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Saudi Arabia’s Big Fear Over Terrorism Is That It Not Tarnish Image of Islam


Saudi Arabia, the supposed friend of America and ally of all-things-peaceful, said through its crown prince that the big worry about all the terrorism that’s being committed in Allah’s name around the world is that Islam is being tarnished.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made the outrageous statement while speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) Minsters of Defense Council in Rihadh on Sunday.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has vowed that extremists will no longer “tarnish our beautiful religion.”

How about the killing — how about the victims? The death, destruction and mayhem?

Well, first and foremost to Saudi, it’s the image of the religion.

The Religion of Peace, hat tip Arab News, has more:

The crown prince said Sunday’s meeting sends “a strong signal that we are going to work together and coordinate together to support each other.”

“The biggest danger of this terrorism and extremism is the tarnishing of the reputation of our beloved religion… We will not allow this to happen,” he said. “Today, we start the pursuit of terrorism and we see its defeat in many facets around the world especially in Muslim countries… We will continue to fight it until we see its defeat.”

The crown prince also offered his condolences to Egypt, which suffered an attack on Friday by militants on a mosque in northern Sinai that killed 305 people.

“This is indeed a painful event and it is a recurrent and strong reminder of the dangers of this terrorism,” he said.

Saudi Arabia announced the alliance in December 2015. The alliance consists of 41 countries and identifies as a “pan-Islamic unified front” against violent extremism.

The IMCTC encompasses an integrated approach to coordinate and unite on the four key domains of ideology, communications, counter-terrorism financing, and military, in order to fight all forms of terrorism and extremism and to effectively join other international security and peacekeeping efforts.

The coalition will develop, collect, shop and disseminate a wide range of information on counterterrorism programs and best techniques embarked on by member nations and international organizations.

Chiefs of staff from Muslim countries met in Riyadh in March 2016, and affirmed “their determination to intensify efforts in fighting terrorism through joint work according to their capabilities, based on the desire of each member country to participate in operations or programs within the IMCTC framework as per its policies and procedures, and without compromising the sovereignty of the Coalition member countries.”

The IMCTC acts in response to the threat of terrorism that has impacted Muslim and non-Muslim countries and has distorted the image of Islam.
During the meeting, IMCTC Acting Secretary General, Lt. Gen. Abdulelah Al-Saleh, outlined the coalition’s strategy, governance, activities and future plans.

In addition, eminent keynote speakers presented their perspectives on counter terrorism efforts in each of the IMCTC’s four key domains:

Dr. Mohammad Al-Issa, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, introduced the ideology domain, and the necessity of promoting a message that counters the narrative of violent extremist ideology and reaffirms Islamic principles of tolerance and compassion, through presenting the true nature of Islam and supporting ideological, psychological, and social reforms

Dr. Mohammad Al-Momani, Minister of State for Media Affairs of Jordan discussed the communications domain, and the importance of producing and disseminating factual, scholarly and engaging content to undermine and counter the appeal of violent extremism.

Dr. Ahmed Abdulkarim Alkholifey, Chairman and Governor of Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, discussed Counter Terrorist Financing and the need to promote best practices and advance legal, regulatory, and operational frameworks in prevention, detection, and seizure operations.

General Raheel Sharif presented the military domain, which aimed to assist in the coordination of resourcing and planning of member country military CT operations; facilitate the secure sharing of military information; and encourage military CT capacity and capability building to ultimately deter aggression and violence.

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  • Fred

    Wake up America. Saudi Arabia is our ENEMY!

    • Liatris Spicata

      Strategically, over the long term, yes. Tactically, no. Is a conundrum for even the most well-intentioned of policy makers.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Um, Soddy Barbaria is either the number one or number two sponsor of worldwide islamic terrorism Flaccid Flower. But maybe you don’t care about the piles of dead kafir killed in the name of islum?

        • Liatris Spicata

          And maybe yor idiotic comment is a non-sequitor.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            No maybe about it, your comments are non sensical. Ludicrous sphincter suits you well.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Your implicit argument half a half-wit was that Soddy Barbaria should be considered an ally.

          • 12banjo

            Curious. I can’t block him.

        • LIVE FREE OR DIE

          Don’t forget that Tareck El Aissami – Vice President of that “mecca” of socialist civilization: Venezuela – has been named as one of the world’s worst Narcoterrorists (cocaine). Drug cartels and Mid-eastern oil money are two of the most corrupting influences in existence, neither of which was present before WWII.

    • I don’t hate someone just because they are a citizen from that country, but yes, Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, and to be honest, Islam has a very violent past.

    • …along with her own Fifth Column.


      They’ve been in bed with the Bush Family for a Looooooooooong time.

  • Michael Copeland

    Islam is self-tarnishing.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’s all the bloodshed. It tends to stain.

  • ‘terror’ has nothing to do with the beloved death cult 4/89 iSSlam -> 8/17

  • Now also Dortmund (Germany) now in fear of terror attacks—‘brave’ sanction
    in accordance to Berlin jihadi (Anis Amri) 4/74-76 terror 8/12-17, 8/39 attack 2017
    —instead to name the enemy, terrorist no.1 allah

    -> concrete bollards … wow :-)

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Like the police bollards will never be there when you need them and the smart muslum truck will make sure they’re not at wherever it’s attacking.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Ziggy46

      Great post; the Saudis sponsor terrorism; nevertheless, our politicos always kowtow to Saudi Arabia. I realize that politically there comes a time when a nation sleeps with the Devil but this Devil is no ally or friend. Meanwhile, the State of Israel is scrutinized, censured and brow beaten when they protect their nation from the Islamist contagion. I have yet to witness the Saudis being berated by the Western Overlords, not so, Israel.

      • The ‘western overlords’ have sold their souls in exchange for Saudi oil.

        • Ziggy46

          Yes, Menseismal, black gold and moneys filtered into their, the politicos’, Swiss bank accounts.

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  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • ‘… worst of creatures’

    • Qur’an 18:86

      Actually it has been pointed out that that picture is highly misleading. There’s plenty enough genuine reason to complain about the religion of hate without adding false evidence to it.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Liatris Spicata

      The image you present is disgusting and offensive. People need to see it: if there is one thing that galvanizes people, it is the rape and murder of young girls. At least that used to be the case before the feminazis went to work with their sissors.

      • Mark Steiner

        So so American politicians like McCain, who received campaign funding from Saudi sources.

      • Qur’an 18:86

        It’s a kaffir girl so it’s ok. Please keep up with the broader morality.

  • shirley versace

    Ah, the Riyadh-Tel-Aviv axis – alive and kicking. Saudi is a petro-dollar proxy-state. It is the expression of the oil and geo-political interests of the western banking cartels, rather than a legitimate or natural state.

    They take our weapons and in the middle east they expand the sphere of influence of the banks through the bankster proxy of Wahanist/Salafist islam.

    In Europe they buy our western cities and expand the influence of the bankser cartels by destroying our culture and democracy through the building of the mosques and the spread of their hateful religion

    • Liatris Spicata

      Very imaginative, shirley. I guess, when you have imagination, you don’t need evidence, or even plausibility.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Your “good”, “moderate” muslums only exist in your imagination.

  • Liatris Spicata

    “The biggest danger of this terrorism and extremism is the tarnishing of the reputation of our beloved religion

    Oh, sothat’s the biggest danger, Salman. Well what do you expect from a “religion” founded by some crackpot pedophile who proclaimed, “I am made victorious through terror”?

    • Qur’an 18:86

      You’re clearly suffering from a severe attack of infectious Islamophobia. I’ve just checked through my own copies of the Noble Quran and nowhere does it say Islam was founded by a crackpot pedophile.

  • Clown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    While I agree with most of the comments that this isn’t enough to stop “tarnishing” the reputation of Islam, it is still a good step forward. They are taking ownership of the problem instead of blaming the west and doing less than this. Let’s encourage them instead of putting them down. True, lasting change takes time and is gradual rather than all at once. The other risks from Islamic immigration are still significant enough that migration from Islamic nations of muslims is a threat to our existence and we’ll being.

    Their relentless legal cases alone have to end before they stop being a war crime to import them to our lands.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    If Soddy Barbaria is against islamic terrorism then why do they fund it?

  • Jack Wisdom

    Isn’t it possible that Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia has something to do with this initiative? Certainly, Saudi hands are not entirely clean with respect to terrorism. Some of us even think that their Wahabbist brand of Islam is itself laying a foundation for an adherence to Islam that is radically anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and anti-kafir. However, a more active role against Islamic jihadism is good news. However, I recall Netanyahu stating in the U.S. Congress that “the enemy of my enemy is my enemy.” The Islamic world is inherently violent because of the example of Muhammed and various prescriptive teachings that encourage violence found in the Quran. Therefore it would be wrong to whitewash the 41 “good countries” (sic) that are Islamic with that “religion of peace” stupid and stupefying label. Rather, let us keep taking practical steps against the worldwide scourge of terrorism, limit Muslim admissions to the U.S., challenge any mosques that are inciting to violence through their teachings, not be sharia compliant in the USA under the phony guise of “toleration” or pseudo-definitions of the meaning of freedom of speech. And again, let us remember to thank Pres. Trump for setting a more aggressive tone against Islamicism, and hope that Egypt’s Al-Sisi starts to get more allies, although there are still plenty of bad dudes that are able to operate within the Egyptian context. The virulent Islamic religion has been virulent for 1400 years, and it will not stop being violent and virulent by playing patty-cake with the Muslim Brotherhood organizations like CAIR and ISNA. However, an aggressive anti-terrorist attitude and posture, and no nonsense law enforcement domestically and hardened rules of engagement overseas will help suppress the Muslim aggressions and give hope to certain leaders within Islam who, without a strong sense of support from the outside, will be afraid to stand against the terrorists.

  • 12banjo

    MSB is speaking to other Muslim nations, and attempting to persuade them to unite against terror. He has huge resources and he will share them.

    Don’t see why this should bug you, Pamela.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Perhaps a bit of a refresher on what islam is built on will assist you in figuring it out all by yourself.
      islam’s recommended forms of lying.
      • Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni): tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading
      • Kitman: deceit by omission.
      • Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity.
      • Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the tenets of Sharia).
      • Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).
      • Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear “moderate”.

      • 12banjo

        The Man of Peace.

        Here he is.

        • Mahou Shoujo


          • 12banjo

            It’s a reference out of Revelation. Was hoping someone would catch it.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are going to have to do better than be vague. Apparently you missed the words from scripture in front of the question marks.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The lying muslum hawse hole — you are it.

      • Qur’an 18:86

        True but don’t forget it’s also true that a huge proportion of “Muslims” either in west or in their “muslim countries” believe those lies, of the wonderfully kind and peaceful “prophet” who brought Allah’s Religion of Peace to us. I’ve also seen a claim that a high proportion of ladies with hijabs are only pretending to be believers, they just are reluctant to draw hostile attention to the possibility by dressing “deviantly”.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I once tried to visit a muslum issues website. It required registration before you could visit the forums.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Very few muslims have actually read the qur’an, even fewer can or will even talk about it. With islam, it is accept it or die, the concept of leadership by example, or reasons forgoing anything do not exist. islam is a cult for those who are far to stupid to think about anything, especially what they are doing at any given time.

      • 12banjo

        Thank you, I’m quite aware of that.

        Keep in mind that there are a lot of things going on in KSA right now.

        Watch for the old king to abdicate and KSA become a federation.

        MBS has made overtures to Israel. The mufti has declared Hamas to be in-Islamic. Hezbollah is being hollowed out.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Please enumerate these “overtures”. Because a country that specifically excludes Jews from being anywhere within its borders makes me think you’re spewing bullshite.

          • 12banjo

            Bah. If you don’t know about MSB visiting Israel on 9/11/17 already, and the importance of that event, you’re just ignorant.

            I find this article by PG to be a knee jerk and shallow take on this prince who will be king.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Who the hell is MSB?

            ‘According to a Religion News Service report, “Jews and
            Israelis, or passengers carrying any non-Islamic article of faith, will
            not be able to fly code-share flights from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia
            under Delta Air Line’s new partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines that
            is set to begin in 2012.”‘


            ‘There are indications that passengers with Jewish sounding names have been denied visas.’


            Suck it.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    islam is filth to begin with, anything terrorists do merely gobs feces on it.

  • tom

    “The biggest danger of this terrorism and extremism is the tarnishing of the reputation of our beloved religion”.

    Sorry Prince, but that train left the station a looooong time ago. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that Islam is the violent scourge of the earth and currently waging an insane holy war against civilization itself, in a bloody attempt to drag the human race back 1400 years. The sole reason the rep of Islam is lower than a rattlesnake in a wagon rut is simple. Look no further than the outrageous behavior of the true believers themselves, who follow the whacked-out instructions in Islam’s holy books and the example of the mentally deranged, murderous, phony-baloney prophet Mohammad.

    Prince, Islam is officially an abomination, a holy mess, synonymous with terror, inhuman sharia law, misogyny, mutilating little girls genitals, mass murder, suicide bombing, supremacy, rabid antisemitism, failed third world hell-holes, blasphemy laws, death to apostates, death to unbelievers, throwing gays off buildings, child brides and billions of inbred, backwards, brainwashed, semi- literate, victim mongering savages; humorless hordes of skull-cap wearing, bearded, wife beating men, with ridiculously delicate egos and a ludicrously overblown sense of their own personal honor, with nothing to offer humanity except mindless violence and theological fascism, who run riot and burn their neighborhoods down at the slightest provocation, and burka-ed, veiled, hijab-clad, beaten down, submissive females with no human rights and chattel status, whose sole function is to do what they are told by Muslim men and churn out the little jihadis by the Wahhabi mosque full.

    How ya gonna get all that toothpaste back in the tube, Prince, old sport? Take away the violence, terror and hate….. there’s nothing left. You would literally have to toss the whole rotten scam in the rubbish heap and start from scratch to rebuild Islam’s noxious reputation. Good luck with that.

    • Qur’an 18:86

      Jeez (well, Mo), how many times do we have to tell you this?: Islam is the Religion of Peace. Read any book by any number of competent experts, such as Baroness Saeeda Warsi, leading campaigner Sarah Khan, esteemed London Mayor Sadiq Khan, etc., ad infinitum, and they will assure you with absolute certainty of this fact, even to the extent they have no need to waste time presenting evidence on the point.
      Please just sit down with a friendly local Imam, and agree to just humbly learn what you are told. No more of this paranoid ranting that they are all trying to kill you. Don’t believe everything you’re told just because it appears to be true!

      • tom

        “Religion of Peace”? Oh man, has THAT trainload of tired nonsense left the station as well. Don’t tell me, Q, tell them! Tell the Jihadis. They’re the ones you need to convince, not me. Problem is….I know it isn’t true and so do they. If Islam was really a “Religion of Peace”, Muslim apologists would not have to keep endlessly repeating it ad-nauseam, like some kind of robotic canned audio-loop, like some mindless Muslim mantra, like a mind bending broken record, following each Islamic Jihad atrocity. Well guess what? No one’s listening anymore. Talk is cheap. Actions speak volumes. Fool me once….

        “Don’t believe everything you’re told just because it appears to be true!” Orwell couldn’t have said it any better. Linkum!

  • santashandler

    “Today, we start the pursuit of terrorism and we see its defeat in many
    facets around the world especially in Muslim countries… We will continue
    to fight it until we see its defeat.” ‘Um, hey buddy, you’re about 50 years too late on that front. In case you haven’t noticed, there have been a few big terrorist events happening in the last few years. 9/11 being one of them sixteen years ago. And NOW you want to fight terrorism?’

    • 1Sassychick

      Don’t jump down my throat please. Just pointing out…. He really couldn’t fight it before, he just came into power.

  • Islam’s image is already tarnished beyond repair — except perhaps among the left, who try their best to deflect, victimize and otherwise muddy the waters to generate sympathy for Islam at every turn.

  • freepetta

    Too late terrorism has already ruined Muslim. Hated all over the world.

  • MrSteve

    Theworld despises islam and these middle eastern piss holes because we know their ultimate goal is to kill Christianity and the American way of life.

  • MrSteve

    one day Americans will get some guts and fight islam on our soil otherwise we become france and england which have morphed into middle eastern countries.

  • James Stamulis

    Islam tarnishes itself on a daily basis and even the MSM cannot hide that.

  • Tommy Tucker

    To late……..tarnishing has happened and still happening. To little too late. You are full of hot air and currently spending millions to take the West into your satanic cult.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    The soiled Saudi image ?!!
    …………………. or Soldiers of Allah ?!!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Congress releases secret ’28 pages’ on alleged Saudi 9/11 ties

  • notme123

    So is that why the use of the term Islamic terrorists is frowned upon. It’s more important to keep the Saudis happy.

  • Bill

    They’re just NOW figuring this out? LOL.

  • brente

    I think a small nuke on Mecca would fix the view of islam I have…..let them all visit mecca after that.

  • jim

    The most important thing for Muslims to do is to publicly apologize for the atrocities, sins and sexual perversions of their “Prophet” Muhammad.
    They must publicly say that they will only follow his good examples!

    This means saying a firm NO to Jihad (Holy War), child marriage, killing of Jews, blasphemers, apostates and saying no to wife beating or any type of violence.

  • jim

    Terrorism comes from Prophet Muhammad and his teachings!
    Islam is a curse to the world. The whole world would be much more peaceful without the birth of Muhammad and his Islam.
    Allah is satan.

  • InfidelCrusader

    That ship has already sailed. Islamic inspired terrorism has already irrevocably tarnished Islam.

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