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[ December 14, 2017 ]

Lawyer for Jewish restaurant attacked by Muslim migrant hit with prosecutorial charge for releasing terror...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

NYC jihad bomber only left apartment to attend terror-tied mosque

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Jihad’s Jewish soldiers The Forward calls Pamela Geller “Jewish hate-peddler,” lauds antisemite Linda Sarsour

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Prime Minister Theresa May receives Bible burnt by Islamic State

[ December 14, 2017 ]

‘We swear to break your necks’: ISIS targets President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu kneeling...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Did Florida man, who got 15 years for leaving bacon at a mosque, plea bargain...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

House Judiciary Lawmakers Mull Subpoenas on FBI, DOJ After Text Messages Reveal ‘Path’ to Stop...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

DHS: New York Subway Jihad Bomber Arrived by Chain Migration

[ December 14, 2017 ]

Egyptian lawyer sues to ban Jews from entering Great Synagogue of Alexandria and allow Muslims...

[ December 14, 2017 ]

The Power of Trump: India, China and Russia Refrain From Recognizing East Jerusalem as Capital...



For months, Facebook has been censoring, scrubbing and banning posts, comments and users who dare violate the Sharia. And it’s getting worse. Posts, links, comments critical of jihad and sharia violate Facebook’s sharia terms of service. My feed has been blocked and banned. Facebook daily referrals were 90K plus back in February, today is under 2k. My feed is blocked from my millions of followers on Facebook, and I have seen my circulation drop precipitously in the past three months. For news publishers, Facebook is the motherboard of link traffic. No news site can survive without them. None of us are immune, which is why my traffic is down upwards of 95% since the block. My Facebook page has well over a million followers; add my organizations to that, and it is roughly two million people. Now imagine their sharing capability, and their friends and their friends — you get the picture. It’s how we fight fake news. All of my FB followers experience similar issues with their posts and shares. I receive scores of emails every day from readers telling me of new blocks, bans and Facebook jail sentences. It’s why I am suing.

Imagine a chief officer from a major American communications company went to the terror state of Pakistan to assure the Pakisstani government that Facebook would adhere to the sharia. The commitment was given by Vice President of Facebook Joel Kaplan who called on Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. “Facebook has reiterated its commitment to keep the platform safe and promote values that are in congruence with its community standards.”

Why the block? Because under Islamic law, you cannot criticize Islam. Facebook adhering to the most extreme and brutal ideology on the face of the earth should trouble all of us, because Mark Zuckerberg has immense power. He controls the flow of information. He controls what you see and don’t see on Facebook. We did not give him the power to abridge our unalienable freedoms.

The US government used anti-trust laws to break up monopolies. They ought to break up Facebook. Section 2 of the Sherman Act highlights particular results deemed anti-competitive by nature and prohibits actions that “shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations.” Why shouldn’t the same be applied to information? The United States government took down Standard Oil, Alcoa, Northern Securities, the American Tobacco Company and many others without nearly the power that Facebook has. President Clinton sued Microsoft. And the USG broke up Ma Bell. Isn’t yesterday’s telephone number today’s IP address?

President Theodore Roosevelt sued 45 companies under the Sherman Act, while William Howard Taft sued 75, and the fact that the US government used these vicious anti-capitalist laws to destroy huge industrial giants must be used in defense of free speech?

I received this from Orange Martyrs:

I 100% know anything shared by your website is being blocked by facebook. We have +32k followers, so there is no mathematical probability only 93 people were reached from hosting a news story that linked to your website.

Here are 2 screen shots…

First one is your page, second (…-01) is a typical story posted just previous.

Please add us to your lawsuit against FB.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If ever there was a legitimate cause for a “witch hunt” the pursuit, conviction and burning at the stake of face book is. Too much power and big enough to think it is the law. Destroy it.

    • Midnattsol

      And while at it, drain the elites bank accounts too, so they cannot bribe politicians. Make the politicians dirt poor too.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Politicians should work for the minimum, wage with no tax benefits.

        • Michael Buley

          Public service is supposed to be that: service. Not a position where they lavish themselves with perks and lifetime pay and benefits. It should be a position that entails sacrifice, not gain.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Exactly, public service is for those who have something to give, not an obsession with taking.

      • Larenzo1

        No now I do not believe in stealing peoples money or taking it unless gained through a criminal enterprise. I agree with the gentleman or lady above Mahou

    • Suresh

      Agree. GOOGLE to target criticism of Islam in new anti-First Amendment censorship Purge

      • emma

        I don’t use google. I use duckduckgo.

    • marlene

      And the corrupt bureaucrats who give it a free pass.

  • John Tune

    I just got banned for a 5th time,this time I said Canada is worse than England….THAT got me banned…..I’m done!!!!!
    I have moved to &
    They are FREE SPEECH sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Surprised I can post here…………….
    SCREW Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Buley

      John, thanks for the alternative sites — checking those out now.

      • John Tune

        Cool,I’m Unacceptable on Subscribe by looking on the left column & hit the Discovery button,look for me & sub to me and any others you like,unsub anytime!!!!
        And I’m me on This one is exactly like Facebook ;) Friend me!!!! And bring your friends!!!!! ;)

    • mezcukor

      see my comment .

  • FB is the ONLY social media that banned me NOT (only two times but only for 30 days)

    coward, Sharia(5/48)Tube & Twitter terminated my account me several times, for quoting allah ->

    • John Tune

      Follow me at & are Free Speech sites,join em & lets make em GROW!!!!!!!

  • ‘… He controls what you see and don’t see on Facebook’ -> but it’s NOT a serious news portal, only a forum.

  • … but this is allowed,

    ‘… Trump’s son, Barron, and have shared personal details of the child’s
    life on its social media networks
    , including the address of his school…’

    • Michael Buley

      exactly. And anything that promotes Islam — even hate speech from those Muslims toward all non-believers — seems to be just fine. Facebook’s agenda is clear: one world government, and the end of America.

      • John Tune

        Well , the CEO of Facebook went to Pakistan & bowed & vowed to uphold Sharia compliance!!!!!!!!!! & are Free Speech sites,join em & lets make em GROW!!!!!!!

    • emma

      Trump should find out who they are and round them up for the firing squad.

  • tn_tea _ partyer_420

    One of the many reasons I got off bookface 4 years ago.

  • Hans

    When is the law suit, the sonner the better

  • Steven Haffley

    Being a conservative on Facebook was harder than beating cancer:

  • KjellArneThomassen

    Stil following your site and Facebook page. 😇😇😇

  • Alleged-Comment

    You should not be using a service that is compliant with the enemies standards. QUIT FAKE BOOK is the SOLUTION!! The reason why no news site can survive without them is because you guyz don’t want to QUIT FAKEBOOK!!!

    Quit this godamn fatherless moron SITE!!!

    • John Tune

      Join me at & are Free Speech sites,join em & lets make em GROW!!!!!!!

  • Larenzo1

    I dumped Facebook. The little asscrack that owns it thinks he is God, Well I don’t . Yes they need to break up Facebook or take some action to prevent this little Hitler from controlling the world.

  • mezcukor

    I have been banned from face book and cannot get back on. They want all sorts of information, passport and ID etc. Screw them.

  • Dan Knight

    Flip it over – what would happen if we had a conservative media monopoly and we blocked the Left’s defense of communism, socialism, eugenics, and other violent Lefty ideological platforms – the Leftists would have a cow and sue our pants off.

  • TexanCowgirl

    Pam-it’s WORSE than that. I’ve been routinely banned for posting anti-Islamic material AND anything not Leftist in ideology! For instance, on my local media outlet forums I’m ROUTINELY censored by Fascistbook! I can post an OP but that’s about it. I cannot always rebut any detractors because “top comments” (filtered) will simply censor out anything I post thereafter! And on some it doesn’t matter which I choose: “top comments” (unfiltered); chronological; most recent…it doesn’t matter-Fascistbook SCRUBS my rebuttals CLEAN!
    Nice eh? How’s that socialist utopia looking now to the Leftists? Pretty good I imagine as they shut us down 1 by 1.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder if Schmuckleberg is being somehow strong-armed? He can’t be stupid enough to not know what islum is and represents to humanity.

  • Gunter

    “It is true that political correctness is literally eroding our systems from within and
    destroying them. The radical Muslims see this and they are exploiting it.”
    ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali, March, 2016

    “The interests of Muslims and the interests of the Socialists coincide in
    the war against the Crusaders.”
    [Western civilization]
    ~ Osama bin Laden, February 12th, 2003, Al Jazeera

    That second quote is still the most ominous, telling quote of the 21st century.

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