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Rioting Muslim mob injure 22 police officers as chaos erupts in Brussels after Morocco World Cup Qualification


Attacking police, rioting, burning cars, etc. is how they celebrate. Respect it, kuffar!

Twenty-two Belgian police officers injured, city centre shops looted, and cars burned.

‘Unacceptable agression’ Rioting mob injure 22 police officers as chaos erupts in Brussels after Morocco qualify for the World Cup

Cars were torched, shops were looted and glass was smashed as the crowd of 300 turned violent

By Joe Miles, The Sun,  November 13, 2017:

CHAOS erupted in Brussels after Morocco secured their spot in the 2018 World Cup.

A stone-throwing mob of around 300 injured 22 police officers, looted shops and torched cars.

 Police were forced to use a water cannon to control the crowd
Police were forced to use a water cannon to control the crowd

A number of Moroccan fans turned violent when celebrating their sides 2-0 victory against the Ivory Coast.

Riot Police were called out to control the crowd that were wreaking havoc on the streets of Brussels.

They were forced to use a water canon to stop the mob launching stones and smashing glass.

Reports from the area suggested that calm had mostly returned by 8:30pm – two hours after the match had finished.

 The officers had to block off roads in the area
 Moroccan fans celebrate in Marrakech...with a horse
Moroccan fans celebrate in Marrakech…with a horse

Belgium has a large Moroccan community, making up 4 per cent of the population.

Interior Minister Jan Jambon said on Twitter: “Unacceptable aggression in the centre of Brussels. Living together means respect, also for the police who are committed to our safety day and night.”Reports suggest that Police were forced to block off roads to deny the fans access.

Moroccan fans also allegedly turned violent in Netherlands when celebrating the victory.

 Over 20 police officers were injured

Over 20 police officers were injured

 Moroccan fans fly their flag in Marrakech

AFP or licensors
Moroccan fans fly their flag in Marrakech

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  • Bless his heart

    Islam is Islam.

    What these culturally enriched enemy are doing in Belgium is beyond reason, except to destroy Western Civilization.

    the enemy strikes.

    • Lois

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    • mezcukor

      yes they are barbarians. The Turks do the same thing.

  • Poppey

    Pffft, rioting Muslims – nah footy fans going it large a bit {as we say}.

    Very “tribal” game footy, if you think those beginners were bad, you weren’t around 40 and 50 years ago when entire trains were completely wrecked by English fans in one afternoon, and as for the Wops, well then it became an “International” event, a matter of national pride who could beat up the other lot better and quicker than last time.

    This has sweet FA to do with international terrorism, Christmas is coming remember, something very bad IS brewing.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Of course, 50 years ago everything was bigger and better. Today britanistan could not field a team of soccer hooligans violent enough to throw a roll of toilet paper.

      • Poppey

        says the one eyed Soros funded Nip ignoramus who’s never been anywhere the dork rants about.
        Care to state how many Nip soldiers have been killed fighting Islamic terrorism Nip ?

        {Murdering women and children with shovels and bayonets doesn’t count}

        How do you like living with your ADHD ?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          If one wishes to fight to win, spending soldiers lives on the battlefield is the least successful way of doing so. All the military is doing is trying to enforce decisions made by politicians, succeed or fail, the result on the battlefield can easily be changed on politician desks. For all your blood and thunder, you are essentially, through your delusional concept of the biritishstinain military, passing gas in the international toilet. How do you like living with oral rectosis where your anus and mouth are fully interchangeable? Your having one testecle does tend to put you off balance, try putting some loose change in one pocket to offset that condition.

  • Hussars2016

    They have more violent Muslims than cops there.
    Brusselstan will shortly have no diversity – just Islam.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Harumph, now what is the complaint all about? Finally a bunch of muslims were given a much needed and long overdue bath.

  • OverIt

    And this is for a win? What can Brussels expect when they ultimately lose? Which they will.

  • santashandler

    So, the rioting fans injured 22 officers and no one even gets arrested anymore. Keep this up, europe. When you don’t make these animals pay for their criminal acts, it will only get worse. Much worse.

  • Sandie Chapman

    poor horse, run for your life!!!!!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Fear for the horse, we know what moroccans do to mules.

    • santashandler

      Too late. He’ll be mounted and ridden like a rodeo horse by those filthy muslims. Then, it’s off to the butcher. He’s saying his prayers in the picture.

  • VoiceInDesert

    The islamic definition of “peace” is war, jihad, vandalism, arson, robbery, murder, rape (did I miss anything?) — all against Jews, Christians, and those of sound mind who don’t agree with muslims’ perverted culture. Don’t forget, the islamic symbol of peace is the sword. It’s the best they have to offer.

  • Larenzo1

    Bet they screw that poor horse to the point it has to be put down. They take the term “Animal Lover” To new heights.

  • James Stamulis

    They could stop these Islamic temper tantrums by using bullets instead of water hoses.

  • Michael Jacobs

    I’m certainly not condoning these hooligans, but just want to point out that soccer hooliganry is hardly a Muslim monopoly. The British, for one, are famous for it. There seems to be a certain madness associated with “futbol” that I have yet to figure out; perhaps because Europeans (and other nations which claim to be less violent, less aggressive, etc. than the gun-happy USA) still need SOME outlet for their testosterone-fueled craziness? Go figure.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    I wonder what these Moroccans are doing to the horse in the photo. The guy making kissing motions toward the horse raises suspicions.

    After a Syrian migrant was recently arrested for dalliance with a pony in a German zoo, one wonders….

  • Pantalones

    Imagine if their team didn’t qualify.

  • usn

    It’s not going to stop until they start shooting these people.every thing tried so far hasn’t worked.

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