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Switzerland: Tariq Ramadan now suspected of pedophilia: 4 former students speak @UniofOxford ♥ @TariqRamadan


An army of Tariq Ramadan’s sex attack victims continue to line up, and Oxford University continues to stand behind the rape jihadist. And while Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and other sexual predators been forced out of their jobs and face criminal charges, Tariq Ramadan is still lauded and applauded at Oxford University while stalking his prey. And why shouldn’t he? He is following the “perfect model,” Muhammad, who married his favorite wife, Aisha, at the tender age of six. Respect it!

Oxford University is standing behind this serial rapist. Islam trumps all.

Switzerland: Tariq Ramadan now suspected of pedophilia: 4 former students speak
Posted by Dreuz Info (translation here) November 4, 2017:

Sandra * was 15 when the young and attractive Tariq Ramadan approached her. Like others, she still remembers the teacher’s words, which she found bizarre: “I feel close to you. You are mature. You are special. I am surrounded by many people but I feel lonely. “

Like others, she was invited to stay in the classroom after classes. Then she agreed to drink coffee with him outside of school. “I was comfortable and uncomfortable. The confusion had settled in my head. Two or three times we had intimate relationships. At the back of his car. He said it was our secret, “ says the one who did not have the sexual majority. She had talked to her best friend. Not to his parents.

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Former students of the Genevois reveal being harassed and even having sex with him, under his influence.

The facts go back to the 80s and 90s, when the professor of French and Philosophy worked at the Coudriers Cycle then at the College de Saussure

All this happened well before the two rape charges in France.

And long before he became the famous controversial Islamologist. Tariq Ramadan, 55, has taught for several years in his hometown of Geneva, where he left only good memories. He tried to unsuccessfully seduce one of his 14-year-old students. He even got his way with three others, aged 15 to 18. The facts go back to the 80s and 90s, when the professor of French and Philosophy worked at the Cycle of Coudriers and then at the College de Saussure.

Four Swiss women, whom we have been able to find during our investigation, agree to testify. A way to support those who dare to denounce today the abuses of this man.

These Genevoises, non-Muslims, all active in the civil service, who have founded a family, are afraid to speak openly. They describe the psychological influence exercised on them by their brilliant teacher. Actions also denounced by Stéphane Lathion, a former close guard of Tariq Ramadan.

At the time, Tariq Ramadan was considered a son of immigrants among many others in Geneva, international and multicultural city. His father, Said, is a Muslim Brotherhood exile in Switzerland, created the Islamic Cultural Center of Eaux-Vives. His grandfather had founded the brotherhood. Tariq, the football madman turned teacher, spoke little of religion in class. He poured rather into the humanitarian, was involved in educational projects, through the association Cooperation coup de main, organized study trips. His proximity to his students made him very popular. He had even used to invite them alone to lunch at the restaurant and take them in his personal car.

“A twisted, intimidating man”

She was 14 years old when he made advances to her during the trip. “He put his hand on my thigh, telling me that he knew I was thinking about him in the evening before falling asleep.

Lea * still remembers it. She was 14 years old when he made advances to her during the trip.

“He put his hand on my thigh, telling me that he knew I was thinking about him in the evening before falling asleep. Which was wrong. It was manipulation. He said he thought of me but he was married. I was bad, but I could not say anything. It was my teacher. “

In his case, there was no passage to the act, but Leah suffered the wrath of this teacher “possessive and jealous”, which described as teasing. She resisted, talked about her, including her parents. With hindsight, she puts things in perspective: “Before being this Muslim leader, he was a crooked, intimidating man who used perverse relational ploys and abused the trust of his students. He had such a hold on us … “

This hold, Agathe * still feels in her flesh.

“I was abused and abused. I have tried very hard to forget, but everything comes out now with these things … “

“I was abused and abused. I tried very hard to forget, but now everything comes out with these things … “ The voice goes off the rails.

The mother is confiding for the second time in more than twenty years.

“When I was 18, I was, like other students, captivated by the speech of this charismatic teacher. He offered me coffee outside the class. And then I had sex with him. He was married and a father. This happened three times, especially in his car. It was consented but very violent. I had bruises all over my body. He always made me believe that I had looked for him. The story was swept away and he threatened me, demanding silence on my part. I did not understand anything! But it was pure abuse of power! “

At the time, Tariq Ramadan even had a dual responsibility as dean.

The plot of history is repeated a few years later with Claire *.

“I was 17 when we started to kiss and 18 when we had sex. It was very regular. I thought it would stop after my matu, but the links continued. I was fascinated, under his control. He took me, threw me, established a relationship of dependence. He created the foundation for an unhealthy relationship. “

The young woman has never been threatened or physically abused. She had in any case spoken of this funny relationship to several classmates.

How could these actions have been kept secret for almost three decades? One of our interlocutors said she felt “disgust” and “shame” after the fact, preventing her from denouncing him. Feelings that are often specific to abused women. Added to this is the psychological influence of the professor and his reputation acquired over time. Not to mention the strong presence of the Ramadan family in Geneva, a microcosm of 500,000 inhabitants, which was also discouraging.

Never worried about justice

It was more than a rumor, says today loudly Michel Roch, 62, chemist

All our interlocutors let slip of confidence at the time and struggle to believe that the staff did not know anything about it. Several former officials contacted recall rumors, without knowing any denunciations against Tariq Ramadan.

“If the facts are true, we are deeply shocked,” reacts Pierre-Antoine Preti, communication manager of the Department of Education. According to our research, Tariq Ramadan has never dealt with the Geneva courts.

It was more than a rumor, says today loudly Michel Roch, 62 years old, chemist.

He never worked with Tariq Ramadan, but had heard about it when he was a PhD student:

“In Geneva, the fact that Tariq Ramadan did not have the professional ethic he claimed to have became a Punchinello secret at the time. My wife, a teacher of Latin, and I collected between 1989 and 1992 the confidences of six students of Tariq Ramadan. They were between 14 and 18 years old, were all manipulated, even more. I told them to complain and report it, but they did not want to do it. “

A Swiss specialist in Islam, a friend of Tariq Ramadan for twenty years to a point of rupture in 2003, agrees to speak for the first time on this sensitive subject.

Stéphane Lathion, teacher and co-founder of the Research Group on Islam in Switzerland, who accompanied Tariq Ramadan throughout Europe for years, wishes to say:

“I was wrong about the ideologue. I was convinced he could move Islam. Over time, his citizen speech became rigorous. It must be recognized that this paved the way for acceptance of a harder Salafist discourse. “

The Genevan was also mistaken about the man and saw it as a betrayal. After their removal, people began to confide in him.

Abuse of his teaching power

“I had never noticed anything for years, but from 2003, I heard rumors, suspicions. I received a club blow two years ago when a friend told me about a former student of Tariq Ramadan in Geneva who had suffered a violent relationship with him. Another confided in me these last days. I’m not surprised to see testimonials coming from everywhere. Not only are the reported facts shocking, but they also reveal the discrepancy between his attitude and his discourse on a moralizing Islam, which advocates sexual relations in the exclusive context of marriage. “

Some shout to the Zionist conspiracy, French, Saudi or others. Others are skeptical. For Stéphane Lathion, these accusations on all sides and uncoordinated show only one thing:

“Tariq Ramadan is a predator who has abused his power as a teacher, preacher and intellectual to seduce women and girls who have suffered.”


The facts described by four former students of Tariq Ramadan could have been a problem for him when he was a teacher intermittently between 1984 and 2004. From the administrative point of view, a teacher who has sex with a student, whatever his age, commits professional misconduct, recalls the Department of Public Instruction (DIP). If the employer learns it, he may initiate an administrative investigation, which may lead to sanctions. From a criminal perspective, the sexual majority is 16 in Switzerland.

“The Penal Code provides that a person who has committed a sexual act against a child under the age of 16 shall be punished by deprivation of liberty for a maximum of five years,” says Lorella Bertani, from a general view and without commenting on the Tariq Ramadan case. As this offense is prosecuted ex officio, the DIP has the obligation to denounce it. Between the ages of 16 and 18, “anyone who, taking advantage of the education relationship, has committed a sexual act against a minor over the age of 16, is punishable by up to three years in prison.” The cases of the four Genevoises are in fact prescribed.

Counter attack

After the two complaints against Tariq Ramadan in France for rape, the Swiss responded by filing a complaint for slanderous denunciation, followed by another against X for witness tampering.

On Facebook, the Islamologist strongly contests the accusations and claims to be the “target of a campaign of slander”.

His French lawyers denounced Wednesday a “media surge” and asked their client not to speak in return. Contacted yesterday, Me Yassine Bouzrou did not respond to our requests. Tariq Ramadan, informed of our request, did not answer either.

* Known editorial identities

Source: ? li = BBqiMbH

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    The courts will have to decide. What are the chances of a non prejudiced judge and court officials in western europe? The fear of being called islamophobic racist bigots terrorizes western europeans more than any criminally insane violent terrorist. It will be interesting, islamic domination over western europe versus civilizations, law and order.

    • Laird MacTavish

      I thought for a moment your question was going to be “What are the chances of” [ an islamologist acting all muslimy] ?
      But yours is a serious question.
      I think a lot of the fear of being called a racist is really fear of being beheaded by mental muslims of the islamic persuasion…but the judges and court officials have not yet realised that it’s only strength that puts the wind up islam, fear and egg shell walking it can handle having spread it for 1400 years.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Socialism turns every country it infests into nations of castrated sissy boys who are afraid of their shadows. muslims know this, and take advantage of the weak and the stupid that are the essence socialism.

        • Gunter

          “It is true that political correctness is literally eroding our systems from within and destroying them. The radical Muslims see this and they are exploiting it.”
          ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali, March, 2016

          Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Regressive Left

    • Pray Hard

      The courts have to protect indigenous Caucasian pedophiles of position and power. If they punish enough moslems, some of their own will be caught and we simply can’t have that. The UK has a long, proud history of sexual predation that simply must be perpetuated!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The citizens of the useless kaliphate have already given muslims their country, heritage, every cent of taxpayers money through welfare and the inheritance of the children. The britishstinians might as well give up their fine tradition of sexual perversion as well, they have given up their sisters and daughters as sex slaves.

      • Heather

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  • Pray Hard

    Pedophilia? He’s a moslem, isn’t he?


    Having seen this man debate on the wonder of islam with Douglas Murrey with a smirk on his face, everyone should realise you cant trust any of them.

  • notme123

    Penn State University covered up Sandusky for, how many years?

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