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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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Indian police ask Muslim/Hindu couples: Is it love or jihad terror?


“Love Jihad” has gotten to be such a serious problem in India that now it has gone to India’s Supreme Court. “India’s Supreme Court will begin hearing a case on Monday that prosecutors say shows how Islamic State sympathizers are using ‘Love Jihad’ – marrying Hindu women and converting them to Islam – to win recruits and spread their message….’Their first step is to convert Hindu boys and girls, hypnotize them and prepare them for jihad,’ he said.”

There is nothing implausible about that at all, and we can only hope that the Indian Supreme Court will come to the correct ruling. This is not just a problem in India, but all over the non-Muslim world. In the U.S. we have seen innumerable cases of Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women, having children by them, and then taking the children and raising them as Muslims in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, where the women live as virtual prisoners, having to escape in extremely dangerous circumstances, or else the women stay here and are abandoned, robbed of their children and of any support.

Islam, as Muhammad said, must always dominate and never be dominated. Muslims in India are working to bring that about by preying on emotionally vulnerable Hindu girls, converting them to Islam, and then marrying them off to Muslim men, so that the Muslim community grows and the Hindu community declines.

“Indian police ask interfaith couples: Is it love or terror?,” by Rupam Jain and Jose Devasia, Reuters, November 26, 2017:

NEW DELHI/ KOCHI, India (Reuters) – India’s Supreme Court will begin hearing a case on Monday that prosecutors say shows how Islamic State sympathizers are using “Love Jihad” – marrying Hindu women and converting them to Islam – to win recruits and spread their message.

Over the past 28 months, the National Investigation Agency has picked up dozens of interfaith couples in the southern state of Kerala to question them about their marriages.

The women – all Hindus who married Muslim men – were asked “extremely personal” questions during the interrogations, two police officers from the agency said: “Did you sleep with your husband before getting married? Did he suggest you visit Islamic shrines before marriage? Did he blackmail you before you converted to Islam?”

They were looking for cases of “Love Jihad”, a term publicized by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other hardline Hindu groups soon after they helped propel Prime Minister Narendra Modi to power in 2014. It refers to what these groups say is an Islamist campaign to convert Hindu women through seduction and marriage.

Police investigations at the time found no evidence of any organized strategy, and the claim was widely ridiculed. But since then, the NIA began focusing on Kerala – a southern state along the Arabian Sea with strong economic links to the Middle East.

It investigated 89 cases of “Love Jihad” and found nine to be alliances planned by people linked to the Islamic State, two NIA sources said, requesting anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

The NIA plans to present evidence in all nine cases to the Supreme Court. The agency declined to disclose the evidence they have. But in two of the cases the agency was examining money sent from an Islamic school in Iraq to the women’s bank accounts, and in another case a woman and her husband had shared IS videos among people in their Kerala village, the sources said.

Opposition parties say the investigation shows the government is allowing the RSS and others to use the state apparatus to further an agenda of establishing Hindu dominance in India, where 13 percent of the population is Muslim.

M.B Rajesh, a federal lawmaker and member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), which rules Kerala, said the NIA and the RSS are trying to prove that marriages between Hindus and Muslims “are forced unions”.

”The NIA’s probe is creating religious fault lines to help Modi’s party win (Kerala‘s) state elections, but we will defeat them.”

J. Nandakumar, an RSS leader who oversees the group’s activities in the state, said the NIA probe vindicates the Hindu right’s campaign against religious conversions.

“Their first step is to convert Hindu boys and girls, hypnotize them and prepare them for jihad,” he said.

The RSS, which founded the first iteration of Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party six decades ago, believes India is fundamentally a Hindu nation. Since Modi’s election in May 2014, the RSS has expanded its membership and influence across India and either it or its affiliates now run key ministries, such as the home ministry that supervises the NIA and the finance ministry.

Muslims — who account for 172 million of India’s 1.32 billion citizens – have been under increasing pressure from the Hindu right. Muslims have been lynched for killing cows – considered sacred in Hinduism – and some of their slaughter houses forced to shut down.

Neither Modi’s office nor the NIA would comment because the issue is before India’s Supreme Court….

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  • antiislam00

    islam and bad politicians are killing India , muslims take the advantage of freedom given to them in countries like India UK Germany and lure hindu/non muslim girls to marry them and make their lives worse than hell : (

  • Ari

    The never ending fight will continue.
    Finnish TV news presenter Hanna Visala in the picture.

  • Lynn D

    The damned mussies got their own bloody country when they did the partition of India back when the English Raj departed.. They actually ended up with two.. Pakistan and Bangladesh ( was East Pakistan) after a horrendous bloodbath…Now the b*st*rds want all of India and will do whatever…Stick to your guns India (hindu’s) You have a country that is beginning to thrive, don’t let the mussies turn back the clock to the 7 century..

    • mezcukor

      I totally agree with you

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Everything to do with islam must be destroyed, there is no good that will ever come of any muslim or islam.

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