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France Allows Muslim Street Prayers But Bans Christmas Movie Because It Was ‘Too Christian’


Authorities in France have given the thumbs-up for Muslims to go ahead with their street prayers — despite the fact that the crowds of bowing Islam believers block traffic and cause chaos in public.

But when it comes to a Christmas movie?

Muslims praying in the streets of France cause traffic congestion and chaos.

These same officials say it can’t be played because it’s just “too Christian” in nature.

Voice of Europe has the story:

France is a secular Republic, because it separates religion and state and it mostly sees religion as a private matter; restricted to the home and places of worship.

But for years, France has allowed Muslim street prayers and to heavily criticise them was simply not done. Sometimes even roads were blocked and cars were being redirected to make room for Muslim street prayers. It looks like when Islam is involved, France’s secular principles have suddenly disappeared.

For Christianity in France it’s a totally different story. According to the European Post, a Christmas movie in the French city of Langon was banned, because it was “too Christian”, or “not secular enough”. The European Post writes:

A Christmas movie was judged by teachers as “not secular enough” and was therefore banned from schools in the French city of Langon in the department of Gironde on 13 December.

83 students of a French school started to watch the movie “The Star“, a computer animated adventure comedy based on the history of Jesus, a movie produced by Columbia Pictures.

But when the teachers realised the subject of the movie was the nativity of Jesus Christ, they immediately cancelled it because it was “not secular enough”. All students were obliged to go back to school without watching the end of the movie.

Earlier France’s “one-sided secularism” showed its ugly face as well: France’s highest administrative court ordered in November to remove a cross from a Pope John Paul II statue in Ploërmel near Brittany. The same court ordered to remove a Nativity scene in the municipal hall of the town of Béziers in the same month.

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  • Suresh

    As long as the Longest running Lie “Islam has nothing to with terrorism/jihad” continue the infiltration and stealth subversion will continue.

    Its upto every patriot who wants to defend their country by sharing info like this

  • S N Smith

    Glad to see people praying – Gellar does not pray to anyone but herself

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Finally you got one right, there are french people praying in the street. Behold the new france, before your very eyes.

    • p

      Are you on dope or what. Perhaps she does not pray muzzrats do just a ritual and that is not praying. Wake up or you loose your head soon.

  • Jim

    It would take a chapter of a book to explain why the French have this notion. Let’s just say that it started with the blood-thirsty, atheistic French Revolution, where they murdered over 5000 Catholic priests, monks, and nuns, did away with the Christian calendar and date system, and so on. Islam is not Christianity (duh), so it’s cool, in fact, it’s anti-Christianity, just like France is.

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. I never knew that religion involved a question of degree, such as “too Christian”.

      The muzzies all seem to misunderstand when told that being one involves lots of sects.

  • Poppey

    Unless and until this situation in provincial France is brought under the control of the centre in Paris, muslims blocking streets, the answer has to lie elsewhere and I can only think that means in the town halls on the desk of the mayor.

    You could fill France with new mosques until the whole place looked like Pakistan and it wouldn’t be enough because this is a trial of strength, of will power if you like. If Paris won’t commit to victory to this struggle in the name of the people, then Provincial France will have to.

    • Nefarious420

      France needs to do what is right and create a 2 state solution, 2 States for 2 peoples. Let them set the example for Israel of how it is done properly and if France fails, England, Germany, Sweden, Spain, etc… Are all other great places we can try 2 state solutions until someone gets it right, than Israel will have a successful model to follow.

    • John D. Horton

      In Saudi Arabia, every other block has a mosque but the Saudi government pays for the construction and maintenance.

      • Ernest Risiott

        And how many refugees & Churches? … Answer: ZERO!

  • Tilt

    It’s quite ironic that the oh so proud French that arrogantly claimed (in the 80’s-90’s) they must “defend their identity and culture from the Imperialistic / crass / loud / unsophisticated America with its shallow pop culture, Big-Mac’s and militaristic patriotism” (sans pockets of blue traitors mostly on the coasts…), are going the way of the dodo, under the merciless, tyrannical boot of Islam…

    After Marie Le Pen lost the elections, the only salvation for France (internal security wise, socially, culturally) re their existential Islamic problem, will probably have to emerge in the form of growing civil unrest which might very well lead to full blown civil war, further down the road (within a decade)

    Either that, or we are talking about France deteriorating into a pseudo western, Shariah compliant, failing state (burdened by aging population, massive welfare costs and a surge in crime / terror) that will collapse into Islamic / token “progressive” darkness

    While all of these demographically / socially transformations will gradually occur (albeit in accelerating pace), more and more freedom loving French people, will finally realize that France has been essentially lost (re living the traditional french life style + raising a family in a safe / liberal / sufficiently prosperous environment) and will actively seek a better / freer / safer / more prosperous life elsewhere…

    A mass exodus of young, industrious, educated / skilled native French. emigrating to their 21’s century “New World” (all western countries willing to absorb them for their merits), will be the last nail in the French coffin

  • Mahou Shoujo

    france is so full of feces it is no longer worth looking at. It is an entire nation of cowards grovelling to islam while destroying voluntarily the rather limp french culture, that will not be missed when is completely gone.

    • Tilt

      I can already picture “little France” quarters in places like New York, Houston, Miami, Sidney, Auckland, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They already exist, “Poultry farm” is the english equivalent of “french colony”.

      • Ernest Risiott

        What we are now witnessing is the Beginning of Armageddon, as told in the last book of the bible. Everything that has been Prophecies is coming to pass. The Anti Christ will rise to power during the end times, or “last hour,” The Anti Christ is ISLAM! You cannot get more Antichrist than Islam!

    • Rubydoobyrolladooby

      Instead of France being known for its wine it will soon be know for its camel urine.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It will join the fine french whines, like “Chateau pis du chat” and others.

      • Ernest Risiott

        Or child rapers & Peadaphiles!

    • Ernest Risiott

      Haven’t changed one iota since WW2 when they went down on their knees & kissed NAZI’S Ass!

  • santashandler

    By shutting down Christianity and giving islam a free pass, France is only beginning to experience the horrors that are coming its way.

    • David Glynn

      Thank fk for Brexit!
      The need to control our borders and keep this scum from crossing the sea to Britain is needed more than ever.
      France and the EU are commiting suicide letting these fanatics travel unhindered throughout EU controlled Europe. The old eastern bloc nations are standing firm and staunch but France lost its best chance of survival by choosing Macron over Marine le pen for president.

      • santashandler

        You said it! Who would have guessed, the eastern bloc countries would the level-headed ones.
        Guess, they learned the first time around after they got that foul taste of communism.

        • David Glynn

          They also have long memories of previous Muzrat infestations where nation after nation in Eastern Europe fell to Islamic invasion by the ottoman Turks and was only finally stopped at the gates of Vienna.

    • Ernest Risiott

      Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of pricks. They will get what is coming to them. We in Australia have our own problems with this Evil Cult!

      • santashandler


  • Michael Buley

    The hope and efforts and resources to repel and defeat Islam, will happen in different arenas. President Trump and Vladimir Putin are working together in ways, and behind the scenes, that are defining the battle lines. This is a vast battle, across the globe, that is being fought against evil and communism.

    The more I read and learn about President Trump, and Vladimir Putin, the more my respect and gratitude for these men deepens. Everything is on the line. These two are at the forefront.

  • Maranatha

    Was Charles Martel really French??.
    I wonder…

  • Mike

    Mozzies stop work five times a day at my work to pray and I get looked down on for a smoking two times a day!!!!!!

    • OverIt

      Maybe you should start smoking with your bum pointed skywards.

    • John D. Horton

      George Orwell’s Animal Farm: Some animals are more equal than other animals.

  • When I think of France I think of Canada….

  • Dagonet

    Slip sliding away. Slip sliding away. France and Eurabia are going backwards, down into a pisslamic hell hole. Bye-bye…

  • JUSTsss

    Time to walk your dogs wherever they stop traffic. Make sure to have them piss everywhere these clowns stop traffic. Oh, make sure to feed your dog lots of pork also just in case Doggie needs to stop and take a dump in traffic stop land.
    This will never happen because France has no more French MEN left.

    • John D. Horton

      Can you wear a pigskin “leather” jacket in public?

    • Ernest Risiott

      They never had any, except a handful during WW2, that were called The Resistance!

  • michaelofsydney

    What sort of country is France anyway/ They don’t even speak English!

    • Tom Tully

      Hell, half of the USA doesn’t speak English. Been to California lately?

  • John D. Horton

    The “Secularism Law” in France ( should really be termed a “Catholic Church Suppression” law because it was written only with the Catholic Church in mind.

    A new secularism law will need to be adopted which specifically addresses Islam.

  • Cal A. Nomen

    France makes no sense. They ban religious face-coverings, ban a Christmas movie, but allow roads to be blocked for “prayer”???

  • seriphim seriphim

    Until ALL Religion is abolished from our species which will not happen until the masses are educated, these religious wars will continue as they have for thousands of years and we as a species will be stuck in this Troglodyte way of thinking. Fortunately people who are more evolved (are past beliefs in deities/Gods and other fairy tales as they have a higher intellect/intelligence) are growing but I fear it won’t be at a pace to effect major change for the planet for at least another century.

    • Ernest Risiott

      Bahahaha.. More evolved & higher intellect/intelligence? They will be the first to be beheaded, then they will come for you & family. You have no idea what Islam is about!

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