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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Rutgers University Hires Muslim Ex-Diplomat Who Accused Israelis of Trafficking Children’s Organs


The left is evil and must be destroyed or they will destroy us.

My colleagues and I cannot speak on college campuses, but American’s most vicious enemies are welcomed and paid handsomely. They system is broken. Irretrievably broken.

At the very least, all federal funding to universities must end. We must stop funding our own demise.

Rest assured: if Mazen Adi had made anti-jihad or anti-sharia statements, he never would have been hired by Rutgers in the first place. But blood libel against the Jews? That’s commonplace on American university campuses today. When will Rutgers make Mazen Adi a dean?

“Jewish Leaders at Rutgers University Denounce Hiring of Ex-Syrian Diplomat Who Accused Israelis of Trafficking Children’s Organs,” by Shiri Mosh, Algemeiner, November 17, 2017:

Two leading Jewish campus groups at Rutgers University in New Jersey have expressed concern over the university’s continued employment of adjunct professor Mazen Adi — a former spokesperson for the Syrian regime who accused Israeli officials of trafficking children’s organs.

As The Algemeiner first reported last week, Adi worked on behalf of Syria’s Foreign Ministry for 16 years, most recently as a diplomat at the United Nations in New York between 2007 and 2014 — defending Syria as it was accused of gassing, torturing, and starving its own citizens.

He joined Rutgers’ Political Science Department in 2015, and will teach a class on international law this spring. The university told The Algemeiner last week that its faculty members had a right to free speech, and said Adi was hired due to “his expertise in international law and diplomacy.”

Rabbi Yosef Carlebach, who heads Rutgers’ Chabad House, told The Algemeiner that he has been at the university for 39 “excellent” years and felt compelled to emphasize that it “is not a center or a hotbed of antisemitism.”

British lawmakers and student leaders convened on Wednesday to discuss the prevalence of antisemitism at universities and strategize on ways…

“The administration, from the very top and down, has worked with us over the years on many different projects, on many different issues,” he stressed.

However, Carlebach acknowledged that over the years, the university is “going to hire people and claim academia takes precedence over everything — they’re going to use the freedom of expression line to give license to absolute wrong.”

“Antisemitism is around us, and there are going to be pockets of places that exhibit antisemitism, and [Mazen Adi] and others like him are perfect examples of that,” he warned. “We have to do our best to get our students aware of it.”

Carlebach said the revelation that Adi — who most recently worked as a Syrian diplomat at the United Nations in New York between 2007 and 2014, when the regime of President Bashar Assad was accused of multiple war crimes — was now a faculty member at Rutgers sparked “tremendous concern” in his community.

“There’s a feeling that … our school, that we so much love and care for, is once again allowing itself and its good name and reputation to be tarnished in the name of academia,” the rabbi said. “It’s something that we have to do everything in our power to deal with.”

He called on members of the Jewish community to “do their utmost to make the administration aware that you cannot have people who call Jews baby-killers talk loudly in the name of academia.”

The Jewish campus group Rutgers Hillel similarly urged university leaders this week “to condemn Adi’s statements as the mouthpiece of the murderous Syrian regime and to investigate the process by which a man like Mazen Adi was hired in the first place.”

“There are no doubt, Arab, Yazidi, Druze, or other students at Rutgers whose own relatives were murdered by the government for which Adi was a spokesman and apologist,” Rutgers Hillel wrote. “How must they and their families feel knowing this man is now a Rutgers ‘educator?’”

The group pointed out that the university was “already reeling from revelations” that Professor Michael Chikindas — whom The Algemeiner first interviewed — published multiple antisemitic, homophobic and misogynistic social media posts.

Adi has been accused of making antisemitic remarks while representing the Syrian regime at the UN — notably at 2012 Security Council meeting, when Adi claimed that “international gangs led by some Israeli officials are now trafficking children’s organs.”

This “racist conspiracy theory,” Rutgers Hillel observed, has been advanced “by another Rutgers professor, Jasbir Puar,” who reportedly repeated allegations in a 2016 talk that the bodies of “young Palestinian men … were mined for organs for scientific research.”…

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  • Mark Steiner

    More miso-Judaism at work.

    What Israeli Jews are accused of by this satanic speaker, so-called, is exactly the thing muslims are guilty of themselves, and has been documented on numerous occasions, including cannibalism.

    Romans 2:1-2 has it thus: Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.
    But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.

    Jewish doctors have saved the lives of numerous jihadis who would have the doctors murdered with opportunity.

    Liars, hypocrites, fools and murderers – Islam defined in part.

    • Piffin


  • Mahou Shoujo

    Mazen Adi does have some experience int he field of organ sales, as he clearly has sold his brain and testicles.

    • tatka150

      , if any…?:)

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Actually, I think I may be being presumptuous.

  • Suresh

    Isn’t Rutgers the same college Scumbag Hillary passed out of ?

    Left/liberal/Feminism gave “freedom” to women and abused men, so we have a broken societies with clueless women getting attracted to Islam for giving them a sense of “direction , peace “.

    so they welcome their future jihadi husbands

    ….and they consider those who speak out against jihadi criminals as “nazi”.

  • roccolore

    Yet Rutgers chased away Condoleeza Rice.

  • RalphB

    Just how corrupt do universities have to become before prospective students and their parents start looking elsewhere?

    • tatka150

      US Government has to stop send our taxpayers money to finance these colleges with Goebbels propagandists-“professors”.
      It should be created Parents-Teachers Cometee in the colleges, like at schools (PTA). And the parents should have a right to know WHO will teach their kids. Academia sucks Big Time. No wonder if we’ll have brainwashed commys coming out right from the colleges, which are subsidized by American taxpayers. These brainwashed zombies will soon vote out our Liberty and Constitution, and we will turn to North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba or some other socialists shithole. We have to stop it NOW!

  • tatka150

    Here we go again. Sounds like new Dreyfus Affair is on the stage. And it’s in 21 Century!
    It also reminds the Mendel Beilis Affair in czarist’s Russia in 1911- 1913 and his trial in Kiev. He was accused for the ritual murder of the Christian child and it became the base for the series of the horrible Jewish pogroms in Russian Empire. It was initiated by Nikolay II . It was one of the steps which ruined the antisemitic Russian Empire in 1917.
    These both Jewish heroes were falsely accused and officially exonerated (Dreyfus), but these bloody “navets” still hunting Jews now, in 21 Century.
    Shame on the administration of NJ University allowing this antisemitic scumbag to promote his false accusation of Jews.
    He should be immediately fired and prosecuted for the hate speeches and the hate crime – teaching the students to hate Jews.

    • Exuperancia Pérez

      and this czar Nicolay has been declared a “saint and martyr’ of the Russian Orthodox church! along with his wife the czaritza (or czarina, whatever…) and their children. It has been said that she had an extra marital affaire with Rasputin…
      I wonder if the orthodox priests blessed the knives and other weapons used during the pogroms like the Roman Catholic pope Pius XI with the planes that bombed Spain by Mussolini’s army in order to help the fascist rebellion of Franco…
      Spain had to endure a 40 year fascist dictatorship and Russia suffered more than 70 years of communism…
      Something is very wrong in this world. the stupid glorify muslim scumbags like this despicable Mazen Adi and demonize those who fight in order to preserve freedom like Pamela Geller, a true hero!
      Very kind regards to you,

      • tatka150

        Dear Exuperancia. Thank you for your warm reply. I appreciate your great knowledge of Russian history. You are absolutely correct about the affair that czar’s wife – czariza Alexandra Fedorovna had with Gregory Rasputin. In fact this Rasputin didn’t miss any woman in czar’s Nicolas 2 surrounding. He was a very strange and powerful man and basically was at the power of Russia at this dark times. Czar Nikolas was a very weak and indecisive person. And his wife “helped” him to ruin Russia up to the end with a great help of Gregory Rasputin. Rasputin was an uneducated Siberian peasant, who come to St. Petersburg and become the most powerful figure behind the stage. Russian aristocrats hated him so badly, that they finally killed him. The head of the plot was dvoryanin Yusupov. He was Russian aristocrat who was richer then Nikolas 2. It’s very interesting page of the Russian history, and I would recommend you to watch the movie “Rasputin”. You’ll understand many things about the situation in pre-revolutionary Russian Empire (1900-1917)
        In respect of your question how Russian Orthodox Church helped to organize the Jewish pogroms- it’s another big part of the shameful Russian history. Believe me – I know.
        I was born and raised in the former USSR. My native language is Russian, but I am a Jew. Generations of Russian Jews were suffering the persecution and the pogroms in the great Russian Empire for centuries. And some members of my family were the victims of it.
        It was a introduction to Holocaust.

        • tatka150

          Continued. Many member’s of my family were murdered in Holocaust. Russian and Ukrainian Nazi’s collaborationist killed more Jews on the occupied by Nazis territory, then Nazis.And Russian and Ukrainian Church has been always supportive and gave the mob their blessing. The Mendel Beilis Affair/Trail in 1911-1913 was organized by Ukrainian Church. They accused innocent man in the brutal murder of the Ukrainian teenager, who’s body was found close to the working place of Beilis. FInally after 2 yrs of the investigation they found that the mother of this boy was involved in his murder, because she was a criminal and the boy told her that he’ll contact the authorities. Beilis meanwhile was accused that he murdered this boy in order to use his blood for the baking of Mazos for Passover. It was a trigger for the hundreds ot the terrible pogroms all over Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belorussia (all the parts of the Great Russian Empire)
          I would be happy to communicate with you if you wish.
          Do you live in US or in Spain?
          I am happy to meet you on this great site.
          Warm regards. Tatyana

  • tatka150


  • Dennis Durkop

    The way to a high paying college position is to-be a out of your mind dirt bag bigot!

  • Piffin

    I just feel sorry the the idiots who will listen to him and think that he is right.

  • All Rutgers alumni — Jewish or not — should cease their donations to the school, and tell the admin why.

    • tatka150

      And to tell it not only to the Administration, but to the WHOLE COUNTRY VIA MEDIA, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, ETC. TO START THE MOVEMENT.

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