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[ January 23, 2018 ]

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UK: School forces 12-year-olds to write letter about converting to Islam, stepfather slammed as “racist” for complaining


This is sick. And wrong. This stepfather is right. This is what parents must do. They must speak up. These quislings who are selling our children down the river must be held to account. When are British parents going to stand up and save their children?

Instead of this outrageous dawah, children in the UK and elsewhere should learn the facts about Islam: they should hear all about 1,400 years of jihad warfare, land appropriation, cultural annihilation and enslavement. Instead, they’re being fed taqiyya whitewash about how Islam is a religion of peace, which will only make them ignorant and complacent about what threatens to conquer and subjugate them.

It looks as if appeasement and capitulation to Islam are pandemic in British society. Have British authorities quietly decided to turn Britain into an Islamic state? It seems absurd, but that’s the only thing that would make sense of their behavior. Do they have any idea of the future they are bequeathing upon their country?

“‘I’ve been called a racist and a bigot’: Stepfather explains why he complained when school asked his girl, 12, to write a letter for homework about becoming a Muslim,” by Lara Keay, Mailonline, November 10, 2017 (thanks to Richard):

A stepfather who slammed his 12-year-old’s school for making her write a letter about ‘converting to Islam’ has been called a ‘racist bigot’ and is terrified of violent repercussions.

Mark McLachlan, 43, complained to Kepier School in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland when he found the homework task in his stepdaughter’s planner.

He refused to let her finish the ‘letter to my family about converting to Islam’, claiming it was ‘brainwashing’ her about the religion and did not see what it would achieve.

But since posting about it on social media he says he has received a lot of abuse.

He told MailOnline: ‘My wife and I are terrified of the repercussions.

‘Any time anybody says anything negative about Islam they are torn to shreds.

‘I’ve been called a racist and a bigot, but I’m just terrified for my children and for the way this country is going.

‘In 50 years time I can see Britain becoming an Islamic state and my children and grandchildren are still going to be alive – I don’t want them wearing a niqab.’

Mr McLachlan, who has been with the 12-year-old’s mother for five years, said he was particularly outraged by the task because he thinks she is being given a ‘false representation of Islam’.

He added: ‘She was told to google ‘Why should I convert to Islam’, but if she had researched both sides and googled ‘Why shouldn’t I convert to Islam’ she wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

‘I’ve done it and the stuff that comes up is horrific.

‘My stepdaughter is coming home talking about the Prophet Muhammad and halal meat saying Islam is the religion of peace.

‘But if she watched the news and knew about all the atrocities Islam has caused all over the world, she would know it isn’t the religion of peace at all.’

The stepfather, who also has a daughter, stressed he has ‘nothing but respect’ for the deputy head of Kepier School, who was ‘completely understanding of his concerns.

He told MailOnline the teacher has agreed to hold a meeting to review the task and address his concerns.

Nicola Cooper, the school’s principal, said: ‘At Kepier we feel it is very important to introduce our learners to all faiths and cultures and we do this throughout the academic year.

‘For example, next week we will be celebrating all faiths during National Inter Faith Week.

‘We welcomed Mr McLachlan into school earlier this week and were happy to explain to him how we explore all faiths and cultures.

‘Our Culture and Wellbeing programme of study is in line with the National Curriculum and we believe it provides the basis for a broad, balanced and engaging introduction to the areas typically taught in RE and PSHCE.’ …

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  • Voytek Gagalka

    “Do they have any idea of the future they are bequeathing upon their country?” Doubtful. They fear be called “Islamophobic.” And did Lebanon Christians had any idea of what kind of future (for us: present pitiful state) they bequeathed upon their country? No, they quarreled between themselves and blamed Israel; and what the got was Hezbollah.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      The list of stupid Christians who were fooled by moslem savages is long

      The Janissaries of the Turkish Islamic Ottoman Empire Just like their present European counterparts (and the Demoncraps of the USA), were fools

      Not only they died, all their families and clans were slaughtered, as well, by their islamic master

      • christianbosnia

        I am from Bosnia-Herzegovina and the thing about Janissaries is that they were kidnapped Balkan Christian boys who were forced to convert to Islam and become the slave army of the Ottoman sultan.In that time the Balkans was under Muslim occupation and non-muslims were forced to pay the blood tax which meant that strong,healthy Christian boys were gived to the Ottoman sultan.The only non-muslims who were exempted from the Janissaries were Jews,the Ottoman sultan didn’t want any converted Jewish children in his slave army and forbid the kidnapping and conversion of Jewish children because they were deemed unfit to serve the slave army.Janissaries were composed of Bosnians,Serbs,Croats,Bulgarians,Albanians,Romanians and to a lesser extent Ukranians and Russians.But history is repeating in self of the muslim takeover of non-muslim schools,if muslims can’t kill non-muslim children they convert them to become their slave army.In the near future Dutch,British,German,Spanish,Italian,French,Swiss,Austrian,Swedish,Danish,Norwegian boys will be the new Janissaries

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Some Turkish allahtard tried to convince me that the Janissary program was for the good of the kufar children — even though the children were taken involuntarily and the kafir family had no choice in the matter.

        • CentralCaliGal

          Brilliant, informative, well-written! THANK YOU, CHRISTIAN!

        • Rob Porter

          Well said.

      • Ari

        British politicians are crazy, when they allow this to happen. This is muslim propaganda in public schools.
        A Finnish TV news presenter in the picture.

      • Rob Porter

        Now you are talking rubbish! The Ottoman Turks invaded eastern Europe and while ruling parts of it took young Christians boys into the Janissaries. Christian families didn’t volunteer their sons to the Janissaries, they were compelled to hand them over. Europe in 1095 began the Christians crusades in response to Muslim aggression, not least against southern Italy and Sicily, defiling holy Christian sites, murdering pilgrims to Jerusalem and the Turks invading Byzantine Anatolia. In fact the First Crusade was amazingly successful, defeating the Muslims at Niceaum, Doryleaum, taking over the walled city of Antioch and then defeating a huge Muslim army outside. The outnumbered crusaders then over-ran Jerusalem and ejected the Muslims after which they went down to meet a Muslim army out of Egypt that they, again outnumbered, defeated. Poland never surrendered to Islam and with other northern states fought off the Ottomans until in 1683 a Polish-led Crusader army smashed the Muslims outside Vienna and sent them on their way home. Both Janos Hunyadi and Vlad Tsepis never surrendered to the Muslim scum, but it’s a fact the smaller nations were defeated and lived under the yoke of Islam for hundreds of years. So who was fooled. The only idiot I know who was fooled, was the non-Christian, Bill Clinton,who handed over Kosovo to Muslim rule.

        • CentralCaliGal

          Rob Porter, Well-written statement, full of historical FACTS; I loved reading this informative little bit, please keep writing – MORE!!!!

        • marlene

          On this, Rob Porter, you are 100% correct. Well said.

    • OverIt

      And with all that and more as examples, what’s the West doing?

      Exactly the same thing.

    • wilypagan

      Go Geagea. Aoun is a sellout to Hezbollah.

  • Fern

    I would yank my kid out of that madrasah so fast, and slap the teacher silly!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Farage is, minimally, a muslum apologist cum sympathizer.

      • michaelofsydney

        That is an odd thing to say. You mean Nigel? How?

        • Sarah

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        • Malcolm Jackson

          Up until 2014 Nigel was promoting Christain values. After 2014 Steve Crowther took control of UKIP and Nigel began wholeheartedly supporting Islam. This has destroyed UKIP. Easiest way to check out Nigel’s full support for Islam is to ask Nigel yourself.

          • David Glynn

            I’ve listened to Nigel’s radio spot on LBC and have never heard him promote Islam and only point out the negatives of that hate cult.
            I think your barking up the wrong tree.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I believe Farage has a muslum assistant.

            Nigel Farage: “West will lose if we outlaw islam”


          • Rob Porter

            Have you yet heard Nigel take a strong stand on and against Islam? Because I have not.

          • michaelofsydney

            Ok I will just give him a call and nip around for breakfast. Sounds to me like you are full of shi*

          • tatka150

            Nigel Farage is also a great antisemite. Recently he’s stated that American Jews make the harm for America, since they play a big role in the economy. Really? At least they don’t slit anybody’s troats and don’t rape their own daughters. Farage should shut up and go fk himself. UK is finished by muzrats. You can blame Jews in that. Is Teresa May a Jew? How about Merkel?

          • Rob Porter

            When not long ago Farage was visiting the U.S. and at some function attended by Robert Spencer, Spencer approach Farage about helping get the ban lifted on Robert entering the U.K. Farage showed no interest in helping Robert Spencer, just muttering something like, “‘That’s very difficult, that’s very difficult’, so my admiration for Farage has taken a steep tumble. He did an exceptional job organizing Brexit and then foolishly exited the scene and Brexit is failing through lack of British spine.

          • Alejandra

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      • Suresh

        Agree. Brits are bowing down so much they are well on their way to creating more humgoats

        Malaysians are thrilled and muslims in Australia demand right to create humgoats ! Its True , sick and Hilarious.

        • Rob Porter

          RE Britain, what you said above is actually nonsense. I was there recently with family who live in the U.K and found the problem one of Britons being poorly informed on Islam by a mostly lousy media and disgusting politicians like Theresa May. If anything Britons are clueless about Islam, unaware of the danger Islam poses, and poorly informed about what Muslims are doing to their children.

          • Suresh

            what stopped them from learning more from using the internet from conservative , patriotic websites that speak out the truth about islam/jihad?

            How many of them even spent $5 as donation to such websites to show their support while corrupt media get Millions to shill for islam ?

            And why did UKIP get only 1.2% votes ? which is only party which opposes uncontrolled immigration that is worsening the problem . And why vote for pro-jihadi parties on both sides of the aisle ?

            If Brits are so stupid , then they will go the way of the dumb stupid dodos because they were too dumb to recognise evil/danger and evasive action in time. Its called “natural selection”.

          • John W

            To be fair to some of us Brits, some of us are fighting back. Look up Anne Marie Waters/For Britain or Tommy Robinson.
            There is a growing anti-Islamisation movement both here in the UK and across Europe

      • Dorothy

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  • santashandler

    “The stepfather, who also has a daughter, stressed he has ‘nothing but
    respect’ for the deputy head of Kepier School, who was ‘completely
    understanding of his concerns.” Mistake no. 1, believing anything the head of the school has to say about islam. All lip service to get him to shut up and stay shut up.

    “Our Culture and Wellbeing programme of study is in line with the
    National Curriculum and we believe it provides the basis for a broad,
    balanced and engaging introduction to the areas typically taught in RE
    and PSHCE.’ …” What a load. Makes you want to vomit.

    • faraway

      Imagine what riots there would be in Bradford if muslim children had to write a letter about converting to christianity.

      • santashandler

        In ten minutes!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Islamic pirates used to raid the south coast of England to capture white slaves.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Now they don’t have to make the long trip anymore.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Now the english submit willingly to slavery.

  • Achmed

    What more can be expected, out of The UK (The United Khalifate)? Why no letter explain to the family about becoming a Christian, a Buddhist, Hindu, or Jew? Shouldn’t their “interfaith week cover mohmadanism, along with everything else? Why special moslem assignments. OH … I forgot … It’s The United Khalifate. That’s why.
    Another point, in passing. The only way that her family found out about it was when her step-father looked at her class assignments. Had he not done that, that child’s family never would have known.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “Nicola Cooper, the school’s principal, said: ‘At Kepier we feel it is very important to introduce our learners to all faiths and cultures and we do this throughout the academic year”. Examples with photos and written validations from participants will be required, as it is common knowledge that muslims lie about everything the principal is no exception. Being called a bigot and a racist is an honour these days, it is the grubs and filth that hide behind cults and their lies that are the real bigots and racists. But, reality does not exist in britanisan, more evidence of the britishstinians capitulation to islam is showing up every day. It is too late to save briton, let it rot as it has chosen to.

  • GTD

    What is wrong with these pxssweak poms,
    Go front the school , tell the muslims to fxxl off,
    Take back your country ,

    • rickyoo

      Do that and you will be arrested by the PC police for being racist, misogynist and Islamophobic. That is the state of the once Great Britain today. Unfortunately, there are not enough real men in the country to take on this sub human filth.

      • David Glynn

        Great Britain has plenty enough ‘real men’ you can see any amount of vids online showing brits standing up strongly to this filth called Islam.
        The national and local governments are another thing, they’ve bought in to this politicaly correct stance and it’s appeasement of Islam that the teaching profession try and inflict on our young. We need a total and utter change otherwise it’s just the “real men” on the street that are left to deal with it and that is jut not enough.

        • rickyoo

          There are real men in Britain today, just not enough of them. I am a member of Britain First and fully support their organization and admire their two leaders, who are constantly harassed and arrested for doing nothing more than protesting peacefully. The government, the authorities and the police are the traitors, enabling this Muslim scum to spread their propaganda and hate throughout the country. Unfortunately, peaceful protesting does not cure the problem. It only brings out the left wing Corbyn dregs and upsets the vermin that would like to kill all us non believers. There is only one way to get rid of this cancer and that is to destroy it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Actions speak louder than words. The only action visible, is the accelerating commitment to islam by all of the useless kaliphate.

  • Toledo Steel

    Does anyone remember the gang rape of a 7 year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho? Muslim teens gang raped this girl and NOTHING happened to the muslims. The entire city of Twin falls wet their collective panties and cowered. Not even the father of the girl did anything. I am a father of two girls and they have daughters. I would have burned Twin Falls to the ground had that happened to my relation and the city cowered and did nothing.
    WE ARE COWARDS. We back down and give ground. We let these globalist scum destroy our posterity, yet we remain silent. Well, you better decide if you are a coward or what, because the murderous muslim scum, along with the illegal aliens are here and we, the American people, are the power. Decide to stand or cower. Your choice.

    • dad1927
    • David Glynn

      The fault is with the local government who appease these vile scumbags.
      If they weren’t protected they’d surely be dead.

    • zahbudda

      Amen Brother.. I feel you!

    • Debi Williams

      Most people have gotten so comfortable and complacent with the perks of modern life that the last thing they want to do is upset the apple cart. They honestly think that if they just keep doing what they are doing that this will all go away on its own and they can continue with their comfortable, meaningless lives. Nobody wants to be inconvenienced or put out or made to feel unwanted. Everyone wants everyone to like them, respect them and think they are A OK. Its disgusting!!! When you see six people filming the assault of a person with their cell phones instead of HELPING that person you know that there is a serious disconnect between these people and reality. Many of us know what is coming and will be willing to die rather than convert or be made slaves. But many will go along, as long as they can still eat and be safe and be comfortable. Don’t look to them for help, they will fail you!!! So it is up to us, those of us that KNOW what is happening to take action. When it comes to your door (and it will!)… what will you do??

    • Mahou Shoujo

      twin falls is a city of cowards, it does not deserve to be called American.

  • Georgia Girl

    This is the kind of crap that political correctness & liberal thinking leads to. They are scum and are using your own laws against you… Repent and turn back to Jesus or you won’t have a country for long.

    • OverIt

      “and are using your own laws against you..

      They’ve even said that’s what they intend to do. And still they’re being allowed to get away with it.

  • Long Ben

    Rise up John Bull get them out.

  • Alleged-Comment

    It is the school that is being “waycist”. Duhhh…….

  • conan_drum

    Writing about conversion to any religion is proselytization. I doubt the Muslim kids were asked to write about
    converting to Christianity . That would create mayhem.

  • OverIt

    “At Kepier we feel it is very important to introduce our learners to all faiths and cultures and we do this throughout the academic year.”

    I take it, then, that Muslim students will have to write a letter about converting to Christianity some time throughout the year?

    Didn’t think so.

    • rickyoo

      If this was the other way around, these inbred savages would be out on the streets threatening to kill everyone and screaming racism and the police would be there protecting them from any harassment or unkind words.

      • OverIt

        Exactly right. Non Muslims are racist for complaining, but would equally be racist for expecting that the Muslim ‘race’ behave in an identical manner.

        If people don’t wake up soon, school.headships and powerful political positions will be held by more and more Muslims, and then there will be no say in the matter. Ever.

        • rickyoo

          These Muslims for years have been telling us and demonstrating in our faces that they are going to dominate the unbelievers and you have cowardly spineless politicians that are enabling them with their PC/ human rights crap. Years ago we were informed of the Muslim Trojan Horse that was infiltrating the UK educational system and what did these so called leaders do? Nothing.
          I have just read an article about Prince Charles who has made it clear that he is in favor of Islam, having read portions of the Koran he believes that it makes more sense than the Bible. It is terrifying to think of the future with all these traitors doing their best to promote this evil cult.

  • Drew the Infidel

    I can see it now:

    Dear Uncle Buck:

    The teacher wants us to write about converting to pisslam but all I have learned is how to hate these f*cking ragheads and their counterfeit religion. She does have a nice ass though.

    • dad1927

      Rather deal with Thugee cult from India. At least they had values…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        On the positive side, many of them will die at each other’s hands due to muslim infighting.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Aside from the Sunni-Shitite split I don’t know how much infighting really goes on among muslums.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is enough, when they get going, fatalities skyrocket.

          • Duchess of Pork

            Check out some “Porkistan” FB pages. There’s not love lost between the Afghanis and Pakistanis and I’d wager the level of hostility on show would not be contained to social media.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’m sure that’s true, but as Leon Uris wrote decades ago in the Hajj:

            “So before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life.
            It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my
            family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and
            the tribe against the world. And all of us against the infidel.”

          • Duchess of Pork

            Yes. A younger, chubbier Reza Alsan also made perceptive observations about tribalism in the video you declined to watch.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Why would I want to watch a muslum propagandist? I can barely handle watching US television at all anymore without having a barf bag handy.

          • Duchess of Pork

            Basic cannon of Infidels: know your moslem adversary and employ judicious use of the verbatim riposte to maximum effect.

  • martin jenkins

    The main stream media supported by authority and the education system, are systematically turning the UK into an Islamic state. The BIGGEST mistake the public make is showing frustration and anger at Islamic terror, while its the real majority of Muslims slowly but surely imposing Islam on us all.
    When judgement day comes all Muslims will support Islamic governance and the terrorists will become the governors.

  • savitri

    I am a Hindu. If my kid had come back with such a task, I would have asked the school if they had any Muslim kids in that school (irrespective of age group), to give the same task to the Muslim kids first, replacing Islam with converting to Hinduism (& I’d ask for proof of the work being handed back). But, if they had refused, I would have sued them by using a non-white (will stand better in court; otherwise they will accuse him of being racist too), preferably Hindu solicitor. For 800 years, Muslims have raped, butchered, enslaved & force-converted Hindus. We owe it to our ancestors not to give in – certainly not because of political correctness!

    • wilypagan

      Great ideas.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Long live the Hindu Nationalist Party!

    • JoeNormal

      Just like now in Burma….(Myanmar) where the Rohingya Muslim Jihadis attacked, murdered and buried in mass graves, Buddhists and Hindus…..kidnapping some of the Hindu women to take back to Bangladesh as sex-slaves. So now the world is “angry” at Burma for DEFENDING themselves, their families and homes from the Jihad……at least they have enough Balls to do so, unlike Europe and North America. If the Muslims tried this crap in South America…..they’d be burying and driving out Muslims there too….. They have a low threshold for bullshit in South America these days….

      • Covadonga

        Tri-states area of South America has been a hotbed of drugs, weapons, and people smuggling operations by Muslims for years. (Where Argentina, Brasil, and Paraguay meet, near the great Iguazú waterfalls.). Large population there of ballistinians, Lebanese, etc.

        Jihadis trained in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, having fought with US and allied troops there, were sent there, disappeared over the border, taught fluent Spanish, then smuggled to Mexico.

        In northern Mexico, they were taught the northern Mexican dialect of Spanish, the most popular Spanish dialect in the US, given Mexican haircuts, clothing, etc., and led over the border into southwestern US to disappear again, this time into the enormous population of Mexican illegals in the US, to form sleeper cells and await eventual activation.

        Then Soebarkah administration began, and they could ship all the jihadis they wanted straight here, without the long detour around Iguazú Falls. Still, there remain multiple Islamic terrorist training camps in that part of South America today.

        The Islamic State today maintains a terror training camp near Juarez, Chihuahua, México, almost within site of Fort Bliss and the city of El Paso, Texas.

        There used to be, and maybe still is, regular air service between the cities of Tehran, Damascus, and Caracas, Venezuela. Venezuela is an ally of Iran, and the classified flights were limited to members of the 3 nations’ intelligence services. A Venezuelan island in the Caribbean now hosts multiple facilities for training, yep, you guessed it, Shi’ite Islamic terrorists.

        Venezuela has also been mentioned as a possible site for launching nuclear-tipped Iranian ballistic missiles at the United States, or basing merchant ships that could launch from their decks Iranian and/or North Korean nuclear missiles.

        The location of Venezuela is particularly problematic, since the missiles, unlike those launched from Iran or North Korea directly, would arrive from the southeast, towards Florida and the Gulf coast, where our military does not maintain early warning radars to detect them in the air, or anti-missile missiles to shoot them down.

        During the unrest in Chiapas state and other parts of southern Mexico during the late 90s, early 2000s, the government of Mexico accepted “aid” from Iran to help the Indian tribes and other disgruntled Mexican citizens there. Iran sent Islamic da’wah specialists to convert the people there to Shi’ite Islam. It is now possible to travel through Mayan villages in remote parts of southern Mexico and see Mayan women dressed head-to-toe in black burqas, exactly as if you were in Iran, Saudi, or Afghanistan.

        So, in short, I don’t believe your point about South America not being tolerant of Islamic da’wah or jihadi activities. If there are parts of South America, or the broader Latin America, that are resistant to Muslim encroachment, then more power to the people there. But there remain important areas south of the border where Islam is on the march.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          That was a depressing read but not surprising.

        • JoeNormal

          Brazil has Lebanese Brazilians on the border with Bolivia (Cobija) the Colombians have Lebanese on the East Coast (Baranquilla)…one of whom is singer Shakira’s mom…..but they all, from my travels to these places, seem fairly well integrated, speaking Portuguese in Brazil and Spanish in the other Latin countries.

          Having said that, Communist Venezuela is full of Iranians and Cubans…..building missile bases…..(just a short trip across the Caribbean to Florida) and giving the Iranian Jihadis and Cuban Intelligence officers…..Venezuelan Passports and ID documents….and in Colombia still, the communists there support the Muslims….as any incursion into the United States is a “victory” against the “Imperialists”.

          Peru, where I live, doesn’t permit this kind of crap, although the “gringo” (non-latin people) in the NGOs and gringo SJWs are pushing the U.S. “social justice” bullshit… marriage, abortion on demand, etc….. Peru, though, having just come through a civil war where the Communists killed almost 70,000 people, mostly in the Amazon…not to mention blowing up a lot of apartments buildings, electrical and cellular infrastructure…etc., until the commies were ERADICATED like the foul rodents they are……aren’t putting up with this FOREIGN garbage….and Muslims, Jews, etc. are accepted….as long as they keep their doctrine and religion to themselves.

          Pinochet had the right idea……


  • Mike E

    Britain is the most Islamicized country in Europe.

  • dad1927

    I would write it about learning to beat women, mutilate babies, and honor killing the family on the way out to goat love.
    A love story with Satan..

  • Memri Dotorg

    The assignment was then changed to write a letter about performing a labotomoy on yourself….

  • Pantalones

    Ah imagine how awesome it will be in about 50years… see a chick you like and if she is not covered(Muslim or non Muslim) up I can perform sweet violent rape on her and possibly torture and murder her, and still be a free man ..I’m gonna order a turban on eBay ??
    Sweet…it would be great to be a man under Islam

  • Tm.

    Where are they whose values are deeply engrained in Christianity? Anyone? Religion is a very, very personal matter. Such homework should be prohibited. Christians believe God commanded that there be no gods before him, whether that means gold, other religions, or any number of pursuits, or so I believe I was taught. What is the topic of religion doing in school anyway? Western countries have so much diversity that religion, I think, is left out of school because all religions would be difficult to represent. Muslim countries don’t have this issue since only their religion is allowed, or allowed with total freedom. One man is easy to bully, but had the people stood with him, well it would be difficult to harass, or incarcerate, or punish thousands.
    This is very shocking news and demonstrates complacency that borders on the apathy.

  • David Glynn

    My contempt and hatred for the likes of NICOLA COOPER the misinformed and ignorant teacher and all she represents leaves me speechless!
    This stupid compliance is the 5th element and is more dangerous than an axe wielding jihadi scumbag.
    What will it take to wake these so called intelligent people up? How many more atrocities and the grooming and raping of our young?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Islam is not a race. End of that story.

    • That’s actually true, many white women actually convert to Islam in Britain, believe it or not.

  • peakpower

    Was the girl told muslims phuak goats?

  • Islam is not a race , it is a criminal organization, these are savages, and anyone who is an educator calling someone a racist is ignorant or reality and truth!!

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Dear U.K. Muslims is not a race. They are the lowest form of life. Get that or become extinct.

  • Mrs. Chief

    British parents need to bring their British children to church if they haven’t been. Back to church if they’ve fallen away & stay in church if they always go. That goes for every other western nation. That’s the only way kids will learn about Christianity. It’s time they stand up & defend their faith & their countries & demand their elected officials do to. Then they need to figure out a way to get armed l.

    • Christianity is declining steadily in Western Europe, that is partially why Islam is gaining so much influence and ground in their society.

      • Mrs. Chief

        They better find Jesus then because we need His help to stop this evil.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Western Eurapia is atheist.

  • Jack

    Two points of fact :
    1-islam is not a race.
    2- islam is not a religion.

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