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Geller Report Exclusive: Pakistani Christian Facing Death on “Blasphemy” Charges Pleads for Help


I received this disturbing email from a Pakistani Christian who is facing the death penalty for “blasphemy.” If the enemedia narrative were true, moderate Muslims all over Pakistan would be racing to defend Faraz Parvaiz, and standing with him against these false blasphemy charges. Where is the Moderate Muslim movement, either in Pakistan or anywhere else?

At any rate, Europeans and Americans can expect these kinds of arrests and prosecutions in the future, and sooner than most people think. It’s why Western elites and enemedia sharia advocates blamed us when jihadists tried to kill us all in Garland, Texas. It’s why the FBI did nothing to stop it. Because the laws that are being used to persecute Faraz Parvaiz are the same laws that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is trying to intimidate the West into adopting, and that so many Westerners are willing to accept voluntarily in exchange for a false sense of security.

Faraz Parvaiz needs our help. Please publicize his plight on any platform you have. The more attention we call to these human rights abuses, the better chance we have of getting the perpetrators to stop, and give justice to people such as Faraz Parvaiz and so many others like him.

Respected Pamela Geller

I, Faraz Pervaiz, (815-14c01474) Pakistani Christian am writing to inform you that there has been a significant change in my case since it was previously rejected by the UNHCR. A First Initial Report (FIR) by the police has been filed against me and posted in several major news papers in the country.

The FIR NO: 07/2017 Dated 19.03.2017 U/S 295-A,295-B,295-C,298-A,298-B, 109 PPC R/W Section II of PECA 2016 and Section 6(F), 7(B), and 9-ATA of FIA NR3c Islamabad.

was posted by the Police Station Cyber Crime FIA Islamabad. In the Proclamation Order I am accused of violating

What this means is that I have been accused of Blasphemy, a serious crime in Pakistan, the punishment for which is a severe infringement on the most basic of human rights to freely practice or not practice religion. The reason I am accused of these crimes is because I spoke critically of Islam on my personal Facebook page and in videos posted by my church, The Refuge of David.

Individuals found guilty of Blasphemy in Pakistan are subject to extremely harsh sentences, including life in prison and at times the death penalty. My name and address were also published in the proclamation and aside from legal problems I am now at risk of reprisal attacks or murder by vigilante groups as well as proscribed terrorist groups, both of which have carried out extra-judicial executions in the country on the grounds of blasphemy charges.

Compounding the risk of my return is the fact that I have already been receiving threats from vigilantes in Pakistan due to my religious and political beliefs and my videos have been circulated among extremists, including those belonging to networks connected to proscribed terrorist groups such as LeT, TTP and likely many others. This comes at a time where LeT’s political front Milli Muslim League is growing in popularity. One of MML’s most important political figures is Hafez Saed, who founded LeT. Hafez is running for office, carries considerable political influence but is a proscribed terrorist by the United States and other nations. The political environment in Pakistan could not be more dangerous for me than it is now, and I have reviewed fatwas against me accusing me of various crimes revolving around offenses to Islam.

If I am returned to Pakistan it is certain I will be subject to vast human rights violations on the basis of my religious beliefs and critical view of certain religious theology and religious politics which are commonly held in Pakistan. There is also concern that Pakistan will seek to extradite me through Interpol return me for trial on the basis of my religious and political beliefs.

To not do so would leave me vulnerable to the conditions described above at a time it is certain I would face severe persecution and even death for my religious and political beliefs, which are protected by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I thank you for your timely consideration of these facts and have attached the relevant documents for review.

Please Write and Artical for Me to Save My whole family,My 8 Family members are in IDC Bangkok



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  • Liatris Spicata

    Courteously worded letters to the ambassador to the USA and to prison officials in Pakistan can be helpful. I wonder if Amnesty International could be of assistance.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslims are merciless sub humans, one can expect nothing from them because they are nothing.

  • Philip Dyer

    This is shocking until you read it’s in Pakistan, then it’s pretty much what you expect from them.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Don’t worry everyone the ‘moderate’, ‘good’ muslums and their leftist atheist lap dogs will be along any day now to save this poor Christian man. Gag, cough, choke.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    How long will it be before the F-I_b will be enforcing islamic blasphemy and heresy laws under the cover of hate speech laws in cyberspace in the USA?

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