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Migrant Crisis in Italy Makes Half Citizens ‘Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country’


Citizens in Italy say the migrant crisis that has come to their shores has left them with so many of differing backgrounds — of mostly Muslim background — that they don’t even feel like the country belongs to them any longer.

Specifically, Italians say their borders have been inundated with so many migrants that they feel like strangers in their own country.

Mass migration to Italy is becoming quite a problem for the citizens.

Look at this chart, which posed this notion as a statement: “I feel like a stranger in my own country.” The chart reveals the percentage who agree.

The question here was: “Do you feel like a stranger in your own country?” And you can see the results.

What a sad and sorry situation.

Breitbart tells more:

People across the West increasingly feel like they are “strangers” in their home countries, with Italy leading the pack.

Ipsos Mori research, cited by Chatham House fellow Matthew Goodwin, notes that some 49 per cent of Italians — who have borne the brunt of the migrant crisis recently — agree with the statement: “These days I feel like a stranger in my country.”

Since an expensive and not always entirely effective deal between the European Union and Turkey brought the so-called Eastern Mediterranean Route into Greece under some semblance of control, Italy found itself becoming ground zero for the migrant crisis.

Tens of thousands of boat-borne illegal migrants — transported by people-smugglers linked to terror groups and organised crime, aided and abetted by EU and EU member-state ships, as well as so-called “rescue” ships operated by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) — began travelling to Italy.

Initial landfall is often made on islands such as Lampedusa and Sicily before onward travel to the mainland and northern Europe. The former is reportedly in a state of near collapse, while the latter has seen ultra-violent heroin and prostitution gangs taking an increasingly tight grip on its nightlife.

Research in September 2017 found that seven Italians in 10 think the country has too many migrants, while recent regional elections in Sicily saw eurosceptic-leaning, populist parties oust the establishment Democratic Party with a huge majority.

The U.S., which absorbed roughly 300,000 to 400,000 illegal migrants a year under the Barack Obama administration, according to Centre for Immigration Studies estimates, was not far behind Italy, with 45 per cent agreeing that they now feel like strangers.

Belgium, the seat of many of the European Union’s major institutions and power bases, was next on the list, at 44 per cent. The national capital of Brussels — which is often regarded as the capital of the European Union as well — is home to infamous Islamist enclave of Molenbeek, a popular bolthole for terrorists which often finds itself under something resembling military occupation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the countries on the bottom of Goodwin’s list with the lowest number of people who feel like strangers in their homelands are Israel, on 20 per cent, and Japan, on 14 per cent.

Both maintain a robust sense of national identity, strong border controls, and are strict about who they admit and who meets their standards for naturalisation.

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  • Seek protection from those seeking protection

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The best way to do that is to oppress oppressors, and terrorize terrorists.

  • allangen

    A large percentage of the population is not happy with the immigration policy fashioned by their leaders, yet can’t seem to do anything about it. To make matters worse, in left wing controlled Western Europe, if you verbally violate PC norms and simply express doubt about the immigration policy, you can find yourself in trouble with the authorities. This appears to be a failing of Democracy. Of course it’s first a failing of the commie left, but the point is, there doesn’t seem to be a viable and legitimate way to address this issue. The left here has the same mindset and pursues the same policy. They want to replace the current population (us) with folks who will be more reliable in supporting their socialist schemes.They also want to wipe away any national identity and loyalty to America so they can pursue their globalist schemes. Western Europe is probably lost. We will be too if we don’t respond effectively to the left that seeks our destruction. A vote for anything but Trump’s agenda is a vote for them.

    • Joe Blow

      “They want to replace the current population (us) with folks who will be more reliable in supporting their socialist schemes.” There is nothing reliable about these dindu-tards!

    • Hussars2016

      It’s not their country anymore.
      Game over.

    • billdeserthills

      Unfortunately once gun control prevails, citizens no longer have any way to say “No”, that
      unreasonable ‘refugees’ can seem to understand–My advice is to carry a package of bacon jerky, if you can’t have a gun

    • CreoleGumbo

      Genocide is defined in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948) as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its
      physical destruction in whole or in part ; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and]
      forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

    • Rob Porter

      More and more I think the day is approaching when assassination groups will need to be formed to just bump of these rubbish Western leaders. Once a few get a bullet through the brain others might experience a sudden spiritual and ideological ‘metamorphosis’. They could start with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – with their family afterwards receiving cunningly worded warnings of more to come.

  • Southern Hound

    Migrants (whatever they are) in the US make me feel like an unwanted visitor. And I pay the bills around here.

  • poetcomic1

    Those of us who have loved Italy, known her and treasured her are heartsick. Who the hell could give away ITALY? At the top of the list I will put Pope Francis and I am Catholic.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The italians, like the french, germans, swedish, belgians, had inherited wealth and culture from their fathers, they deemed their children unworthy to inherit the nation, so they bought and paid for muslim immigrants, with the legacy their grandfathers left their grandchildren, to take the nation they were supposed to be custodians of, for future generations. The future of western europe is violence, same as the middle east.

      • marlene

        I read that the Italian leaders were offered money (bribes) to let in these immigrants. They had no idea just how many would. They made a pact with the devil – the IMF. Same in Greece.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That its quite believable, unintended and unforeseeable consequences work their way into everything.

        • Joe Blow

          Bribes? Just sink the boats and let the sharks eat these invaders

          • pandainc

            Exactly. Sink it about 10 miles off-shore and any of them that can swim get to stay.

        • Rob Porter

          These people in Congress who have been paid off by lobbyist we can bet would do the same. They devoid of morals and principles.

      • poetcomic1

        Children? What children? The amorous and life-loving Italians and others in the West have reached the point they don’t care enough to even reproduce.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There still are a few, as soon as western europeans become refugees in what used to be their home countries, the do gooders will find all sorts of blood blue eyed children to use as a poster child for west european relief. Save the europens donate now because they spent that they had to prove they were stupid.

        • Rob Porter

          Canada can’t be much better. The government plans to bring in about 1 millian people over the next three years to help the economy – they say! But my bet is that the people who they bring in will drain the coffers and sit on their bums doing nothing.

          • poetcomic1

            Canada’s social contract is a VERY fragile balance, especially after years of Quebec breakaway attempts.

  • Poppey

    This news is a tragedy for true Italians who have given so much of excellence to the world over centuries in every sphere of human endeavor, nobody seeing those cargoes of Africans can be in any doubt now about the policy of race and culture replacement, hanging from hooks is too kind a death for those who are deliberately destroying such a civilised country.

    The upcoming elections next year will be pivotal.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Just like they were in englansistien, where the islamic parties made respectable inroads towards donating the govenrment. Not that they need to, as the britishstinians are a submissive and easily controlled people.

      • billdeserthills

        Seems like everywhere gun control & ‘refugees’ exist, the ‘refugees’ seem to
        become uncomfortably aggressive–truly an armed society is a polite society

  • Michael Copeland

    Italians are feeling what the long-suffering British have experienced for decades now, and with a great sense of helplessness, as their appeals have gone ever unheeded. Feeling “like strangers our own country” was a complaint encountered by Enoch Powell in the 1960s.
    The population rightly feel betrayed.

    • rickyoo

      Enoch Powel had great foresight, but was mocked by those in government and some claimed he was crazy. This was a time when mass immigration did not exist, but Mr. Powel could clearly see the damage and destruction the impact of allowing people from alien countries into British society. Later along comes a man called Nigel Farage with the same warning, except this time Britain was being invaded by this middle eastern scum. Again, the government of the day lambasted him and many of the population, when he dared feature a picture showing recent arrivals of cowardly men who had abandoned their countries to come and suck off the welfare system and cause mayhem when he was running as a candidate for the UKIP party, which was focused on stopping this invasion. The majority of British people did not vote for his party, but instead voted for two parties that encouraged multiculturalism and protects Muslims. The stupidity of these voters is beyond belief.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “Italians say their borders have been inundated with so many migrants that they feel like strangers in their own country”. So, precisely what do you plan on doing about it? Listen to your politicians and invite more in? That will help, soon there will be no italians in italy, they will be refugees like everyone else in western europe.

    • marlene

      Exactly. That’s the globalists’ plan.

  • Hook

    ” half the citizens feel like strangers in their own country.”
    That read “all the citizens”

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    • pandainc

      My family and I were stationed in Gaeta in the late ’60. Dems bees some funny looken Iiitalians. What a shame, I’d like to be able to return as a tourist, but I don’t think so.

      • Vivian

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      • Caitlin

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  • Jokuvaan

    Sweden only 22%?

  • Polo

    Disgusting. These Arabs will call themselves Italian and smile but Moslem in heart.

  • 008
    • Mahou Shoujo

      Miesbach – It is a serious charge that makes the prosecutor a 36-year-old man from the area Miesbach: He is said to have passed away in a Miesbacher bar on a sleeping young woman, they have raped with two fingers. Therefore, he has since yesterday before the Munich district court responsible. He himself denies the allegations and describes consensual intimacy in court.

      According to the indictment, the German-born Turkish citizen was in the bar early in the morning of July 27, when the then-22-year-old slept on a sofa at 4.30 am because she was tired and intoxicated. Several friends should not have managed to wake her up. When at 5 o’clock only two guests were in the bar, the 36-year-old should have undressed and raped the woman. According to prosecutors, he deliberately took advantage of the fact that the woman was not able to defend herself because of her deep sleep. She had finally awakened by the actions of the man, whereupon he let go of her.

      The accused describes the evening completely differently. He was working behind the counter of the place back then. He and the young woman had been flirting the whole evening – they had talked, he had given her something, she had stroked his neck and shoulder. He describes the situation as “very intimate”. It was a “fun evening”. Then the woman fell asleep; he finally woke her up.

      In the further course they would have “kissed and messed around”. He touched her in the genital area. Then suddenly there was laughter from the two guests who were still there, but of whom the woman apparently knew nothing. She had flinched, had dressed and said, “My God, I’m embarrassed.” Then she was gone. On the evening of July 28, he was arrested in the bar by the police. He was remanded. On September 8, the arrest warrant was put out of action.

      The prosecutor told the accused that he was giving conflicting information. He said something else to the police. The 36-year-old said that was because he thought it was about 300 euros stolen from the woman. “That was like a slap in the face when I was confronted with the story.” He had confused, because he had been asked clutter.

      In the statement of the woman, the public was excluded. Her lawyer had made a request. The process continues.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’s nothing more than a little multicultural integration with a difference in opinion.

  • Tom Black

    what is a ‘half citizen” ?

    • Joe Blow

      Should be: ‘half the citizens’

    • marlene

      LOL – at first glance…

  • Mariaca

    Way Cool! Here comes another boatload of potential Caravaggios, Botticellis, Vivaldis, Rossinis, Michaelagnelos, Fermis, Marconis, Marco Polos, and Pavarottis. Italians should top being so racist and let them come in to enrich their poor underachieving country!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Indubitably so.

    • Joe Blow

      and you can also meet a potential black Jeebus, according to the Pulp

    • pandainc

      VERY good. {:-))

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Alexander Voltas — the man after which the Volt was named.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Will you allow animals and reptiles like donkeys, pigs, snakes and scorpions to enter your home? No, you will drive them away and close the door.

  • Italians are not alone. Years ago some Brits said they felt like missionaries in their own country. In Canada some of us feel we no longer belong here!

  • chris VN

    I know how that feels after returning to NZ after nearly 10 yrs in Australia, it was like being on a Pacific Island, ( without the warm weather of course ).

  • Alleged-Comment

    Migrants??? They look more like Megroes.

  • Rob Porter

    It is now little different in areas of Toronto and surroundings. You are now one among few white people, have little in common with those around. We stand in line-ups – ‘queues’ they used to call them – and don’t chat to each other, no common interests or humour – total strangers. We are like Archie Bunker once said, “Like two sheeps passing in the night”. But hey folk, this is what wondrous ‘multiculturalism’ (that the stupid left loves), is all about, an amorphous conglomerate. It’s such fun!

  • They have a half citizen designation?

  • jerrys

    Wake up America !!!!!!!
    “Farewell to England”
    This is an interesting “Farewell to England” list of Islamic accomplishments in that country that I thought might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that’s the takeover of a nation without going to war. Don’t think for a moment that America is not a target or that there are no American cities where Islamic and Sharia victories and takeovers have already occurred. It’s time for border control, or start planning for a very big goodbye America party
    Here’s what has already happened to England within a few years of opening their borders without entry control:
    How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:
    Mayor of London .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLim
    Mayor of Oxford .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton …. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rochdale … MUSLIM
    All the following achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population:
    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosque
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    Muslim Women.. 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Men… 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Families… 6-8 children on FREE benefits/housing and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT where a jizya tax has been paid to the muslim clerics!!

  • Torpedo the boats! Drop anti-personnel grenades on them! Nail the boat pilots! They’re all invaders, coming to loot, rob, and rape.To import their hellholes.

    • John D. Horton

      Yes, Yes and Yes!!! I want to elect you as the next president of the USA or of one of the major countries in Europe.

      How about bounty hunters? Pay bounty hunters $100 / invader head and the problem will be solved in 1 month.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    DNC, United Nations and John Kerry-Heinz: ” These are poor Muslim refugees coming from Islamic lands spreading their ‘Religion of Peace’ !!! ”

  • John D. Horton

    Deport all the beggars back to their home countries. Sterilize them before you kick them out.

    I was in Rome 10 years ago and their were 7 foot tall Nigerians selling fake women’s purses on every corner.

    • Rob Porter

      Yes, that’s pretty much how many Nigerians behave, credit card scams, offers to deposit huge amounts in your bank account, just give them your bank account number and all will be well – for them as they clean you out! I marvel at how people fall their rubbish. IO heard of one Canadian man who actually went to Nigeria to collect ‘his’ money was lucky to get out alive. Stupid fool!

      • John D. Horton

        This is why there will be a new Mussolini in Italy and a new Hitler in Germany to clean up the mess which the current governments have made.

  • MarieAnna Dvorak

    There’s still a chance to rescue their homeland before it’s completely in hands of Islam, but the leaders are immune to it.

  • David Glynn

    Like waving a juicy beef steak at a starving man’ Merkle said here’s the EU, if you want it come and get it!
    The stupid bitch should be tried and executed for crimes to humanity.

  • Chris

    ew, can you imagine having to live among those?

  • Italia must NOT fall to terror as Germany, France and Britain has! Not my Italy!

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