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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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FBI Hate Crime Report: No Anti-Muslim Backlash


This has been true for years, but islamophobia is a tool, more like a club, to enforce Islamic law (sharia). “Islamophobia” — this term amounts to little more than the enforcement of Sharia in the marketplace of ideas. Thusly, any criticism of jihad terror that examines its ideological roots in Islam is called Islamophobia, and the speaker smeared, libeled and destroyed. The fact that it’s a fallacy is irrelevant, as is truth and reality.

The worst of the islamophobia lie is the knee-jerk response by media, cultural and academic elites after jihad terror, is that it is Muslims are the real victims of Islamic terror because of potential backlash and islamophobia (which never materializes).

FBI Hate Crime Report: No Anti-Muslim Backlash

Truth Revolt, December 7, 2017:

The FBI’s most recent annual report of hate crime statistics confirms that the much-hyped “backlash” against American Muslims is a myth, according to the Gatestone Institute.

The most recent FBI report does reveal a 20% increase in hate crimes against Muslims from 2015 to 2016, appearing to confirm suspicions that the presidential election sparked anti-Muslim sentiment (in fact, the report reveals that there were increases in most categories of hate crimes, but none as high as anti-Muslim crimes). But as Gatestone notes, the FBI data tell a more complex story.

Although any instances of so-called hate crimes are unacceptable, the report does not demonstrate evidence for the relentless narrative from the left and their Islamic allies in Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups like CAIR that Muslims in the United States face widespread hatred and discrimination.

First, the FBI stats alone do not show the context of the rise in hate crimes and anti-Muslim incidents. Gatestone has the details:

In 2015 the FBI changed its method of classification. Before then, ethnicity- or nationality-spurred hate crimes were designated as Hispanic or non-Hispanic. The FBI subsequently revised that classification, breaking down hate crimes into a variety of possible categories. As a result, the most recent data is misleading, making the incidents in which Arabs or Muslims were targeted appear to be more numerous than in previous years.

Secondly, the widely cited “20 percent increase” in anti-Muslim hate crimes engenders a false assumption about the actual figures. The total of reported bias incidents of any kind in 2016 was 6,121; of those, 361 were directed at Arabs or Muslims. Although even a single such incident would be one too many, in a country whose population is approximately 325 million – including millions of Arabs and/or Muslims — it is hard to argue that the numbers are indicative of a “wave” of hatred sweeping over the nation, either prior to or since the rise of Trump, even if one accepts the assumption that hate crimes are under-reported.

Third, and even more important, is that FBI hate crime statistics from the past 15-16 years actually refute the working assumption — as reflected in the Time magazine piece — that after 9/11, America underwent a backlash against Islam. Evidence for this claim, both in that article and other that followed its lead, was primarily anecdotal.

Let us look at the actual data. In 2000, the FBI reported 28 instances of anti-Islamic crimes. In 2001 (the year of the 9/11 attacks), the total rose considerably — to 554 — but then went to down to 171 in 2002. It stayed at that level for most of the decade, dipping to 105 in 2008. In 2010, a year in which a controversy raged over ultimately aborted plans to build an Islamic center and mosque in place of one of the buildings that had been damaged by falling debris from the World Trade Center attacks, the number rose to 161. In 2014, it was 154.

The claim that the relatively small number of hate crimes can be attributed to under-reporting is implausible, given the cultural climate and plethora of media outlets eager to find evidence for Islamophobia. The lack of concrete evidence to support claims of Islamophobia is due to the fact that after 9/11 — and every other jihadist terrorist attack in America since then (such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the San Bernardino attack) — the U.S. government has gone out of its way to discourage anti-Muslim rhetoric and to differentiate the actions of a few fanatics from those of the law-abiding majority.


The myth of a post-9/11 “backlash” against Muslims is politically motivated and spread by groups such as the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which presents itself as a civil rights group, but was founded to serve as a front organization for the terrorist group Hamas. The effort to persuade the public that America is Islamophobic stemmed largely from the aim to shift the narrative about terrorism to that of an Islamist war on the West to one according to which Muslims are terrorized by and in the United States.

The Gatestone piece concludes that “the statistics published by the FBI over the last 17 years refute both the Islamophobia narrative and the claim of a widespread backlash against Muslims in the aftermath of terrorist attacks by Islamists.”

The article goes on to point out that anti-Semitism has always been, and still is, a far bigger problem in America than anti-Muslim hatred, but that doesn’t make the United States anti-Semitic. Much less, then, can America be called Islamophobic.

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  • Mike

    It is a myth because those of us who would be fully justified for taking up arms against people who belong to the world’s oldest, largest terrorist organization which for 1400+ has been at war with us, are prevented from protecting ourselves by America hating, Western Civilization hating, liberals.

    Get out of the way liberals and we will settle this 1400+ year unilateral war islam has declared on the entire world.

    • famouswolf

      I’m thinking it’s going to be a few magnitudes worse the longer it is delayed. We have it to do and the sooner it happens the less collateral damage there will be. It’s amusing to think that most of that ‘collateral’ is going to be on the doorstep of a bunch of islam apologists, moslem and otherwise. Just a matter of time. I would not stand for a ‘grooming gang’ in my neck of the woods, no matter the ideology or lack there of…but my hunch is that that’s mostly a moslem specialty. Self defense will become necessary and vigilantism will grow from that, and I think that will grow into total warfare against everything Islamic, worldwide. That’s my prediction, in less than a quarter century, with things getting progressively worse. Unfortunately I also have to say that I believe the effects of DJT’s efforts will be temporary. Politics is a wrecking ball that always swings back the other way, and the liberals came close to the brass ring this last time. Next time they’ll get the prize, which will turn out to be suicidal for them. War comes, and our oh so brilliant and self righteous ‘leaders’ in the West have absolutely guaranteed it. The sad choice will be to commit genocide or be genocided (is that a word?). Whatever.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Most people couldn’t care less about muslims, it is the constant drawing of attention to themselves, then the re-definition of what is thought to constitute a crime, that gives any impression of change. There are far more instances of muslims committing crimes against each other and non muslims.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Most STUPID people couldn’t care less about muslums, but that doesn’t include the people of Burma or Armenia or Angola.

      • Logic PrObe

        Burma is doing a great job of getting rid of muslim scum.

  • TD

    Since MUSLIM NATIONALISM is really HATE SPEECH against Jewish, American, Hindu, women, etc.; why not just count 9/11 as one big HATE CRIME (which it really is). Then there’s Orlando, Boston.etc.

    NOPE! Hate crimes by Muslim Nationalists are still Number 1! too-da-loo!

    • Suresh

      Agree. But Pope of wolves and his leftists gang think christian, jew hating Muslims are Poor “immigrants, refugees”

      • Patrick Leary

        The Poop is a dipsh*t

    • CreoleGumbo

      Excellent point.

  • livingengine
  • Achmed

    So they say that moslems (the vilest of ALL creatures) face hate. Hell, I also hate rats and cockroaches. What’s the big deal. Is hating rats now unacceptable?

  • Michael Copeland

    “Campaigning for Global Civility”, “Learn some manners” – placards in picture above.

    “Civility” rings hollow. Does that include calling people “cattle”, or “apes and pigs”, “the lowest of animals”? Or is that not civility? We are not told. Of course, “inviting the world to civility” is the Muslim Action Forum equivalent of the Mafia making “an offer you cannot refuse”. It is a coded threat. The purpose of their assembling with menaces is to send the message to comply with Sharia limits or face murder.

    From “Assembly With Menaces” at Liberty GB

  • famouswolf

    Not yet, anyway. Emphasis on ‘yet’.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Anyone notice that the only muslum interfaith programs in muslum states usually involve things like persecution, oppression or pogroms?

  • gfmucci

    “…No Anti-Muslim Backlash”. True. But why shouldn’t there be? Are the rest of us brain dead? The 95% of the rest of us in this country have EVERY right to be pissed and create a “backlash”, at least in the form of letters, Congressional visits, complaints to law enforcement, articles, posts, blogs, social media comments etc. etc. Are we that “cowed” or “brainwashed” that we are neutered from the reality by the “Islam is Peace” BS that the elite, media, politicians cram down our craws?

    • CreoleGumbo

      Yes, yes, yes.
      I think that most (White) Americans ARE cowed by the accusation of being a racist – a bar that gets lower and lower day by day.

  • Liberal Male=Sissy Pumpkin Boy

    Hate crime stats are full of crap. They count all the complaints but NEVER subtract when it is discovered – as is the case half the time – the false hate crimes.

    • CreoleGumbo

      I think that they consider it a hate crime irrespective of who the perp may be, which is why fake hate crimes are never subtracted. But as far as I am concerned this whole idea of “hate crime” is nothing more than an excuse for giving unequal punishment for equal crimes.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I couldn’t care less what the F_I-B says, does or thinks anymore — they’re proven to be corrupt liars.

  • John Forbes

    This so called RIGHT WING backlash MYTH is being used all over Western Democracies to shut down free speech & herald in Blasphemy laws !
    In Canada Newely Converted JUSTIN has a PATHILOGICAL LIAR -HEDY FRY leading the Islamophobia investigation while RCMP statistics show that MUSLIMS are not at all the victims- Jews & Catholics are!

  • pcanon

    I wonder what they are referring to as bias or “hate crimes”? Over the past 54 years or so, whites have been the victims of inter-racial violence in the vast majority of cases (this may include all whites, any religion). Blacks are known to attack whites about 25 times as often as whites attack blacks. They kill whites about ten times more often than whites kill blacks and yet their so-called hate crime chart does not reflect these realities. I do not want to discount any real situation in which someone has experienced hate on the basis of race, as that is always serious, however there have been many instances over the past few years of blacks faking hate crimes in order to get attention or to direct negative attention toward whites. Muslims, of course, do the same thing.

    Can we trust anything the FBI produces anymore?

  • Drew the Infidel

    The muslime propagandists who scream about backlash are quoting opinion polls, substituting them for crime stats. Example: I have a negative view of the murdering bastards but have never shot one, yet.


    Time for the games to begin Cowboys and S and and Ni cars, Rag heads, Camel
    Jockeys and Progressive Liberal Demoncrap Commies. Take America Back.

  • joc22

    And what are the findings for hate crime against Jews, Christians and other prominent religions

  • Jerry Snaper

    I see the muslims are paying back our hate of giving them refuge and charity by burning the cities down!
    “Canadian imam affiliated with Hizb ut-Tahrir expresses joy over the fires that have broken out throughout Israel.
    “May Allah cause the winds to increase and the fires to spread far and wide, and burn their illegitimate properties and all their beloved belongings to ashes, and take from them what they took from the people of the pure land of Al-Aqsa and its surrounding area,” he wrote.”
    Imams have been giving instructions on how to set fires just outside of urban areas when wind conditions will spread them!

    • Logic PrObe

      They love to fan the flames and claim it was Allah.

  • garry pollack

    Where R the Hinduophobes? I come from Secaucus NJ. Our town has a beautiful regional mega temple…I see many always @ the town hall meetings. They seem to have the same concerns as everyone else w/schools, taxes, plowing roads in the winter. I have never heard one person utter a negative word about them, ever…& they keep moving in…nobody cares…maybe because house prices continue to rise. There R others who come to this country…to work, raise families etc. Because they R respecteful & follow societies “rules” nobody seems to care!!!

  • Andrew Sears

    imprison the animals that speak bad about Jesus, Son of God

  • Logic PrObe

    Here in Australia, if we don’t accept bribes from China……………it’s called Chinaphobia!

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