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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 20, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

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[ January 19, 2018 ]

U.S. State Department Withholds Additional $45 Million From UNRWA

[ January 19, 2018 ]

Bangladesh: Man arrested for posting images criticizing Qur’an on Facebook

Hezb’Allah chief: Saudi Arabia ‘declared war’ on Lebanon, PM Hariri ‘forced to resign & detained’


I wrote here at the Geller Report ten days ago that “Nuclear Iran and Its Terror Proxy Hezb’Allah Force Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Resign.” Now Hezb’Allah chief Hassan Nasrallah is claiming that the Saudis are behind the whole thing.

So is it Shi’ite jihad or Sunni jihad? One thing it isn’t: the Pax Americana. Nature abhors a vacuum. This is more of the poison fruit of Obama’s abdicating America’s role as the world’s policeman. Eight years of Obama, and the forces of jihad are emboldened and equipped with money and materiel, determined to fight not just the kuffar, but against each other as well.

“Hezbollah chief: Saudi Arabia ‘declared war’ on Lebanon, PM Hariri ‘forced to resign & detained'”, RT News, November 10, 2017:

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon, adding that the “detention” and “house arrest” of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri an “unprecedented Saudi intervention” in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

The reports of the assassination plot were fabricated by the Saudis, Nasrallah said, while the PM’s resignation speech was also written by them, he claimed in a televised speech.

The Hezbollah leader also stated that the Lebanese government is still legitimate and urged all the parties to cooperate with it.Nasrallah claimed that Hariri was prevented by the Saudis from returning to Lebanon, while the whole situation around resignation of the PM was an “unprecedented Saudi intervention” in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

Hariri is a prisoner in Saudi Arabia, and cannot return to his own country. Saudi Arabia is seeking to impose its will on the Lebanese government. It is trying to sow the seeds of discord among various political factions here and pit them against each other,” the Hezbollah leader said, as quoted by Press TV.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has released a statement “cautioning against any party, within or outside Lebanon, using Lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts.” Washington urges all parties “to respect the integrity and independence of Lebanon’s legitimate national institutions,” including the government and the army, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated Friday, adding: “In this regard, we respect Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri as a strong partner of the United States.”

The Saudi plot also involved inciting Israel to strike Lebanon, Nasrallah claimed. However, he believes that a new Israeli war with Lebanon is unlikely, as the Israelis know how high its cost would be. He also warned Tel Aviv against trying to exploit the unfolding crisis in Lebanon for its own ends.The most recent armed conflict between Israel and Hezbollah erupted in 2006 and effectively resulted in a stalemate. Both sides, however, claimed victory.

The alleged Saudi actions against Lebanon were prompted by the kingdom’s anger at the failure of its politics in the country, as well as in its neighbor, Syria, Nasrallah stated. Riyadh, in fact, failed across all arenas in the region and will fail again with its new endeavor in Lebanon, the Hezbollah leader added.

READ MORE: Saudi Arabia v Iran: What’s behind bitter feud between Middle Eastern powers?

The recent remarks made by the top Saudi officials equate to a “declaration of war” against Lebanon and Hezbollah, Nasrallah said. Earlier this week, the Saudi minister of state for Gulf affairs, Thamer al-Sabhan, said that the Lebanese administration would be “dealt with as a government declaring war on Saudi Arabia,” and blamed Hariri’s administration for its inaction towards Hezbollah over the past year……

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  • Bill Rowland

    As long as the asslifters are sniping at each other, I’m good with it.

  • christianbosnia

    As long as the Muslims ae killing each other it is fine for us

    • Pantalones

      Yeah that’s what I say…Where’s the problem lol ??

  • Poppey

    IF in the fullness of time, Israel and the west confront this bearded kiddy fiddler with a black toffee wound around his head with a view to make him and those like him understand the limits of their appeal, it may become necessary to blast away his regimes most prized sites cities and institutions including all his religious ones, this of course must be proportionate to the crimes of his fighters and rockets launched. This will be prove to be the only language they’ll understand of that I’m sure.

    After the Great War finished and the German people gradually in the 20s and 30s began eating again, they noticed one or two things about their towns and cities – they were all still standing, undamaged. This comforted them because although they lost the war, their infrastructure and homes factories etc were all still there and working, this allowed feelings of “pay back” for their humiliation to surface and the rest we know.

    Notice how they haven’t tried again since.

    In my view, Hezbollah and Iran will need to feel so utterly and completely defeated that the people there never wish to provoke the West again or Israel again. This idea worked in the cases of Germany, Japan and to a slightly lesser extent Egypt, Jordan and Syria in the 1950s 60s and 70s.

    What must not happen is for another “Obama” or Clinton clone to surface and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • spfoam1

      “In my view, Hezbollah and Iran will need to feel so utterly and completely defeated that the people there never wish to provoke the West again or Israel again.”

      That is definitely the key to success. The only thing they respect is the threat of annihilation, and you have to prove you are both willing and able to annihilate them. When Tehran and a few other cities look like Dresden did on Feb 16 1945 they’ll get the message.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Anything that involves islamic inter cult violence and dissension is good thing. muslims killing muslims is better than muslims killing everyone else.

    • Pantalones

      Yeah like pitbull fights..just cordon them off
      ? ?

  • Midnattsol

    Islam on Islam violence is a good thing.

  • Ichabod Crain

    “The most recent armed conflict between Israel and Hezbollah erupted in 2006 and effectively resulted in a stalemate.”

    Stalemate? Israel wasn’t about to occupy Lebanon, so they taught Hezbollah a lesson instead. The conflict resulted in the total destruction of billions of dollars of property belonging to top ranking Hezbollah supporters. Entire neighborhoods in Beirut consisting of apartment blocks where Hezbollah foot soldiers lived were leveled. Factories were destroyed and livelihoods disrupted. Hezbollah defenses and military installations were completely destroyed. Thousands of Hezbollah soldiers and supporters were killed. Ten years later, Hezbollah still hasn’t recovered fully. Israel gave Hezbollah a bloody nose they will never forget.

    • lukas tobing

      And their loss of some merkava tanks by ATGM are worth the results, am I correct?

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