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[ December 16, 2017 ]

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[ December 16, 2017 ]

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Southern Poverty Law Center Hit Piece on Robert Spencer Encourages Mob Suppression of Free Speech


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) seeks to silence and marginalize all who encourage legitimate discourse on the ideology that motivates the savagery of jihad. Their spurious attacks on The Geller Report are well documented. Ms. Geller has stated their goal succinctly: “For years I have warned that SPLC uber-left hate machine [has] one objective and one objective only: to destroy people who reject leftism, socialism, and collectivism.”

Thusly another in a long line of hit pieces from the SPLC attempts to ostracize our friend Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch after his visit to Stanford University. (See “Stanford: Fascist students stage walkout at Robert Spencer event, administration bars others wanting to enter,” Jihad Watch 11/15/17.) Naturally, a full and complete rebuttal to the SPLC piece could very realistically extend into a doctoral thesis-length publication. Sadly, consumers of SPLC propaganda are unlikely to read our commentary herein, let alone a lengthy discourse which could shatter the leftist groupthink bubble they live in. Therefore, we engage in a brief examination of the SPLC attack upon Mr. Spencer to remind Geller Report readers that we not only have to be informed counter-jihadists, we need to be fully informed about those “advocacy groups” that seek to silence us.

For our purposes, we need only highlight the SPLC’s opening paragraph:

Notorious Muslim-basher and pretend expert on Islam Robert Spencer faced a tough crowd earlier this week at Stanford University. Hosted by the Stanford College Republicans, Spencer was unprepared for a peaceful student walkout.

“Unprepared”? Not by far. “Peaceful”? Not so much. Having watched the almost 90 minute video of Spencer’s presentation, the walkout was in fact quite noisy and disruptive. It had the effect of drowning out Spencer’s words for the three-plus minutes it took the alleged students to shuffle out of the auditorium, accompanied inexplicably by Arabic music playing from a speaker hidden behind a curtain. As of this posting, the video can be viewed via Youtube at Jihad Watch. In the event Youtube should censor that video, a simple Google search of “Robert Spencer Stanford University” will hopefully lead to currently available links to the video.

It appears that this clearly preplanned mass exodus from Spencer’s presentation was designed primarily to exclude folks who actually wanted to hear Spencer speak from entering the auditorium in the first place. Even after these protestors left, the school administration would not permit an overflow crowd to come in and fill the empty seats. Moreover, a Stanford dean encouraged the disruption of Spencer’s talk.

While we are naturally concerned about the SPLC attack on Spencer, and the school’s complicity in attempting to silence him, we are equally interested in Spencer’s eloquent response to the mass walk-out from the auditorium:

I hope there are some people [remaining] who oppose what I stand for. The whole idea is to have a discussion. The idea of the university as a matter of fact is to engage in the discussion of ideas and ideas are supposed to be accepted or rejected on their merits. The idea that ideas are to be rejected on the basis of whether they are acceptable to various elites, that’s just the opposite of what free discourse really is. So these Stanford people, these lemmings that just left, are actually behaving in a away that is completely in opposition to what a university ought to be. A university ought to be a place where any and all ideas can be discussed freely…

These people cannot and will not engage on the level of ideas. They come in and they pack the event and then they leave so that nobody that wants to be here can be here. This again shows that these people are afraid of free discourse…

Kudos, sir!

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  • Dennis

    Touché Mr. Spencer. A well said response to the failure to allow discussion between differing views. I thoroughly agree with Mr. Spencer who states quite succinctly that people must be open to discussions of different, sometimes critical views, and determine the propriety of those views based on whether they are meritorious or not. That is what free speech is all about. These liberals and leftists have allowed the belief system that is Islam to prohibit a free and reasonable discussion about the consequences of Islam, and the effect on free speech is very negative and disarming. The university was clearly wrong in allowing this to happen and refusing to allow into the auditorium those who wanted to hear the views presented. We must put an end to this harassment of free speech. As I have said many times, critical views that are not promoting violence must be heard, while everyone retains the right to determine the merits of the speech.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    stanford has become another madrassa. little more than a strip mall diploma mill cranking out degrees in “social nuisances” “faarts” at best. Today’s stanford graduate is tomorrow’s welfare democrat.


    SPLC stands for Slutty Pigs and Lying Cunts. ;These slimy gutter rats need their main headquarters destroyed with just about everyone who works there inside. This would send them one wide awakening message. Where is Timothy McVeigh when you need him?

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