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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Germany: Iranian Spy Network Targeted Jewish Institutions for Strikes

New Barbie Is Modeled After Failed American Olympian ….. Who Wears a Hijab


When I was young, Barbie represented the Western female ideal. She was an astronaut, doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, scientist, teacher — she was young, beautiful and free. I imagined my life through her while whipping her around in her Austin Healey pulling up to her Barbie dream house.
Oh how the mighty iconic have fallen.

From that to this:

It reminds me of those photos of Iran and Afghanistan, before and after the burka.

The new Barbie is modeled after a failed American Olympian whose only claim to fame is she wears a hijab. What next? Barbie sex slave? Barbie child bride? Clit cut Barbie?

Where is Hindu Barbie? Buddhist Barbie? Jewish Barbie (actually Barbie was invented by a Jewish woman)? Bahai Barbie? Zoroastrian Barbie? Church of Scientology Barbie?

Why Muslim Barbie? Look at her vile tweets:


New Barbie Is Modeled After American Olympian Who Wears a Hijab

She said that having a doll modeled on a strong Muslim woman was “revolutionary,” particularly at a time when some of the national discourse is fraught with bigotry.

“There is so much focus on Muslim women in hijab, and oppression and being docile,” she said. “This is flipping this entire bigoted narrative on its head.”

The hijab-wearing Barbie is part of the “Shero” line of dolls from Mattel that is based on inspirational women who are breaking social barriers, including Misty Copeland, who was the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater, and the plus-size fashion model Ashley Graham.

Introducing the toy at a women’s awards show highlighted Ms. Muhammad’s status as an accomplished athlete and the role that Barbies have played in the formative years of American girls

“As a public figure who is Muslim I am very accustomed to trolling — that is a part of my life,” she said. “But it is still very shocking to me to read the very negative comments about dolls. We are still in a moment where we are unearthing this bigoted America that we all hoped and prayed did not exist.”

Ibrahim Hooper, the spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said that after the doll was announced, he heard a radio broadcast about it that included derogatory and sarcastic language, including whether the doll would be “strapped with bombs.”

 “The haters are out in force against this,” he said. “Hijab is like a red flag to the Islamophobes.”

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  • Patrick

    One word – Sad.

    • tatka150

      and one more word- disgusting!

  • nobody

    Barbie bomber; but you already knew that.

    • TD

      Muslim privilege: the privilege to be as racist, sexist, judeo-phobic, and anti-american as you want; and still be called “moderate” and “compatible”.

    • TD

      “Barbie bomber;”
      New Suicide Bomber Barbie!

      The doll you can remote control fom your iPhone or Android. Send commands from the app to “sing”, “dance”, or just blow her head off with the tap of a finger!

      From Mattel!
      ISIS flag sold separately!

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Suicide vest and AK-47 not included?

    • TD

      If she supports the Palestinians, she supports a terrorist movement.

      Her job as a “moderate’ is to deflect attention away from the terrorists and right-wingers in her group.
      It’s also to deflect attention away from the racism and sexism in her community – which is what the Hijab represents.

      • TD

        The Hijab Barbie deserves criticism because the lady it is based on is a Muslim Nationalist.
        She goes around framing Israel as an Apartheid state, when the Hijab is a symbol of gender Apartheid.

      • Kristen

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      • Rob Porter

        What kind of disgusting company is it that it would produce a doll that represents the people causing death and mahem all over the world and represents hatred, intolerance and bigotry?

        • ninetyninepct

          When will Ken be getting his beheading sword? Will Mattel be selling a burka barbie? Having this hijab only for women is racist. Men are entitled to wear burkas as well.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Maybe Ken will come w/some spare heads? Or maybe some beheaded kafir victims!

          • dad1927

            He has a razor for cliterectimies

        • Bill Kay

          A company that no longer needs to exist .

      • CHARLES S

        There is NO such thing as a Moderate Muslim…….ask any muslim…
        The hijab is a symbol of the lower status of women in the House of
        Islam, and in the House of War, it is often a public declaration of
        sharia adherence and supremacist pride.

    • Suresh

      Its sharia/Islam drip by drip . we have Islamonazis demanding we stop honoring American soldiers during Memorial day and instead honor Jihadis killed by American Soldiers just the way Palestine govt does to its jihadis !

      Hard to believe ? check

      • TD

        “Hard to believe”
        I believe it, Suresh.
        CAIR members insinuate it all the time.

        The question is, how can a Muslim Nationalist be compatible with American society?
        How can it be possible for a Muslim nationalist not to resent western society the way that this lady does.
        and how can Judeo-phobia ever be compatible with civilized society?

        • Bill Kay

          And how can it be that they have been allowed to invade our country trying to over thro our government , now that is the question who is responsible for this ? and what to do about it strange when under attack we used to know how to handle it ?

      • santashandler

        Any islamo-pig that even suggests we stop honoring our war heros, should be fined and have their citizenship status reviewed. That should not be tolerated whatsoever.

    • TD

      CRITICISM of this doll is JUSTIFIED because the person it is based on
      keeps spreading lies about Israel being an Apartheid State. Which means,
      good people have a right to point out that the HIJAB is a symbol of
      Apartheid in many Muslim countries.

      • Rob Porter

        There is a no more vicious apartheid system in the world today than Islam. Islam = apartheid.

        • Voytek Gagalka

          Yes. Example: apartheid state of Saudi Arabia. Is any Jew living there now, or any non-Muslim allowed to visit Mecca or Medina (not that any one would want to)? No. Apartheid state! Is Israel banning any Arab or Mohammedan to live in Israel? No. NOT apartheid state!

    • tatka150


    • David Glynn

      It will never be as popular as the MY LITTLE PONY dolls with muzrat males.
      Unless of course they bring out a
      MY LITTLE GOAT range.

      • Tearlag

        Little Fatima the Goat and her “husband” Hussein “Jihad” Muhammed.

    • Biff Henderson

      Of all the sports one can avail oneself she picks the one having to do with a sword to the neck.

  • Steven Squealberg

    Mike make good props in home-made horror movies.

  • Heltau

    Well, there goes American toys.

    • TD

      Video games are far superior and more customizable anyway.

      Anyway, when a person like her makes up stories about Israel being an Apartheid State, what it does is inspire terrorism from the radicals in her group.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’ve come across one video game that featured islamic propaganda about the “apartheid” state of Israel.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • David Glynn

      Well said mate. STAY STAUNCH &

    • Jpp

      no need to put death to people, just ban islam and give choice to people, convert or exile. like Israel.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslim barbie with optional clitoridectomy kit, acid burns and beating decals sold separately.

    • TD


    • tatka150

      Brilliant as always.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you.

    • Wickedly funny ?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        True to islamic life.

    • santashandler

      Excellent. Will every Muslim Barbie be sold with a ‘welcoming’ video from Linda Soursewer giving instructions on conversion and under wear bomb-making.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The marketing potential of this is underwhelming.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, that was good.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Must admit, I rather like it.

    • dad1927

      love it! Demonstrate it before the brit kids are forced to go to a mosque and pretend they are muslim there

  • ahem

    Actually, they should just make a doll consisting of a black hijab on a stand to prop it up, eliminate the doll entirely, and enjoy their increased profit margin—who needs an actual doll? No one can see it.

    • TD

      your criticism is justified!

      Criticism of this doll is justified because the person it is based on keeps spreading lies about Israel being an Apartheid State. Which means, good people have a right to point out that the HIJAB is a symbol of Apartheid in many Muslim countries.

    • dad1927

      doubles as a trash bag

  • tatka150

    Beyond ridiculous as always. Back to the stone age.

  • Robert Taylor

    We like our bigoted America and want it back.
    How much is the clit cut Barbie? Half off?
    But you know what the ultimate Barbie is going to be don’t you
    and this has been a long time coming
    The chicks with dicks Barbie play set.

  • Victor Redlick

    Now you have the makings of “Jihadi” Barbie able to go around and behead all the former Infidel Barbies and of course the Kafir Kens. Mattel appears to be rotting from the inside, like all the other industries who have dug themselves a corporate hole by insane SJW appeasement. Can BLM Barbie and Antifa Barbie be very far behind? Mattel doesnt just make dolls, so say hello to ‘goodbye’ when it comes to the company’s ancillary products’ revenues. Then, too, they’ll invent an emergency Damage Control Barbie. Is this the egregious hijacking of Australia’s motto “Putting another one on the Barbie!”? Dolls are for children, not suicidal CEOs to play with, unless you are Homer TruD’oh, Liberal leader of the Nuclear Parliamentary Sewage plant in Canada.

  • David Glynn

    According to a pol Muslim males of all ages enjoy playing with the MY LITTLE PONY figures!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Ugly …

    Does it come with a Suicide Bomb Vest and a Knife as accessories?


    The new Ken doll will be dressed as a terrorist and named Ken The Terrorist or Islam Ken

    and will come dressed in traditional Camel Jockey fatigues and will come equipped with a suicide belt.

    • Mischief Maker in the Land

      And pet goat

  • Drew the Infidel

    Are we to assume this doll is “anatomically correct”, complete with the requisite mutilations?

  • NickandLynds

    Back in January, before Trump was inaugurated, Ms. Mohammed sent out a tweet that she had been detained at a US airport after coming home from Europe because of Trump’s “Muslim ban.” After some of her liberal followers had a meltdown, a few less gullible people pointed at that there was no ban and that even if there were, it would not apply to her because she is a US citizen. Thereafter, she refused to provide any details about the incident, including the date of the event, her flight number or the airport where the alleged “Islamophobic” detention took place.

    Six months before that, she got a security guard fired because he spelled her name wrong on a pass card for a fencing event, claiming doing so was “racist.”

    Some “Shero.”

  • Snooty goody-goody, ‘RACISM isn’t welcomed,
    BIGOTRY (vs. Art 1; 2, 2 German Basic law) isn’t welcomed on this campus,
    and …’

  • Political_qrm

    Her tweets should be sent to Mattel; showing what a hateful person she is (what muslim isn’t)..

    Compare this doll to the others: astronaut, soccer player, etc, this hijab wearing doll completely wipes out any strides for women those other dolls depict. Islam has its few females which they put in the public eye as the false face of islam.

    Even ten years ago this wouldn’t have happened..What a sham.

    • ABCDE

      Mattel may have selected her as known muslim hater-activist… Olympian, you say?

  • Superbowl 14

    What’s next?. A hijab wearing Barbie prostrate on a rug with her arse in the air?

  • James Stamulis

    Whats next Jihadist convert Ken? Dolls with realistic orifices so kids can learn to rape? Sorry for being graphic but i despise everything Islamic and even more i despise traitors!

  • Malsikcuf

    Hijabitch Barbie, whats next, Acid-splash Ken?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, he comes with his own super soaker for all your islamic acid facial application needs!

  • Patriotliz

    The invading Islamic supremacists have got this down to a science…provoke…get backlash…then play the victim. They never have to acknowledge or accept the evil within their fascist ideology—and if there is any evil terrorists screaming Allahu Akbar…. they just casually dismiss them with the standard taqiyya by saying they aren’t Islamic. Leftists call the freedom fighters– “Nazis”– because they want to preserve our country, heritage and culture in the West. We have to relentlessly refer to Muslims as IslamoNazis to get them out from under the “cover” of a religion or minority “race.” “It’s the ideology, Stupid!” campaign that has to be waged to counter Islamization.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Suicide vest is extra.

  • Davey Dunn

    Quran dogs.Muslims are pigs the people need to end them fagsofobamas

  • Pantalones

    Aside from the hijab..Really?..a Barbie doll based on HER?…I mean she looks a linebacker dyke…

    • Tearlag

      That’s the new UN Citizen-of-the-World example of “ideal womanhood.”

  • ninetyninepct

    No Mattel products in my house ever again. The kids will be told Mattel supports terrorism, killing and violence against women.

  • santashandler

    That Barbie the failed Olympian is holding, looks like it’s been bandaged from a train wreck. Oh wait, it IS a train wreck.

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer


  • Dorrie

    Who in the world wants a doll wearing a body bag!?

  • “I imagined my life through her while whipping…” Stop right there. That’s where Barbie was headed, into a jihab.

    Man, I wish I could return all those Mattel toys I ever got when I was a kid.

  • santashandler

    So, what does this mean for Ken? Will Barbie make him convert. Will Barbie put out a fatwa on Ken. Or, does Barbie now “lawyer up” and sue Ken for ‘exploiting’ her all those years. I’m sure, now that Barbie is now converted to the ‘religion of peace’ she will accept Ken as he is, bacon-eater and all.

  • Anything to make a buck, no matter how disgusting.

  • thushjz

    I’m sure Mattel will release a Catholic nun barbie with different colored habits, Southern Baptist Barbie and a Amish Barbie very soon………..still waiting.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Will Ahmed the wife beater doll come with three other wives, a ready supply of rocks (for stonings) and as many slave girls as he can afford?

  • jdf007

    So Barbie celebrates racist bigots now? I’ll always remember her for a really great newspaper article about her during the olympics. It said that “she is devout to her hijab”. That’s some idle worship.

    Of course Barbie didn’t make a doll on the Tunsian runner who had all the death threats.

  • Jackie Puppet

    Does it come with the nastiest stench of body odor too?

  • Kathy Brown, Esq.

    The doll is modeled on this muslima?

    Impossible! The doll’s face is gorgeous. Ms. Mo-ham looks like an IED-doubtless of her own making-hit her square in her ugly mug.

  • BLBeamer

    I read the following on another site, but it was too good not to share here:

    Does this new Barbie come with clitoris and labia intact?

  • Steve Kalmbach

    I guess the ken doll will be cutting off their heads?

  • BigMG

    Where’s educated, stay at home mom, Barbie?
    Controversial much?

  • summergirl27

    Islamic women breaking the barriers…of what?…..I’ll tell you what…..Islam is breaking into our Christian beliefs…
    Muhammad is a murdering pedophile, who calls for killing the non believers….
    Christ says believe in me and you will have eternal life….One of his commandments is, thou shall NOT kill!
    Islam is Satan himself!!!

  • Call Me Jeremiah

    What’s next, you ask?? The logical answer (in this illogical time) is: A Ken-Barbie-Doll, with interchangeable sexual parts (like a Mr. Potatohead… you can just change the parts around). Your doll can be a boy OR a girl… or it can also be a boy AND a girl… changing from day to day, minute to minute…

  • dad1927

    comes in a black bag, a rape kit, and is used as a punching bag


    “But it is still very shocking to me to read the very negative comments
    about dolls. We are still in a moment where we are unearthing this
    bigoted America that we all hoped and prayed did not exist” says Ms. Muhammad. Yeah, thanks for the laugh Muhammad……but your tweets show your hatred of Israel and one can see that you are well versed in the skill of “Taqiyya.” LOSER!!! Another Hitlary supporter and SarSOUR Liar.

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