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UK government and UN are discriminating against Christians and other non-Muslims in their refugee programs


Surprised? No reason to be. Both the UK government and the United Nations have long, long records of appeasement and accommodation of Muslims, and have never shown any significant concern for the Muslim persecution of Christians that has seen Muslims massacre Christians all over the Middle East, and displace hundreds of thousands of them from their homes. This is just more of the same. But what is motivating it? Why this death wish among the political elites of the West? Do they not realize the disruption and bloodshed that is going to ensue from the massive influx of Muslims into the West? Or do they just not care? And if they don’t care, why not? It appears that the globalist, socialist elites are determined to destroy the very concept of the nation-state and erase all distinctions between people. This effort cannot and will not be accomplished without bloodshed.

“UK government discriminates against Christian refugees from Syria”, Barnabas Aid, November 2, 2017:

THE UK government and the UN are discriminating against Christians and other minorities in their refugee programmes according to new Home Office statistics, seen by Barnabas Aid an aid agency which works for persecuted Christians.

Last week Barnabas Aid finally obtained figures proving that the UN has only recommended tiny token numbers of Syrian Christians, Yazidis and other minorities for resettlement in the UK. The overwhelming majority of refugees recommended by the UN have been Sunni Muslims who form the majority in Syria. But Christians, and other minorities have been repeatedly targeted for attack by Islamist groups such as IS.

The new statistics, obtained in a Freedom of Information Request to the Home Office by Barnabas Aid, of the religious background of Syrian asylum seekers recommended by the UNHCR for resettlement in the UK revealed:

o In 2015 out of 2,637 refugees there were only 43 Christians, just 13 Yazidis and only one Shia Muslim. In 2016 the statistics were even worse. Out of 7,499 refugees there were only 27 Christians, five Yazidis and 13, Shia Muslims.

o It is widely accepted that Christians made up 10 per cent of Syria’s pre-war population and Shia’s around 1.5 per cent while there are estimated to have been 70,000 Yazidis in Syria.

Disturbingly, UK officials tried to prevent the release of this information. Barnabas Aid submitted a freedom of Information request to the UK Home Office in February. And in spite of being legally required to release it within 28 days, officials failed to do so and repeatedly stalled or simply did not answer correspondence.

Eventually, Barnabas Aid lodged a formal complaint with the Information Commissioner’s office. On 19 September the Information Commissioner issued a formal notice requiring the Home Office to release this information within 35 calendar days or face contempt of court proceedings.

Even then, the information was only released at the very last minute after Barnabas Aid had contacted the immigration minister’s office, alerting him to the situation and asking him personally to ensure civil servants complied with the order.

“This is shocking behaviour by both UN and UK officials. In 2005 the UN formally adopted the responsibility of states to protect citizens from genocide and crimes against humanity. These statistics show that the UN has itself failed miserably and inexcusably in this respect,” said Martin Parsons, Head of Research at Barnabas Aid.

“Christians and other minorities in the Middle East have been treated shamefully by the UN. And the UK government has abjectly outsourced its own responsibilities to the victims of genocide in spite of repeated representations,” he added.

Barnabas Aid obtained these figures just as US Vice President Mike Pence announced that the US government would now directly help persecuted Christians ……

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Not a surprise, every politician has their price, islam can afford to buy as many as they need to further islamic proselytization. It is common in the west to accept muslim money to sell out the legacy of the west and civilization.

    • Hussars2016

      Canada was way ahead of the pack here. When Turd Sandwich got elected he emphatically said he wasn’t going to save Christian refugees ie the real refugees..

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The fact that he got elected is a tribute to Canadian stupidity.

        • Hussars2016

          No, Trudeau’s election was a tribute to the total lock the Globalists have on the MSN and their power to use the MSN to manipulated he masses.
          Trudeau was elected because of the propaganda presented to the public by the MSN (IE The Desmarais Family and a couple of others).
          The way information was presented to the public they had no other logical conclusion but to vote Liberal.
          Canadians aren’t stupid, they are expertly brainwashed by the Globalist brainwashing machine. They have no other information source to red pill them, The total lock on propaganda by only a few families is frightening.
          And it’s not just the MSN – all of the institutions of daily life in Canada have been corrupted by cultural Marxism.
          The battle for information control was fought and lost without the Canadian public ever realizing it.

          • Gunter

            You appear uncharacteristically sapient for a civvie. I am impressed that you know about Cultural Marxism and Alinsky Marxism.

            “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”
            ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski (Mika Brzezinski’s father)

            “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within.”
            ~ Saul Alinsky

          • Hussars2016

            All of North America is dominated by Cultural Marxism but few even recognize the term.

        • Generalpatern

          Ditto macron maybe it should be macwrong

        • Ron Cole
      • Alejandra

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      • az

        It’s different. That’s the classic fanatical slave.
        TURDeau’s big plan is “If I serve my Muslim masters well, I’ll be the head of slaves, in charge of all them.”

        • Hussars2016

          I believe he is serving his Globalist Masters and simply following their policy on Islam and Muslims. It effects the same thing but it’s a little bit different.
          He takes his plan from Bilderberg memos not the Koran.
          Find out which Globalists he hobnobs with and you will know the names.

      • Mary

        Before he was elected he stated he didn’t want any pro-lifers in his party. Footage available on “the rebel dot media”.
        He was warning people about himself.
        People who approve of murder are not going to care what size the victim is… no matter how many times they tell you otherwise.

  • Ziggy46

    Surely, no one is shocked by this news. Favoritism has always been handed out to the Muslim refugees while Christians and other non-Muslims become victims of ISIS and other Muslim factions. Obama played the Muslim card while Christians and others were left to, in all likelihood, be slaughtered. The UK has no moral-compass; it is awash with political and social corruption while appeasing the Cult of Annihilation which they ignorantly perceive and appease as the Religion of Peace. Meanwhile, those other faiths are deemed bigots and a threat to the state’s social and political mainstay. The UK’s leadership, government and agencies are the antithesis of Democracy and Christianity while capitulating to those, Islam, bent on the nation’s end. Islam is the conqueror; the UK is no longer a Western Democracy but an appendage of Islam.

    The UN is laughable; it is a front for Rogue States and unfettered corruption. Christians, Jews and others diverse of Islam are deemed expendable and are dealt with as such. Western citizens are enabling themselves to be manipulated by the puppet-masters. Moreover, these self-serving elitists, political hacks and slimeballs are leading these puppets/marionettes to a cataclysmic end from which they will never recover.

    • Andy_Lewis

      The UN ain’t nuthin’ but a mosque.

      • Ziggy46

        Andy, you are right; not that you needed to be told you are right.

  • Achmed

    What else would a human being expect. This article dealt with The UK (The United Khalifate).

  • Robert Mons

    Sign and share the Europe-wide petition

  • Mary

    Dear Pamela,
    Thank you for finally saying this. Part of the reason for the low numbers of Christians (and other non-Muslims, such as Catholics) not showing up in the same numbers as Muslims is because they have been butchered in their countries of origin. I do not normally endorse Walid Shoebat (as he is supposedly a researcher/journalist… yet remains a Catholic, and I believe that organization is hiding pedophiles to this day… among many other crimes) HOWEVER, Walid did post a horrific story about slaughterhouses being used to kill non-Muslims. The story included video footage of heads on the ground, and beheaded non-believers on meat hooks, and people in the background bowing to and calling out to Allah, having made their sacrifices to him. (Do not watch with children in sight, or earshot AT ALL!) These killings went on in Syria for at least 3 years, according to that site. For all we know, this may still be going on.

    I have heard another disturbing rumour, (which I believe to be true) that the U.N. is using Muslim translators to translate “for” persecuted minorities. The refugees (in some cases) understand enough to know their translators are changing what is being said.
    (So goes the rumour. If you know anyone in BKK, see if you can get the full story on that.)

    • Generalpatern

      The uk gov ( a loose term I know) gave syria in 2015 £230 mill of our vast stupid overblown foreigh aid previously known as aiding the enemy

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Why do we need more Muslim immigrants? They are the worst of the immigrants.

  • janice

    brexit pay back

  • Alleged-Comment

    Yeah, I always wondered why they are not bringing Christians over by the millions? Only by the hundreds, and maybe that’s even a stretch. Many are being persecuted by the Moslems you are bringing here by the BILLIONS to Christian land.

    People ought to be catching on to this stupid deception. They will, when they are SURROUNDED!! Goodbye!

  • felix1999

    Trump is aware of this and trying to rescue them.

  • felix1999

    Muslims have no reason to flee.
    it’s CHRISTIANS that are being slaughtered.
    All countries are doing is taking in the slaughterers.

  • Generalpatern

    Little mentio in media about what these rohunhingeda have done to non mus in burma

  • James Stamulis

    Just as Obama did when he was president. He never brought in any Christian refugees only Muslims to create chaos for the NWO.

  • az

    Old news, United Muslim Nations has Muslims in charge of the refugees program, who are pulling the strings on their western puppets. UK just follows the bad example.

  • John D. Horton

    80% of the member countries of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees are Muslim so yes, they are going to use the refugee program as a way to propagate Islam in Christian countries at Christian taxpayer expense. Same thing happens in the USA 95% of all UN provided refugees to the USA are Muslims.

    Dumb White Christian countries don’t know how to say “no” to the UN. Most of the US refugee resettlement contractors are Christian church organizations.

    • mztore

      And people wonder why “christian” churches are losing their base.

  • John D. Horton

    Only Muslims have allocated “prayer rooms” in the UN building in New York City. No chapels, temples, synagogues etc. for other religions in the UN building.

  • Gunter

    “The interests of Muslims and the interests of the Socialists coincide in the war against
    the Crusaders.”
    [Western civilization]
    ~ Osama bin Laden, February 12th, 2003, Al Jazeera Television

    “The Left wants to tear down Western civilization because it thinks it’s ‘unequal’. The radical Muslims want to tear down Western civilization because they think it’s ‘evil’.”
    ~ Ben Shapiro

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