people who have no intention of assimilating and every intention of transformation societies to fit their utterly useless, backward and barbaric image? Yet more and more we see neighbourhoods transformed with women dressed in that oh so attractive black. It matter not how many French are murdered or raped, they allow these savages to enter. That is the height of stupidity.

  • Jordan Johnson

    I would love to have the Jewish people come to the USA. Deport a Muslim for every Jew. France can have the muslims and ruin their own country. Muslims goal is very obvious which is to destroy the countries they invade.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      R U kidding me? The USA is on the same road to islamic ruin. As evidence of this I point you to Dearbornistan or Hamatrack, Michigan.

  • Millionmileman

    The Frogs are miserable ever since they placed an arms embargo on Israel for daring to win the 1967 Six Day War. The Israelis captured plans of their Mirage fighter and built a better one in Israel named the KFIR. Israel paid for 5 high-speed missile boats that the French refused to release to Israel. So Israeli Naval personnel dressed as Norwegian fishermen entered the Cherbourg docks, and sailed at speed, through the English Channel then Mediterranean to Haifa. The day they arrived the weather so bad we were expecting the worse. But all five boats arrived safely. I could not believe how rough the waves were that day as I glanced at the beach. This changes Audacity to the definition of Chutzpah in a justified way!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      How strange. I believe the French designed a custom cannon (and possibly turret) for the Israeli Super Shermans, but maybe that was a few years before the Six Day War.
      Sailing littoral craft from Fwance to Haifa must have been an interesting adventure through the various territorial waters of various countries (some of them enemies to Israel).

      • Millionmileman

        If you read the JPost article above you can see how they sailed past the British in Gibraltar. I saw the raging seas the day they approached Haifa and i thought I was reenacting Jonah and the Wale story! France was the main supplier of weapons until 1967 they they had a cow. After that America took over.
        There is no video of these Sa’ar 2 class boats but here is a photo of one at the Israeli Navy Museum, in Haifa. When they were commissioned they had the world’s most powerful anti-ship missiles in the world, the Gabriel (angel of death). One of these boats could have sunk the WWII battleships, Bismarck and Yamato before lunch!

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Somehow I doubt one these ships could’ve taken out the Yamato. The Yamato had very, very thick armor and it took a beating by US carrier torpedo and dive bombers before it went down (many bomb hits and torpedo hits).

          • Millionmileman

            In WWIi nobody had the “Gabriel.”

    • Rob Porter

      In fact Israel and South Africa jointly worked on converting Mirage fighters after the French denied both countries spare parts when both countries were being treated as pariah states – not least by the contemptible United Nations. As you said, the Israeli Mirages became the KFIR, the South African Mirages became the Cheetahs. They then worked on a joint nuclear arms programme – which probably explains Israel’s nuclear arsenal. I thorough enjoyed that occasion when the Israelis took off with those high-speed missile boats. Fantastic Chutzpah – and how really ‘dumb’ the French looked.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Very interesting article.

  • Michelle

    This is more complex than it seems. There has been a huge wave of billionaires/multimillionaires leaving France for more secure locations. this naturally includes Jews. IMO this is just an attempt to smear the departing Jews and probably muslim/leftist in origin( as is 99% of anti-Semitism) but all it will do is increase the numbers of all wealthy groups departing. France deserves no better: wine and cooking apart I have only contempt for france

  • Vichy France is back.

  • Alleged-Comment

    Yes, this is a sure sign it’s time to get out of France. It’s like Nutzi Germany, only it’s happening in France, of all places.

    GET OUT Jews, the signs are all there. Pretty soon you’ll be tagged with something. Maybe a pretty ankle bracelet or something. But it might be too late by then.

    Wars a coming again. The final one. The one they call the TURD world war. For some reason bad things come in TURDS.

  • enubus

    Looks like the ugly Head of the Vichy is coming back into play. The French have always been scum. There is about 600,000 Jews in France, time to exit right to Israel or the USA, with their money, and say goodbye to the dystopian French.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Remember. This was the country that voluntarily rounded up its Jews in 1940 and handed them over to the Nazis. Nothing changes. People simply inherit the traits of their forebears but express and implement them in a different way.

    • Dorrie

      My stomach did a flip flop when I saw that heading a bit ago! Absolutely DESPICABLE!!

  • David Barrett

    I am going to put a spanner in the works. maybe the tax authorities are going a BIT overboard but tax evasion is what it is in any country of domicile. USA rules are also strict especially when it comes to declaration. Even in Israel one has to show how one bought the car , house etc especially if you are self employed! Money laundering is a huge problem – try and bring foreign currency to Israel from any other country – your money will finish up in the cloud until certain questions are answered by authentic verification. And did you know that Israel employs English / German/ French speakers to chase up Israelis overseas for the same reason? Don’t have to like the French but ……….

  • John D. Horton

    The French must of heard about the Haredi ( Jews in Lakewood, New Jersey USA who were scamming federal and state welfare benefits when many of them were millionaire jewelers working New York City.

    Wikipedia article on Lakewood: “Lakewood is a hub of Orthodox Judaism, and is home to one of the largest yeshivas in the world, the 6,500-student Beth Medrash Govoha, which was founded by Rabbi Aharon Kotler.”

  • Dan Knight

    First they come for the Jews …

    Normal folks should be alarmed. It smacks of Vichy France indeed.

  • Dan Knight

    FATCA should be gutted. Better yet, end global taxation. Better yet, stop harassing foreign nationals and businesses.

    It’s incredible that the rule is Bleep Americans First – if they’re doing business overseas,

    and Foreigners Get Special Privileges Uber Alles – if they’re bleeping Americans …

    But according to FATCA Foreigners, Foreign Banks, etc., are all subject to a host of ornery, thorny regulations as if these monsters were terrorists or foreign enemies. Meanwhile Bam Bam showered our enemies with money, a practice that continues, and armed and funded terrorists, a practice we hope has been discontinued.

    Libtards are always insisting we should be better global citizens rather than Ugly Americans … but apparently that only applies to Foreigners who hate our guts, steal our property or jobs, suck our foreign aid, or commit mass atrocities. Foreigners committing the horrific crimes of ordinary business, reasonable transactions, and so on … not so much.

    We’ve been hearing many horror stories about FATCA – and it’s obviously nothing more than a trap for taxpayers who are NOT crooks – since all of the “crimes” are filing, not-filing, misfiling, or wrongly filing a plethora of tax forms, and/or records maintenance. But welfare fraud, intellectual property theft, frivolous lawsuits – no problem.

    Bleeping builders and creators and industry must make Libtards hard. There’s no other good reason for this nonsense.

    Cut funding to all the socialist crap in DC to pay for being an actual better global citizen.

  • paulwt

    Odd story, considering the NGOs flooding Europe with Muslims are all Jewish, the European media all propagandizing in support of the invasion is all Jewish, and the governments doing it are all either Jewish or Jewish-bought.

  • paulwt

    It takes some nerve to flood white Europe with Muslims to wipe them out, then claim victimhood and try to collect on flood insurance. Cries out in pain as he strikes you, indeed.

  • Merchantseamen

    Lets see whats next….confiscate their property?

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