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St. Cloud, MN, site of jihad attack by Muslim migrant, rejects resolution calling for moratorium on immigration


Muslim migrant Dahir Adan went on a stabbing spree at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota in September 2016. Dressed in a private security uniform, Adan yelled “Islam, Islam” and “Allahu akbar,” as well as asking several people whether they were Muslim before stabbing them during the Sept. 17 attack. This was signature jihad — we have seen jihadis separate Muslim from non-Muslims during the attacks at the Oberoi Trident hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in Mumbai, at the Westgate in Nairobi, the beach resort in Tunisia, the gas complex attack in Algeria, etc.

A little over a year later, the City Council of the same city, St. Cloud, Minnesota, rejected a moratorium on immigration. They already suffered a jihad attack by a Muslim migrant, but it did not teach them anything. They still either don’t know or don’t care that it is impossible to distinguish jihadi Muslims from peaceful Muslim refugees. They either don’t know or don’t care that any Muslim who reads and believes the Quran’s verses about making war against and killing unbelievers could go jihad at any time. To be concerned about such things is “islamophobic.”

St. Cloud’s City Council either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the kind of jihad attack that Dahir Adan perpetrated in their city last year could happen again. And so it will.

“St. Cloud rejects resolution calling for moratorium on immigration,” by Kelly Smith, Star Tribune, November 7, 2017:

ST. CLOUD – Amid mounting national scrutiny of federal resettlement programs, the St. Cloud City Council on Monday soundly rejected a proposal by one of its members to recommend a moratorium on refugee resettlement here.

Council Member Jeff John­son said that his measure wasn’t in­tend­ed to permanently ban refugee resettlement, but rath­er, temporarily stop it in 2018 un­til the city gets de­tails on its cost to tax­pay­ers. “The over­all qual­i­ty of life” for resi­dents will con­tin­ue to be “ad­verse­ly im­paired by ex­ces­sive de­mands on local re­sources” by those who are re­set­tling in the city, he stated in the resolution that he presented to the council.

After hearing from supporters and opponents, the council voted down Johnson’s measure 6-1.

The City Hall meeting drew more than 300 residents, some carrying American flags while others held signs that read “All Are Welcome” — reflecting the growing and often tense debate in this city of 67,000 residents over the resettlement issue.

Earlier this summer, dozens of residents delivered a petition to the council demanding that it limit or control resettlement. But just two weeks ago, shortly after Johnson’s proposed measure was e-mailed to his colleagues, the council did just the opposite, approving by a 5-1 vote a resolution by Council Member Jeff Goerger that stated St. Cloud is a welcoming community. Johnson cast the lone dissenting vote then. On Monday, the council reaffirmed Goerger’s resolution, with Johnson casting the lone opposing vote.

Natalie Ringsmuth, executive director of #UniteCloud, a nonprofit that promotes tolerance in central Minnesota, said the vote, while symbolic, was a pivotal moment in helping St. Cloud shed a long-held reputation for being a racist, unwelcoming area.

“St. Cloud is basically stepping out and saying ‘This is who we are — we are a welcoming community,’ ” she said. “People can point to this and say St. Cloud is moving in the right direction. They can’t say we’re bigots and racists anymore. We’re not ‘White Cloud.’ ”

East Af­ri­can refu­gees — mostly Somali — first start­ed mov­ing to this Mis­sis­sip­pi River city a­bout seven years ago. Since then, Lu­ther­an So­cial Service of Min­ne­so­ta, the only or­gan­i­za­tion that over­sees ref­u­gee resettlement in St. Cloud, has helped move an av­er­age of 189 refu­gees a year — a total of 1,512 — to the city. The or­gan­i­za­tion ex­pects to re­set­tle an­oth­er 225 refu­gees here in 2018.

That’s helped to make St. Cloud not only bigger, but more diverse.

Of the more than 59,000 residents in the city in 2010, 92 percent were white. By 2015, the city had grown to 66,000 residents, 84 percent of whom were white, according to U.S. Census data American Fact Finder.

But the rapidly changing face of the community has been unsettling for some. Anti-Muslim events here have drawn crowds, mirroring rising anti-Muslim sentiment nationally. When a 20-year-old Somali refugee stabbed and wounded 10 people at a local mall in 2016, some feared that Muslims might be targeted in retaliation.

Instead, community leaders hosted unity rallies and posted signs across neighborhoods welcoming refugees and people of different faiths.

But in August, a group of residents calling themselves “St. Cloud Citizens for Transparency” presented a petition to the City Council with nearly 300 signatures from people in Minnesota and 11 other states, asking the council to control refugee resettlement. The petition was led in part by Kathleen Virnig, a St. Cloud resident, who said in an interview that residents just want the city to have a say in how many refugees are resettled and know how much it will cost.

“I have no hatred for some of these people, it’s the religious differences about their way of life,” Virnig said.

Helena Halverson, who has lived in St. Cloud since 1977, added in an interview that a moratorium would put “a pause” on refugee resettlement as the city gets more data.

“I do not like a label that I’m racist or Islamophobic,” she said before Monday’s meeting. “I do like justice and fairness and I do like transparency.”…

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  • Suresh

    can’t blame them , they are clueless about Islam / jihad as these issues are not discussed in media , schools, colleges thanks to Left/liberal takeover of these institutions.

    They can celebrate their stupidity by having Special Muslim Iced coffee laced with fecal bacteria at one of the Top 3 Coffee chains

    They deserve all the cultural high they can get !

    • Achmed

      Oh, c’mon. That’s only because moslems (the vilest of ALL creatures) wipe, following defecation with a BARE left hand. No amount of soap, water, or disinfectant can remove fecal material from the pores .. only time. And, since moslems don’t exactly defecate infrequently .. it’s always there. You can smell a moslem coming for miles and miles. Judas .. BARE left hand and water .. just what you want handling anything.

      • Suresh

        If your logic were correct . 30% doctors in UK hospitals are muslim so they must be spreading germs left and right ! Good luck !

        you smell a muslim because their propat told them to bath once a week and not use soap.
        soap is used as disinfectant and surfactant

        If using just paper was enough to clean your butt then why use water to clean your dishes, glass ? Just use paper.

        • Achmed

          I could care less how filthy someone’s “butt” (your term not mine) is. I DO care about some foul smelling, filthy creature with excrement smeared hands, handling anything to which I may come into contact. My wife, around two years ago, went to a new physician .. some female pakky moslem filth .. I told her about the BARE left hand .. and she stopped seeing that foul smelling thing IMMEDIATELY. I could care LESS about what goes on in The United Khalifate .. I DO care about the hygiene of medical personnel that treat me or mine. The will NOT be some foul smelling creature with a hand COVERED with fecal matter.

  • Poppey

    This report goes right to the issues surrounding the policy we’re seeing in western Europe of race and cultural dilution / replacement organised by liberals and socialists in the name of diversity and tolerance.

    While America is some years behind Europe, it’s catching up fast as the figures here point out, what is being done to us is now being done to you. People who are accustomed to living in a grass hut on dust and ants are going to have more children because “rich” whites are paying.

    Where it gets interesting is what policy will concerned white America follow to see that their tax levels remain at sustainable levels when the people blowing in are unable to pay in to the system more than they take out.

    If the Constitution is all you guys have going for you, your situation looks bleak indeed. Thinking caps on.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Taking advice form britishstinians about freedom and democracy with reference to dealing with muslims, is like sheep discussing the menu with wolves.

    • Toledo Steel

      Real funny, cowardly Brit. You keep cowering, fake British soldier, and I will continue to identify the muslims scum in my area and assign plans to each. Don’t wet your underoos reading this, sheep.

      • Achmed

        Y’know, Toledo Steel, sometimes Poppey the Sniper’s comments aren’t TOO bad. This one actually raised some valid points.

  • Jim Austin

    In a criminal trial, jurors are instructed that they are authorized to impute intent of an act to produce its most likely consequences, that if a defendant points a gun at a victim and pulls the trigger, jurors may infer that the defendant intended to kill the victim, notwithstanding any protestations defendant may make about desire for some other result.

    Liberals simply don’t believe that importing Moslems into the U.S. will threaten our safety. They refuse to believe that ISIS agents will infiltrate groups of refugees that is impossible to vet because of the wartime conditions of the area they’re supposedly fleeing. Liberals refuse to believe that the mostly men among the refugees will continue to behave as they do in their own country: attack unescorted women. Liberals insist on not believing that Moslem migrants will take their own religion seriously and behave accordingly, a religion that legitimizes and validates the killing of infidels and abusing women.

    Liberals continue to rationalize, minimize, sanitize numerous reports of Moslem attacks, sexual assaults and rape in Europe and try to assure us that it won’t necessarily happen here if we let Moslem migrants enter.

    In short, liberals are willfully blind to the most likely consequences to allowing massive numbers of Moslem migrants into the U.S. Thus we are entitled to summarily dismiss the blindness imposed by the rigid confines of their insular world of liberal groupthink and impute to them a conscious indifference to and a wanton and willful disregard for the safety of the American people.

    • Ludlow Porch

      Maybe a two week “Purge” of Liberals in the U.S. is in order! Happiness is:….. A Liberal taking a middle eastern vacation, with a Muslim under each arm and a shoe bomber on board each plane!

  • Hussars2016

    This is the result of the Democrat’s “Community Organizing”

  • santashandler

    Let Minnesota take them all. No sane person wants to visit Minnesota anyway. They support cops who kill innocent civilians there.

    • Achmed

      As long as that cop was a negro moslem … they take a different view when it’s anything else.

      • delilahdriver

        And what has happened to that case, anyway?

        • Achmed

          The last information that I could run down … is listed within this page of comments. To date, NO charges have been filed. Knowing Minneapolis .. he’ll probably be reinstated, promoted to Captain of Detectives and live happily ever after. White Lives Do NOT Matter. At least, not in Democrat Party circles.

          • santashandler

            Four months later and they still haven’t charged him. They are not going to. They are just waiting for the proper time for all this to sufficiently blow over, so they can quietly bring him back. And when they do, they’ll no doubt promote him to “Community Outreach Officer” or some other BS position where he can help “build stronger relationships” between the police and the community.

          • …notice the riots and destruction in protest by Republicans…. and the Dems support the scumbag.

          • Achmed

            Yes. The violent protests and riots of the “White Lives Do NOT Matter” were everywhere.

  • RCCA

    The community is ashamed that they don’t have the problems of other “diverse” cities. So they invite people to settle there who in short order will complain about being oppressed. IOW, a formula for jihad recruits. “Report: Minnesota 2nd worst state for racial inequality”

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Experience is the best teacher. After a few more bad experiences with inbred retarded muslims welfare criminals, minnesota might learn.

    • Toledo Steel

      Nope. Minnesotans are of Swedish decent. They are trained to be stupid and their refusal to accept Reagan was proof. The only state to not go for Reagan. They have riots nearly daily, their Somali ‘refugees’ cause massive crimes and the communist, anti-American governor and representatives are hog-tied by their insane liberal beliefs.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        sweden does have one export, stupidity.

      • Achmed

        C’mon, Toledo Steel. Ten thousand svedes running through the weeds being chased by one norvegian.

    • tatka150

      No. They will NOT!
      How many inbreeds attack happened in UK?France? Germany? US?’
      I’ve lost the track.
      So what did they learn?

      • tatka150

        Donald Trump is trying his best to shut this sewer incoming invasion, but the traitors in WH (majority), crashing all his efforts. What’s going on is beyond ridiculous!

        • Alejandra

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      • Mahou Shoujo

        Your point, they have obviously learned nothing whatsoever.

        • tatka150

          And never will. Unless muzrats will cut off their own balls

          • Dorothy

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    Like Dearborn, If they do not have Shitria law and no go zones yet, they will soon. At one timeto live in Dearborn, you had to be White and Christian.

    • tatka150

      At least you have a good memories:)

  • pdxnag

    Could I argue that it should be uncontroversial for any so-called peaceful Muslim (aka not sufficiently pious to follow the Islamic commands to wage war on non-Muslims) to cease self-identification as Muslim?

    If you are welcome hating Muslims (the pious ones who dutifully recite their hate for non-Muslims in prayers) then you too are embracing hate, of the most vicious to be found on the planet today.

    • Achmed

      When you fine ONE single, solitary peaceful moslem .. let us know .. I’ll put out that same challenge regarding you finding an honest one.

  • Ravaa

    they still have their heads in the clouds

    • Achmed

      Pun intended? Laying odds that it was.

  • Dorrie

    Minneapolis is known all over the midwest as Little Mogadishu! That’s how bad it is there! And it USED to be a beautiful, upscale city! Now it’s lost forever because Obama flew in plane load after plane load of the animals, and dropped them all in the Twin Cities!

    • santashandler

      He should be charged with crimes against humanity just for that alone.

  • Judgmentday

    Wait until these creepy, brainless Americans are forced to name their first-born sons Mohammad. These folks are ideologically carcinogenic and one day they will pay the price by having their throats slit and blood running in the streets. And no one will be there to save them. These strange Americans have been reduced to absurdity.

  • Alleged-Comment

    You got to be kidding me?? I do see mostly women in that photo. Maybe they hope to win the “husband” immigrant lottery since they are not having much luck with white men.

  • iprazhm

    Maybe the city leaders of St. Cloud Minnesota liked the attention they got when muslim terrorist, Dahir Adan, went on a mall stabbing spree in their city, in September 2016? Because once again, they reject measures that would protect their citizens. I have to wonder what kind of drugs they’re using to numb the thought processes of voters?

  • Elizabak

    I see a bunch of self involved keyboard warriors and it breaks my heart. I contacted Pam and any other organization with a voice to help I could as we are being silenced. I shared the petition all over, and did not even get signatures from “warriors” like you to show that there are people who want it looked into and changed. You call us idiots; good luck with that, look at the big picture, the problem will not stay localized here, it will move out to your city too. Islam is a religion of peace/ when all the infidels are dead; welcome to the true end game. The article Pam used above does not even begin to tell the story; our media, our leaders except one (God Bless Jeff) and the organizations who are profiting off of this are silencing all the people who are speaking out. Keep calling us stupid and just wait till it comes to your town. Or better yet, maybe help the towns who are currently fighting so you dont have to…

    • Achmed

      Hi, Elizabak. I am not cognizant of any petition that you were/are circulating. Is it still open for perusal and signatures?

      • Elizabak

        No, it is not open anymore, but thank you, here the link:
        If you want a clear idea of what is happening you can listen to our local radio host Ox and his guests cover it (see link) look for segment 3 refugee resettlement:
        I hope your local elected officials are paying attention.

        • Achmed

          Thank you for the link, Elizabek. Much appreciated.

        • Achmed

          Fascinating. A petition, calling for a balloted moratorium, forcing the municipality to actually OBEY THE LAW! Such is unheard of and ….

    • iprazhm

      Had I seen your petition I would have signed it. Live in Fl but I’ve written and called legislators in other states to defend our nation and people. Sadly it seems I often care more than the locals. Here in Jacksonville, it’s rife with people who don’t vote or care. I’ve been verbally attacked and chased. A muslim man tried to follow me home in my car, screaming curse words at me because I had a large sticker warning folks about buying Halal food and it’s ties to terrorism. Thankfully other motorists would not give him space to get behind me at my turnoff. He actually held up traffic, refusing to move while trying.
      While protesting the Baptist Association for agreeing to transition islamic refugees into our neighborhoods, a young muslim woman came up to me yelling, ‘Why do you insult my prophet?’ Over and over. Some of the other people protesting actually took her side!!!
      Excuse me, but I have a low tolerance level for those who won’t, at the very least, go out and vote, let alone vote against useful idiots.
      I empathize with your dilemma, I really do. Just know that the folks posting angry responses are not talking to you or others like you that are trying to save their city. It’s meant to warn and shame the ones who are doing nothing.

      • Elizabak

        Hi, thank you for the reply. I am so sorry that happened to you. I will look at the replies as trying to shake people up. They need it. The petition did not go through and our council has shut us down. We are going to start looking at doing a recall. Thank you again and if you can please keep us in your prayers and I will do the same.

  • volksnut

    How much is the lutheran resettling organization getting for each one they bring in? These people are being shoved down the citizens of St Clouds throats – Theres a reason for it and its not ” diversity “

    • Achmed

      The Looteruhn (Minneapolis speak) charity has received MULTIPLE millions. However, nationwide … it’s been a drop in the bucket compared to what the Roman Catholic charities have received. I believe that even the Baptist charities have received more tax dollars than the looteruhns have.

    • Elizabak

      We were just told $1,000 per… Not sure if I can believe it as this info came to us at the same time they told us it is not costing the city anything…

  • Chris

    this just shows you how stupid liberals are. read the books stealth invasion and no go zones

    • SNOW_DIN

      Another good book is the Muslime Mafia.


    A person put bacon the the door handle and it was classified as a Hate. Another person went into a musk and tore several korans. Also classified as a hate crime. If the religion of pieces graffiti a or vandalize a Synagogue or Temple that is alright. I will donate money to the defense fund of anyone who has committed these acts against this disgusting religion of pieces. These musks are just havens for caches of weapons and terrorists and they should be demolished.

  • Covfefeghost


  • Ludlow Porch

    Minnesota, Will Reap What It Has Sewn!

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